Are Firmstrong Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Sharing the parent company with Sixthreezero, Firmstrong is arguably the cheaper alternative to Sixthreezero. So, most people expect it to offer good quality bikes like Sixthreezero but now at a budget. But are Firmstrong bikes good?

Firmstrong bikes are good because they are strong, rider-friendly, stylish, easy to fit, and comfortable to ride. They also come in many options at affordable prices and enjoy a lifetime frame warranty and return policies.

Overall, Firmstrong suffices in the beach cruiser sector. That’s where they dominate with their popular styles like Firmstrong Urban, Firmstrong Chief, Firmstrong Bruiser, and Firmstrong Bella.

But other than beach cruisers, Firmstrong has a fair share of hybrids, comfort bikes, and e-bikes, and they stock options for men, women, and children (even toddlers).

This review shall look at the things that make Firmstrong bikes good and those that may concern you. 

My goal is to help you decide soberly and without conviction if Firmstrong is the right bike brand for you. But before we can review it, let’s go through the history. 

Is Firmstrong a good bike brand

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Brand Overview

Firmstrong is a casual bike company owned by Sixthreezero Enterprises, the parent company behind Sixthreezero bikes.

The company was founded in 2010 in Hermosa Beach, California, just as a simple bike retailer store.

Firmstrong establishes itself as a budget bike brand. They sell directly to the public and through a few retailers like Amazon to make the bikes cheaper.

Since launching, Firmstrong has retained its simplistic approach to bikes. They make their bikes simpler and cleaner than most brands. 

Their mission is to make bikes that offer more than just a means of transport. So, they make versatile casual bikes that you can commute with and run errands with, ride around the town and on the beach, and ride for fitness reasons.

Currently, the American manufacturer makes and sells beach cruisers (the dominant bikes), comfort bikes, hybrid bikes, and electric bikes, and they’ve options for all ages.

Are Firmstrong Bikes Good or Bad? 

My argument is that Firmstrong bikes are good (even though there are a few issues), and that’s because of these reasons:

1. Strong and Firm Bikes with Lifetime Warranty

The manufacturer is known as Firmstrong for a reason, and that’s because its bikes are firm and strong, and you want that as a big rider.

Firmstrong bikes come in more robust frame constructions, mostly steel that promise to hold huge weight, resist fatigue and last longer.

That explains why the frames come with a limited lifetime warranty. Unless you neglect the bike frame, it’s likely to serve you for a long time.

Overall, their adult bikes, especially cruiser bikes, can bear 300-350 pounds, while the kids’ option can hold up to 150 pounds. That shows how strong the bikes are.

Where is Firmstrong bikes made

2. Ride Friendly

Firmstrong makes its bikes easy to ride by everyone regardless of gender and age. Its bikes are simple in design and have accessible frame geometries.

They enjoy a forward-pedaling design that puts you close to the ground and offers you extra room for leg extension and easy pedaling.

The bikes are also available in single-speeds and multi-gear (3,7, and 21) options to offer you several options. Single-gear bikes are easy to ride on plain terrains and urban roads, while the multi-geared options are best for slightly hilly and longer trails.

Additionally, they come with reliable brakes that allow you to slow down and bring them to a stop seamlessly.

3. Stylish 

Firmstrong bicycles may be simple bikes, but they have several stylish elements. For starters, most of them come in several color choices to match the tastes of different riders.

Their frames enjoy circular (curvy) top tubes, and their tires often feature a white wall balloon design that makes them stand out.

Plus, they feature a few vintage flairs such as leather grips, chain guards, and high-rise cruiser-style handlebars that give them a bit of a retro look.

4. Easy to Fit

Firmstrong bicycles are easy to ride, but they are equally easy to fit. Primarily, that’s because the manufacturer makes them in multiple frame sizes.

Since the beach cruisers are the dominant bikes by Firmstrong, below is a beach cruiser sizing chart you can use to find a fitting Firmstrong cruiser bike:

Riders AgeRiders HeightFrame Size (inch)Wheel Size (Inch)
1-5 years2´10¨ – 3´8¨8-10¨16¨
4-10 years3’2¨ – 4’4¨12¨20¨
8 years+4´0¨ – 5´4¨15¨24¨
11 years+5´0¨ – 6´4¨15-21¨26¨
Adults 6´0¨ +Extended 26¨

5. Comfortable to Ride

Comfort is another area that Firmstrong takes pride in. Their bikes, for starters, enjoy an upright riding posture to relieve you from back pressure and pain when riding. 

Their seats are not just well-padded, but they are also wide enough not to press your butt and often come with shock absorption.

So, even though these are casual bikes, you can still ride them over long rides without sacrificing comfort.

And when it comes to the handlebars and seat posts, they are pretty adjustable to match your comfort needs. On the other hand, their tires are large and smooth to promise an equally smooth ride.

I also cannot forget to mention the gears and the pedal-forward design discussed earlier.

Are Firmstrong Bikes Made in USA

6. Bike Varieties

Firmstrong is undisputedly one of the kings of the beach cruiser bike sectors. But other than the beach cruisers, the manufacturer makes comfort bikes, hybrids, and e-bikes for men, women, and kids.

Here’s a table summary of its bike range:

Bike TypeFirmstrong Men’s BikesFirmstrong Womens BikesFirmstrong Kids Bikes
Firmstrong Cruiser BikesBruiser, Urban, Urban Deluxe, ChiefBella Classic, Bella Fashionista, Chief, Urban, and Urban BoutiqueMini Bruiser, Urban Boys, Urban Girls, Bella Classic
Comfort ANYJourney and CA-520ANYJourney and CA-520
Hybrid BikesBlack Rock and Bruiser PrestigeMila 
Firmstrong Electric BikesUrban ElectricUrban Electric

7. Affordable Prices

Firmstrong is essentially a budget bike brand. And like I mentioned earlier, it’s the cheaper alternative to Sixthreezero.

Below are the price ranges of its bikes:

  • Women’s bikes: $320 – $470
  • Men’s bikes: $320 – $490
  • Kids Bikes: $94 – $320
  • E-bikes: $1,750

8. 365- Day Return Policy

Not many brands offer you up to a year to return your bike in good condition and claim a full refund. Well, Firmstrong is one of those fewer options.

So, you get to buy your bike with confidence, knowing that you’ve up to 365 days to return it if you don’t like it. But again, it must be in an unused condition.

The Bad

Though Firmstrong bicycles have many good things, they also suffer a few setbacks worth recognizing. They include the following:

a) Heaviness 

Since the manufacturer predominantly employs steel frames, the bikes feel heavier than most aluminum counterparts (by other brands). So, if you are looking for the most lightweight and most portable casual bike, you may have to consider other brands.

b) Not 100% Assembled

Firmstrong bicycles come 80-85% assembled. So you’ll have to do the rest. However, that is not a big deal if you are handy, and even if you are not, you can take the bike to the local bike shop and ask for their assistance.

c) Wonky Brakes

Some customers complain of shaky/wobbly brakes. So, it’s advisable to adjust them before riding the bike and do it routinely. So, consider taking the bike to the local bike shop as regularly as possible.

Is Firmstrong a Good Bike Brand

Firmstrong Top-Selling Bikes (Are They Good?)

As hinted earlier, Firmstrong is famous for its beach cruisers which are its top-selling models. Famous Firmstrong men’s cruiser bikes and women’s beach cruisers include the following styles:

a) Firmstrong Urban

The Firmstrong Urban, which is available in men’s, women‘s, girls’, and boys’ options, is the most straightforward and affordable cruiser bike line by Firmstrong.

Its simplicity makes it easier to fit, cheaper to maintain, and almost timeless.

The Firmstrong Urban is also comfortable to ride owing to its dual spring broad saddle, balloon tires, and cruiser handlebars, making it fantastic for urban commuting, fun riding around town, and running errands.

b) Firmstrong Chief

The Firmstrong Chief, available in men’s and women’s options, is slightly more advanced than Firmstrong Urban. Thus, it cost slightly more.

This bike enjoys a low-ride sitting posture that is like no other. No, Firmstrong bikes are as laid-back as the Firmstrong Chief.

Its laid-back design generally makes it more comfortable to ride, even though it’s somewhat slower. It’s also quite stylish, given that it has a vintage flair.

c) Firmstrong Bruiser

The Firmstrong Bruiser only comes in men’s and boys’ options. There are no options for ladies. What’s impressive about this bike is its ability to take on some rough roads. Provided the off-road surfaces are not very rugged, you can ride them. 

They come with massive tires to easily overcome slight obstacles and a thicker frame to withstand aggressive usage. The Bruiser is Firmstrong most adaptive and most robust cruiser bike.

Firmstrong Bruiser

d) Firmstrong Bella Classic

While the Bruiser is only available in men’s and boys’ options, the Bella classic only comes in women’s and girls’ choices.

Overall, this beach cruiser is for those ladies who want a modern bike with a vintage flair. It’s simple in build but with rustic appeal, making it a timeless choice.

It is curvy, thus feminine, and features many comfort elements such as fast-rolling large balloon tires, a broad dual-spring seat, leather grips, and wide handlebars.

FAQs (About Firmstrong Bikes)

1. Where Is Firmstrong Bikes Made?

Firmstrong bikes are made at the company’s headquarters in Hermosa Beach, California, USA.

2. Are Firmstrong Bikes Made in USA?

Yes! Firmstrong makes its bikes in the USA at its headquarters in Hermosa Beach.

3. Is Firmstrong a Good Bike Brand?

Since its founding in 2010, Firmstrong has been making robust, reliable, fashionable, and rider-friendly bikes. Its bikes are also easy to fit and comfortable to ride and come with impressive warranties. So, yes, Firmstrong is a good bike brand.

Are Firmstrong Bikes Good? Closing Thought:

Firmstrong bikes promise a lot that makes them good and worth the money. Not only are these bikes firm and strong, as the brand name suggests, but they are also easy to ride and fit, comfortable, stylish, and versatile. The bonus is that they are all budget bikes.

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