Schwinn Traxion Vs S29 Mountain Bike Compared.?

Are you looking to get a Schwinn mountain bike on a budget? Then two of the hottest on the market are Schwinn Traxion and Schwinn S29. But how does Schwinn Traxion vs s29 compare?

Schwinn Traxion generally suits more experienced men who cannot afford a high-end full-suspension bike. In contrast, Schwinn s29 is for entry-level men cyclists who want a more comfortable and more powerful trail bike on a budget.

Overall, these two full-suspension bikes have many common features that make it harder to choose between them. But similarly, the MTBs differ in a few ways, and so if you look closely, you could easily pick your bike.

Well, that’s where this post comes in. But before I can compare the two side by side, let me give an overview of each bike.

schwinn traxion vs s29

1. Schwinn Traxion Mountain Bike Review

The Schwinn Traxion (Amazon Link) is a full-suspension mountain bike by Schwinn. It comes with an 18-inch frame and 29-inch wheels, thus best for riders who are about 5’9”-6’2” tall.

Its 18-inch aluminum frame makes it lighter than most dual suspension bikes and features dual mechanical disc brakes, 2.25-inch wide knobby tires, and 24-speed shifters that make it perfect for trails.

  • Best For

As I mentioned, Schwinn Traxion suits 5’9”-6’2” tall riders and is generally best for trails. Though it’s a men’s MTB, women who fall within the height range can ride it.

Schwinn Traxion is for more experienced cyclists who cannot afford a high-end full suspension or only want a cheap casual option.

schwinn traxion review

Best Features

The best features of the Schwinn Traxion mountain bike include:

  • Robust 29-inch wheel – Traxion’s 29-inch wheels come with double-wall rims that make them strong enough, steadier, and more durable.
  • Dual-suspension – This bike features powerful suspensions on both wheels, which soak lots of bumps to smoothen your ride.
  • Sturdy frame – The bike’s frame is all aluminum, known for its sturdiness, which means it’s more robust and durable. It enables the frame to tolerate the enormous weight.
  • Powerful disc brakes – The presence of mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear wheels guarantees crisp stopping in all conditions.
  • 24 speeds – Traxion comes with 24 gears and an easy shifter system to allow you to smoothly shift when taking on trails.
  • 25-inch knobby tires – The MTB’s tires are wide enough and knobbier to offer maximum traction and easily ride over bumps. The tires won’t slide easily, making them a multi-surface option.
  • Adjustable saddle and handlebar – Schwinn Traxion allows you to adjust both the saddle and the handlebar according to your height and mountain biking needs.
  • Schwinn alloy crankset – The crank system encourages steady gearing on challenging terrains and is generally durable and easier to maintain.
  • Downsides

    Schwinn Traxion comes with the following concerns:
  • Slightly heavier – The Schwinn Traxion weight is 49 pounds, making it slightly heavier.
  • Low-quality pedals – The pedals are plastic and therefore likely to break. So, you may have to upgrade them.
  • The water bottle cage is missing – Sadly, Schwinn Traxion doesn’t have a water bottle holder. This is, however, not a big issue as you can buy it and fix it.

Schwinn S29 Mountain Bike Review

The Schwinn S29 (Amazon Link) is another 29er (29-inch MTB) that’s a decent choice for trail riding. Like its counterpart, Schwinn S29 comes with dual suspension, an 18-inch aluminum frame, and mechanical disc brakes.

It’s also a men’s bike. Its 18-inch frame makes it suitable for male cyclists who are 5’9”-6’2”, just like Traxion.

But unlike Traxion, Schwinn S29 offers you 21 speeds, which is enough to quickly and smoothly shift off-road.

You can count on its 2.1-inch knobby tires for optimal traction on multi-surfaces.

  • Best For

Schwinn S29’s 18-inch frame and 29-inch wheels make it best for men trail riders who are 5’9”-6’2” tall.

Given that this full-suspension bike is an entry-level choice, it’s best for beginners who want more comfortable and slightly high-end trail bikes.

schwinn s29 review

Best Features

The best features of Schwinn s29 include:

  • Robust 19-inch wheels – S29’s 29-inch wheels feature double-wall rims that make them stronger and more dominant.
  • Dual-suspension – S29’s dual-suspension promises optimal bump absorption, which makes trail riding more comfortable.
  • Sturdy aluminum frame – The frame also improves the MTBs sturdiness and strength to bear huge weight and aggressive use.
  • Reliable dual disc brakes – The front and rear mechanical disc brakes promise smooth stopping in all conditions.
  • 21-speed shifters – The bike’s multi-speed shifters allow you to shift smoothly, steadily, and quickly, making the MTB fun to ride.
  • 1-inch knobby tires – The tires are wide enough and knobbier enough to offer you lots of traction when taking on the off-road.
  • Schwinn alloy cranks – Schwinn triple crankset promise steady gearing.


Schwinn S29 comes with the following concerns:

  • Slightly uncomfortable saddle – Though the bike’s stock saddle is attractive, it can feel somewhat uncomfortable, more so on challenging trails and long stretches. The good news is that the Saddle is replaceable.
  • Low-quality pedals – Like Traxion, S29’s pedals are inferior in quality, thus need upgrading.
  • Brake adjustments are not beginner-friendly – Unless you are used to adjusting the brakes, they can be hard to change.
schwinn traxion weight

Schwinn Traxion vs s29: Side-by-Side Comparison

Let’s look at their similarities and differences.

Schwinn Traxion and S29 Similarities

Here are the things the MTBs have in common:

1. Bike Type

Both mountain bikes are full-suspension trail bikes. As a result, they are best for taking on rougher trails.

2. Frame Size

Both bikes come with an 18-inch (medium frame) that makes them ideal for cyclists who are 5’9”-6’2” tall.

3. Frame Material

Both Schwinn Traxion 29 and S29 feature aluminum frames, which are more robust, durable, and relatively lightweight.

4. Wheel Size

Both bikes come with 29-inch wheels, which promise an array of advantages. For one, their massive size allows you to reach top speed quickly. Plus, they roll over obstacles more comfortably and have better traction.

5. Suspension Type

Both mountain bikes come with dual/full suspension to offer you better bump absorption and comfort. Moreover, the bike suspension improves the bike’s handling on challenging surfaces.

6. Brake Type

Both trail bikes come with dual mechanical disc brakes, which promise crisp stopping in all conditions. Moreover, they are easier to adjust, and thus user-friendly.

7. Crankset

Both bikes employ the Schwinn alloy crankset that offers you the right gearing.

8. Weight Limit

Schwinn bikes, especially their mountain bikes, come with 300-pound limits. So, expect the Schwinn S29 and Schwinn Traxion weight limit to be 300 pounds.

But for more comfortable cycling, consider keeping the load around 250 pounds.

What Between Schwinn Traxion and Schwinn S29 Suits You

Schwinn Traxion and S29 Differences

Here are the things that set the trail bikes apart:

1. Tire Size

There isn’t a big difference in the tire size, give that both diameters are 29-inch. The difference is that Traxion’s tires are slightly wider (2.25-inch) than S29’s (2.1-inch).

So, Traxion offers you slightly more traction due to its somewhat extra tire width.

2. Gear Number

Schwinn Traxion offers you 24 speeds, while S29 offers you 21 speeds. But overall, both options offer you a wide gear range for easy, smooth, and steady shifting, even though Traction has a slight advantage for having more gears.

3. Price

Schwinn S29 was priced at $549.99 on Amazon the last time I checked, while the Schwinn Traxion bike was going for $609.99 on

Therefore, both bikes fall under $650, making them budget-friendly, but you save at least $50 when you get Schwinn S29.

4. Best For

Schwinn Traxion is best for more experienced adults who want an adventurous bike for cheap.

Schwinn S29, on the other hand, is best for entry-level male cyclists who want more comfort and bump absorption power from their bikes.

What Between Schwinn Traxion and Schwinn S29 Wins the Battle?

It’s generally hard to pick between Traxion and S29, given that they both share the following properties:

  • Full-suspension
  • Dual mechanical disc brakes
  • 29-inch wheels
  • 18-inch aluminum frame

The only differences are in the gear range and tire width. In these two aspects, Schwinn Traxion wins, explaining why more experienced cyclists on a budget prefer it.

It’s also based on the two mini differences that Schwinn Traxion costs slightly more. But overall, the win is slim. So, you could go for any and still find value in the purchase.

schwinn traxion bike

What Between Schwinn Traxion and Schwinn S29 Suits You?

Schwinn Traxion might be a men’s bike, but it equally suits 5’9”-6’2” tall women. So, it’s best for both genders. Schwinn S29, on the contrary, is a men-specific bike.

In terms of preference, go for a Schwinn Traxion if you are a more experienced adult who cannot afford or are unwilling to pay more for a high-end trail bike.

And go for a Schwinn S29 if you are a tall man looking for an entry-level trail bike with reliable shock absorption.

Schwinn Traxion vs s29: Closing Thought

Though Schwinn Traxion and S29 have some close resemblances, Schwinn Traxion is better for more experienced cyclists on a budget or who want a casual trail bike. Schwinn S29, in contrast, is for beginners who want more than just an entry-level trail bike.