Are Norco Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Canadian bike brand Norco Bicycles has been in existence since 1964, making both high-end and entry-level bicycles. The bike maker makes them all from adult fat bikes and city bikes to youth dirt jumpers and trail bikes. But are Norco bikes good?

Norco bikes are good because they come in unique designs and advanced suspensions that outperform most brands. The bikes also undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance and employ high-end third-party components, making them high-quality.

So, if a quality build is what you want, Norco is among the fewest bike brands that guarantee that. And if the price is an issue, Norco has both high-end and budget bicycles.

The best part is that they have a wide bike range. So far, the company owns about 150 models, including mountain bikes, city bikes, road bikes, kids’ bikes, and electric bikes.

How about I take you through Norco’s extensive lineup? But before I do, let me share Norco’s brief history with you.

are norco bikes good quality

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Company Overview

Norco Bicycles is Canada’s oldest and largest bike manufacturer. The company was founded in 1964 by Bert Lewis in Coquitlam, British Columbia, which also serves as its headquarters today.

Norco is known for popularizing BMX cycling and was among the first to produce 10-speed bicycles. Interestingly, Norco first built its first-ever BMX in 1973 and its first-ever road bike two years later.

1984 saw the company make its first-ever mountain bikes, including the popular Norco Rampage hardtail. At the time, Norco was only selling in North America. They started spreading globally in 1995, and today, the company enjoys 150 different models.

Norco specifically makes all kinds of mountain bikes, all-road road bikes, gravel bikes, city bikes, youth and kids bikes, and electric bikes.

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Are Norco Bikes Good or Bad?

Let’s see Norco’s Good and Bad elements:

Why Norco Bikes Are Good:

Norco bikes are good because of these reasons:

1. Unique Designs

Norco carefully selects the materials it uses on its bike and employs a skilled team of engineers and fabricators to make unique bike designs. The manufacturer also employs advanced technology to ensure its designs outperform most competitors in speed, comfort, and general performance.

One of those innovations is Gravity Tune.

Gravity Tune is a geometry design that fine-tunes the bikes according to the riders’ needs. The geometry promotes better handling and a predictable grip, which is essential when riding off-road.

Another popular design is Rider-Align.

The design technology allows Norco to match riders with the right bike according to body weight, height, and skill. This applies typically to customized Norco bikes, which are popular among professional riders.

2. Advanced Suspension

Norco also flourishes in the bike suspension sector, especially MTBs. Today, the manufacturer is known for Horst Hanging Link (HHK), Horst Rocker Link (HRL), and High-Single Pivot (HSP).

These suspensions may add weight to the MTBs, but they make the mountain bikes good at climbing, descending, and handling. You’ll find these suspensions on Norco trail, enduro, downhill, and cross country bikes.

3. High-Quality Build

Norco takes all its bicycles through rigorous testing to ensure the best quality. The bikes are tested multiple times to survive the harsh North American climate.

The bike development process is meticulously done to ensure the bikes are high-end. Even better, the company has an experienced quality assurance team that approves every bike model before release.

4. Quality Third-Party Components

When it comes to third-party components like drivetrain, brakes, and suspension forks, Norco sources from reputable suppliers like SRAM, Shimano, Fox, and RockShox. That also contributes to the bikes’ overall quality.

are norco e bikes good

5. Wide Bike Range

Norco ensures it gives its customers a wide choice. So, the manufacturer tries to make bikes in all categories as much as possible.

Below are Norco’s most famous bike categories:

  • Mountain bikes – includes downhill, enduro, free ride, trail, fat-tire, XC race, dirt jumpers, and all-mountain mountain bikes.
  • Road bikes – Includes cyclocross, Gravel, and all-road road bikes
  • City/urban bikes
  • Kids’ bikes
  • Electric bikes – Includes electric mountain bikes (E-MTBs) and urban electric bikes (E-Urban bikes)

We’ll share more on the bike range later.

The Bad

Norco is irrefutably a top brand, offering the very best in the world of cycling. The biggest issue is their short warranty. Norco offers 3-5 years for the frame when Specialized, Giant, and other leading brands provide limited lifetime coverage.

In that case, Specialized and Giant guarantee that the bike frame will last you longer.

Overall, Norco downhill, free ride, dirt jump, enduro, and E-MTB come with a 3-year frame and fork quality. Its road bikes, cyclocross, trail, all-mountain, fat bike, cross country, urban, and some e-bikes come with a 5-year frame and fork warranty.

The good news is that the manufacturer offers a crash replacement cover for the frame during the warranty period.

The other concern is the bikes’ weight, especially the MTBs. The presence of their innovative suspensions makes them slightly heavy. Norco full-suspension bikes, in particular, are heavier than others.

Reviewing the Various Norco Bicycles

1. Are Norco Mountain Bikes Good?

Norco makes mountain bikes in just about all bike categories you can think of. Whether you want to take on the trails, go for cross-country racing or perform jumps, there is a Norco MTB for that.

Other than the fact that their suspensions make them slightly heavy, Norco MTBs are pretty good.

Their all-mountain MTBs, for example, redefine trail riding. Whether you want to go up the slope, race downwards, or maneuver through the tight and rocky trails, Norco mountain bikes will do the job.

One top pick is Site C3. This carbon frame MTB is lighter than most, therefore pretty fast. It’s also comfortable, making it best for serious riders. You can count on it to prevail against harsh conditions.

where are norco bikes made

2. Are Norco Road Bikes Any Good?

Norco doesn’t make pure-breed road bikes. No! It makes all-terrain tailored options such as gravel road bikes, cyclocross bikes, and all-road road bikes.

Gravel bikes are your go-for option when you want to juggle between various pavements and surfaces, while cyclocross bikes are for pro riders, who want to go super-fast and compete at cyclocross events.

However, if you want a road bike that you can ride fast anywhere or all day or go on a tour with, you should get a Norco all-road road bike. One option is the Norco Section C3.

Thanks to its carbon frame, aerodynamic properties, and sleeker tires, this carbon all-road road bike is pretty fast and lightweight. It’s just perfect for riding all day, especially for adventure and touring purposes.

3. Are Norco City and Urban Bikes Good?

Getting a Norco city bike makes sense if you want to survive city life on two wheels. These bikes can easily replace your car, which is more convenient when moving around the town.

Not only are they ideal for commuting but also for fun cycling around town and even running errands. You’ll get some in step-thru options and others in step-over designs.

One thing is for sure – these bicycles are pretty comfortable. That is the case in Scene 2.

The bike has a rider-friendly geometry that allows you to ride upright and feature a wide well-cushioned saddle to relieve you from possible saddle numbness. It’s also budget-friendly and easy to maintain.

are norco bikes heavy

4. Are Norco Youth and Kids’ Bikes Good?

When it comes to kids and youth bikes, Norco offers options prepared for on-road and off-road abuse. There are fat-tire, dirt jumping, and all-mountain options, offering your kid the best trail bikes.

These bikes are only for casual riding and adventures, but they are pretty high-end. For a kid who wants to become a serious racer in the future, getting Norco kids or youth bike makes sense.

An option like the Fluid FS1 20 is perfect for older kids who want to perfect their trail riding and stunts. Its build quality and geometry make it trail-ready.

5. Are Norco E Bikes Good?

Norco makes electric bikes in mountain bikes (E-MTBs) and urban (E-urban) options.

Their e-urban bikes are quick and comfortable, making them perfect for commuters, seniors, and urban dwellers who don’t like doing heavy pedaling. They are perfect for getting around, park riding, and everyday commuting.

Their E-MTBs, on the other hand, are for the adrenaline junkies. But still, you can convert them into your day-to-day commuter bike, as it’s the case with the Range VLT C1.

This carbon e-MTB comes in the most comfortable design, featuring a stable carbon frame, robust suspension, and ergonomic saddle.

are norco bikes made in canada

People Also Ask

1. What Kind of Bike Is a Norco?

Norco is mainly associated with mountain bikes, considering that the manufacturer makes all kinds of mountain bikes. Norco makes them all from fat tire mountain bikes and all-mountain mountain bikes to cross country and enduro bikes.

2. Where Are Norco Bikes Made?

Norco does its bike engineering process and quality assurance at its headquarters in Coquitlam. The company, however, makes its frames in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

3. Are Norco Bikes Heavy?

Norco mountain bikes come with slightly heavy suspension that makes them slightly heavier. The carbon options, however, are less heavy than aluminum options.

4. Which Is Better, Norco or Trek?

Norco and Trek produce high-end mountain bikes and road bikes. The difference is that Trek makes better brakes, while Norco enjoys better forks. Additionally, Trek offers a limited frame warranty in terms of warranty when Norco only provides 3-5 years.

5. Are Norco Bikes Made in Canada?

No, Norco bikes are not made in Canada. Though Norco is a Canadian brand with its headquarters at Port Coquitlam, BC in Canada, its frames are made in Asia, more so in China, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

6. Who Owns Norco?

Its founder Bert Lewis owns Norco. Mr. Lewis has retained ownership since founding Norco in 1964.

Are Norco Bikes Good Quality? Closing Though

Norco bikes are good quality bikes. They employ quality frames and suspensions and enjoy the most innovative designs, thus high quality. Furthermore, these bikes are top performers designed for the roughest North American terrain.