Stradalli Bikes Review ?

Miami-based Stradalli is increasingly establishing its dominance in the global bicycle manufacturing sector. From cyclocross and road bikes to triathlon bikes and MTBs, Stradalli is a household name. But since there is so much to know about the brand, this Stradalli bikes review will reveal its true picture.   

Unlike most brands, Stradalli establishes itself as a kingpin in the ultralight bike frame manufacturing industry. They target the professional racing community, especially road racers, cross country racers, and triathlon cyclists, with their full carbon bike frame.  

There is also the gravel and Cyclocross market that Stradalli seems to trend. And lately, the manufacturer has been putting a foothold in the fixed-gear and electric mountain bike niches.

On that note, we will review Stradalli bike ranges and highlight the top sellers. We’ll also review what makes Stradalli bikes good and the existing drawbacks. But first, let’s look at the company’s overview!

are stradalli bikes any good

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4 Best Stradalli Bikes On The Market

  1. Stradalli Cycles R7 White Pro: Best Stradalli Road Bike
  2. Stradalli Cyclocross Pro T-700: Best Stradalli Cyclocross Bike
  3. The Stradalli Full Carbon TTR-8: Best Stradalli Triathlon Bike
  4. Stradalli Full Suspension 29er XC: Best Stradalli Mountain Bike

Company Overview

Stradalli is a Miami-based bike manufacturing company known for its high-performance full-carbon frame bikes. The company makes MTBs, road bikes, Cyclocross bikes, gravel bikes, fixies, and e-MTBs.

Though the company has been selling bicycles for about 15years, its industrial experience dates to over 25 years. Apparently, Stradalli began as a motorcycle accessories brand. However, some of its designers have been in the bike sector for more than 60 decades.

They specialize in innovative carbon technology where they make ultralight full-carbon bikes. Most of their bikes weigh 25 pounds or thereabout, which is a classic example of being lightweight means.

The company also makes many bike accessories, and everything goes through a rigorous quality testing and assurance process. According to the company, their bikes are high-performers but affordable.

So, they target budget-conscious buyers who want top-end bikes that don’t compel them to spend a lot.

Are Stradalli Bikes Any Good?

Let’s get one thing straight; any bike that costs about $2000 and above is not a budget bike, and neither is it expensive. That describes Stradalli. Its bikes belong in the midrange price bracket.

The obvious question is; are these bikes worth it? Why Stradalli bikes?

Well, I believe that Stradalli bikes are good and worth what you pay because of the following:

1. Quality Bikes

Stradalli employs high-quality full carbon bike frames, which promise low-weight, strength, and durability. All its bike frames and components undergo a detailed quality testing and certification process to meet market standards.

Besides, these bikes come with limited lifetime warranties to prove their quality.

2. Proven Performers

Stradalli doesn’t just claim to make quality bikes, but they prove that in performance. Their frames, in particular, have established their top quality in international cycling competitions such as the Olympics and World Championship.

So, if you want an elite-level professional-grade bicycle to race with, you cannot go wrong with Stradalli.

Are Stradalli Bikes Any Good

3. Affordable Options

According to Stradalli, they decided to take away intermediaries from their supply chain to make their bikes more affordable. So, even though you can find some of these bikes on Amazon, the options are fewer.

Stradalli now employs the direct-to-customer selling approach that reduces the bike’s overall cost. So, their bikes don’t cost as much as those that sell through intermediaries. That explains why they are affordable.

4. Fast Bikes

There is a reason why Stradalli flourishes in the racing sector, and that’s because its bikes are pretty fast. Essentially, that’s because of the full-carbon technology that the manufacturer employs. Full-carbon frames make the bikes low-weight and easier to pedal.

The frames are also stiffer and enjoy a tapered headtube which makes them more aggressive, thus fast. Plus, they enjoy a streamlined design, characterized by internal cable routing and sleeker wheels, thus fast.

Overall, that’s what you get from Stradalli road bikes, triathlon bikes, Cyclocross bikes, and to an extent, cross country bikes.

5. Comfortable Bikes

Stradalli bikes promise the same level of comfort that you don’t get from most bike brands. Starting with its mountain bikes, they are known for their shock-absorbing stable suspensions, easy gearing, and relaxed geometries.

In contrast, its road bikes have a comfortable top tube, adjustable frames, and smooth-rolling tires. The same goes for Stradalli Cyclocross, triathlon, and gravel bikes.

Any Drawbacks of Stradalli Bikes?

Though there is a lot to like about Stradalli bikes judging by the above Stradalli bikes review, it doesn’t conclude that the bike brand is perfect. No! it is not, and no bike brand is!

Overall, the concerns are fewer, and they include the following:

  • Limited color choices – Stradalli focuses more on speed, performance, and comfort and less on comfort. So, they make fewer frame color choices.
  • Not beginner-friendly – Stradalli tends to target more experienced cyclists, especially competitors. As a result, they leave out the entry-level community, which is quite a shame. It doesn’t mean that there are no entry-level bikes, but the options are fewer.
  • Limited bike choices – Compared to top brands like Trek, Schwinn, and Giant, Stradalli doesn’t make many bikes. They only offer a narrow range.
Stradalli Bikes Review

Stradalli Bikes Review!

Stradalli makes the following bike types:

  • Road bikes
  • Cyclocross bikes
  • Gravel bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Triathlon bikes
  • Electric bikes
  • Fixed gears

Overall, Stradalli is famous for the first five bicycle categories. Let’s discuss them.

1. Stradalli Road Bike Review

Stradalli makes Shimano road bikes, D-12 Shimano road bikes, road disc bikes, and Campagnolo road bikes. All Stradalli road bikes have one thing in common – they feature full carbon frames. As a result, the road bikes are lightweight, comfortable to ride, and relatively stable.

They enjoy an internal cable routing design that makes them sleeker and faster. Stradalli’s over-reliance on Shimano sees them employ Shimano Ultegra on most of its road bikes to promise not only a lightweight drivetrain but always a high-performer one.

They have a tapered headtube and compact drop bars to encourage aggressive riding and sleeker wheels to promote fast rolling.

Overall, there is no better reference than the Stradalli Cycles R7 White Pro. This full-carbon road bike weighs under 25 pounds, thus lightweight.

It features an Ultegra 8050 groupset that promises fast-shifting, a tapered headtube for stiffer riding, and an aerodynamic front for fast racing. So, it’s worth the money, and so are the other road bikes!

2. Stradalli Cyclocross and Gravel Bikes Review

Both Stradalli cyclocross and gravel bikes are for taking on all terrains. But unlike most of its competitors, these bikes are pretty fast and comfortable.

They have a front suspension to soak up the bumps, disc brakes for efficient stopping, and a tapered head tube for a stiffer and comfortable ride.

Furthermore, they enjoy a higher gear count to offer you many shifting options and a stronger frame to take on all the aggressive roads.

Overall, no bike brings together the worlds of cyclocross and gravel riding better than the Stradalli Cyclocross Pro T-700.

This cyclocross bike also doubles up as a gravel bike to allow you to use it for cyclocross events or touring.

For top performance, you can count on its hydraulic disc brakes, full carbon frames, and 22-speed Shimano Ultegra 6800 drivetrain. They are the benchmark of quality for this cyclocross bike.

stradalli gravel bike review

3. Stradalli Triathlon Bike Review

Stradalli triathlon bikes are all about quality, comfort, and speed, properties that make them competitive. You can tell their quality from their use of full carbon frames and Shimano Ultegra groupsets.

On the other hand, you can tell they are comfortable from their rider-friendly geometry and adjustable geometries, while you can tell they are speedy from their aero fronts, smooth-rolling tires, and multi-speed drivetrain.

One bike that exemplifies that is the Stradalli Full Carbon TTR-8. This triathlon bike weighs 19 pounds, making it ultra-lightweight, and it enjoys an aero carbon wheelset and 8-speed Shimano Ultegra 8000 that makes it easy to ride and fast.

4. Stradalli Mountain Bike Review

Stradalli makes both hardtail and full-suspension mountain bikes, and they all come in full-carbon frames. So, these MTBs are pretty lightweight, a quality that makes them better racers and explains Stradalli’s dominance in the cross-country sector.

While the frames make them lightweight and faster, their impressive suspensions make them quite comfortable. The MTBs are available in 26er, 27.5-inch (650B) and 29er options.

They come with high-performance drivetrains with a wide gear range to conquer just about any terrain, and the best bit is their pretty affordable prices.

One amazing Stradalli mountain bike is the Stradalli Full Suspension 29er XC. This cross country 29-inch full suspension cross country bike is fast, comfortable, lightweight, and pretty tough to take on all aggressive outdoors.

Where Are Stradalli Bikes Made

People Also Ask

1. Is Stradalli a Good Bike Brand?

Stradalli is known for making full carbon bikes that are ultra-lightweight, stronger, comfortable, and durable. Most of its bike frames have won major cycling competitions, including the Olympics. So, the company has proven to be a top and reputable bike brand.

2. Where Are Stradalli Bikes Made?

Stradalli bikes are made at the company’s headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Closing Remarks On This Stradalli Bikes Review!

Above are the basics to learn about Stradalli and its bikes. Given that Stradalli has proven to be a top brand on the international stage over the years, it’s undeniable that Stradalli bikes are worth it. They have the built quality and the track record of rubbing shoulders with the very best in the bike manufacturing world.