What Is The Most Expensive BMX Bike?

I’ve been riding my bicycle motocross for over 5 years now, and I can tell you from experience they’re fun to take to the street parks. Moving at short burst of speed and performing tricks and stunts is what makes BMX bikes quite legendary. But BMX bikes don’t always cost pocket chance, which means there are expensive models just as there are cheap ones.  

Sunday Soundwave Special Cassette is the most expensive BMX bike on the market with a retail price of $1,349.99. Featuring a casting technology in the higher-end frames and high quality components, from pegs to stem to cranks, this BMX bike delivers the best performance for the price.

You and I know that many modern BMX bikes fall in the affordable range. But if you’ve ever been curious to know whether there are brands that deal in expensive BMX, you can be certain to find a few that produce them, and for good reasons.

In this guide, we’ll look at what the most expensive BMX bikes are. Whether you’re just curious to learn about the costliest bikes in the BMX space or you’re actually looking forward to invest in an expensive model, you’ll find this guide quite helpful.

Let’s get started.

What Makes A BMX Bike So Expensive?

We’ll look at the most expensive BMX brands later in this guide. For now, we need to understand why BMX bikes, such as the Sunday Soundwave, are so expensive compared to the likes of Mongoose BMX and the Diamondback BMX.

expensive  bmx bikes

If you’ve read our guides on BMX bikes, you’ll realize just how significant these two-wheelers are for off-road riding and adventure racing.

With a geometry that provides more clearance for beginners and pro riders, BMX bikes are the staple for stunts and tricks, with no any other type of bike coming close.

For a BMX bike to deliver top performance, it not only has to be lightweight but also responsive and sturdy enough to hold up a rider’s weight.

But what exactly makes some BMX bikes so expensive?

BMX bikes are expensive because of the quality of the materials used to design the frames and other components.

More often than not, brands such as Sunday, Haro, and Cult invest time, money, resources, and creativity to make the best components that you won’t find anywhere else for cheap, hence the high price of these BMX bikes.

To be clear, just because a bike is expensive doesn’t mean it features the best components. However, BMX bike designers have tried the best they can to make their bicycle motocross options worth the price.

3 Features Of Expensive BMX Bikes

Now that you know what makes some BMX bike brands expensive, what exactly do these bicycle motocross options have in common?

Well, here are the three features of the most expensive BMX bikes:

1. These Bikes Are Lightweight 

Bicycle motocross riders take weight seriously because they want better performance. And if you’ve already read our BMX bike weight guide, you’ll notice that many BMX bikes fall in the lightweight category.

The most expensive BMX bikes are some of the most lightweight models on the market right now. With the overall weight falling between 21 and 25 pounds, these bikes are not only easy to maneuver but also ideal for performing tricks and stunts.

2. These Bikes Are Responsive

The most expensive BMX bikes also happen to be quite responsive, again thanks to the high quality components.

The more responsive a BMX bike is the more flexible your ride gets. If anything, you do get quite an edge to not only ride the bike without limits but also do as many tricks as you’d wish. 

3. These Bikes Are Sturdy

The most expensive BMX bike that you’ll come across should be better than cheaper models in terms of strength and rigidity. Often, these bikes are so sturdy that you can ride them in dirt trails, off-roads, and in rough streets.

Brands such as Haro and Cult have been serious about the strength of their BMX. And while they often trim down the weight of the bike for an optimal performance, they ensure that their BMX bikes are durable enough to stand up to extreme pressure.

4 Most Expensive BMX Bike Brands

There are a few brands known to design some of the most expensive yet lightweight, sturdy, and responsive BMX bikes. These brands include:

1. Sunday Bikes

When Sunday Bikes brand gets down to designing a BMX bike, they make sure they give every part its premium construction to beat competition down to dust. And while some of the models in the brand are ridiculously overpriced, the components used are by far the best in the BMX accessory category.

the sunday bmx bike

Featuring gussets and tubes that are highly pressure resistant and stronger frames that can stand up to overuse and abuse, even Gary Young, a well-respected BMX rider, can straight out recommend the brand as the first on the list.

Sunday Bikes launched in 2005, and they’re still in the BMX bikes business, with their strong focus being on setting a quality pace that competitors can’t easily keep up to.

The Sunday Soundwave BMX, currently their 2022 model with special cassette, is the most expensive BMX in their bicycle motocross series, going for $1,349.99, which is the highest price point that you’ll see for a BMX bike.

Featuring a lightweight, strong frame and high quality component, and fully optimized for performance, the price point may not be such a deal breaker.

Sunday 2022 Soundwave BMX’s frame is made of 100% Chromoly, which is a lightweight yet robust material.

Then there’s the Sunday 2022 Soundwave Freecoaster BMX model. Its frame is 100% Chromoly on top of which is an Odyssey Thermal treatment. The bike’s sealed bearings offer a firm and smooth ride in street parks and off-roads.

2. Cult Crew

Cult Crew doesn’t need an introduction to well-seasoned BMX riders. And even if you’re just a new entrant in the bmxing world, you’ll sure love the world Cult Crew has done.

We’ve become quite fond of this BMX brand because of what it stands for. To us, a brand that believes that BMX should be 100% about the sports and performance, and actually goes ahead to prove that belief by designing high quality BMX bike is a brand we strongly recommend.

The BMX bikes by Cult are no doubt expensive, but they also tend to invest in the highest quality aftermarket parts.

For example, the Devotion Cruiser BMX goes for $599.99, which is quite on the higher-end compared to what you get from brand such as Schwinn and Redline.

As if that’s not enough, Cult Crew optimizes its BMX for short and tall riders. Not to mention that every bike in the series provide better clearance for beginners and pro riders to learn new tricks and perform complex stunts.

3. Haro Bikes

We’ve talked quite a lot about Haro BMX bikes already. In our eyes, this bike focused on quality design to give you the value for your money, which is why they became quite popular before they sold out to investors.

The most expensive BMX bike in the Haro’s freestyle category was $799.99, which is more than twice the price of a model such as Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike (View on Amazon).

Haro no longer makes BMX bikes. That’s because after Bob sold the bike company, the new investors completely repurposed his goal, leading to the eventual extinction of BMX production.

However, those who own these BMX today can attest that they’re some of the well-built models yet.

4. WeThePeople.Com BMX

Wethepeople has BMX in the business for so long. And like Cult Crew, I don’t think they need a particular special introduction.

we the people bmx

Because the brand has a solid reputation that stems from using high quality materials to design its BMX bike, it continues to grow in popularity despite the bikes themselves being expensive.

The price range for Wethepeople BMX bikes is from $510 to $1,000, which again is still on the higher side. Yet given the quality of the frame and other components, you can expect the BMX bikes to last for long and give you the best value for your money over time.  

Some of the most popular bikes in the brand’s BMX series include the Icon, Alpha, Elite, Pro, and Special Series.  

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Final Thoughts: What Are The Most Expensive BMX Bikes?

Sunday Bikes, Cult Crew, Haro Bikes, and Wethepeople are some of the most expensive BMX bike brands. Despite the high price, these brands always ensure that BMX riders get the true value for their money.