Bike Shop Near Me?

I was looking for a bike shop near me the other day, only for Google to overwhelm me with options. I must agree; some of the search results were entirely irrelevant.

Coincidentally, I’ve been asked by some of my blog post readers how they can find bike shops near them. So, it’s on that ground that I decided to come up with this post.

I’ll recommend the best bike shops near you in the United States. These online bike stores deal with reputable bike brands like Trek, Jamis, Haro, Specialized, Cannondale, Scott, and Santa Cruz.

Even better, they offer bike repairs, maintenance, trade-ins, and rentals, among many other bike services.

Here’s the list!

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10 Best Bike Shop Near Me in The U.S

Depending on location, here are 10 of the best and most reputable bike stores across the United States:

1. Conte’s Bike Shop

Conte’s Bike Shop is a leading online bike store in Virginia, Florida, and Washington that offers you a one-stop-shop for bikes, bike accessories, bike components, and bike apparel.

Not only that. Conte’s Bike Shop offers these services:

  • Bike rentals
  • Bike trade-ins
  • Professional bike fittings

So, if you cannot afford a particular bike or prefer to trade your existing bike for a better option, visit Conte’s Bike Shop today. Conte’s Bike Shop never runs out of options, from road bikes and fitness bicycles to e-bikes and beach cruisers.

The best part is that they stock bikes from leading bike brands like Specialized, Electra, BMC, Cannondale, and Specialized Turbo.

2. Erik’s Bike Shop

Erik’s Bike Shop enjoys more than 30 locations in the United States, making its position in this list of the best bike shops justifiable. These locations are Minnesota, South Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Illinois.

Erik’s Bike Shop generally offers the following bike services:

  • Bike sales
  • Bike repairs
  • Cycling gear and cycling apparel sales
  • Expert bike advice

Erik’s Bike Shop has a team of experienced mechanics who repair the bikes and guarantee high-quality replacements.

As for bikes for sale, Erik’s Bike Shop stocks bikes from leading bike brands like Specialized, Diamondback, Jamis, Raleigh, Masi, and S-Works.

3. Landry’s Bicycles

Landry’s Bicycles is a popular bike store serving Massachusetts – Boston, Newton, Norwood, Worchester, Westborough, Natick, and Braintree.

Currently, Landry’s Bicycles offer the following services:

  • Bike sales
  • Cycling gear and apparel sales
  • Expert bike service
  • Bike rentals
  • Bike financing advice

With Landry’s Bicycles, you can buy or rent a quality bike from leading bike brands like Trek, Fuji, Specialized, Santa Cruz, Electra, Momentum, Jamis, and Giant.

Laundry’s Bicycles stock everything from kids and women bikes to men’s bicycles and unisex choices. All their bikes come in all sizes and budgets to suit a variety of cyclists.

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4. Bike Mart

Bike Mart is a pace-setter in Dallas, where it serves everywhere from White Rock Lake to Preston Hollow.

You can visit the store for any of these solutions:

  • Bike sales
  • Cycling events and promotions
  • Bike apparel and bike parts sales
  • Bike maintenances
  • Bicycle trade-ins

Unlike most bike shops, Bike Mart offers free basic tune-ups, brake adjustment, and maintenance for every bike purchase.

And when speaking of every bike purchase, I’m talking about the likes of Trek, Momentum, Specialized, and WeThePeople. They presently have five stores across the country with an inventory of over 2,500 bikes.

Meanwhile, you can also visit them to buy quality second-hand bikes.

5. Performance Bicycle

Whether you want to buy a newly launched bike or the best bike from a leading brand, you can get it on Performance Bicycle.

Performance Bicycle is based in Chico, California but has distribution centers all over the United States, making it the best online bike shop for most people.

You can visit Performance Bicycle for any of these reasons:

  • Bike sales
  • Bike maintenance
  • Cycling apparel
  • Bike frame sales
  • Bike parts

Depending on preference, you can visit Performance Bicycles to buy the most recent or top-selling Specialized, GT, WeThePeople, Colony, Haro, or Ritchey bike.

Some of the bikes in the store include mountain bikes, e-bikes, road bikes, BMX, kids’ bikes, and lifestyle bikes.

6. Bike World

Bike World is a San Antonio bike store that stocks all types of bikes, ranging from BMX and e-bikes to road bikes and MTBs.

The bike shop deals with bikes by Trek, Sunday, State Bicycles, Stride, and Electra. So, their bikes are from reliable manufacturers.

Today, Bike World offers the following bike services:

  • Bike sales
  • Bike repairs
  • Cycling gear sales
  • Bike rentals
  • Bike trade-ins
  • Fitting services

So, visit Bike World if you want to trade in your bike for a quality option, buy a new one, or have it fixed by people who know what they are doing.

Also, Bike World is a good option when looking for a ‘bike paint shop near me’ if you are anywhere in Texas.

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7. Bike Barn

Bike Barn is a Houston-based bike store that stocks all kinds of bikes. Whether you want a road bike, kids’ bike, mountain bike, gravel bike, or fitness bike, you can get all of them on Bike Barn.

Generally, Bike Barn offers the following services:

  • Bike sales
  • Bike rentals
  • Bicycle repair and maintenance
  • Bike trade-in
  • Gear and apparel sales

So, if you have a particular bike brand in mind that you cannot afford, consider renting it on Bike Barn. Alternatively, you can trade it in with your current bike.

Bike Barn occasionally has bike fitting clinics, and they have a supporting team of experts to help you find a suitable bike. Currently, Bike Barn deals with Trek, Scott, Specialized, Haro, and Electra bikes.

8. The Bike Lane

Promising free adjustments and a 5% money back on bike purchases, the Bike Lane has won the hearts of many cycling enthusiasts in Northern Virginia.

The online bike store generally offers the following bike services:

  • Bike sales
  • Trade-ins
  • Bike financing
  • Bike rentals
  • Maintenance services
  • Bike parts, accessories, and apparel sales
  • Cycling events

The Bike Lane stocks bikes by notable brands like Treks, Electra, Strides, and Surly. So, if you want to get an MTB, road bike, or any other by these brands, consider visiting Bike Lane.

As I mentioned, they promise 5% money-back and free bike adjustment. And if you cannot afford one, you can consider the trade-in or rental option.

9. Rochester Cycling

While in Rochester, MN, nothing pops up on Google searches more when searching for the best online bike store USA than Rochester Cycling. The bike store stocks comfort, e-bikes, MTBs, and city bikes by Trek, Jamis, Yuba, Marlin, Day 6 Bicycles, and Electra.

Their bikes come in all frame sizes, genders, and price points. You can count on the online store for the following:

  • Bike sales
  • Bike repairs and maintenances
  • Bicycle financing

Not only does Rochester Cycling offer essential bicycle maintenance, but they also have specialty services like custom wheel-building, comfort assessment, and comprehensive bike tune-ups.

You can visit Rochester Cycling today to get a free estimate.

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10. Gregg’s Cycles

Ranked amongst the best bike shops by the National Bicycle Dealer Association (NBDA), Gregg’s Bicycles dominate Seattle and the whole of Washington.

The bike store stocks all bike categories, ranging from MTBs and e-bikes to hybrid and road bikes. That includes bikes by big brands like Specialized, Cannondale, Trek, Santa Cruz, and Pinarello.

You can visit Gregg Cycles for the following services:

  • Bike sales
  • Bike parts and cycling clothing sales
  • Bicycle fitting
  • Maintenance and repairs

Overall, Gregg Cycles is notable for its fantastic bike tune-up packages, where the cost starts from $120 for light bikes to $600 for high-end bikes.

People Also Ask

1. What Is the Best Electric Bike Shop Near Me?

Depending on where you are, consider the following stores for the best e-bike stores near you:

  • Conte’s Bike Shop (in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Washington)
  • Erik’s Bike Shop (all over the U.S)
  • Bike Mart (in Dallas)

2. Where Can I Get a Mountain Bike Shop Near Me?

You can get the finest mountain bikes in any of these stores:

  • Performance Bicycles (all over the U.S)
  • The Bike Lane (in Northern Virginia)
  • Gregg Cycles (in Seattle)

3. What Is the Best Dirt Bike Shop Near Me?

You can find fantastic dirt bikes for sale on:

  • Performance Bicycle (all over the U.S)
  • Erik’s Bike Shop (all over the U.S)
  • Laundry’s Bike Shop (in Massachusetts)

These bike shops have branches in major towns in the United States, making it easy to find a dirt bike near you.

4. What’s the Best Second Hand Bike Shop Near Me?

While so many stores deal with second-hand bikes, Bike Mart is perfect for those hailing from Texas. But if you are in a different state, consider checking Craigslist or eBay.

5. What Is the Best BMX Bike Shop Near Me?

While you can find BMX bikes in most leading stores, here are the front runners.

  • Bike World (in San Antonio)
  • Performance Bicycle (Nationwide)
  • Bike Mart (in Dallas)

6. Where Can I Find a Good Bike Repair Shop Near Me?

All the bike stores on the list below offer bike repairs, among other services:

  • Conte’s Bike Shop (in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Washington)
  • Bike World (in San Antonio)
  • The Bike Lane (in Northern Virginia)

7. Where Can I Find a Bike Helmet Shop Near Me?

You can find helmets and other cycling gears on any of these bike stores:

  • Conte’s Bike Shop (in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Washington)
  • Performance Bicycle (all over the U.S)
  • Bike World (in San Antonio)

8. What Is the Best Bike Trade-In Shop Near Me?

You can trade-in your old bike for a new and better quality option on:

  • Conte’s Bike Shop (in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and Washington)
  • The Bike Lane (in Northern Virginia)
  • Bike World (in San Antonio)

9. What’s The Best Bike Rental Shop Near Me?

You can rent a good bike at any of these stores:

  • The Bike Lane (in Northern Virginia)
  • Bike Barn (in Texas)
  • Bike World (in San Antonio)

Closing Thoughts on Bike Shop Near Me

Now you know what bike shop to turn to when you need to buy a bike, cycling gear, accessories, or any other bike-related supply.

Remember, these stores also offer repairs, maintenances, trade-ins, expert advice, bike rentals, and other services. So, it’s not just about bike sales.

More importantly, they deal with bikes by leading and most reputable bike brands.