Are Elite BMX Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Having launched in 2016, Elite BMX is one of the youngest BMX bike brands today. But despite its youth, the brand’s popularity in the bicycle motocross (BMX) world is vast. But are Elite BMX bikes good?  

Elite BMX bikes are good because they are strong in build to endure the aggression that comes with BMXing and last long. The bikes are also well-accessorized, versatile, and stylish. More importantly, they’re easy to fit, enjoy good warranties, and are reasonably priced.

So, for an entry-level or mid-level BMX biker, especially a freestyler, Elite bikes are a good bang for the buck. That, however, does not paper-seal a few cracks, such as being slightly weighty and needing a few upgrades.

But overall, Elite BMX flourishes in the freestyle BMX sector, where the bikes can do virtually any stunt as long as the rider is in for the challenge.

Let’s dig deeper to understand the good of Elite BMX bikes and pit them against the concerns.

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Elite BMX

4 Best Elite BMX Bikes 

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  2. Elite BMX Bicycle 20″ Freestyle Bike (View on Amazon): Best Elite Stealth BMX Bike
  3. The Elite BMX Bicycle 20″ and 18″ Destro (View on Amazon): Best Elite Destro BMX Bike
  4. Elite BMX Bicycle 26″ Freestyle Bike (View on Amazon): Best Elite Outlaw BMX Bike

7 Reasons Elite BMX Bikes Are Good

Elite BMX bicycles are essentially good because of these seven reasons:

1. Strong Build 

The manufacturer predominantly utilizes hi-ten steel on the bike frames and fork, Chromoly on the cranks, among other strong materials, to ensure the BMX bikes can take all the abuse and still perform.

The frame tubes come reinforced in all sections to ensure the frame doesn’t snap or collapse when doing stunts. The bikes also come equipped with robust cranks to take on all the abuse.

Furthermore, their seats are well embroidered, and the wheels are pretty robust, which generally boosts the bikes’ strength and endurance.

2. Well Accessorized 

Elite BMX bicycles come with every accessory you expect them to have. For starters, the bikes come with pegs for performing stunts.

They also come with pedals for easy fitting, and some even come with a bicycle pump to allow you to keep the tires inflated and a seat clamp to hold the bicycle seat in position.

3. Versatile Choices 

Versatility describes Elite BMX. These BMX bikes can take on parks, streets, and dirt paths. That’s how versatile they are, and it allows you to ride them in different conditions and on different terrains.

4. Stylish Designs

Elite BMX bicycles also make an impression. The manufacturer makes their frames and tires in different but stunning colors to separate them from other brands. The handgrips mostly match the seats and sometimes the tires, which is quite adorable.

Overall, the bikes promise to stand out in whatever background they are.

elite freestyle bmx bike

5. Easy to Fit

Elite bikes come in different wheel sizes to match riders of different ages and heights. Their objective is to ensure all riders can find their bikes easy to fit and comfortable to ride.

Here’s a general wheel size chart that you can use to find a suitable Elite BMX bicycle:

Wheel SizeAge (Years)Height
16-inch5 – 73´0” – 3´6”
18-inch 5 – 93´4” – 4´4”
20-inch11+4´0” Plus
26-inchAdults Adults

6. Good Warranty 

You can tell a confident manufacturer by their warranty, and Elite BMX is one confident bike maker. The company offers original bike owners limited lifetime warranties for the frame and fork.

You usually don’t get such provisions on BMX bikes but other bicycles. Sadly, the policy does not extend to the cranks, pedals, wheels, and other parts prone to normal wear and tear.

7. Reasonably Priced

It’s hard to beat the price of a BMX Elite bike. Most of its BMX bikes average $359 – $379, a pocket-friendly price range.

Mark you, these bikes don’t just suit beginner BMX cyclists but mid-level freestylers too.

The Bad

As good as Elite BMX is, the bikes suffer a few drawbacks worth mentioning. They include the following:

Slightly Heavy

Besides kids’ options, Elite BMX bicycles average 26 – 29 pounds. Considering that the average BMX bike weighs 23.25 pounds, Elite bikes are slightly weighty.

So, you may have a slight challenge executing some stunts which require you to catch the bike mid-air. That’s one reason these bikes are only best for entry-level and mid-level BMXing and not the Elite level, as the brand name suggests.

Some Specs Need Upgrading 

Elite BMX may be a quality bicycle motocross brand, but it’s far from high-end. While weight is one reason they are not best for advanced level BMXing, the other reason is that some of its components are just low-end, thus unreliable at a top-level.

That includes the cranksets, tires, handlebars, and seats. You may need to upgrade these specs to compete with an Elite BMX bicycle at a high level.

Poor Assembly and Missing Parts

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but some customers complain that their bikes come poorly assembled and others with missing parts.

So, I guess Elite BMX needs to work on its quality control to guarantee standardization across its production lines.

elite destro freestyle bmx bike

Types of Elite BMX Bikes

Elite BMX makes four popular types of BMX or families, and they are as follows:

  1. Pee Wee – Pee Wee is an entry-level freestyle Elite BMX family that features 16-inch (Pee Wee 16″) and 18-inch (Pee Wee 18″) BMX bikes. So, this is a BMX family for kids.
  2. Stealth – Stealth is another entry-level Elite Freestyle BMX family that features 18-inch and 20-inch bikes. It accommodates older kids and some adults.
  3. Destro – Destro is a mid-level freestyle Elite BMX family that features 18-inch and 20-inch bikes. It accommodates older kids and some adults who are getting into serious BMXing.
  4. Outlaw – Outlaw is the cruiser family, where the bikes come with 26-inch wheels. This family is for the tallest and biggest riders, more so adults.

But are these Elite BMX families good? Let’s answer that next:

Are Elite Pee Wee BMX Bikes Good?

Elite Pee Wee BMX bikes are good entry choices for kids who are not intimidated by the nature of the terrain. Their build quality makes them ideal for various turfs, including parks, streets, and dirt roads.

You can tell the quality of their construction from their hi-ten steel reinforced frames and forks and Chromoly cranks. That is what the Elite BMX Bicycle 16″ Freestyle Bike promises.

The bike comes with ready-to-mount pegs that your youngster can use for the stunts and plastic platform pedals for comfortable pedaling. It has a low profile for easy maintenance and is ideal for kids aged 5-7 or about 3’0″ – 3’6″ tall.

Are Elite Stealth BMX Bikes Good?

Elite Stealth BMX bikes are the 20-inch equivalent of the Pee Wee bikes. So, just like Pee Wee bikes, Elite Stealth bikes are for riders (though older kids and adults) who are new to BMXing but are not afraid of tackling any terrain.

Thus, these BMX bikes can tackle parks, streets, and dirt roads.

One Elite Stealth BMX that you can count on for freestyle moves on any terrain is the Elite BMX Bicycle 20″ Freestyle Bike.

This bike comes with a 20-inch top tube and 20-inch wheels, making it ideal for 11 years and above or 4’0″ – 5’10” tall. It’s accompanied by 9T pegs, platform pedals, and a 1-piece crank.

Are Elite Destro BMX Bikes Good?

Elite Destro offers you a comfortable path to transition from entry-level BMXing to mid-level BMXing.

These bikes are suitable for BMX riders who want to get into serious BMXing and are looking for a budget bike.

The build quality of this BMX family is top-notch, and it’s one of the most stylish Elite BMX bikes. One bike that sits well with the Destro family name is the Elite BMX Bicycle 20″ and 18″ Destro.

This freestyle BMX bike comes in a Chromoly steel and hi-ten steel frame construction, and its 20-inch model generally suits riders who are 7-13 years or older, while its 18-inch suits those who are 5 – 9 years old or 3’4″ – 4’4″ tall.

It’s accompanied by a pair of pegs and a bicycle pump.

elite lack bmx bike

Are Elite Outlaw BMX Bikes Good?

The Elite Outlaw is everything big and tall riders want from their freestyle BMX bike. These bikes come with massive 26-inch wheels to boss the streets and parks.

Though they are traditionally freestyle bikes, you can quickly turn them into your urban cruiser bike as long as you don’t intend to ride long distances.

Their build quality is irrefutable, and their versatility is irresistible. The Elite BMX Bicycle 26″ Freestyle Bike is a perfect recommendation.

This 20″ freestyle BMX bike has 2.4″ tires for optimal traction.

People Also Ask

1. Who Owns Elite BMX?

US bike manufacturer Elite Bicycles owns Elite BMX.

2. Is Elite a Good Bike Brand?

Elite is a young BMX brand that has built a good reputation in the short span that it has been operational. Its bikes are strong, versatile, easy to fit, stylish, and well accessorized. And considering their budget-friendly price tags, it’s undeniable that Elite is a good brand.

3. How Much Does a Elite BMX Bike Cost?

Most Elite BMX bikes average $359 – $379, making them more affordable than most BMX bikes.

4. How Heavy Is the Elite BMX Bike?

Junior Elite BMX bikes weigh about 19 – 20 pounds, while adult options average 26-29 pounds. So, adult options are not the heaviest, and neither are they the lightest.

5. Where Are Elite Bikes Made?

Elite bikes are made in the United States. The company assembles all its bike parts locally.

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Are Elite BMX Bikes Good? Closing Thought!

Elite BMX bikes are generally good for entry-level and mid-level BMXing. The bikes have the build quality and versatility to take it all. Plus, they are stylish, easy to ride, and reasonably priced, thus good value.