Is Trek FX 1 A Good Bike?

The Trek FX line is one of Trek’s most famous hybrid bike lines that the manufacturer labels the ‘do anything bike brand.’ But is it all hype? Is Trek FX 1 a good bike? 

Trek FX 1 is a good bike because it comes in a strong build characterized by an alpha gold aluminum frame with a lifetime warranty and strong wheels. Moreover, the bike is versatile, easy to accessorize, and promises a wide gear range. 

Overall, its strong build enables it to hold up to 300 pounds without sacrificing weight. So, it’s not just one of the strongest but also one of the most lightweight Trek hybrid bikes.      

And as you’ll learn later, it is smartphone-paired through the DuoTrap S sensor. 

But does that make Trek FX 1 a perfect bike? The answer is NO, and no bike is. So, I’ll also share my concerns about this versatile hybrid bike.     

Let’s get started with this Trek FX 1 bike review!

Is The Trek FX 1 A Good Bike

The Good – 6 Reasons Why Trek FX 1 is a Good Bike

Here are six reasons we believe Trek FX 1 is a good bike: 

1. Strong Build 

There is so much that goes into a bike’s build to determine its strength. But more importantly than anything, we’ve to talk about its frame and wheels. 

Trek FX 1 comes in an alpha gold aluminum frame with a lifetime warranty. The frame is solid enough to hold up to 300 pounds.

Even better, the high-performance frame resists rust damage and snapping or bending, even after aggressive usage. 

And when it comes to its wheels, Trek FX 1 features a set of double-wall rims with 32 holes (representing the spoke count) that are stronger and more enduring than the average hybrid bike wheels. 

The tires are also stable to take on rough surfaces and aggressive riding. They give you the impression that you are riding an off-road beast like a mountain bike. 

2. Lightweight Design 

While the alpha gold aluminum offers the frame a strong build, it also makes it lightweight. In terms of weight, Trek FX 1 weighs 27.72 pounds (or 12.57Kg). That’s lighter than most hybrid bikes, given that the average hybrid weighs 30 pounds or more. 

Mark you, FX 1 is not just lightweight but strong enough to bear 300 pounds. That’s a rare trait combination that only Trek can deliver. 

3. Versatile Use

When Trek calls the FX bikes ‘do anything bikes,’ they mean every word. Whether you want to run an errand, exercise, commute, or go for a family ride on the weekend, Trek FX 1 can do it all. 

That’s how versatile the two-wheel is, living up to the definition of a hybrid bike. So, if you cannot decide between an MTB, commuter bike, or even cruiser bike, get yourself a Trek FX 1, and you’ll have the three in one bike. 

4. Easy to Accessorize

Trek FX 1 comes with ready mounts for attaching accessories like racks, bottle cages, bike lights, fitness trackers, fenders, and kickstands. That allows you to quickly turn it into your commuter, touring, or fitness bike. 

But more importantly, it allows you to customize it as much as you want.  

5. Smartphone Pairing 

Trek FX 1 allows you to integrate its frame with DuoTrap S Digital Sensor that you can pair with your smartphone to enable you to track your vital cycling stats on your smartphone.

6. Wide Gear Range 

It takes a wide gear range to maneuver any bike across various challenging terrains. Well, that’s what Trek FX 1 promises.

Its 21-gear Shimano drivetrain with 7-speed shifters enables you to smoothly and comfortably shift across different geographies. You also get to go faster because of the extra gears. 

The Bad – 3 Concerns of Trek FX 1

Like I mentioned before, no bike is flawless and not even Trek FX 1. So far, I could only find these three issues with the hybrid bike: 

a) Brakes Aren’t the Highest Quality 

While linear-pull brakes are decent performers and cheaper, they are unreliable in wet conditions and rugged terrains. They are best for dry, paved surfaces. 

So, you may have to upgrade them after a while, especially if you plan to ride off-road a lot. You’ll need to get quality disc brakes (View on Amazon) to replace Trek FX 1 Tektro linear-pull brakes. 

Is The Trek FX 2 A Good Bike

b) The Seat is Not the Most Comfortable 

While you may not have a problem riding Trek FX 1 short-distance, the saddle is not comfortable long-distance. You may suffer a bit of discomfort and numbness. 

The advantage is that you can upgrade the saddle by getting the best saddle for numbness, and you’ll be able to enjoy your long rides. 

c)      Pedals Are Low Quality

The pedals are another put-off, given that they come in plastic nylon construction.

Though their material choice makes them lightweight, they are not strong enough to withstand hard pedaling. So, they are also another part which you may have to upgrade. 

Find some of the most high-quality pedals on Amazon!

Is The Trek FX1 Worth It?

Let me start by saying that Trek FX 1 is one of Trek’s most affordable bikes. The 2022 Trek FX 1 retails at $559.99, thus reasonable for the average buyer. 

But still, the bike goes further to back its price and prove it’s a bargain. Its robust build and lifetime frame warranty only assure you of a bike that you can use in the future.

Its versatility is another thing, given that any adult and most youths can ride it, regardless of gender and terrain, 

So, it’s undeniable that this hybrid bike is worth it, more so when you are on a budget and want a decent bike for casual riding around the neighborhood. 

FX 1 Trek Review

Who Should Get Trek FX 1?

Trek FX 1 is essentially a casual hybrid bike that suits the following uses:

  • Commuting 
  • Running errands 
  • Fitness cycling 
  • Recreational riding
  • Family rides

Overall, the bike comes in multiple frame sizes, ranging from small to XX-Large to suit different heights, as shown in the table below:

Frame SizeRider HeightInseam
Small (S)72-78cm28.3-30.7 inches
Medium (M)77-83cm30.3-32.7 inches
Large (L)82-88cm32.3-34.6 inches
X-Large (XL)87-93cm34.3-36.6 inches
XX-Large (XXL)92-95cm36.2-37.4 inches

How about the Trek FX 1 Disk? 

I should mention that besides Trek FX 1, there is Trek FX 1 Disc. The difference is that FX 1 Disc features mechanical disc brakes when Trek FX 1 only comes with rim brakes. 

Since one of FX 1ś concerns is its low-quality linear-pull brakes, getting a Trek FX 1 Disc solves the problem. Note, however, that you’ll pay a few dollars extra for the difference, but it’s worth it. 

Another note, however, is that the other difference that Trek FX 1 has over FX 1 Disc is that it’s slightly lightweight. 

What Is the Difference Between Trek FX 1 And 2? (Trek FX 1 vs. Trek FX 2)

Trek FX 1 and Trek FX 2 have so much in common: an alpha aluminum frame, DuoTrap S integration, Bontrager tires, Shimano drivetrain, and Bontrager saddle. 

However, the difference is in the gear number, bike weight, fork material, and pedals.

Trek FX 1 has 21 gears, while FX 2 has 24 gears. And while FX 1 comes with a steel fork, FX 2 has an alloy fork. 

As for the pedals, FX 1 has Wellgo nylon platform pedals, while FX 2 has Bontrager Satellite pedals. In terms of weight, FX 2 is lighter. 

What Is the Difference Between Trek FX 1 And 2

Here’s a table showing Trek FX 1 Vs Trek FX 2:

 Trek FX 1Trek FX 2
WeightSlightly heavierLighter than FX 1
Number of Speed2124
Fork MaterialSteelAluminum
PedalsWellgo nylonBontrager Satellite

People Also Ask 

1. How Many Speeds Is the Trek FX 1?

Trek FX 1 has a total of 21 speeds to allow you to shift and take on just about any challenge quickly. The gears enable you also to go fast, more so, when riding on-road.

2. Where Are Trek FX Bikes Made?

Trek makes most of its bikes, including Trek FX, in Asia. However, they handle the design at their head office in Waterloo, Wisconsin, USA.

3. Does Trek FX Have Suspension?

Trek FX bikes come with a front suspension fork to absorb bumps and promote a smoother and more comfortable ride.

4. Is Trek FX 1 Fast?

Trek FX 1 is pretty fast. It features 7-speed Shimano shifters that allow you to shift and accelerate quickly. Moreover, it comes in a lightweight alpha gold aluminum frame and fast-rolling wheels that enable you to go fast.

5. Is The Trek FX 2 A Good Bike?

Trek FX 2 is a good bike as it is lightweight, strong, and versatile. It comes on a budget and enjoys a lifetime frame warranty. Moreover, it features quality specs that promise reliable performance.

6. Which Trek FX Is Faster?  

While all Trek FX bikes are relatively fast, nothing beats trek FX sport 6. First, this fitness bike is the lightest in the Trek FX series, thus the fastest.

Second, it employs IsoSpeed technology and features a high-end Shimano 105 drivetrain with 11 speeds for fast riding.

7. Are Trek Bikes Good?

Trek bikes are good primarily because they promise value for money. The bikes come with innovative lightweight but strong frames with a lifetime warranty to serve you long.

They also feature top-quality specs and come in various sizes to match different heights.

Is Trek FX 1 A Good Bike? Closing Thought!

While Trek FX 1 is a budget hybrid bike, there is no denying that it’s a decent purchase for casual biking. Its versatility is second to none, and its adaptability is irrefutable. With this bike, you get more than you pay for.