Are Haro Mountain Bikes Good Quality?

Originally known as ‘the Father of Freestyle BMX,’ Haro Bikes or simply Haro is now dictating the mountain bike sector. From freestyle MTBs to dual suspensions, Haro sells them all. But are Haro mountain bikes good?

Haro mountain bikes are good because they come with lighter frames and excellent suspension for a comfortable climb. Moreover, the MTBs enjoy simple designs, good warranty, sturdy builds, and budget prices.   

So, whether you are a casual biker or a pro rider, you can get a decent Haro mountain bike. Of course, Haro mountain bikes have their fair share of concerns, which I’ll share.

I’ll also discuss the various Haro MTBs to help you make a better choice.

are Haro mountain bikes good

In a rush? Below is a hotlist of the best Haro mountain bikes on the market.

7 Best Haro Mountain Bikes

1. Shift R7 29: Best Haro Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

2. Steel Reserve 1.2: Best Haro Freestyle Mountain Bike

3. Double Peak 29 Comp: Best Haro XC Mountain Bike

4. Shift Plus i/0 9: Best Haro Electric Mountain Bike

5. Beasley 27.5: Best Haro Urban Mountain Bike

6. Haro Bridgeport: Best Haro Sports Fitness MTB

7. Flightline 20 Plus: Best Haro Youth Mountain Bike

Are Haro Mountain Bikes Good?

To help us answer the above question, let’s discuss the good and the bad side of Haro MTBs:

The Good

Here are the highlights that make Haro MTBs worth it:

1. Lightweight Frame with Decent Warranty

Haro mountain bikes employ lighter frames, mainly aluminum, to give you a much more comfortable experience. That is more important when riding uphill as a more lightweight MTB is more maneuverable.

Their XC (cross country) MTBs, in particular, are extra lightweight to allow you to climb comfortably and race.

The better part is that the frames are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, which runs the entire period you own the bike.

The warranty generally covers the frame against the manufacturer’s related defects. That includes poor workmanship and the use of faulty materials.

2. Sturdy Build

Haro bikes employ more robust materials that guarantee longevity. The frames, for example, might be lightweight, but they have a sturdy build, which makes them stiff when ascending.

In consequence, they let you ride aggressively and conquer hills. So, does not only the frame promise longevity but also optimal performance.

The other sturdy components are the wheels. Starting with the tires, they are just off-road ready.

The tires are broad enough and knobbier to offer you stability and sturdiness. To an extent, the tires absorb shock, thus cushioning your ride.

The rims are equally solid and sturdy, and they come supported by stronger spokes.

are Haro bikes good quality

3. Simple Designs

One major attraction for Haro womens mountain bikes and men’s options is their simplicity. From the frame and wheels to the gears and brakes, there is nothing complicated about the MTBs.

That’s usually an advantage if you want a mountain bike that you can maintain and repair affordably.

More importantly, it’s a worthy consideration if you are a beginner looking for an entry-level MTB.

Pro riders also like this aspect as it allows them to train easily and try newer drills comfortably.

4. Great Suspension

Haro has invested a lot in bike suspension to guarantee a smoother off-road ride.

Most of their MTBs are Hardtails (front suspension). Such options generally suit casual riders as they can take on terrains that are not too steep.

However, the most impressive options are the dual suspension Haro bikes, which offer maximum bump cushioning, thus best for serious cyclists.

Their high-end MTBs enjoy virtual link suspension that significantly absorbs excess shock and balances 60% of the rider’s weight on the bike.

As a result, the suspension makes climbing and braking easier. So, it becomes easier to ride over rocks, roots, and bumps.

5. Wide MTB Range

Haro designs and sells almost every MTB type that you can think of. For example, trail riders can get any of Haro’s cross country, sports fitness, or dual suspension MTBs.

Urban cyclists, on the other hand, can ride Haro urban mountain bikes or E-MTBs (electric mountain bikes).

Haro also supplies women and men mountain bikes as well as kids and youth’s options.

More importantly, there are options for serious and recreational cyclists.

are Haro bikes good

6. Budget Options

Haro mountain bike prices are mostly budget-friendly. Their MTBs come at different price points to match buyers with different budgets.

Depending on the budget, you can get a Haro MTB for anything between $400 and $6,300.

Overall, their electric mountain bikes and full suspensions are the costliest, mainly targeting serious riders.

Casual riders, however, can get decent budget freestyle, XC, urban, and sports fitness mountain bikes for under $1000.

The Bad

The biggest issue with Haro bikes is the price of their high-end MTBs.

Yes, these bikes promise a lot performance-wise, but I feel spending $4,000-$6,000 is a lot, especially on an electric mountain bike that’ll cost you more to maintain.

And speaking of maintenance, their electric MTBs, and full-suspension bikes require regular tune-ups to work optimally, which can be expensive.

Furthermore, while some MTBs are cheap, they are not for serious cyclists. You may have to upgrade some parts if you are a serious rider or go for a high-end option, which will cost you an arm and a leg.

Types of Haro Mountain Bikes | Haro Mountain Bike Reviews

Currently, Haro Bikes sells the following types of mountain bikes:

  • Dual suspension MTBs
  • Freestyle MTBs
  • Electric mountain bikes (EMTB)
  • Cross country (XC) MTBs
  • Kids’/youths’ mountain bikes
  • Urban mountain bikes
  • Sport fitness MTBs

Let’s discuss the MTB ranges next.

1. Full Suspension Haro Mountain Bikes

Haro full-suspension MTBs include trail bikes, enduro mountain bikes, and All-mountain MTBs.

These MTBs have powerful suspensions on both wheels, making them the best for the most challenging sections.

They come revamped with the 4-bar linkage suspension, which offers you better control and optimal shock absorption.

The only issue is that the double suspension makes the bikes heavier. But if you consider the shock absorption and vibration dampening results that the suspension guarantees, the extra weight is not a serious concern.

The bikes’ also come in a more updated geometry that improves your riding posture and offers you more leverage uphill.

Moreover, they have a more extended reach and a much slacker head tube to take on the hills smoothly.

One dual-suspension MTB that exemplifies my argument is Shift R7 29.

This all-mountain 29er comes with 150mm Rockshox travel and 140mm rear travel. The combination is just perfect for the steepest terrains.

full suspension Haro mountain bikes

2. Haro Freestyle Mountain Bikes

Born for dirt jumping and street racing, Haro lifestyle MTBs are the closest you can get to a BMX.

Whether it’s jumping, racing, or doing midi-air tricks, you can do it all with a Haro freestyle MTB.

The Haro mens mountain bikes come in the most compact and rugged design to allow you to freestyle on rougher terrains.

So, they have the BMX DNA in them, and it doesn’t surprise, given that Haro is ‘the Father of Freestyle BMX.’

One Haro MTB that promises a BMX equivalent freestyling experience is the Steel Reserve 1.2.

This freestyle MTB features a 100mm travel suspension, a sturdy CrMo frame, and double-wall rims to tolerate off-road abuse.

Its Tektro hydraulic disc brake promises safe braking in all-weather, while its 2.3-inch wide tires guarantee traction and stability.

3. Haro XC (Cross Country) Mountain Bikes

Cross country biking is funnier with a Haro mountain bike.

Haro offers two lines of cross-country bikes; performance and sport.

Haro XC performance MTBs are the workhorse in this category, targeting more serious riders.

These MTBs have more streamlined tubing and enjoy a lighter frame.

They come with either 27.5-inch or 29-inch wheels. Plus, they have a multi-geared drivetrain, which allows quick-shifting on varying terrains.

One such XC MTB is the Double Peak 29 Comp.

Haro Sport MTBs, on the other hand, suit recreational cross country racers more. They are more affordable, more versatile, and are just as durable as their performance counterparts.

So, if you want an XC bike on a budget, get yourself a sport XC, and a perfect choice is the Flightline Two 29.

4. Haro Electric Mountain Bikes

Haro electric mountain bikes might be costlier than most e-MTBs, but there is so much to justify their hefty price tag.

For one, these electric MTBs come with an updated, more aggressive geometry that makes them trail-ready. The two-wheeled powerhouses are effective on more challenging climbs, promising both speed and power.

They are almost seamless to shift, and they come with a longer wheelbase, slacker head tube, and shorter stem to give you optimal steering comfort.

Their Kenda tires are robust and knobbier to take on challenging terrains, and they come equipped with quality components from reputable suppliers like WTB, Suntour, Fox, and Shimano.

One Haro e-MTB that promises value for money is the Shift Plus i/0 9.

This e-MTB is equipped with a 160mm 4-bar linkage frame to promise a smoother climb. Overall, its 250w motor and 630Wh battery gives it unmatched climbing power.

Haro electric mountain bikes

5. Haro Urban Mountain Bikes

Haro understands that riding regular mountain bikes on urban roads is never easier because their tires suffer rolling resistance.

To overcome the challenge, Haro has a dedicated urban line that promises a comfort bike-like experience.

These MTBs are pretty fast and comfortable, making them more ideal for commuting and around-town casual riding.

Currently, Haro Bikes offer two superb urban mountain bikes with quality components; Beasley 27.5 DLX and Beasley 27.5.

I particularly like the Beasley 27.5, given its simplicity and budget-friendliness.

This 27.5-inch urban bike comes with a single-speed drivetrain for ease of cycling and maintenance. It’s overall a fantastic choice for paved roads.

6. Haro Kids/Youth Mountain Bikes

Haro may not be the most popular bike brand for kids, but they have some fantastic options for teenagers.

Their Flightline Series is available in 20-inch and 24-inch options to suit older boys and girls.

These models are pretty hardy, featuring robust wheels, rigid frames, and powerful disc brakes. So, they are not only perfect for cruising around town but also for fitness and transportation.

One of the best Haro youth mountain bikes is the Flightline 20 Plus.

This 20-inch youth MTB comes under $400, a budget choice, but it enjoys incredible bump absorption potential.

7. Best Haro Sports Fitness Mountain Bikes

If you want an MTB with the road bike’s coolness and speed, you cannot go wrong with the Haro sports fitness MTBs.

These mountain bikes combine the superb gearing of standard MTBs with the rolling efficiency of road bikes.

So, their tires are slightly wider than those of regular road bikes but narrower than those of regular MTBs to offer a fast but cushioned ride.

They also feature robust suspension forks to dampen vibrations when you ride on rough roads.

In general, these two-wheel machines are a fantastic choice for casual riding around town.

One incredible choice to go for, especially on a budget, is the Haro Bridgeport.

This sports fitness MTB is lighter than most MTBs and comfortable like a road bike. It’s easy to ride and maintain and generally comes with an upright geometry for casual riding.

is Haro a good mountain bike brand


1. Is Haro A Good Mountain Bike Brand?

Haro mountain bikes are simple in design, comfortable to ride, durable in build, and budget-friendly.

They come with great suspension and warranty and are available in a wide range of options. So, yes, Haro is a good mountain bike brand.

2. Are Haro Bikes Made In China?

Haro bikes are not made in China but in the United States.

3. Where Are Haro Bikes Made?

Currently, Haro bikes are made in Fullerton, Orange County.


Are Haro Mountain Bikes Good? Closing Thought:

Haro mountain bikes are not perfect, and no one expects them to be. But when you put the bad and the good on a weighing scale, the good wins, making the bikes worth it.

Regardless of budget, experience level, gender, or age, there is an ideal Haro MTB for you. So, visit today to find it!