Are Giant Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Fueled by the need to keep fit and avoid the crowded public transport system following the Covid 19 outbreak, Giant’s bike sales have skyrocketed in the recent past. But are Giant bikes good?

Giant bikes are good and worth what you pay primarily because the manufacturer employs advanced technology, quality components, and quality frames to guarantee high performance.    

Additionally, the bikes cut across all levels of cycling, targeting entry-level cyclists and pro riders. They also cut across all price points to reach both budget and high-end consumers.

More importantly, Giant now has a dedicated women bike line known as Liv, which caters to women’s interests.

But does that make Giant all perfect? Of course not! I’ll share a few concerns that come with getting a Giant bicycle.

I’ll also share the various Giant bike ranges (types) to help you make a choice.

Are Giant Bikes Good

In a rush? Below is my most recommended Giant bicycles:

  1. Giant Talon 1: Best Giant XC Mountain Bike
  2. Defy Advanced 2: Best Giant Road Bike
  3. Giant Escape 3: Best Giant Hybrid Bike
  4. Revolt Advanced Pro 1: Best Giant Gravel
  5. Giant Road E+ 1 Pro: Best Giant E-Bike

Are Giant Bikes Good? The Good and the Bad.

The Good

Here are things that make Giant bicycles worth the money:

1. Advanced Technology in Full Effect.

One thing that sets Giant apart from its closest competition is the technology involved in making the bikes.

For example, their endurance road bikes, especially the Defy Advanced 2, employ wireless sensors to send vital metrics like speed to a computer.

Giant Propel, on the other hand, employs flat-mount technology to reduce wind drag.

Overall, Giant was the first brand to employ computer-aided technology in their carbon frames.

2004 saw them incorporate the Maestro System technology on their road bikes to guarantee climbing efficiency, better pedaling, and a less bumpy ride.

Their e-bikes employ Smart Assist Technology to determine how much power you need and an Energy Pak system to boost their charging.

You’ll also get a Ride Control command function on the handlebar for tracking essential metrics like battery status, pedal assistance level, distance, and speed.

That’s the case with the Giant Road E+ 1 Pro, which is just the best Giant road e-bike.

Is Giant A Good Bike Brand

2. Top Quality Frames with Lifetime Warranty.

Giant bike frames originally featured ALUXX aluminum (6061-grade aluminum), which is lightweight and robust.

But as the years went by, the brand started employing more quality options like composite and Cadex carbon.

As I mentioned above, Giant was the first brand to start using carbon frames. The option is lighter than aluminum and enjoys better tensile strength.

The best part is that Giant bike frames are supported by a lifetime warranty, apart from the downhill models. You don’t get such coverage on most bike brands.

Overall, their mountain bike frames are strong enough to support up to 300 pounds, while their road bikes can hold 275 pounds.

3. Top Quality Components

Giant has built a reputation over the years of not compromising on quality. They source their components from the most trusted suppliers like Shimano and KMC Products to guarantee quality.

Their drivetrains, brakes, wheelsets, pedals, and forks are all high-quality. And if you order their electric bike, you’ll enjoy a powerful motor, compact battery, and tubeless-ready wheel.

Interestingly, Giant oversees the sourcing of materials for the frames as well as the components.

So, even though they outsource a few parts, they always have the know-how to guarantee quality.

4. Women Dedicated Bike Line ‘Liv’

Giant understand that women need bikes that match their anatomies and are easy to ride, even in skirts. For that reason, they now have a dedicated women bike line, ‘Liv,’ which caters to the need of women cyclists.

You’ll get a Liv equivalent of most men’s bikes that you get on

Even better, most Liv bikes are on the lower price end, making them affordable. You’ll get them under $1000 and even others under $500.

Why Are Giant Bikes So Expensive

5. Bikes that Cut Across All Levels

One reason for Giant’s overwhelming popularity and global dominance is its ability to target cyclists at all cycling levels.

Today, their bikes target entry-level cyclists, pro riders, youths, kids, women (through their Liv cycling line), and commuters.

6. Bikes that Cut Across All Price Points

Though Giant is traditionally known as a high-end bike brand, not all their bikes are highly-priced.

While it’s possible to spend $5000 or more on some giant bikes, some of their city bikes and hybrids cost under $1,000. Others even cost under $500.

So, Giant cuts across all price points. Overall, their road bikes, mountain bikes, and e-bikes cost the most, and it’s mainly because of their high-end components.

The Bad

It’s hard to fault Giant as they have the reputation and enjoy excellent customer support. One concern, though, is the price.

Yes, I’ve mentioned that Giant bicycles cut across all price points. But let’s face it; there is a clear difference in build quality and performance between a $500 Giant bicycle and its $5,000 sibling.

So, even though you can find cheap Giant bicycles, they are not as reliable and high-performing as their high-end siblings.

The other issue is that Giant bikes are not cheap to maintain, repair, or upgrade especially high-end options.

About Giant Bicycles: Brand History

Giant Bicycles was founded by Tony Lo and King Lin, two Taiwanese, in 1972. However, it took nine years for their first bike to sell.

In the 80s, Giant was even making bicycles for Schwinn, about 100,000 pieces a year. So, by around 1986, Giant was producing 80% of Schwinn’s bike inventory.

In 1995, Giant incorporated computer-aided technology to produce carbon frames and was the first brand on record.

In 2004, they introduced another technology, Maestro Suspension, which would later revolutionize their road bikes. The bump-dampening technology guarantees a smoother ride.

In 2011, Giant founded Liv/Giant, a women’s specific bike line that would later rebrand to Liv to cater to the cycling needs of women cyclists.

In 2016, the bike brand introduced their first-ever electric bike, which was the height of their innovation.

Two years later (in 2018), Giant introduced a new and more advanced gravel bike, the Giant Revolt, and has produced so many bike categories ever since.

Types of Giant Bikes On the Market (Giant Bike Ranges)

Currently, Giant makes the following types of bicycles:

  • Road bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Gravel bikes
  • Hybrid bikes
  • E-bikes
  • Kids’ bikes

Are Giant Road Bikes Good?

When the streets or bike paths call, a Giant road bike is always ready for the challenge. That’s how impressive Giant road bicycles are.

Whether you want to commute, cruise, compete or ride for fun, you only need to pick the most suitable Giant road bicycle.

Today, Giant makes a variety of road bike ranges such as:

  • Aero race and race road bikes (for competitive racing)
  • City bikes (for intercity cruising)
  • Hybrid road bikes (for urban commuting)
  • Fitness road bikes (for fitness cycling)
  • Triathlon road bikes (for triathlon and time trial events)
  • Endurance road bikes (for comfortable road rides)

Overall, the Giant endurance road bike line is a top-seller, and it’s understandable. Their Defy Endurance line, for example, promises comfort, quick acceleration, and cornering.

Nothing embodies the combination better than the Defy Advanced 2.

Are Giant Bikes Made In The USA

Are Giant Mountain Bikes Good?

Giant mountain bikes are among the best-performing mountain bikes globally, which attract so many pro riders.

They offer hardtails, dual suspension, and even rigid MTBs in the following categories:

  • Enduro
  • Cross country (XC)
  • Recreation
  • Trail
  • Fat bike

There are even electric options for those who want to go faster on the trails.

Overall, giant mountain bikes don’t disappoint in performance. Whether you want to tackle technical trails, floury single tracks, or steeper tracks, you can comfortably do it with a Giant MTB.

They enjoy massive fast-rolling tires that allow you to keep up with other cyclists. The tires are also knobbier to offer you better traction, and they are thick enough to improve your off-road stability.

Their suspension forks have a lot of travel for better control and bump-soaking, and their frames are more adaptable to different terrains.

Even better, they feature high-end disc brakes, Shimano drivetrains, and shifters, stainless spokes, custom saddles, among other impressive features.

One cross-country Giant MTBS that encompasses all these features is the Giant Talon 1.

Are Giant Hybrid Bikes Good?

Giant hybrid bikes come with wider and robust tires to tackle the rough road comfortably like a mountain bike. They, however, also work well on paved roads, even though not as fast as road bikes.

The hybrid bikes mostly feature disc brakes to promise an MTB-equal off-road performance. Plus, they have plenty of gears for smooth shifting.

Currently, one of Giant’s top hybrid bike lines is the Giant Escape. The hybrid bikes help you escape from the noisy city into the tranquil country setting.

You can also do the reverse, which shows you how versatile they are.

Their upright geometry and flatter handlebars allow you to ride casually and confidently without stressing the back. Meanwhile, their 700s wheels give you a road bike-like smooth rolling experience.

One such bike that you get under $500 is the Giant Escape 3.

Are Giant Bicycles Good Quality

Are Giant Gravel Bikes Good?

While a road bike is more adaptive online and an MTB off-line, gravel bikes offer you a taste of both.

Giant gravel bikes are quite adaptive on smooth and rough roads, thus ideal for adventurous cyclists. You can confidently blast through mud, pavements, and gravel with a gravel bike.

But upon looking at their designs and engineering level, it’s easy to agree with the claim.

Their frames, for starters, have a more endurance geometry, featuring shorter chainstays to encourage precise control and agility.

Their frames also maximize your pedaling power, making it easy for you to tackle climbs.

Their high-volume tires and extra frame clearance also encourage smooth riding while their suspension-infused seat posts smoothen out road vibrations.

They also feature many Shimano components, including their derailleur, brakes, brake levers, and shifters.

One such gravel bike that is perfect for all terrains is the Revolt Advanced Pro 1.

Other Giant Bicycles

They include:

  • Electric Bikes

Giant has just unleashed the Explore E+ electric bike line that promises power, speed, and adaptability.

The electric bikes are best for trekking and fun cycling, and they are known to employ powerful motors, batteries, and drivetrains.

Overall, Giant sells electric road bikes, electric MTBS, and electric lifestyle bikes.

  • Kids’ Bikes

Giant Bicycles also cater to the cycling needs of kids. Their kids’ bikes are among the highest quality options on the market.

They have options for toddlers and older kids, and the bikes come in Hardtail and full-suspension options.

They are generally known to feature quality disc and rim brakes and come in all-wheel sizes, starting from 12 inches.


1. Is Giant A Good Bike Brand?

Giant is one of the most trusted bike manufacturers in the world. Essentially, that’s due to their high-quality, safe, and high-performing bikes. All their bikes go through quality assurance checks, making them reliable.

2. Why Are Giant Bikes So Expensive?

Giant bikes cut across all price points. So, not all are expensive. Note, however, that Giant bikes on the higher price ends feature quality components and frames (primarily carbon) and enjoy unique designs and suspension technologies.

3. Are Giant Bicycles Good Quality?

Giant controls the sourcing of the frame materials. Everything goes through detailed quality assurance and standardization procedures to guarantee quality. So, yes, their bikes are high quality.

4. Are Giant Bikes Made In The USA?

Giant bikes are made in China, Hungary, Taiwan, and the Netherlands by a Taiwanese company and not in the USA.

5. Are Giant Bikes Worth The Money?

With Giant bikes, you get what you pay for. Their bikes are all about durability, top components, comfort, and speed. So, there is no doubt that they are worth the money.

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Closing Thought: Are Giant Bikes Good?

From our discussion, it’s unfair to think the worse of Giant. Their bikes are a thing of beauty in build quality, agility, and performance. They are just what you pay for!