Are Diamondback Bikes Good Or A Waste Of Money?

Whether it’s fast road bikes, hardy mountain bikes, versatile electric bikes, or rugged BMX, the name Diamondback always pops up. But are Diamondback bikes good?

Diamondback bikes are generally good because they feature durable frames with massive load capacities and high-end components. They also enjoy good warranties and hassle-free return policies and come in multiple sizes.  

Even better, you don’t have to worry about the replacement parts or bike accessories as you can get them from Diamondback online.

Mark you; Diamondback sells bikes at all price points. So, you can always get a decent bike when pressed for cash without compromising much on quality.

But does that mean that Diamondback bikes are all excellent but have no flaw?

Of course not, as there are a few concerns that I’ll share in this post.

I’ll also talk about the various bikes that Diamondback sells to help you know what to expect.

But before that, I’ll briefly look at Diamondback’s history to help you understand the bike brand’s journey.

Are Diamondback bikes good

In a rush? Below is a hotlist of the finest bicycles by Diamondback.

5 Best Diamondback Bikes On The Market.

  1. Diamondback Bicycles Sync’r: Best Diamondback Hardtail
  2. Diamondback Bicycles Century 5: Best Diamondback Road Bike
  3. The Diamondback Bicycles Nitrus BMX: Best Diamondback BMX
  4. Diamondback Bicycles Tess 20: Best Diamondback Kids’ Bike
  5. Diamondback Current: Best Diamondback Electric Bike

Are Diamondback Bikes Good or Bad? (Diamondback Bikes Review!)

The Good Side of Diamondback Bikes

Here are the things that make Diamondback cycles a must-buy:

1. Durable Frames with Massive Load Capacity

Diamondback bikes are high-capacity two-wheel beasts. According to Diamondback, its adult bikes have a 300-pound capacity, which is pretty impressive.

Broadly, the massive capacity is due to the frame quality.

Diamondback BMX bikes feature hi-ten steel, while most road bikes and MTBs feature hand-built carbon to guarantee strength and performance.

2. Good Warranty and Hassle-Free Returns

Diamondback offers a lifetime warranty on their rigid bike frame and up to 5 years on full-suspension frames. So, the frame warranties only confirm the quality of the bike.

You’ll also get one year on Diamondback branded components, fork, decals, frame replacements, and labor. That also confirms the quality of artistry.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that Diamondback has a very flexible return policy.

Provided the return is made within 30 days of purchase and the bike is in good condition, Diamondback will accept it.

3. High-End Bike Components

Diamondback doesn’t disappoint when it comes to putting the components together. They employ high-end Shimano, SRAM, and other high-end parts on their drivetrains.

Their MTBs and some of their road bikes feature quality disc brakes for crisp stopping.

Plus, you’ll also get tampered head tubes on their road bikes for precise steering and vibration soaking. Moreover, their suspension forks are equally high-quality.

So, overall, Diamondback’s high-end components largely explain why the bikes are costlier than others.

are diamondback bikes good quality

4. Wide Price Range

Though some Diamondback bicycles are pretty expensive, costing over $4,000, it doesn’t paint an accurate picture of the brand.

Surprisingly, there are Diamondback bicycles that cost under $500, even though they aren’t high-end. So, Diamondback bicycles are pretty affordable, contrary to most assumptions.

5. Bike Replacement Available

With Diamondback, you don’t worry about where you’ll get quality replacements in case something fails. You can get everything on their online store.

From pedals to derailleur hangers, you can get quality parts from Diamondback.

6. Multiple Frame Sizes

One thing that attracts most people to Diamondback is that their bikes come in all sizes. All you have to do is pick a size that matches your height, and you’ll find your comfort.

You can use a diamondback bike size chart you find below to find your fit.

Diamondback Road Bike Size Chart

Rider Height Bike Frame (cm)

Diamondback Mountain Bike Size Chart

Rider Height Frame Size (inches)Frame Identity

Diamondback Kids’ Bike Size Chart

AgeRider Height (inches)Wheel Size (inches)
2-4 years26-34”12”
3-6 years34-45″16″
6-10 years47-56″20″
8-12 years54-62″24″

The Bad Side of Diamondback Bikes

One major issue I have with Diamondback is that they sell less customizable bikes. So, you have to settle for the available frame sizes, unless upon special request.

The other issue, which is not that serious for those handy, is that Diamondback bicycles don’t come 100% assembled. So, you have to complete the assembly at home or take it to a mechanic.

Also, most high-end Diamondback bicycles are at the highest price point.

Even though Diamondback sells budget bikes, the highest-quality options are highly-priced, some over $4,000. So, they are just unaffordable for the budget buyer.

Furthermore, some Diamondback bicycles are heavier than most of their competitors.

diamondback bike size chart

About the Bike Brand: Diamondback Bicycles History

Diamondback was initially established as a BMX manufacturer in 1977 in California by Western State Imports. Derby Cycle Corporation bought the brand in 1999 and merged it with Raleigh before setting them as separate brands.

That saw Diamondback grow worldwide and diversify to elliptical, spin bikes, and other outdoor bike types like road, city, and mountain bikes.

Today, Diamondback has its headquarters in Kent, Washington, where Reagent L.P currently owns it.

Review of the Various Diamondback Bikes

Essentially, Diamondback bicycles come in these categories:

  • Road bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • BMX
  • City bikes
  • Kids bikes
  • E-bikes

Let’s discuss them below:

1. Are Diamondback Mountain Bikes Good?

Diamondback mountain bikes’ selling point has always been their Knuckle Box Suspension, which you find on most of Diamondback’s full-suspension MTBs.

The suspension system promotes three advantages as follows:

  • Effective bump compliance – It allows you to go through bumps more smoothly like it’s nothing.
  • Reduces chain growth, and as a result, it minimizes pedal feedback.
  • Lowers your center of gravity to make the bike lighter and easier to handle.

One bike that’s an attraction primarily due to the Knuckle Box Suspension is the Diamondback Sortie 1 29er.

Diamondback also employs level-link suspension as an alternative to Knuckle Box in some of their full-suspension MTBs.

The suspension system also promotes optimal bump absorption, soaking up the steepest terrains and guaranteeing better bike handling.

An MTB like the Diamondback Release 29 2 exemplifies that.

Diamondback hardtails don’t disappoint either. An option like the Diamondback Bicycles Sync’r enjoys a RockShox front suspension with 140mm travel. That’s enough to guarantee a smooth road anywhere off-road.

You’ll also tackle steeper climbs, not just because of the front suspension but also because of its multi-geared drivetrain.

Other hardtails with similar promises include Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento and Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive (View on Amazon).

Are Diamondback Mountain Bikes Good

2. Are Diamondback Road Bikes Good?

Diamondback makes some of the speediest and hardiest road bikes on the market. They sell endurance bikes, gravel bikes, triathlon, city bikes, and some kids’ road bikes.

Overall, their top-sellers are the endurance road bikes, of which the Diamondback Bicycles Century bikes set the standard.

These endurance road bikes are the perfect definition of toughness, agility, and speed, and you need the combination from your high-end road bike.

Their frames are hand-built to promise strength and quality, and they relish a more enhanced geometry to offer you a more compliant but comfortable ride.

Everything from the brakes to the drivetrain shouts quality, and you can tell that from the Diamondback Bicycles Century 5.

Note that Diamondback also makes women-specific road bikes and a perfect example is the Diamondback Bicycles Arden 5 (View on Amazon)

So, there is an endurance road bike for everyone.

3. Are Diamondback Hybrid Bikes Good?

Sadly, Diamondback doesn’t make hybrid bikes anymore. Even though a few Diamondback bicycles are on the market, they are part of the old stock.

So, I won’t dwell on them. What I can say is that they are just as high-quality as Diamondback’s MTBs and road bikes. Additionally, they are versatile to suit all terrains.

Diamondback now makes city bikes, which most people confuse for hybrid bikes as they incorporate most of their features.

Also known as urban bicycles, city bikes come in classic designs and are best for short commuting on urban roads and intercity-cruising.

Diamondback is known explicitly for the Metric City Bikes, which are among the most affordable Diamondback bikes.

But despite their low price point (under $1,000), Diamondback Metric City Bikes are a decent choice.

The Diamondback Metric 1, for example, features a lightweight aluminum frame, quality v-brakes, relaxed geometry, and quality Shimano drivetrain, among other features.

Are Diamondback Hybrid Bikes Good

4. Are Diamondback Bikes BMX Good?

Currently, Raleigh makes Diamondback BMX. That explains why you won’t find them on but retail stores like Amazon.

Overall, Diamondback BMX bikes are hardy as expected. They come in hi-ten steel frames to last you longer and take on all the abuse.

Their forks are also hi-ten steel, thus more robust and safe.

Expect them to come in single-speed, which means they are easy to ride, and their drivetrains are simple to maintain.

You can count on their quality brakes for crisp stopping and flexible frames to accommodate riders of varying heights.

One Diamondback BMX that encompasses all that is the Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX available on Amazon.

This BMX bike targets kids who are 7-9 years.

5. Other Diamondback Bikes

Diamondback also makes these bicycles:

a) Diamondback Kids Bicycles

Diamondback currently sells two kinds of kids’ bikes on their websites; Metric 24 and Division 24.

Both options target older kids. However, you can get other options like the Diamondback Bicycles Tess 20 on Amazon and other giant retail stores.

Overall, Diamondback kids’ bicycles are more affordable but are decent in features and performance.

b) Diamondback Electric Bicycles

Diamondback currently makes to e-bike lines; response and current.

The Response E-bike is a front suspension e-bike best for fun cycling around town.

The Diamondback Current, in contrast, is the speedier option that is best for pavements. It’s your go-for bike when you want to commute in town or run errands.

diamondback bikes for sale


1. How Much Does A Diamondback Bike Cost?

Diamondback sells bicycles are all price points. While on a budget, you can get a Diamondback bike for less than $500. High-end options, however, cost anything between $2,500 and $10,000.

2. Are Diamondback Bikes Good Quality?

Diamondback has built the reputation of selling high-quality bikes at affordable rates, even though some are costlier. They employ quality components and durable frames to guarantee the best performance.

You can tell that from their impressive warranties.

3. Why Are Diamondback Bikes So Expensive?

Diamondback bicycles are all about quality. Their components are high-end and durable, and the manufacturer employs unique suspension technologies.

So, you pay for all that, and it explains why Diamondback bicycles are expensive.

4. Is Diamondback Bike A Good Bike?

All Diamondback bicycles promise quality assurance. They are durable, easy to ride, and high-performers, especially on challenging terrains.

Moreover, they come in multiple sizes to allow you to find your fit.

5. What Are The Best Diamondback Bikes For Sale?

Here are the best Diamondback Hardtail mountain bikes for sale:

  1. Diamondback Bicycles Sync’r
  2. Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento
  3. The Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive

6. What Company Makes Diamondback Bikes?

Taiwan-based Kinesis Industries currently make diamondback bicycles. However, the bike brand has offices worldwide, but its headquarters is in Kent, Washington, and its main factory is in China.

7. Is Diamondback A Good Kids’ Bike?

Diamondback has several kids’ bicycles on its lines, but it mainly targets older kids. So, if you are looking for a quality bike for an older kid, Diamondback is a decent choice.

You are, however, likelier to struggle to get a fitting Diamondback for a younger kid.

8. Are Diamondback Bikes Made In China?

Most Diamondback bicycles are made by a Taiwanese company known as Kinesis Industries. Its main factory is, however, in China.

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Closing Thought: Are Diamondback Bikes Good?

Diamondback bicycles are rich in quality, right from the frame to the individual components. As a result, they stand above most of their competitors, promising value for money.

So, provided you get your size and prioritize quality, you’ll have better value for money.