Are Schwinn Mountain Bikes Good Or Not Worth it?

The name Schwinn is not new in the mountain bike sector. Far from it, Schwinn has been in existence since 1895, and so to call them dominant is not an overstatement. But are Schwinn mountain bikes good?

Schwinn bikes are generally good for casual cycling as they come with good frames and parts warranties, great suspension, and are ergonomic. Moreover, these bikes come in varieties at all price points to match different budgets.   

Note, however, that I’m talking about the Schwinn discount bikes that you get on most retail stores.

However, another bike line, a high-end line known as the Schwinn signature, promises the same benefits but is dedicated to serious cyclists.

Such bikes cost more but are more reliable and better in performance.

I’ll discuss the two bike lines in detail to help you understand them.

Are Schwinn mountain bikes good

But if you are in a rush, check out four of the finest Schwinn mountain bikes on the hotlist below.

4 Best Schwinn Mountain Bikes

  1. Schwinn High Timber ALX: Best for Tough Terrains
  2. Schwinn Traxion 29: Best Double Suspension Option
  3. The Schwinn Ranger 26: Best Hardtail for Men
  4. Schwinn Sidewinder 26: Best Hardtail for Women

Are Schwinn Mountain Bikes Good? (Schwinn Mountain Bikes Review)

Like I hinted earlier, Schwinn has two dedicated bike lines; Schwinn signature and Schwinn discount.

  • Schwinn Signature Series

The Schwinn signature series only features high-end Schwinn bikes. The line suits serious cyclists (pro riders).

Bikes in this series compete with traditional giants like Trek, Diamondback Bicycles, and Giant Bicycles.

So, expect to pay much more because you pay for superior components.

You’ll primarily find them on the Schwinn website and a few high-end sports stores like County Squirrel Outfitters (CSO).

Who Makes Schwinn Mountain Bikes
  • Schwinn Discount Series

The Schwinn discount series is what most people think of what talking about Schwinn bikes. This bike line features low-end bikes that target budget buyers.

You’ll find these bikes in retail stores like Sears, Walmart, K-Mart, Target, and Dicks.

Even though these bicycles have Schwinn branding, they are not high-end. So, they only suit casual riders.

You’ll find them on a budget, mostly under $1,000 or slightly higher.

Now, here are the general reasons why Schwinn mountain bikes, regardless of series, are worth your money:

Why You Should Buy A Schwinn Mountain Bike

1. Good Frame Warranty

Schwinn offers a limited liability warranty for its aluminum, steel, and dual/full suspension bike frames. That means that you are covered against a low-quality frame material or defective artistry as long as you keep the bike.

Note, however, that the warranty applies to the first purchaser. In case it is faulty during the guaranteed period, Schwinn will replace it.

However, the warranty excludes faults related to bike usages such as downhill racing, jumping, tricks, and trail riding.

But overall, the frame warranty is proof of Schwinn’s quality artistry.

2. Good Warranty for Components and Parts

You can tell that the mountain bike parts and components are high-quality from the warranty. So, Schwinn not only offers you a good frame warranty but an equally impressive coverage for the parts.

The manufacturer offers you a limited warranty for the components that covers against defective materials and faulty artistry.

Note, however, that the warranty doesn’t cover normal bike wear on parts like the tires, brakes, saddle covers, and tubes.

And if there are missing parts, you should claim them within the first 30 days of making the purchase.

3. Great Suspension

Schwinn mountain bikes come with firmer suspensions that promise a much comfortable ride.

Overall, Schwinn offers you both Hardtail (front suspension) and dual suspension options to serve a different purpose.

Casual bikers can go for front suspension MTBs like the Schwinn Ranger Mountain Bike or the Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike.

With the Hardtails coming with enough travel and coupled with their 21-speed drivetrain, there is no trail you cannot conquer.

The only terrain you’ll fall short of is a rocky or steeper one. In such cases, going for a full-suspension such as the Schwinn Traxion 29 is more advisable.

Schwinn Traxion

4. Comfortable Bikes

Schwinn MTBs are more comfortable to ride than most. Their geometry is more user-friendly, and they mostly come with lighter frames to encourage easy maneuver.

Their seats are adjustable, and their handlebars designs don’t strain your shoulders or back.

5. Mountain Bike Varieties

Today, Schwinn sells five major bike models that target different kinds of users. The five include:

a) Schwinn Timber

Schwinn high timber MTBs are designed to handle harsh conditions like gravel, potholes, and even dirt. Their downside is that they are slow on-road and thus not ideal for commuting.

One fantastic choice here is the Schwinn High Timber ALX

Thanks to its lightweight aluminum frame, 21-speed drivetrain, and wide knobby tires, you can take all terrains with this Schwinn mountain bike 26.

The seat post has a quick release to allow you to match it with your height.

b) Schwinn Bonafide

The Schwinn bonafide line primarily features Hardtails that are best for fun cycling. Their front suspension comes with adequate travel to soak up most bumps and promote a much smoother ride.

Expect them to come with high-profile rims, knobby tires, multi-speed drivetrain, and mechanical disc brakes.

That’s the case with the Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike (View on Amazon). The Schwinn mountain bike 24 speed is a perfect all-trail choice.

c) Schwinn Traxion

Schwinn Traxion MTBs are your go-for bikes when you want to take on extra bumpier terrains. That’s owing to their ever-reliable dual suspension that soaks up the hard bumps.

You can also tell they are hardy through their powerful disc brakes, robust frames, and double-wall rims.

One such Schwinn MTB is the Schwinn Traxion 29.

This 24-speed Schwinn mountain bike 29 is all about speed and quick shifting. It’s also about strength and versatility, given that it can take on all conditions.

d) Schwinn Moab

The Schwinn Moab bike is also another Hardtail line that promises the same features and riding experience as the Schwinn Bonafide.

The only difference is that the Schwinn Moab is a cross-country MTB line while the Schwinn Bonafide is a trail line.

And given that Schwinn Moab MTBs are cross-country bikes, they are lighter and quicker.

One such MTB is the Schwinn Moab 3 Mountain Bike (View on Amazon)

This XC bike suits serious cross-country bikers, thanks to its 100mm XR Suntour Fork, hydraulic disc brakes, 24-speed drivetrain, and 2.25-inch knobby tires.

Schwinn Moab

e) Schwinn Protocol

The Schwinn Protocol line mostly features double suspension, just like the Schwinn Traxion. So, it’s a fantastic choice for tackling bumpy terrains.

Expect bikes in this line to also come multi-geared. Note, however, that most options feature linear-pull brakes, which means the MTBs are not the best for wet conditions.

They are, however, the cheaper alternative to Schwinn Traxion, though by a small margin.

One versatile choice is the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Mountain Bike (View on Amazon)

Other Bike Ranges

Schwinn also makes the following bike categories that are not as popular as the above five but quite reliable:

  • Schwinn Sidewinder
  • Schwinn Ranger
  • The Schwinn Mesa

Note that in addition to the above bike categories being reliable, they are pretty budget-friendly as they are all discount options.

Bonus if You Get a Schwinn Signature Series

‘Why should I pay more?’ That’s what most people ask when they hear of the signature series:

Well, it’s all about the material components and the superiority of the parts. That’s what you pay for.

MTB’s Signature series promises a more quality frame, brakes, drivetrains, wheels, shifters, and other components.

Their frames and components, for example, are not just lighter but also more robust.

In that case, while discount bikes are more likely to feature plastic and steel parts, signature MTBs are likely to feature carbon, stainless steel, and hydro-formed aluminum.

And even when it comes to the choice of Shimano components, Signature series MTBs employ more high-end features.

So, how do you tell the difference? One way is through the seller.

If you buy it on Walmart, Target, or even Amazon, it’s a discount MTB. But if you get it on, it’s a Signature option, and you can tell that by identifying the Schwinn Signature stocker.

 Does Schwinn Make High-End Mountain Bikes

How Do You Find A Good Schwinn Mountain Bike?

Whether your budget allows you to get a discount or signature Schwinn MTB, you can find a great choice by considering the following:

  • Where You Plan to Ride

Do you plan to run on regular cycling trails or mountain peaks? If it’s the former case, you can get a discount series Schwinn MTB and still be okay.

But if it’s the latter, invest in a Schwinn signature.

  • Reason for Buying

Why are you buying the Schwinn Mountain Bike?

If you plan to ride for fun, then it is okay to buy a Schwinn Hardtail as it’ll soak up just enough bumps. Also, go for a Hardtail if you only intend to commute with your MTB or train with it.

But if you want a more serious MTB for the most challenging off-road or competition, go for a Schwinn full suspension.

  • Bike Quality

You must consider the quality of the frame, wheels, brakes, drivetrain, and other parts carefully. That’ll ensure you get quality performance.

Remember, the superiority of the components sets Schwinn’s signature bikes apart from their discount siblings.

It, however, doesn’t mean that all Schwinn discount MTBs are low quality. Some have more high-profile components than others. So, consider them carefully.

  • Correct Frame Size

Schwinn mountain bikes come in different frame sizes to suit cyclists of different heights. So, for you to have a comfortable cycling experience, you must choose the frame size correctly.

That means you must know your height and then use it to identify a matching frame size using the frame size chart below.

Rider Height Frame Size
4’10”-5’2”13-14 inches (33-37cm)
5’3”-5’6”15-16 inches (38-42cm)
5’7”-5’10”17-18 inches (43-47cm)
5’11”-6’1”19-20 inches (48-52cm)
6’2”-6’4”21-22 inches (53-57cm)
6’4”+23 inches + (58cm + )


1. Who Makes Schwinn Mountain Bikes?

Pacific Cycle makes the Schwinn mountain bikes and other Schwinn bikes.

2. Is Schwinn a Good Mountain Bike Brand?

Schwinn mountain bikes mostly suit casual-recreational mountain bikers. So, they aren’t the best for serious cyclists unless you get a Signature series.

3. Does Schwinn Make High-End Mountain Bikes?

Schwinn makes high-end mountain bikes through their signature series bike line. You’ll find such bikes on and selected high-end sports stores.

4. Which Schwinn Mountain Bike is the Best?

Here are some of the best Schwinn bikes on the market:

  1. Schwinn High Timber ALX: Best for Tough Terrains
  2. Schwinn Traxion 29: Best Double Suspension Option
  3. The Schwinn Ranger 26: Best Hardtail for Men
  4. Schwinn Sidewinder 26: Best Hardtail for Women

5. Why Are Schwinn Bikes So Expensive?

Schwinn makes two bike lines; signature and discount. Schwinn discount bikes usually are cheaper, and so it’s the Schwinn signature bikes that are expensive.

The reason for that is that the Schwinn Signature bike features high-end components.

6. How Long Do Schwinn Bikes Last?

While the average Schwinn bike has a 5-year lifespan, nothing stops them from lasting you a lifetime. It’s all about maintenance. The more you take care of your Schwinn bike, the longer it’s likely to last you.

Are Schwinn Mountain Bikes Good? Concluding Thoughts:

Schwinn mountain bikes, especially discount series, promise better value and superior components. They are thus a perfect choice for series riders.

Note, however, that even though discount options don’t give you a high-end experience, they are equally suitable, more so for casual riders.