What Are Beach Cruiser Bikes Good For?

There are so many types of bicycles that anyone can find a bike that meets their needs. Some like the touring bikes can withstand heavy loads, while mountain bikes are excellent for rugged terrains. All the same, what are beach cruiser bikes good for?

Beach cruiser bikes are suitable for boardwalk riding, riding around your city roads where speed is not of the essence. They are also ideal for outdoor workouts in areas that are generally flat and perfect for short casual rides in a city or its neighborhood at low or moderate speeds.

Therefore, if you are going for a vacation at the beach or running errands in town, a beach cruiser bicycle may be all you need.

what are beach cruiser bikes good for? step thru cruiser bike with a basket

What Are Beach Cruiser Bikes Good For? Should You Go For One?

When thinking of getting a beach cruiser bike, the key point to consider is how well it will suit your riding needs. The beach cruiser bicycles are versatile bikes ideal for riding at the beach, in town, cycling on trails and light hills.

Specifically, as mention in the introduction, cruiser bikes are built for comfort and not speed.

Therefore, they have a comfortable build with a well-cushioned saddle and backswept handlebars.

Notably, the handlebars are slightly raised, and the seat is lowered to give you an upright riding position.

In summary, a beach cruiser bicycle is an ideal bike for:

  • Beach cycling
  • Entry-level cyclists
  • Casual riding for recreation
  • Regular commuting
  • Outdoor workout riding

Also, these bikes are the most ideal for seniors who wish to take up cycling since they are comfortable and easy to ride.

Are Beach Cruisers Hard to Ride?

The level of riding ease will depend on several factors. One of them is the level of your riding skills; are you a pro or a beginner?

Also, the type of cruiser bike you choose will affect how easy your riding experience will be.

Technically, some beach cruisers are single-speed bikes, while others have up to 7 gears.

When riding in hilly areas, the single-speed may make riding on a beach cruiser bike hard. Riding a cruiser bike with gears is much easier when going uphill.

All the same, both single-speed and geared beach cruiser bikes are ideal for flat terrains.

In the same breath, the beach cruisers are some of the most beginner-friendly bikes. Consequently, they are easier to ride as compared to mountain or road bikes.

Also, they are easy to adjust and tune, and they are known to be hardy. As such, they don’t easily get damaged.

So are beach cruisers hard to ride? No, they aren’t. But some cruiser bikes are easier to ride than others.

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Are Beach Cruiser Bikes Good For Exercise?

Generally, cycling is an excellent way for people from all age brackets to keep fit. Naturally, bicycles offer a low-impact form of body exercise.

Therefore, even for seniors who may not withstand high-impact activities like running, they can cycle.

When it comes to beach cruiser bikes, they are not an exception.

In addition to a full-body workout, beach cruisers will help to strengthen your muscles, reduce mental pressure, and increase flexibility.

Since most of these bikes are single-speed cycles, the bike helps you burn plenty of calories. A slight inclination will provide you with excellent resistance for body exercise.

On the other hand, beach cruisers come with gears for those who like a little change in speed and uphill cycling.

Therefore, a beach cruiser bike is suitable for exercise. To rip great benefits from beach cruiser bikes such as the Schwinn Mikko & Huron, it would be good to ride for at least 30 minutes every day.

Are Beach Cruiser Bikes Good For Commuting?

At times, getting to work or town may only require a few minutes to ride on a bicycle. Actually, some people do up to 12 miles on a beach cruiser every day.

Also, when you need to pick a few items from the grocery store, a beach cruiser bike can be quite handy. Actually, riding at the lowest speed will be much faster than walking.

Furthermore, if you need a bike with a moderately higher speed but the same comfort, you can go for a 3 or 7-speed beach cruiser bike. 

So, if you want a bike that will take you to work or to town to run errands, you may consider a bike like the Firmstrong Urban Man (View on Amazon) beach cruiser bike.

To make your bike user-friendly, install a basket on your beach cruiser, racks, or a saddlebag to help you carry your stuff comfortably.

Are Beach Cruisers Good For Long Distance?

Generally, beach cruiser bicycles are designed to be slow, slower than other bikes. On average, a beach cruiser can do 15-20mph, while others, such as road bikes, can go at speeds between 25 – 40 mph.

Therefore, beach cruiser bikes are ideal for recreational cyclists who want to take things a bit slowly. If you ride for a long-distance and comfort supersedes your need for speed, a cruiser bike would be most comfortable.

At the same time, beach cruisers nowadays come with 3 or 7 speeds for those who want to hasten thins a bit without giving up the comfort.

An excellent example of a 7-speed cruiser for long rides is the sixthreezero Around The Block (View on Amazon), which is ideal for running errands.

Also, the route’s terrain matters a lot. The cruisers are best in flat areas and cumbersome when it comes to up hills.

So, if you don’t mind taking a few more minutes to your destination than other bikers and your route is generally flat, you can go for a beach cruiser.

What Should I Look For In A Beach Cruiser Bike

What Should I Look For In A Beach Cruiser Bike? Buyer’s Guide

When you want to get the best beach cruiser bike, it’s only prudent to have some information on what to look for. The essential factors to consider include:

1. Type of Frame

Basically, cruiser bikes come with either a step-thru or a step-over frame.

Step-over cruiser bikes have top tubes that curve upwards and attach high on the seat tube.

On the other hand, step-thru bikes have frames that curve downward and attach low on the seat tube.

Mostly, the step-thru bikes suit women better since they have a short standover height.

2. Single or Multi-speed Transmission

Like we had earlier noted, beach bikes are mostly single-speed bicycles, but some bikes come with a multi-speed transmission.

If your riding area is smooth and flat, and you don’t mind traveling at a relatively low speed, a single-speed bike will be ok for you.

In addition, single-speed bikes are easy to maintain. For example, the Schwinn Destiny is an excellent single-speed cruiser.

On the other hand, if you need to speed things a bit without compromising on the comfort of a cruiser bike, go for one with the multi-speed transmission.

They allow you to achieve higher speeds and have better acceleration.

A good example of a multi-speed beach cruiser bike is the schwinn Perla women’s beach cruiser bike.

3. Disc, Rim, or Coaster Brakes

Cruiser bikes offer you three braking options to choose from. There are conventional coaster brakes, rim brakes, and disc brakes.

Each one of these braking systems has a different level of efficiency.

All the same, most beach cruisers feature coaster brakes since they are easy to use and maintain. All the same, you can choose the system that works best for you.

4. Grips’ Ergonomics

One feature that makes a cruiser bike comfortable is its handlebar grips. Therefore, you need to choose well, or else; you won’t enjoy a cruiser bike’s benefits.

Furthermore, beach cruiser manufacturers strive to make their clients enjoy the least exhaustive rides. So there are a variety of grips to choose from. Most popular grips for cruiser bikes include:

  • Rubber Grips. Cheap but not durable
  • Cork Grips. Fashionable but need more maintenance as they are prone to falling off.
  • Alloy Grips. They are made of a metal tube coated with rubber or gel. So, they are comfy and long-lasting. You may consider buying the aluminum Alloy Locking Bike Grips alloy grips for replacement.
  • Gel Grips: They usually feature a gel core that comes with a rubber lining. These grips are of high quality, affordable, and more comfortable. If you need to replace your bike’s grips, gel grips such as the Fito Flame Gel rubber handlebar grips will serve you best.
Are Beach Cruisers Good For Commuting

5. Comfy Saddle

Comfort is the selling point for beach cruiser bikes. Therefore, you need to ensure that the bike you choose comes with an exceptionally comfortable saddle.

First, choose a wide gel foam saddle. Gel foam seats will conform well to your body form than any other stock saddle.

A wide-set seat has a large surface that will help ease the pressure your body experiences against the seat.

In case you want an excellent gel foam saddle for your bike, you can go for the Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle.

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In Summary

If you had been wondering what beach cruiser bikes are good for? Now you have a good answer. Cruiser bikes are good for anyone who wants to slow things down. These bikes are relatively slow as compared to other bicycles.

Specifically, the beach cruiser bicycles are suitable for riding at the beach when on your summer vacation. Also, they are excellent for day-to-day commuting as well as casual riding for recreation.

Again, these bikes provide an excellent chance for a low-impact whole-body workout. The only limitation is that they are meant for relatively flat areas.