Is WD-40 Bike Lube Good Lubricant?

So, you come across WD-40 while looking for the best products for your upcoming bike maintenance work, ensuring your bicycle is lubricated adequately for your next adventure. It’s natural to ask, is WD-40 bike lube good?

WD-40 bike lube is good because it helps a bike’s movable parts, like chains overcome mechanical resistance and prolong the chain’s lifespan by preventing friction and corrosion. The secret ingredient in this formula facilitate easy and smooth lubrication in dry and wet riding conditions.

Lubricating your bicycle regularly is essential for optimal performance, and the WD-40 bike lubricant ensures its moveable parts stay in excellent conditions and function for a long time without breaking down.

This post offers an in-depth look at dry, wet, and all conditions WD-40 bike lube.

How good is WD-40 bike lube

Is WD-40 Bike Lube Good? (A Detailed Look)

High-quality lubricant ensures your bicycle functions efficiently, keeps the bike parts moving, prolongs its lifespan, and improves the quality of your ride.

WD-40 offers dry, all conditions, and wet bike lubes to accommodate all your needs.

Let’s take a look at each type to help you choose what’s best for your bicycle.

WD-40 Dry Bike Lube

Dry lube is waxy and thick, thus preventing dirt, sand, and dust from sticking on the chain and other movable parts, making it excellent for dry environments. The high-performance WD-40 Specialist dry bike lube is explicitly made for dusty and dry conditions.

Choose this lube if you need a decent lubricant for dry weather conditions.


1. Excels in Dry Conditions

This lube is designed to work exceptionally in dusty and dry conditions, making it excellent for cyclists who tend to often ride in the sunny, dry summer and mountain bike or cycle in dry trails like the desert.

The polymers in the formula create a dry film quickly to give your bike chain the protection it needs and repel dust and dirt.

2. Prolongs The Chains’ Lifespan

It’s superior lubrication made to keep your bike chain working except for a long time and minimize the damages caused by friction. In addition, the no-wax formula won’t build up in the drivetrain and chain links; hence you can trust your chains to stay in great conditions in dry trails.

3. It’s A Professional-Grade Formula

WD-40 bicycle lube has gone through extensive testing performed internally and by 3rd party scientists, professional mechanics, and bicycle retailers to deliver a top-notch formula that works well for bicycles.

WD-40 Bike Dry Lube


  • The problem with this lube is that it squirts out too easily; hence it can lead to wastage and a bit of mess.
  • Requires frequent reapplication because it doesn’t last as long as dry and all-condition lubes.
  • You must clean your chain before application.

WD-40 Wet Bike Lube

Go for WD-40 wet bike lubricant if you tend to ride in every weather condition because it is long-lasting and sticks on even if you cycle through water puddles or in the rain. It’s also a better option than its dry counterpart if you want to avoid frequent lubrication.

Here are the pros and cons of the WD-40 wet bicycle lube.


1. Excellent For Extreme Weather Conditions

This wet lubricant formula allows you to cycle under extreme conditions because it’s made for extreme, muddy, and wet conditions. It offers a durable coating to repel mud and water and extend the life of your bike components.

2. Long-Lasting Protection

WD-40 wet bike lube stays on the parts much longer, which means you won’t have to keep reapplying, letting you ride longer before you have to lubricate your bicycle.

3. Convenient Application

Unlike dry bike lube, WD-40 Specialist wet bike lube doesn’t require time to dry, so you can reapply the lubricant while out riding and continue cycling immediately afterward. Additionally, your bicycle doesn’t have to be super clean to apply it.

4. It’s Been Tested Extensively

Third-party and internal scientists, professional mechanics, and bicycle retailers have tested this bike lube. With it, you’ll get to experience what a professional-grade lube formula offers.

wd-40 bike wet lube


Although it doesn’t attract grime and dirt, it holds on to it more.

WD-40 All-Condition Bike Lube

This bike lube is suitable for both dry and wet biking conditions. It is an excellent option for general riders because it allows you to ride your bike when it’s dry and also in wet conditions.

It works for derailleurs, pivot points, shifters, cables, and chains.


1. Prevents Chain Corrosion

It has corrosion inhibitors that work to make sure the chains and bike parts work at optimal performance for a long time.

2. High Quality

WD-40 bike all conditions lube has undergone comprehensive testing by professional mechanics, third-party and internal scientists, and bicycle retailers. Due to this, you can ride in confidence, knowing your bicycle is well protected.

3. No-Wax Formula

This no-wax formula guarantees that there’s no build-up on the drivetrain and chain links which makes sure you can comfortably ride in wet and dry conditions.

wd-40 all-conditions bike lube


  • It’s hard to get it off your hands if you touch it
  • Low-quality spray bottle design

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1. Is WD-40 Bike Chain Lube Any Good?

WD-40 bike chain lubricant is a good lubricant designed to provide the necessary lubrication to keep the moving parts and preventing damages of friction. However, for it to be effective, you’ll need to choose between dry, all conditions, or wet lube based on your riding style.

WD-40 dry bicycle lube is ideal for you if you cycle in dry conditions. WD-40 wet bike lube works better in wet conditions, while WD-40 all-conditions bike lube is excellent for cyclists who ride all year round.

It is durable, reliable and ensures your bike chain rotates well and doesn’t produce squeaky noise. It is vital to let WD-40 dry bike lube dry for a while before riding your bike for the best results and ensure you wipe off the excess lube.

2. Is WD-40 Dry Lube Good For Bikes?

WD-40 dry lube is good for bikes ridden in dry areas like the desert and arid conditions or summer. You need a lighter lubricant for your bicycle during the summer, spring, and dry conditions because they attract minimal dirt build-up.

In addition, it is cleaner to use because no residue is left behind when you use dry lube. While there are plenty of options, WD-40 dry lube is an excellent option for your bicycle.

However, keep in mind that dry lube is less durable, and rain washes it off. Therefore, before using WD-40 dry lube on your bicycle, make sure you plan on riding it in dry areas.

3. How Do You Use WD-40 Bike Lube?

The best way to apply WD-40 lube on your bicycle is with it standing upright, or the back wheel raised off the ground. Put the lube on the chains, derailleurs, and the other moveable parts that require maintenance, ensuring every component is lubricated.

If you are using WD-40 wet bike lube, make sure your bicycle is clean, ensuring you remove any dirt, dust, and grease. Wipe off excess lube once you finish lubricating to keep your bicycle neat.

The Verdict: Is WD-40 Bike Lube Good?

Upon taking a closer look at WD-40 bike lube, it’s clear that it’s a quality, high-performing lubricant made specially to keep your bike’s movable parts working at peak performance for a prolonged time.

Whether you choose all-conditions, wet, or dry WD-40, you get a good product for your bicycle. However, you must select the type of WD-40 bicycle lube based on the riding conditions.