are walmart bikes good

Are Walmart Bikes Good Quality?

American multinational retail giant Walmart has been running since 1962, and it’s usually the go-to store when you want something cheap but brand new, including bikes. The question, however, that …

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27 inch bike height

27 Inch Bike for What Size Person?

27-inch bikes are not popular nowadays as they are no longer the standard size for road bikes. 700c bikes have replaced them, making their sizing confusing for most riders. So, …

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Is WD-40 Bike Lube Good?

Is WD-40 Bike Lube Good Lubricant?

So, you come across WD-40 while looking for the best products for your upcoming bike maintenance work, ensuring your bicycle is lubricated adequately for your next adventure. It’s natural to …

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Claris Vs Sora

Shimano Claris Vs Sora Groupsets ?

Claris and Sora might be occupying the lowest ranks on the Shimano hierarchy, but that doesn’t make them inferior. Quite the contrary, these two groupsets are a fantastic choice for …

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bike shop near me

Bike Shop Near Me?

I was looking for a bike shop near me the other day, only for Google to overwhelm me with options. I must agree; some of the search results were entirely …

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Are cranksets interchangeable? Yeti ASR-5 carbon fibre custom XO XX! PINK! BLING

Are Cranksets Interchangeable?

Choosing the right crankset for your bike can be confusing. The problem is that different manufacturers use different measurements for their parts even across the models of the same brand. …

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