Can Adults Ride 20-inch BMX Bikes?

From bunny hop and disaster to 360 degrees and bar hop, there’s perhaps no stunt a BMX bike can’t do. And when it comes to defying the laws of gravity to a great degree, no two-wheeler does that best than a bicycle motocross.

But with their small frame size and short reach, it’s easy to wonder if BMX bike are suitable for adults. Specifically, can adults ride 20-inch BMX bikes or should they opt for the 24-inch bicycle motocross?

Can Adults Ride 20-inch BMX Bikes? (Quick Answer)

Adults can ride 20-inch BMX bikes because their wheel sizes are small and easy to maneuver. And provided you fall in the average height of 5 feet and 7 inches, and your average weight doesn’t exceed 220 pounds, a 20-inch BMX bike should be a good consideration for you.

I particularly love these bikes because they’re versatile. Instead of being suitable just for entry-level riders, even roadies with experience in bmxing can ride them at wheel.

adult on a bmx

In a hurry? Here’s a list of the top 5 20-inch BM bikes from Amazon that suits adults:

Best 20-inch BMX Bikes for Adults

  1. Brave 20″ BMX Bike (View on Amazon): Best Aluminum Frame Freestyle BMX Bike
  2. Mongoose Legion (View on Amazon): Best Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike
  3. Hiland 4-Peg BMX (View on Amazon): BMX Bike for Beginners and Advanced Riders
  4. Redline Bicycles MX-20 (View on Amazon): Best BMX Bike for Adults

4 Reasons to Get a 20-Inch BMX For Adults.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably asking yourself why you should consider a 20-inch BMX bike for adults if at all.

The following are reasons why you should consider getting one.

1. These BMX Bikes Are Lightweight

The 20-inch long tube of a BMX bike is lighter, almost half the weight of standard road bikes.

With the weight trimmed further down, without sacrificing the overall performance, these BMX bikes make the best options for high-speed rides over short distances – particularly between jumps.

What’s more?

The shorter frames makes it possible for you to swing in air without worrying about falling hard or damaging the frame in the process.

2. A 20-Inch BMX Frame Is Made of Durable Materials

Diamondback Joker is a quite popular BMX bike among bicycle motocross lovers, and for a bad reason.

With a hi-ten frame that bent after a few days of performing complex tricks such as danger and j-hop, the Joker was a perfect definition of a messier BMX.

Modern BMX bikes are different.

They feature strong and sturdy frames made of carbon steel alloy and aluminum, so that can easily stand up to regular abuse and perform for years.

Even with weight trimmed from the materials used to design the frame to make the bike as lightweight as possible, there’s no more sacrificing of durability and strength.

3. They Feature Well Built Wheels

Some 20-inch BMX bikes come with small-sized wheels with knobby tires. They feature tread patterns that easily grip dirt in off-road terrains.

The freestyle models feature deep groves that not only provide better grip, particularly when cornering, but also ensure better stability and traction on the streets.

Keep in mind that BMX bikes built for flatland and street riding don’t necessarily need too much grip. That’s why they have smoother patterns on the wheels, which make it possible for them to spin with less friction.

Even their rims are strong and durable, making them ideal for performing simple tricks, complex stunts, and many bumps.

4. 20-Inch BMX Bikes Use Few Components

Less components on a BMX bike means a lighter built that can ride fast and minimal chances of falling especially when performing complex tricks.

If you’ve ever even bothered to fully examine a BMX, you must have noticed that they have one gear.

That, too, cuts down on the overall weight of the bike. However, it’s important to get the gearing ratio right so you don’t struggle to pedal, especially when trying to go uphill.

Given the lack of freewheel assembly, BMX make the best bikes for simple and complex tricks and pedaling backwards.

Also, the lack of freewheel assembly can be useful in the case when you want to slow down and ride over obstacles or on a wall.

Types of 20-inch BMX Bikes for Adults

The following are the types of 20-inch BMX bikes that adults can ride:

1. Racing BMX Bikes

Racing BMX bikes have been around since the 60s when kids started riding them on dirt tracks.

They’re strong and sturdy but heavier than jumping and freestyle BMX. With their upright handlebar, you get more rider control, which makes it possible for you to maneuver the bike.

You should get a Mongoose Tile Elite Pro if you need a well-built racing BMX.

Mongoose Tile Elite Pro bike

This bike rolls on tires with knobby treads that not only offer traction but also offer a decent level of speed as you pedal.

They feature rear linear pull up brakes, which give you the stopping power necessary to perform stunts and control speed.

2. Freestyle BMX Bikes

Freestyle BMX bikes are suitable for adult riders who would like to do simple stunts and advanced tricks.

Sometimes referred to as flatland or trail BMX, these are the bikes to consider if you’re thinking of doing tricks such as one-tire stands, danger, 360-degree, bunny hop, and wheelies.

A flatland BMX is heavier than jumping bike, and that’s so to give you more control as you do your tricks.

Tony Hawk Jargon is the best example of a 20-inch freestyle BMX bike. It not only features rear front and rear U brakes for tire evaluation and tricks. It also has more spokes, which make it more stable than other models.

Tony Hawk Jargon

 Because their tires have smoother treads, freestyle BMX bikes tends to move quickly than jumping bikes do.

With handlebars that can rise more steeply from clamping, these bikes tend to provide better maneuverability, which is why many roadies love them.

Some models even feature pegs and swivel mechanism, making them suitable for performing more advanced tricks.

3. Jumping BMX Bikes

Jumping BMX bikes are the most lightweight two-wheelers in the bicycle motocross category. The trimmed weight makes it possible for riders to get off the ground and easily fly in the air.

Not only do they feature tires with heavier treads, they also have strong spokes tat manage heavy landings.

Keep in mind that jumping BMX bikes aren’t for speed. As such, their tires tend to offer the most traction than what you get from flatland and racing BMX.


1. What Age is a 20-inch BMX Bike For?

The minimum age for a 20-inch BMX bike is usually between 7 and 8 years. However, even adults of different sizes can rid them for commuting short distances and performing different tricks.

2. Is a 20-inch BMX Bike Small?

No, a 20-inch BMX bike isn’t the smallest out there. Other size variation includes 12, 14, 16, and 18 inches, so there’s just the right size for everyone who needs to get into BMX sport.

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Final Words:”Can Adults Ride 20-inch BMX Bikes?”

As you can see, adults can ride 20-inch BMX bikes pretty much the same way they can ride other larger sizes. And given that these bikes are available from different brand, including the examples I’ve shared, you should easily find something suitable for you.