Complete Bike Frame Size Chart For All Bikes ?

Every buyer wants a bike that fits, and therefore consulting the correct bike frame size chart is critical.

If the frame is too big or too small, the chances are that you’ll strain. That’s when you start complaining of backache and knee pain, and that’s not all.

You’ll also have a low-performing bike, and that sucks away the joy of cycling. So, to avoid all that, you must pick the frame size correctly.

Note that bike frames vary among different bike types.

For example, the sizing guides for road bikes and mountain bikes are different. The same goes for kids’ cycles and adults’ bicycles.

So that you can understand my drive, I’ll offer you the ultimate sizing guide (plus charts).

bike frame size chart

Bike Frame Size Chart: Your 3 Options!

Essentially, there are three methods of determining the frame size, and they are as follows:

Method 1 – Inseam Length (How to Measure Bike Frame Size Using Your Inseam)

If you want to determine the correct frame size without referring to any guide, there is no better way to do it than to use your inseam length.

The inseam length is your inside leg length, which you can determine by following these steps:

  • Remove your shoes and stand straight on flat ground with your legs 6-8 inches apart
  • Measure the distance between your crotch and the ground in cm to get your inseam length
  • Depending on the type of bike that you want to buy, use the inseam length to calculate the frame size using the details in the table below.
Bike TypeFrame Size Formula (in cm)
Road BikeInseam X 0.70
Mountain BikeInseam X 0.66
Hybrid Bik/City Bike/Cruiser BikeInseam X 0.665
Trekking BikeInseam X 0.64

If your inseam length is 78cm, for example, and you want to buy a road bike, you should look for a frame size that measures 54-55cm (78cm X 0.70).

Method 2 – General Bicycle Frame Size Chart

Below is a general bike size chart that you can use to buy any bike.

Rider Height Frame Size (inches)

The chart looks at one important thing, and that’s your height. If you match the bike frame size with your height, the chances are that the bicycle will fit.

Note, however, that I’ve shared a range of frame sizes, which means it’s not precise. So, if you intend to be more specific, consider method 3.

Method 3 – Advanced Bicycle Frame Size Chart

This method promises a more accurate bike frame size. In this case, you’ve to pay attention to the bike type you want and then match your height with a corresponding frame.

So, it’s no longer about generalizing as bikes as road bicycles and MTBs differ in frame sizes.

Now, let’s look at the sizing guide for all these bike types.

1. Road Bike Frame Size Chart

Road bikes mostly come in two styles; sportive and racing.

Sportiv road bicycles have a shorter top tube length, while racing road bicycles have a longer top-tube length. But in recent years, there has been a rise in adventure road bikes and cyclocross.

Even though manufacturers may have different sizing guides for their road bike subtypes, most of them tend to use the sizing chart below.

So, consider it to find an ideal road bike frame size (in cm).

Rider Height Frame Size (cm)Frame Size Name
4’10”-5’0” (148-152cm)47-48cmXX-Small (XXS)
5’0”-5’3” (152-160cm)49-50cmX-Small (XS)
5’3”-5’6” (160-168cm)51-53cmSmall (S)
5’6”-5’9”(168-175cm)54-55cmMedium (M)
5’9”-6’0” (175-183cm)56-58cmLarge (L)
6’0”-6’3” (183-191cm)58-60cmX-Large (XL)
6’3”-6’6” (191-198cm)61-63cmXX-Large (XXL)

2. Mountain Bike Frame Size Chart

Mountain bikes are engineered for off-road cycling. So, they come in the most robust frame size.

Their frames are measured in inches and cm, and their sizes range from X-Small to XX-Large. So, your job is to match the frame size with your height, as shown in the table below.

Rider Height Frame Size Frame Size Name
4’10”-5’2” (148-158cm)13-14” (33-37cm)X-Small (XS)
5’2”-5’6” (158-168cm)15-16” (38-42cm)Small (S)
5’6”-5’10” (168-178cm)17-18” (43-47cm)Medium (M)
5’10”-6’1” (178-185cm)19-20” (48-52cm)Large (L)
6’1”-6’4” (185-193cm)21-22” (53-57cm)X-Large (XL)
6’4”-6’6” (193-198cm)23-24” (58-61cm)XX-Large (XXL)

Note, however, that since mountain bikes come with different wheel sizes (26″, 27.5″ & 29″), there could be a slight difference in the bike size.

But if you use the above chart, you’ll rarely get the size wrong.

3. Hybrid Bike Frame Size Chart

Note that hybrid bikes come in different subgroups such as:

  • Comfort bikes
  • Performance bikes
  • Dual-sport bikes
  • Sport hybrid bikes
  • Commuter bikes

So, all these subtypes employ the same sizing model.

Note that most hybrid bike manufacturers measure the bikes from the seat tube top to the bottom bracket.

Other manufacturers, nevertheless, use different sizing models. The most crucial point, however, is to ensure the frame size matches your height.

Hybrid bike frames are measured both in inches and cm, just like mountain bikes, and their frame sizing guides are the same as shown in the table below.

Ensure, however, that you have at least a 2cm stand-over height whenever you buy a hybrid bike.

Rider Height Frame Size Frame Size Name
4’10”-5’2” (148-158cm)13-14” (33-37cm)X-Small (XS)
5’2”-5’6” (158-168cm)15-16” (38-42cm)Small (S)
5’6”-5’10” (168-178cm)17-18” (43-47cm)Medium (M)
5’10”-6’1” (178-185cm)19-20” (48-52cm)Large (L)
6’1”-6’4” (185-193cm)21-22” (53-57cm)X-Large (XL)
6’4”-6’6” (193-198cm)23-24” (58-61cm)XX-Large (XXL)

4. Beach Cruiser Frame Size Chart

The difference between beach cruisers and the other bikes discussed above is that they come in sizes for all ages. So, you’ll get beach cruisers for kids and adults.

For that reason, you have to consider the frame size and the wheel diameter and match them with your age or height.

If I were you, I would consider the height over the age as it’s more precise.

Here’s a reference sizing table you can use.

Rider Height AgeWheel Size (in)Frame Size (in)
<3’8”1-5 years16”8-10”
3’2”-4’4”4-10 years20”12”
4’0”-5’4”6 years – adult24”15”
5’0”-6’4”11 years – adult26”15-21”

5. BMX Bike Frame Size Chart

BMX bikes have been known as one-frame bicycles for a long time, with only the wheel size coming in variations.

For that reason, we won’t focus on the frame size as it’s unreliable in this case. We’ll focus on the wheel size instead.

And when talking about the wheel size, you’ll mostly have to choose a 16″, 18″ or 20″ wheel.

Note, however, that some BMX nowadays come with 24-inch wheels, and a perfect illustration is the Mongoose Title Elite 24 Race BMX (View on Amazon)

For such, you’ve to see what the manufacturer recommends. For others (20 inches and below), you can use the table that follows.

Rider Height AgeWheel Size (in)
3’7”-4’0” (110-122cm)5-7 years16”
4’0”-4’10” (122-147cm)7-11 years18”
4’10”-6’4” (147-193cm)11 years+20”

6. Gravel Bike Frame Size Chart

Gravel bikes are a type of road bike, which means you can size them like regular road bikes.

Nonetheless, some gravel bike manufacturers employ gravel-specific size guides that slightly differ from traditional road bikes.

Here’s one table that most of them use.

Rider Height Frame Size (cm)Frame Size Name
5’0”-5’3”48cmX-Small (XS)
5’3”-5’6”50cmSmall (S)
5’8”-5’11”54cmMedium (M)
5’11”-6’1”56cmLarge (L)
6’3”-6’5”60cmX-Large (XL)

7. Womens Bike Frame Size Chart

Women naturally have a smaller stature than men. So, their bike frames are smaller than men’s.

However, you can expect a slight difference when sizing women road bikes but no difference in MTBs and hybrid bikes.

Unlike men’s bikes, we don’t have bike frame sizes for women over 6’2″.

Below are two tables you can refer to.

Women Mountain Bike and Hybrid Bike Frame Size

Rider Height MTB Frame Size Hybrid Frame Size
4’10”-5’2” (148-158cm)13-14” (33-37cm)13-14” (33-37cm)
5’2”-5’6” (158-168cm)15-16” (38-42cm)15-16” (38-42cm)
5’6”-5’10” (168-178cm)17-18” (43-47cm)17-18” (43-47cm)
5’10”-6’1” (178-185cm)19-20” (48-52cm)19-20” (48-52cm)

Women Road Bike Frame Size

Rider Height Frame Size (cm)Frame Size Name
4’10”-5’1” (147-155cm)44-46cmXX-Small (XXS)
5’1”-5’3” (155-160cm)47-49cmX-Small (XS)
5’3”-5’5” (160-165cm)50-52cmSmall (S)
5’5”-5’8”(165-172cm)53-55cmMedium (M)
5’8”-5’10” (175-183cm)56-57cmLarge (L)

8. Kids Bike Frame Size Chart

Kids’ bikes are not sized like adult bikes. While adult bicycles are sized according to the frame size, kids’ bikes depend on the wheel size.

In that case, you have to consider the rider’s height and the inseam length.

The inseam length, in particular, gives a more conclusive bike size. But still, most manufacturers use the age to measure kids’ bikes.

If I were you, I’d consider both the rider’s age and height. But overall, the rider’s height is more accurate than the age.

It’s essential that your kid can touch the ground with both feet, and that’s where the inseam length comes into play.

Here’s a sizing table to use in that case:

Rider Height Inseam (cm)Wheel Size (in)Age
< 3’0″  <2 years
3’0″-3’5″40cm12″2-4 years
3’5″-3’9″46cm14-16″4-7 years
3’9”-4’5”53cm18-20”7-10 years
4’5″-5’0″62cm24″10-13 years
5’0”69cm26-27.5”-700c13 years +

9. Specialized Bike Frame Size Chart

Specialized has a unique styling guide for their trail bikes. It grades the frame sizes into six sizes, all corresponding to a specific height range.

Usually, the bigger the frame size, the more stable the trail bike is likely to be.

Here’s a table from that you can use for direction.

Rider Height Frame Size
4’11”-5’3”X-Small (XS)
5’2”-5’8”Small (S)
5’5”-5’11”Medium (M)
5’8”-6’2”Large (L)
5’10”-6’4”X-Large (XL)
6’2”-6’8”XX-large (XXL)

10. Trek Bike Frame Size Chart

While Trek tends to size their road bikes like regular ones, they have a different approach for their MTBs.

Trek employs an alpha sizing model, which according to them, is easy to understand. According to the alpha sizing model, MTB frames come in four sizes, as shown below.

So, you only need to pick an alpha size that matches your height.

Rider Height MTB Frame (in)Alpha Size
147-155cm13.5″X-Small (XS)
153-162cm15.5″Small (S)
161-172cm17.5″Medium (M)
177-188cm19.5”Large (L)
186-196cm21.5”X-Large (XL)
195-203cm23”XX-Large (XXL)

What If You Get the Size Wrong?

As far as your cycling health and fitness are concerned, it’s best if you ride a bike that fits you.

A bike that’s extremely smaller or excessively big is a safety and health risk. Health-wise, you’ll strain your back, knees, and shoulders, and that could result in severe pain.

Safety-wise, it will not be easy to maneuver the bike safely. You are likely to struggle and could easily crash.

Overall, if you cannot stand over the bike, the bike is too big. And if you cannot bend the knees, then it’s too small.

So, what should you do in either case? Here’s my advice:

Is the bike frame too small?

Consider these possibilities:

  • If the seat is low even after pulling it up, consider getting a longer seat post
  • If the stem is smaller, replace it with a longer one
  • Move the saddle slightly back to create more leg extension room

Is the bike frame too big?

If yes, then consider these possibilities:

  • Get a shorter seat post if what you have is longer
  • Swap the stem with a shorter one if that’s longer
  • Tilt the saddle slightly forward to give you a more comfortable handlebar reach
What Bike Size Should I Get For My Height

How Do You Ensure You Don’t Get the Frame Size Wrong?

Though the sizing chart is essential, it doesn’t always guarantee that the bike frame will fit. So, what else can you do?

In addition to looking at the advanced bike sing chart, consider these essentials:

a) Stand-Over Height

The stand-over height refers to the vertical distance between the bike’s top tube (crossbar) and the ground. Generally, this height influences your overall cycling comfort.

So, you have to confirm that you can stand over the bike with both feet touching the ground. In that case, there should be at least a 2-inch allowance between the top tube and the crotch.

b) Saddle Height

The bike saddle is another component that has a massive bearing on your overall cycling comfort. If the bike saddle is high, you’ll have a hard time steering the bike.

Luckily, you can adjust the saddle position. So, pick a bike whose saddle height you can change.

c) The Reach

The Reach (the handlebar-to-seat distance) also determines your comfort. Note, however, that the Reach is only essential for road bikes.

It’s not only vital for riding comfort but also cycling efficiency.

You can know if the Reach is correct by looking at the axle position when you take a seat. If the axle is in front of the handlebar, the Reach is short, and if it’s behind, the Reach is long.

The good thing about the Reach is that it’s adjustable. You’ve to be careful, nonetheless, not to mess up with the bike handling.

d) Leg Extension

It’s also essential that your legs also have enough room to flex when cycling. You can do that by adjusting the saddle height.

But if the seat is at its maximum height and you cannot extend the legs, the frame size is likely small. Thus, getting a more oversized frame is advisable.

Overall, you should have a 15-20 degree knee bend to offer you the correct leg extension.


1. What Size Is A 20 Inch Bike Frame?

A 20-inch bike frame (referring to the frame size) is an adult bike that suits riders who are 6’2″-6’4″ tall.

2. What Bike Size Should I Get For My Height?

You should get a bike frame size that matches your stature. Here is a general guide you can use to match a bike frame with your height.

Rider Height Frame Size (inches)

3. What Size Is A 56cm Frame?

A 56cm frame is a large-size road bike frame that suits 5’9″-6’0″ tall riders.

4. How Do I Find My Best Bicycle Frame Size?

The easiest way to find your bike frame size is to calculate your inseam length in cm. Once you have the value, multiply it as shown in the table below:

Bike TypeFrame Size Formula (in cm)
Road BikeInseam X 0.70
Mountain BikeInseam X 0.66
Hybrid Bik/City Bike/Cruiser BikeInseam X 0.665
Trekking BikeInseam X 0.64

5. What Does A 26 Inch Bike Frame?

A 26-inch bike means that a particular bike comes with 26-inch wheels. Ordinarily, a 26-inch bike suits riders who are under 5 feet (150cm).

Note, however, that some 26-inch bikes come with much bigger frames to suit guys who are taller than 5 feet.

Closing Thought:

Now you have the ultimate bike frame size chart, or should I say charts? You can thus use them as your reference to find yourself the most comfortable and fitting bike frame.