Are Scott Mountain Bikes Good Quality Options?

Known for sponsoring Tour De France and Olympic winners, Scott bikes are highly sought-after. The MTBs, in particular, are steadily warming their way into the hearts of many pro riders. But are Scott mountain bikes good?

Scott mountain bikes are good because they are customizable, and owing to their lightweight but stiffer carbon frames, hill-climbing is easier. Moreover, Scott relies on quality self-made and outsourced components, and the bikes come in a wide range.

Overall, Scott mountain bikes tend to lean towards the high-end market, where their key targets are pro riders. It, however, doesn’t mean that entry-level bikers can’t get suitable choices.

To help you decide if to get a Scott MTB or not, I’ll explain the good and the bad sides. But before that, let me help you understand the brand better by looking at its history.

Are Scott mountain bikes good

In a rush? Below are some fantastic Scott mountain bikes worth getting!

6 Best Scott Mountain Bikes

1. Scott Spark RC SL : Best Scott Cross Country Mountain Bike

2. Scott Spark 900 Ultimate: Best Scott Trail Mountain Bike

3. Scott Ransom 900 AXS: Best Scott Enduro Mountain Bike

4. Scott Aspect 940 Granite: Best Scott Sport Mountain Bike

5. Scott Contessa Spark RC: Best Scott Women Mountain Bike

6. Scott Gambler 900: Best Scott Downhill Mountain Bike

About Scott Sports – Who Are They?

Back in 1958, an Idaho skier and engineer, Ed Scott, saw the need to replace the heavy steel and bamboo ski poles with aluminum options.

The success of the aluminum poles convinced him to dive into the motocross market, where he came up with safer goggles and later other gears.

At the time, the brand was only known as Scott USA. Scott USA expanded to the European market in 1978, changing its name to Scott Sports and basing its headquarters in Switzerland.

In 1989, the company invented an aerodynamic handlebar that American cyclist Greg Lemond used to win the Tour de France.

And in 1991, the company invented Unishock, a mountain bike suspension, and in the following year, they unveiled their first-ever mountain bike.

1995 saw Scott Sports unveil the first-ever MTB, Endorphin, and in 2003, they came up with a full suspension MTB with adjustable shock, Scott Genius.

Thomas Frischknecht is remembered to have won a world marathon championship with the Scott Genius in 2003.

In 2011, Scott released an e-bike, and since then, they have been making just about all mountain bikes.

Scott mountain bike review

Are Scott Mountain Bikes Good? (The Good & The Bad)

The Good

Scott mountain bicycles are worth it because of the following:

1. Lightweight and Stiffer Carbon Frames

Scott is known for crafting the most advanced carbon frames, which enjoy an extra lightweight design. Their minimal weight makes it easy to pedal their mountain bikes uphill, control them downhill, and speed up on trails.

The other important part of the frame is the head tube, which comes in a tapered design. A tapered head tube gives the frame front-end a stiffer feel, which translates to a more responsive and easier-to-ride bike.

2. Reliable Self-Made Components

Scott has dedicated the manufacturing of most of their bike components to Syncros, an independent manufacturer within the Scott Sports family.

Some of the components that Syncros makes for Scott include wheels, stems, handlebars, grips, pedals, saddles, headsets, seat posts, and kickstands.

Overall, Syncros has been making bike components for over 30 years, making it a reliable choice. You can count on Syncros components for top-end bike parts.

3. Reliable Third Party Components

While Scott bicycles get most of their components from their in-house supplier Syncros, they source their drivetrains, brakes, forks, and tires from reputable third parties.

For example, the company gets its drivetrain components mostly from SRAM and its brakes from Shimano. Plus, they source their tires from Kenda and Maxxis and shock forks mostly from SR Suntour.

Given that these third parties are reputable, you can count on the bikes for top performance, promising value for money.

Are Scott bikes good quality

4. Wide Mountain Bike Range

As I mentioned, there is no MTB category that Scott doesn’t make.

Cross country lovers can enjoy Scott’s speedier XC bikes, while trail devotees can explore the wild with the ever-hardy Scott trail bikes.

On the other hand, passionate downhillers can take on the slopes with Scott downhill MTBs, while daring climbers can take on the ascents with Scott enduro mountain bikes.

Women can also ride women-specific MTBs, and there are electric and sport options for everyone who fancies them.

5. Bike Customization

This is probably Scott’s biggest selling point, more so for pro riders. Scott Sports understand that serious mountain bikers prefer to customize their bike and they offer them just that.

Their MTB framesets come infused with shock suspension systems to allow you to enjoy the advantages of both worlds.

So, you’ll be getting a lightweight, stiffer frame for fast climbing and a suspension system to soak up bumps.

Plus, you have the choice of picking the components that you want for your MTB.

The Bad

The biggest issue I have with Scott mountain bikes is that they come with shorter warranties. The frames, for example, only have a five-year warranty, while the forks have two years.

Considering that you get a limited lifetime warranty on Trek, Giant, and other leading brands, this is so disappointing.

Also, the frames have a more aggressive geometry, which tends to suit pro riders more. Sadly, entry-level bikers may find them a little uncomfortable.

And there is the issue of price. With most Scott MTBs costing $5,000-$10,000, they are not the most budget-friendly.

What is the best Scott mountain bike

What Mountain Bikes Does Scott Stock? Scott Mountain Bikes Review!

Today, Scott stocks the following six mountain bike types:

  • Cross country mountain bikes
  • Trail mountain bikes
  • Enduro/All-mountain mountain bikes
  • Sport mountain bikes
  • Women mountain bikes
  • Downhill mountain bikes

Are Scott Cross Country Mountain Bikes Good?

Ordinarily, it takes stamina and cycling skills to maneuver a cross-country bike. With the Scott cross country bike’s lightweight and stiffer frames, you don’t have to put in too much effort.

These MTBs make cross country racing funnier, more so to experienced racers. Their XC bikes range from extra small (XS) to extra-large (XL), thus covering a more expansive market size.

While some XC Scott mountain bikes come with aluminum frames, the most high-end options come with carbon frames, thus extra lightweight.

Carbon frames are better suited to tougher trails as they are more comfortable to pedal.

Overall, no Scott XC bike impresses as much as the Scott Spark RC SL Evo.

This XC bike features a carbon frame (1870g) and carbon fork, thus lighter. Plus, it comes with quality Shimano disc brakes, SRAM XX Eagle Drivetrain, Maxxis foldable tires, and Syncros wheels.

Are Scott Trail Mountain Bikes Good?

Tackling the steeps and flats is only funnier when you have the right trail bike. Overall, you cannot go wrong with a Scott trail bike.

These MTBs come with powerful suspensions averaging 130-170mm. Such a travel range promises better handling.

Though these MTBs are not the best for steeper slopes, they are pretty decent on less steep grounds. They generally come with more responsive disc brakes, high-traction tires, and robust wheels.

They are also correctly geared to allow you to smoothly shift and blast through surfaces.

No Scott trail bike illustrates that better than the Scott Spark 900 Ultimate.

This trail bike features a carbon frame and fork (130mm) for easy climbing. Plus, it comes with a 12-speed SRAM drivetrain, Trickstuft Piccola disc brakes, Schwalbe tires, and Syncros parts.

Is Scott mountain bikes prices

Are Scott Enduro Mountain Bikes Good?

Scott enduro mountain bikes promise speed and control, which is critical in taking on the most technical sections.

These MTBs are more comfortable uphill, on steeper slopes, and downhill. They come equipped with aluminum or carbon full suspension systems that you can lock when taking on steeper climbs.

Overall, their suspension travel range is about 150-185mm, sufficient for technical slopes. The MTBs also comes with a wide gear range to allow you to tackle different terrains and have 29-inch or 27.5-inch wheels.

One fantastic Scott enduro MTB is the Scott Ransom 900 Tuned AXS.

This enduro mountain bike comes with a carbon frame and a 170mm fork for optimal shock absorption.

Its 12-speed SRAM X01 drivetrain promises smooth shifting, while its Shimano disc brake guarantees crisp stopping on all terrains.

This MTB is just value for money.

Are Scott Sport Mountain Bikes Good?

While sport mountain biking is best left for the most skilled cyclists because of its technicality, daring leisure cyclists can dive into it with a good bike.

One such bike is a Scott sport mountain bike.

These MTBs come as hardtails with a suspension travel range of about 100-120mm.

They also come with powerful disc brakes for unparalleled stopping power and either 29-inch or 27.5-inch high-traction wheels

These mountain bikes are comfortable to ride uphill.

One best choice is the Scott Aspect 940 Granite.

The sport MTB comes with quality Shimano components, which include an 18-speed drivetrain and Shimano disc brakes.

Its Aspect alloy frame is exceptionally lightweight, and it comes with a 100mm Suntour fork for comfortable steering on a mountain slope.

Are Scott Women Mountain Bikes Good?

Scott makes all kinds of women-specific mountain bikes to meet the increasing demand by spirited female trail explorers.

That includes trails, enduro, racing, and sport mountain bikes.

Their women mountain bikes come with stronger but lighter frames to tolerate the rugged trails and encourage ease of cycling.

They also come with a wide gear range to encourage smooth shifting on technical terrains.

These MTBs come in Hardtail and dual-suspension options, making them best for recreational and serious cycling.

One option for serious women adventurers is the Scott Contessa Sport Spark RC.

With this MTB, you get what you pay for. Nothing disappoints from the 12-speed SRAM drivetrain and Shimano disc brakes to the Syncros wheels and RockShox suspension.

Are Scott bikes good quality

Are Scott Downhill Mountain Bikes Good?

Scott downhill mountain bike promise speed and lots of adrenaline rush, and you need such a combination to take on downhill courses.

The bikes can tackle the highest, narrowest, and roughest peaks, owing to their stiffer frames and robust suspensions.

These bikes’ suspensions generally have more extended travels, averaging 200-210mm, which is more than enough for technical downhill courses.

They come with powerful disc brakes for added stability and fast stopping. Unlike other Scott MTBs, downhill MTBs have a smaller gear range to offer more clearance when taking on obstacles.

One such MTB is the Scott Gambler 900 Tuned.

This downhill MTB comes with a 203mm fork, 200mm rear shock, and Shimano disc brakes for a stable and safer downhill ride.

Moreover, its carbon frame and Maxxis tires give it a fast-rolling feel.


1. Does Scott Make Good Mountain Bikes?

Though Scott mountain bikes are pretty expensive, they are best described as better value for money.

These mountain bikes employ high-quality, reliable performance components and lighter and stiffer frames that guarantee a more lightweight and responsive feel.

Moreover, there is the option of customization, which is better than anything you can ever ask for.

2. Who Makes Scott Mountain Bikes?

Scott mountain bikes are primarily assembled in Taiwan by Giant Bicycles.

3. Are Scott Frames Good?

Scott frames are lighter than most and enjoy a tapered head tube that offers them a stiffer but more responsive feel. These frames also come integrated with powerful suspensions to promise adequate bump absorption.

4. What Is Scott Mountain Bikes Prices?

Scott mountain bikes come at different prices, depending on bike type and design. You can spend under $1,000 on a lower end and up to $13,999.99 on a high-end option.

Are Scott Mountain Bikes Good?  Closing Thoughts!

Scott mountain bikes are all about quality – quality frames and quality components – and that’s what makes them worth it.

Perhaps the price is not the most pocket-friendly, but given that these bikes substantiate that (with performance and longevity), there’s little to complain about.

So, get a Scott mountain bike today to start experiencing the best that Scott Sports has to offer!