BMX Bikes For Big Guys 2022 : Buyer’s Guide.?

It’s a widespread notion that big guys cannot ride BMX. Most people even believe there are no BMX bikes for big guys as they assume that big guys cannot perform mid-air stunts on bikes or race.

The reality is that it’s not true! Big guys can go BMXing. They are not the most flexible or the quickest, but it doesn’t prevent them from enjoying this jaw-dropping, mouth-gaping cycling sport.

So, are you big-bodied and are wondering what sport to try out? How about you try BMXing. But first, we need to find you a befitting bike, and that’s where this guide comes in.

I’ll share a quick but practical guide on finding the right BMX bike regardless of your body size. Tag along as we start with a BMX sizing guide.    

best BMX bikes for big guys

In a rush, find my most recommended BMX bikes for 300-pound men available on amazon below:

6 Best BMX Bikes for Big Guys

  1. Mongoose Title Elite 24 BMX Race Bike (View on Amazon): Best for racing
  2. Mongoose Legion BMX (View on Amazon): Best for freestyle
  3. Mafiabikes Blackjack D (View on Amazon): Best for jumps
  4. The Goon XL (View on Amazon): Best for street riding
  5. Framed Impact XL BMX Bike (View on Amazon): Best for park riding
  6. Proline Pro 24 BMX Race Cruiser (View on Amazon): Best for cruising

General BMX Sizing Guide

It’s worth noting that BMX bikes differ in frame size and top tube lengths. You can use these two specs to find a BMX bike that matches your size.

Mark you, I’m not just talking about matching your height but also your weight. Here’s a sizing guide for all types of BMX (to be discussed later) apart from cruisers.

Frame SizeTop Tube Length (Inches) Riders Weight (Lbs.)Riders Height Average Riders Age (Years)
Micro MiniLess than 18¨60 lbs.Under 3´8¨Under 5
Mini 18¨75 lbs.3´8¨ – 4´6¨5 – 7
Junior 18 – 18.5¨110 lbs.4´5¨ – 4´10¨8 – 10
Expert 19 – 19.5¨130 lbs.4´5¨ – 5´2¨10 – 13
Expert XL19.5 – 20¨150 lbs.4´8¨ – 5´5¨10 – 13
Pro 20.5 – 21¨Any 5´6¨ – 5´10¨13+
Pro XL21 – 21.5¨Any 5´8¨ – 6´0¨13+
Pro XXL21.5¨+Any 5´10¨ +13+

Cruiser BMX

Now, here is a sizing guide for cruiser BMX bikes for adults and kids:

Frame SizeRiders Weight (lbs.)Riders Age Riders Height
Junior 130 lbs.8 – 11 4´5¨ – 4´11¨
Expert 160 lbs.10 – 134´8¨ – 5´7¨
Pro Any Any 5´5¨ +

Note that when it comes to cruiser BMX (to be discussed later), we don’t use the top tube length to size the bikes, and there are only three frame choices.

Now, let’s answer the question below while keeping the two charts in mind.

How Much Weight Can A BMX Bike Hold?

From the first table, it’s clear that a BMX bike with a frame size pro, pro-XL, or Pro XXL can bear any weight. 

The only caveat is that your height should match the top tube length. So, it’s more important to pay attention to your height than your weight.

And when it comes to cruiser BMX bikes, the Pro frame size can carry any weight. But again, the caveat is that your height should match the frame size (not the top tube length), which starts from 5’5¨.

Types of BMX Bikes For Big Guys

Now that big-guy BMX bikes exist, and big guys can ride BMX bikes, let’s talk about the various options on the market. Here are the best types of BMX bikes for tall and big guys:

1. Race BMX Bikes for Big Guys

Race BMX bikes, as the name hints, are designed for racing. These bikes are pretty stable at high speed, owing to their longer wheelbase and slacker headtube.

Usually, this bike geometry places you further back towards its rear end. Their frames are pretty lightweight, mostly aluminum but equally strong.

They come with carbon or Chromoly steel forks to enhance their stability and mostly feature 20-inch wheels (apart from cruiser style, which uses 24-inch options).

Their rims are narrower, while their tires are usually one ⅛ inch wide. These bike handlebars are about 26-29¨ wide and 5-9¨ high and enjoy a 50mm long stem.

What’s more, they come with a smaller and lightweight saddle to save on weight.

One race BMX bike for 300 pound man is the Mongoose Title Elite 24 BMX Race Bike.

This race BMX bike’s frame only weighs 3.44pounds, thus lightweight. It suits riders starting from 5’7¨ tall, and it’s best for both intermediate and pro riders.

So, this is a professional racing or training caliber race BMX.

Mongoose Title Elite 24 BMX Race Bike

2. Freestyle BMX Bikes for Heavy Guys

Unlike race BMX for big guys, freestyle BMX bikes are for performing high-risk stunts and not racing. They are more affordable than their race siblings though slightly heavier.

Geometry-wise, these bikes have shorter wheelbase and chainstays, thus less stable. Their geometry, however, makes them more maneuverable and agile, making them perfect for stunts.

These bikes’ top tubes measure 20 – 22¨, and they mostly come in steel frames and forks and feature 36 spokes wheels which are pretty strong.

Their tires are low profile (less grippy), and their handlebars are 28-30 inches wide and 8 -10 inches high. Unlike race BMX, they have wider cushioned seats to protect you from injuries during heavy landing.

One remarkable freestyle BMX bike for big guys is the Mongoose Legion BMX. This freestyle BMX comes in 7 different styles to suit different heights. They include the following Legion styles:

  • L10 (best for 4’4″ -5’0″)
  • L20 (best for 4’8″ -5’4″)
  • L40 (best for 5’0″- 5’6″)
  • L60 (best for 5’0″- 5’6″)
  • L80 (best for 5’6″- 6’0″)
  • L500 (best for 5’8″ +)
  • L100 (best for 5’8″ +)
the Mongoose Legion BMX

3. Jump BMX (Dirt Jumpers) For Big Guys 

Dirt jumpers are BMX bikes designed for flight. They are a good choice when you want to jump over obstacles.

They are generally the perfect blend between hardtail MTBs and freestyle BMX, giving you the best of both worlds.

These BMX bikes come mostly in 20 inches and 24-inch wheel sizes, but we also have a few with 26-inch wheels.

That is the case of the Mafiabikes Blackjack D BMX Jump Bike. This adult BMX bike is equipped with robust suspension forks for maximum shock soaking and enjoys a racing geometry to allow you to sprint off-road.

So, if you want an off-road racer or street-high jumper, go for Mafiabikes Blackjack D. You can ride it anywhere outdoors, ranging from the trails to the local paths.

Mafiabikes Blackjack D BMX Jump Bike

4. Street BMX Bikes for A Big Guy

Street BMX bikes are designed to go over or through obstacles like curved walls, handrails, hedges, and steps.

These BMX bikes can perform tricks, grinds, and high jumps on the streets better than any other type.

Their seats are steep, and so are their head angles to set them up for bigger jumps. Plus, they have a shorter wheelbase, making them slightly unstable but more agile.

One such BMX bike for bigger guys is the Goon XL.

This street BMX bike comes in size 29 inches and features 27.5-inch wheels, perfect for taller riders. It features highly responsive disc brakes, dual suspension to guarantee optimal shock-absorbing, and a heat-treated aluminum frame that promises durability.

5. Park BMX for Big Guys

Park BMX is built for skate parks and other local parks. Some of these BMX bikes come with brakes while others don’t and mostly feature pegs for performing freestyle jumps.

In some ways, Park BMX bikes resemble street options. For example, both have a shorter wheelbase, thus agile and fast, even though less steady at high speed.

These BMX bikes usually come with 20-inch wheels, and one incredible choice is the Framed Impact XL BMX Bike. This park BMX can hold up to 200 pounds and is generally an entry-level BMX that promises a fun and thrilling adventure on the streets.

Framed Impact XL BMX Bike

6. Cruiser BMX Bikes for Bigger Guys

Cruiser BMX bikes have the biggest frames and often come with 24- inch wheels. So, they are the most comfortable for taller guys as they have a more forgiving geometry.

You can race with cruiser BMX bikes, but you can also do some stunts. That’s how versatile these bikes are.

One such BMX bike is the Proline Pro 24 BMX Race Cruiser.

This 24-inch BMX bike comes with a racing-style geometry to allow you to race with it. It is, however, a more comfortable choice, unlike traditional race BMX.

Its Chromoly steel frame enables it to bear rough riding, while its simple single-speed drivetrain makes it easy to maintain. But other than that, the BMX bikes come at a mid-range price and suit all kinds of BMX riders.

People Also Ask

1. What Is a Good BMX Bike for Adults?

A good BMX for adults should be able to hold the adult’s weight and match their heights. In that case, you should consider its frame size and top tube length.

Overall, any BMX with a 20.5-inch top tube length and above and a Pro, Pro XL, or Pro XXL frame size suits adults.

2. Is A 20 Inch BMX Bike for Adults?

Adults can comfortably ride 20-inch BMX bikes as long as the bike’s top tube length and frame size match the adult’s weight and height.

Overall, any 20-inch BMX with a top tube measuring 26.5 inches and above and pro-level, pro-XL, or Pro XXL frame size suits adults.

3. Is There a Weight Limit for BMX Bikes?

Kids BMX bikes usually have a weight limit, often 150 -160 pounds. Adult BMX bikes are, however, different. They don’t have weight limits, and often choosing what adult BMX to get depends on picking the correct frame size, top tube length, or both.

4. What Size BMX Bike Should A 6 Feet Man Ride?

A 6 feet person should get a BMX with a Pro XL or Pro XXL frame size. Pro XXL frames suit him better, however, as it’s roomy.

Closing Thought:

Now you know the best types of BMX bikes for big guys. Depending on what you want to do with your BMX, you can use my guide to choose the best choice.

Don’t forget to emphasize the bike size, as that’s the difference between getting a good BMX and one that doesn’t fit.