Are Scott Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Established in 1958, Swiss bike manufacturer Scott is one of the oldest bike brands in the world. Scott has been sponsoring pro racers for years, and apparently, some have even won Tour de France. But…

Are Scott Bikes Good? (Quick Answer)

Scott bikes are good and relies on quality self-made components, ‘Syncros,’ and a few others from trusted brands like SRAM and Shimano. Even better, the brand allows bike customization and produces a wide range of bikes at varying price points that promise comfort and better value.

That, however, doesn’t mean that Scott’s bicycles are perfect. Like every other bike brand, Scott has its fair share of concerns.

For example, their warranty is poor, and their road bikes are more geared towards aggressive cycling than casual riding.

To help you decide if Scott bikes are worth your money, I’ll discuss the bike brand’s good and bad sides.

I’ll also discuss the various bike types that Scott stocks. But first, let me discuss the brand history.

Are Scott bikes good

In a rush? Below are the hottest and most efficient Scott bikes.

6 Best Scott Bikes On The Market

  1. Scott Spark RC SL Evo: Best Scott Mountain Bike
  2. Scott Addict RC Ultimate: Best Scott Road Bike
  3. Scott Metrix 10: Best Scott Hybrid Bike
  4. Scott Sub Cross 10: Best Scott Women’s Bike
  5. Scott Genius eRide 910: Best Scott Electric Bike
  6. Scott Spark 700: Best Scott Kids’ Bike

About Scott – Brand History

Scott dates back to 1958 when engineer Ed Scott invented an aluminum ski pole in Sun Valley, Idaho. Its success motivated him to produce different sport goods.

1970 saw his company, Scott USA, sell the first-ever motocross-specific goggles and later motocross wear.

The brand identified a market group in Europe and decided to explore it in 1978. They stationed their headquarters in Switzerland and changed the brand name to Scott Sports.

Ed Scott was so eager to conquer the bike sector that he invented a clip-on aerodynamic handlebar, which Greg Lemond used to win the 1989 Tour de France.

In 1991, the company came up with their first-ever suspension fork, Unishock, and a full-suspension a year later.

They came up with a road bike frame in 2001 and an e-bike in 2011. Since then, they have been making MTBs, gravel bikes, kids’ bikes, women bikes, and road bikes, among many others.

Are Scott bikes good quality

Are Scott Bikes Any Good? (The Good & the Bad)

The Good

Here are five things that make Scott bikes worth it:

1. Quality Self-Built and Third-Party Components

Scott has in-house company Syncros, which handles the manufacturing of most of their bike components. That includes the wheels, seat posts, saddles, grips, handlebars, and headset.

Syncros produce components that are high quality to guarantee durability and high performance.

But when it comes to the bike’s drivetrains and disc brakes, Scott sources from reputable brands like SRAM and Shimano.

While Shimano has a foothold on the entry-level and mid-level markets, SRAM focuses on the high-end market, targeting pro riders.

But overall, both SRAM and Shimano components are of high quality, promising durability, and high performance.

2. The Option of Bike Customization

Scott allows you the flexibility of picking high-quality frames and customizing them whichever way you want.

Not only do you get a unique MTB frame, but it also comes integrated with shock suspension to suit your trail-riding needs.

In contrast, the road bike frames retain their classy sporty look, and the same goes for triathlon and gravel bikes.

3. Better Value

What most people notice about Scott are the high price tags of their high-end models. Having researched these bikes, they are highly-priced for a reason, and that’s because they promise better value.

Thanks to their carbon frame technology, their road bikes are among the speediest and most comfortable to ride.

Their MTBs are also funnier to ride due to their carbon-engineered frames and robust suspension.

4. Riding Comfort

Scott makes its bicycles with comfort in mind. Their high-end road bikes and MTBs employ advanced carbon technology to guarantee lighter frames that are speedy and comfortable.

Their hybrids have well-padded seats, and their rubber grip handles promise ultimate comfort.

I cannot forget to mention their innovative suspensions, adjustable seats, and state-of-the-art pedals.

5. A Variety of Bikes at All Price Points

Scott is known for its inclusivity. The manufacturer makes entry-level and advanced-level road bikes, MTBs, e-bikes, and hybrid bikes.

They also have dedicated lines for women and kids. The best part is that their bikes cut across all price points.

Are Scott bikes reliable

The Bad

Here are the few downsides that come with Scott bikes:

  • They could do better with the frame warranty

Scott offers a 5-year warranty against poor craftsmanship and defective material.

Overall, you are likely to get better warranties from other top brands. Giant and Trek, for example, offers you a limited lifetime warranty for the frame and fork.

  • High-end Scott bikes are unaffordable to budget buyers

The biggest issue with Scott is that their high-end bikes are at the top end of the budget, making them unaffordable for regular buyers.

  • Frame geometries of their road bikes and MTBs are too aggressive for casual riding

Overall, their aggressive frames suit professional riders more, especially pro racers.

What Bike Types Does Scott Sports Stock? |(Scott Bikes Review)

Generally, Scott makes the following types of bikes:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes
  • City (hybrid) bikes
  • Women bikes
  • Electric bikes
  • Kids’ bikes

Are Scott Mountain Bikes Good?

Scott mountain bikes mainly target top-level cyclists who are into competitive trail riding. But still, they are decent for the trails, especially by cross-country devotees, trail enthusiasts, and downhill thrillers.

They also have some fantastic electric mountain bikes which promise nothing but speed, climbing power, and unmatched ruggedness.

Currently, Scott stocks the following MTB ranges:

  • Cross country MTBs for those who are into cross country biking
  • Trail MTBs for conquering all kinds of trails and the longest off-roads
  • Downhill MTBs for the boldest downhillers
  • All-mountain/Enduro MTBs for the craziest climbers
  • Sport MTB for the finest dirt racing

Overall, you cannot go wrong with the Scott Spark RC SL Evo AXS.

Its top-engineered carbon frame is carefully crafted to guarantee an aggressive fast ride.

The bike comes with quality Shimano disc brakes, foldable Maxxis tires, Syncros wheels, and an SRAM drivetrain.

The only issue is the price, but given the quality of the components, it’s the perfect XC bike you can ever ask for.

Are Scott mountain bikes good

Are Scott Road Bikes Good?

Scott stocks an array of road bikes to suit different cyclists. Like their MTBs, their road bikes are engineered to suit pro riders.

One unique feature is their aerodynamic design, characterized by drop bars, slimmer wheels, and raised seats.

The other impressive thing is their advanced carbon frame. These frames are super lightweight to encourage fast riding.

Scott employs robust forks and disc brakes for a fantastic ride. Their tires are not just fast-rolling but equally rugged to take on aggressive usage.

So, overall, a Scott road bike gives you a competitive advantage over other road bikes. You get to sprint to the mountains and edge other road bikes on flat ground.

What else can you ask for? Perhaps, the only put-off is the price. Like their MTB siblings, Scott road bikes are not the most pocket-friendly.

But overall, if you are a pro rider, then you pay for value.

And when speaking of value, there couldn’t be a better all-around lightweight road bike like the Scott Addict RC Ultimate.

This lightweight bike is perfect for all kinds of racing, owing to its top-notch engineered carbon frame and self-made Syncros components, tubeless-ready tires, and 24-speed SRAM drivetrain.

Other than lightweight (racing) road bikes, Scott stocks the following road bike types:

  • Aero road bikes
  • Endurance road bikes
  • Women’s road bikes
  • Gravel road bikes

Are Scott Hybrid Bikes Good?

Scott hybrid bikes are the perfect all-rounders. Whether you want to tackle the off-road or cruise the paved neighborhood, there is no terrain that you cannot conquer with a Scott hybrid.

These bikes borrow many features from their road bike and MTB siblings, making them the best all-terrain choice.

Overall, these bikes are not best for serious cyclists, unlike their road bikes and MTBs. So, they are only a fun choice for weekend recreational cycling, but you can also use them for commuting.

In terms of price, they are not as costly as road bikes or MTBs, making them affordable.

While Scott stocks over 20 hybrid bike types, you cannot go wrong with the Scott Metrix 10.

This hybrid bike features a carbon frame and carbon fork that gives it a lighter feel for easy cycling and enjoys a 22-speed Shimano drivetrain for smooth shifting.

Its Syncros race rims and Schwalbe tires are reliable on all terrains. So, these bicycles promise value for money.

Scott bikes Review

Are Scott Women Bikes Good?

You can get all the discussed bikes in women versions. That includes:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Electric bikes

What’s so impressive about the women’s bike line is that the cycles are carefully crafted to suit the modern woman.

Commuter women can go for the hybrid and e-bikes, while racers can go for the women’s road bikes. Off-road die-hards can go for either the gravel bikes or MTBs.

Overall, the Scott Sub Cross 10 is a perfect hybrid choice for fun cycling and commuting.

That’s thanks to its Shimano 30-speed drivetrain, Shimano hydraulic brakes, and SR Suntour fork. So, the bike promise comfort, ease of cycling, and smooth rolling on all terrains.

Are Scott Electric Bikes Good?

Scott electric bikes are for those who yearn for extra pedaling assistance to tackle different terrains. These bikes come in an array of options which include:

  • Road e-bikes
  • Mountain e-bikes
  • City e-bikes
  • Touring/trekking e-bikes

Scott electric bikes are not cheap, but it is hard to complain about the price when considering what you get.

An electric bike like the Scott Genius eRide 910 comes in a carbon/alloy frame for a lightweight feel and features all-terrain Shimano disc brakes, foldable Schwalbe tires, and a 12-speed SRAM drivetrain.

With its 150mm rear shock and 60 front travel forks, you can count on its unmatched bump absorption.

Are Scott electric bikes good

Are Scott Kids’ Bikes Good?

One of Scott’s goals is to provide kids with bikes they can fall in love with and ride with lots of freedom. They seem to be achieving that when you consider their wide range of kid’s bikes.

Overall, there are options for smaller kids, bigger kids, and even future pros. Future pros include those kids who are more experienced despite their tender age, and that’s where the Scott Spark 700 comes in.

This kids’ bike has everything you find on most adult bikes. From Shimano disc brakes and SRAM multi-gear drivetrains to Schwalbe tires and full forks, Scott Spark 700 has them all.

It’s the perfect choice for your future pro rider.


1. Is Scott A Good Bike Brand?

Scott is one of the most trusted bike brands in Europe, the U.S, and globally. Their bikes are high-quality in build and performance, and they come in a wide range of types and prices.

Though you may pay more for some of their bikes, they promise value for money.

2. Are Scott Bikes Reliable?

Scott relies on self-made bike components, Syncros, and they source their drivetrain and disc brakes from trusted suppliers like SRAM and Shimano.

So, their bikes are pretty reliable, making them ideal for pro riders.

3. What Country Are Scott Bikes From?

Scott bikes now have their headquarters in Givisiez, Switzerland. The bikes were initially made in the U.S.

4. Does Giant make Scott Bikes?

Scott and Giant are two different brands. Giant, however, makes some bikes for Scott, Trek, among others.

5. Are Trek Bikes Better Than Scott?

Both bike brands are reliable, having a good reputation. Scott, however, focuses high-end consumer market while Trek cuts across the board.

Are Scott Bikes Good? Closing Thoughts:

Over the years, Scott has established itself as a market leader in the bike sector. They produce bikes with superior components that enable them to compete with the very best bike brands. Overall, the bikes promise value for money, making them good.