Best Bike Saddle For Numbness ?

Cycling is irrefutably an excellent aerobic routine, but more importantly, a cheap and convenient way to get around, run errands, and commute. Sadly, unless you have the best bike saddle for numbness, you may have to endure perineal numbness.

Perineal numbness occurs when you compress the blood vessels and nerves of the perineum. The perineum is the sensitive area between the anus and the penis base (in men) or the vagina (in females).

You’ll realize as we go on that cycling perineal numbness revolves around using the wrong saddle.

More often than not, it’s the saddle that compresses the blood vessels and nerves, resulting in pain, tingling sensation, loss of sensation, among other symptoms.

best bike saddle for numbness

In a hurry? Below are bicycle seats that protect the perineum:  

5 Best Bike Saddle for Numbness: Most Comfortable Picks

  1. BIKEROO Bike Seat: Best Overall for Saddle Numbness
  2. TONBUX Bicycle Seat: Best for Shock Absorption
  3. DAWAY C99 Bike Seat: Best for Long Rides
  4. Planet Bike ARS Bike Seat: Best for Anatomical Relief
  5. Fizik Arione K:ium Saddle: Best Road Bike Saddle for Numbness

What’s Perineal Numbness from Cycling? And What Are Its Symptoms?

As I mentioned, perineal numbness is the resultant effect of compressing the blood vessels and nerves of the perineum.

The compression of the area could potentially lead to the damage of the nerves and rupture of blood vessels.

Some notable symptoms for male and female numbness after cycling include:

  • Sharp pain
  • Swelling in the perineum area
  • Tingling sensation
  • Increased sensitivity to touch and even clothes
  • Reduced orgasm sensitivity

In extreme cases, there could be bloodstains in the urine, urination difficulty, and in a worse case, erectile dysfunction (in men).

What Causes Perineal Numbness from Cycling?

Perineal numbness is usually a result of seat-to-perineum contact. Overall, here are the most rampant causes:

a) Extra weight on the perineum

Since the perineum is supplied with blood vessels and nerves, it’s naturally vulnerable to excess weight. So, if you put all your weight on the saddle, there’s always the risk of compressing the perineum.

b) Wrong Seat Position

Riding in an upright position for long could mean too much vertical load on your groin, and that could result in perineum compression.

That explains why most long-distance and tour cyclists prefer to lean forward when cycling. It not only makes them more aerodynamic but also reduces the vertical load on the groin.

c) Incorrect Saddle Size

There’s a difference between using a saddle that’s too narrow and one that’s pretty wide.

The former may press your groin if you sit incorrectly and exert excess vertical weight. The latter, in contrast, offers your sit bones more support.

d) Poor Saddle Design

Overall, bike saddles with central cut-outs and central recess reduce perineal pressure. They do that by facilitating airflow.

On the contrary, those without a cut-out or recess make one susceptible to numbness in private parts, especially over long distances.

e) Wrong Saddle Angle

Generally, tilting your saddle angle could reduce groin compression. It reduces the vertical road you place on the perineum.

But if you don’t tilt the seat and use it as it is, there’s always the chance that you’ll put extra weight on the perineum.

bicycle seats that protect the perineum

f) Excess Padding

It’s a misconception that excess padding equals saddle comfort. No, it doesn’t!

On the contrary, a soft(excessively padded ) seat improves contact between the seat rails and your groin. That’s because you sink into the seat instead of staying on top.

How to Prevent Numbness on Your Next Ride (Perineal Numbness Treatment)

Now, since you now know what causes perineum numbness, here’s what you can do to prevent it:

1. Wear Cycling Shorts

Most cycling shorts come heavily padded to cushion your perineum against the seat. So, if you often ride long distances, consider wearing biking shirts.

They allow you to move smoothly, and their extra padding prevents saddle numbness.

2. Stand after Every 5-10 Minutes

Try not to cycle more than 10 minutes continually while seating. That increases the risk of compressing your groin and damaging the perineal nerves or blood vessels.

So, try standing up for 15-20 seconds after every 5-10 minutes of cycling while seated.

3. Position the Saddle Correctly

You can slightly adjust your saddle to make it more comfortable. For starters, learn to slightly tilt its nose downwards to reduce vertical pressure on the perineum.

Don’t forget to adjust the seat post to match your height. It can prevent testicular pain after cycling.

4. Use Chamois Cream

You can relieve your perineum from saddle numbness by applying chamois cream.

You can try the Assos Chamois Cream, which reduces groin friction and cools the skin.

It also reduces inflammation and comes with antibacterial properties.

5. Hydrate Often

This might surprise you but yes, taking a few sips of water along the way can reduce perineal numbness. So, don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink up but keep the body’s electrolyte level in check by hydrating often.

6. Opt for Larger Tires

Larger tires absorb impact and vibrations, meaning you can ride on low pressure. For that reason, they save you from the heat in your groin area when you go through the bumps.

So, switch to large tires today and get to run on 25-35 Psi tire pressure on bumpy and gravel surfaces.

Perineal Numbness from Cycling

7. Get the Best Bike Saddle to Prevent Numbness

By now, you must agree that most perineal numbness is related to using the wrong saddle. So, consider getting the right one if the one you have offers minimal prevention.

But what should you look for in the best bike saddle for numbness?

Here are the things to look for in a good saddle:

  • Light-to-medium padding to reduce perineum pressure
  • A cut-out or central recess to also relieve your perineum
  • An option that matches your sit bone width (correct fit)
  • A saddle with a nose that is not excessively long or short (about 6cm)
  • The shape should also be correct – In that case, opt for a flatter, narrower seat if you are an aggressive cyclist and a slightly wider option if you ride more upright.
  • Don’t forget the return policy

Best Bike Saddle for Numbness Reviewed

1. BIKEROO Performance Bike Seat – Best Overall for Bike Saddle Numbness

There is a reason why the BIKEROO Performance Bike Seat has the name ‘performance’ on it.

This bike seat features thin memory foam to offer you adequate cushioning when cycling aggressively. The memory foam conforms to your sit bones to support and relieve them from pressure points.

On its center is a cut-out that encourages airflow and cooling to help you stay comfortable. The cut-out relieves perineum pressure, thus effective against perineal numbness.

The saddle enjoys a universal fit to suit both outdoor and spin bikes.

Overall, its installation is hassle-free, given that it comes with mounting tools, instructions, and even a saddle adapter for easy fitting.

Best Features

  • Thin memory foam
  • Perineal cut-out
  • Universal fit
  • Mountain tools and guide
  • Saddle adapter

2. TONBUX Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat – Most Comfortable Cycling Saddle for Shock Absorption

The TONBUX Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat leaves up to its name. This bicycle seat is super comfortable thanks to its dual suspension ball, memory foam cushioning, and middle recess.

The dual suspension ball absorbs impact shock when going over the bumps, while the comfy memory foam cushions your groin against saddle friction. The middle recess, on the other hand, keeps your groin area and buttocks cool and dry.

TONBUX Bicycle Seat also features a smooth, wear-resistant cover that somehow contributes to its comfort. Furthermore, its long, soft nose prevents inter-thigh friction, which in the end also reduces groin discomfort.

most comfortable cycling saddle

Best Features

  • Dual suspension ball
  • Smooth, wear-resistant leather cover
  • Comfy memory foam cushioning
  • Middle recess
  • Long, soft nose

3. DAWAY C99 Comfortable Bike Seat – Best Bike Saddle for Long Rides

Regardless of gender, the DAWAY C99 Comfortable Bike Seat also leaves up to its name.

It is super effective at preventing perineal numbness, and that’s thanks to its soft memory foam padding and dual spring suspension.

The memory foam padding cushions your groin against friction while the dual spring suspension absorbs bumps.

This saddle also a hollow design to promotes breathability and pain relief. Moreover, it has a broader design to balance your weight on the bike. Thus, it’s great for long rides.

The saddle comes with a universal fit to fit all outdoor bikes. Plus, it features wear-resistant PVC leather that gives it durability.

What’s more, this best bike saddle for groin numbness features a super-bright LED taillight that makes you visible at night.

Best Features

  • Dense memory foam padding
  • Dual spring suspension
  • Universal fit
  • Wear-resistant leather cover
  • Super blight LED taillight

4. Planet Bike ARS Classic Bike Seat – Most Comfortable Bike Saddle for Anatomical Relief

Nothing is better than a bike saddle that offers you anatomical relief when it comes to cycling long-distance. Fortunately, that’s what you get from the new Planet Bike ARS Classic Bike Seat.

Thanks to its universal fit, this saddle allows you to fit it on any outdoor or spin bike. Its design nevertheless suits men more.

Planet Bike ARS comes with a reasonably long nose that doesn’t suffer much inter-thigh friction and features a full-length central recess to relieve you from peritoneal pressure.

The saddle features a think super-soft padding that eliminates sit bone pressure. Impressively, its top cover is both abrasion and weather-resistant, meaning it’ll serve you longer.

What’s more, it’s relatively lightweight to allow you to enjoy a light ride.

Best Features

  • Full-length center recess
  • Universal fit
  • Weatherproof top cover
  • Super-soft gel padding
  • Lightweight with a long nose

5. Fizik Arione K:ium Road Bicycle Saddle – Best Road Bike Saddle for Numbness

Lastly, if you are an aggressive road cyclist, you need a flatter and narrower saddle. Well, that’s what you get from Fizik Arione K:ium Road Bicycle Saddle.

The saddle manufacturer employs Wingflex technology to make the most flexible road cycle saddle.

Its carbon shell is nylon-reinforced to not only guarantee flexibility but strength too.

It features a Microtex cover that comes thinly padded to offer you reasonable comfort. Plus, its wider wings support your sit bones.

Overall, this bike saddle suits riders with a flexible low back.

best bike saddle for long rides

Best Features

  • Flatter, narrower design
  • Wider wings
  • Microtex cover
  • Carbon shell reinforced with nylon


1. How Do I Stop Numbness When Cycling?

You can stop cycling numbness using these tips:

  • Put on comfortable cycling shorts
  • Apply chamois cream
  • Tilt your saddle and adjust its height
  • Occasionally stand up for 15-20 seconds
  • Use the best bike seat for numbness

2. What Is The Best Bike Saddle For Comfort?

Based on build quality and user comfort, here are the best bike saddles:

  1. BIKEROO Bike Seat: Best Overall for Saddle Numbness
  2. TONBUX Bicycle Seat: Best for Shock Absorption
  3. DAWAY C99 Bike Seat: Best for Long Rides

3. Is Cycling Bad For Your Balls?

Cycling itself is not bad for your balls. That’s unless you use a saddle that puts too much pressure on the balls.

Also, sitting for too long can cause testicular discomfort. For that reason, learn to stand between rides.

4. How Can I Make My Bike Saddle More Comfortable?

Apply these tips to boost your bike saddle comfort:

  • Adjust the saddle angle and height
  • Use chamois cream
  • Use a thinly padded saddle cover
  • Wear cushioned cycling shorts
  • Lastly, switch to the best cycling saddle for numbness if the above tips don’t work

5. Where Should I Sit On A Bike Saddle?

Sit far back on the saddle, preferably on the widest part. That ensures your sit bones get enough support.

Don’t forget to tilt the saddle downwards slightly when cycling long distances as it reduces perineal pressure.

Closing Thought:

As shared, perineal numbness could result from many things, but they mostly revolve around the bike seat. So, choosing the best bike saddle for numbness is critical, and you’ve five fantastic bike saddles above to consider.

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