Sixthreezero Vs Electra Bikes ?

Few bike brands are as vocal in the casual biking sector as Sixthreezero and Electra. So, it’s understandable when the two are often compared. But what wins the Sixthreezero vs Electra battle? 

Sixthreezero dominates Electra in the beach cruiser sector, offering you many options. In contrast, Electra dominates Sixthreezero in the comfort and electric bikes sector as it provides you with more and better options.   

We can also differentiate these two bike brands according to their dominant bike line, sizing, bike technology, comfort, customization, design, return policy, selling route, e-bike selection, and price.

sixthreezero vs electra bikes

Sixthreezero Bikes Vs Electra Summary

Below is a table showing you exactly how Sixthreezero and Electra differ.

Dominant BikeBeach cruiserComfort bikes
SizingOne-size-fit-allMultiple frames
Bike TechnologyNot as innovative as ElectraMore innovative
Bike ComfortNot as comfortable as ElectraMore comfortable
CustomizationMore customization freedomFewer customization options
DesignSimpler designsNot as simpler as Sixthreezero
Return Policy365-day return policy30-day return policy
Selling RouteOnly onlineOnline and offline
E-Bike SelectionFewer optionsMore options
PriceCheaper than ElectraSlightly costlier

I’ll help you understand the difference between the two bike brands to enable you to choose between them. So, I’ll compare them side by side for easy understanding.

Let’s get into it!

Sixthreezero vs Electra Company Overview

The Sixthreezero Overview

Sixthreezero is known for making the most comfortable recreational and commuting bikes. Its lineup includes beach cruisers, hybrid bikes, comfort bikes, fat-tire bikes, tricycles, e-bikes, and commuter bikes.

But overall, the brand is famous for its beach cruisers as that’s how it started –a beach cruiser bike brand. Some of its prominent beach cruiser families include Around the Block, EVRYjourney, and In the Barrel.

The company is reputable for using the one-size-fits-all sizing approach – making one frame for everyone. As a result, Sixthreezero bikes are easier to fit.

They are also easy to ride, comfortable, and pretty durable. All Sixthreezero bikes (View on Amazon) have a lifetime frame warranty to showcase their strength and reliability.

Even better, these bikes are budget choices as you can get a number of them for $500-$700.

are sixthreezero bikes good

The Electra Overview

Electra, which Trek currently owns, specializes in beach cruisers, comfort bikes, and commuter bikes, just like Sixthreezero. Perhaps, the only difference is that while Sixthreezero focuses more on beach cruisers, Electra is often identified as a comfort bike line, owing to its Townie bike family.

Under the Townie family line, Electra offers you the Townie Original (available in 24and 26 inches) and the Townie Path (available in 27.5-inch wheels).

Electra’s popularity is due to its patented geometry technology known as Flat Foot, which encourages upright cycling, better leg extension, and solid footing. As a result, Electra bikes are very comfortable to ride.

Electra bikes are generally budget-friendly, just like Sixthreezero bikes, though a few options are slightly priced.

Sixthreezero Vs Electra Bikes Side-By-Side Comparison

Here’s how these two bike brands compare:

1. Dominant Bike

While both brands make the same casual bike types (beach cruisers, comfort bikes, commuter bikes, and hybrid bikes), Sixthreezero dominates the cruiser bike market. In contrast, Electra dominates the comfort bike sector.

So, if you want a beach cruiser, Sixthreezero offers you more options, whereas Electra does the same in the comfort bike sector.

2. Bike Sizing

Sixthreezero employs the one-size-fits-all bike sizing approach which has its advantage and disadvantage. Realistically speaking, there is no single bike frame that can fit everyone.

I must agree, however, that Sixthreezero bike frames are very accommodating, especially for riders of average height and, to an extent, kids.

So, even if the frame may not fit every member of your household, most of you will be able to fit the bike and ride. That means you don’t have to get a bike for everyone as you can share.

But if you want to get a size-specific bike frame, then the bike brand to go for is Electra. Electra makes its bike frames in multiple sizes to offer customers many options.

You need to look at the available frame and the applicable riders’ height to identify the one that fits you.

sixthreezero vs electra townie

3. Bike Technology

Between the two bike brands, Electra is the most innovative. Its Flat-Foot Technology is unequaled.

Not sure what Flat-Foot Technology is? As the name suggests, this technology allows you to sit flat-footed. You get to put both feet on the ground, which comes with several advantages.

For one, it enables you to sit more upright while maximally stretching your feet. As a result, you get a better view of the road, enjoy firm footing, pedal more efficiently, and save yourself from backache as you don’t bend too much.

The only drawback of Flat-Foot is that you cannot go fast as an upright posture doesn’t support that.

While Sixthreezero also has its bike technologies, nothing is clear yet. So, Electra scores a win here.

4. Bike Comfort

There is no denying that both bike brands stock comfortable models. You can tell that from their upright geometry, cushy saddle, grip suspension, and grip handlebars. But even so, the utilization of Flat-Foot technology by Electra makes its bikes slightly more comfortable.

5. Bike Design

While both brands make simple bikes, Sixthreezero bikes are simpler. Yes, you’ll find Electra bikes in simple designs but with fewer options. But if it’s the frame shades, you have the same color options.

6. Customization

Sixthreezero offers you more customization options. But when it comes to Electra, you cannot do much other than add the fenders and rack.

7. Return Policy

This is probably Sixthreezero’s biggest advantage and Electra’s biggest drawback. Sixthreezero offers you a 365-day return policy, which is an offer you won’t hear from another brand. That means you have a year to decide if you should ride the bike or return it.

On the contrary, Electra only offers you a 30-day return policy.

Sixthreezero Vs Electra Bike Price

8. E-Bike Selection

While both brands sell electric bikes, Electra offers you more options at different price points and styles. Sixthreezero has only a few options, which is sad for riders looking for variety.

9. Selling Route

Sixthreezero only sells online, while you can get Electra bikes online and offline.

10.  Sixthreezero Vs Electra Bike Price

While both bike brands are budget brands, there is a slight price difference, mainly because of their selling route. Since Sixthreezero bikes are available for sale online only, they are about $100 cheaper than their Electra equivalent.

Electra bikes could also be slightly expensive because of the brand’s association with Trek. Trek is a big name associated with high-end bikes. So, Electra is often seen as high-end as Trek.

Sixthreezero Bikes Vs Electra Bikes Top Models

While these bike brands make almost the same bike categories, the options differ in models.

Sixthreezero Top Models

The Sixthreezero inventory includes the following families:

  • EVRYjourney – The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is Sixthreezero’s top-selling beach cruiser best for short commutes, running errands, hauling groceries, and fun riding around town. That makes it one of the most versatile bikes by Electra.
  • Ride in the Park – The Sixthreezero Ride in the Park is for those planning to ride in the city. So, this is one of Sixthreezero’s urban bike lines. It comes in a vintage design, which makes it flamboyant.
  • Explore Your Range – The Sixthreezero Explore Your Range is another city bike line by Sixthreezero. You can use it to beat the morning and evening city traffic. The best bit is that it’s super comfortable to allow you to ride long distances.
  • Around the Block – The Sixthreezero Around the Block is for the budget buyers looking for cruiser bikes to ride around town. This bike is quite simple but has a modern touch and is available in kids, adults, and even electric options.
  • Reach Your Destination – Reach Your Destination is a hybrid bike for those looking to go long-distance, especially commuters. Though it doesn’t have the typical characteristic of a cruiser bike, you can cruise with it around town

And More

  • BE Cruiser – BE cruiser is for those looking for elegance and flair in a bike. The bike is more about aesthetics than endurance. So, if you want a stylish cruiser bike to rock the streets, nothing fits the bill better than the BE Cruiser.
  • In the Barrel – The Sixthreezero in the Barrel is a beach cruiser designed for those who plan to experience optimal coastal living. They are cheaper to maintain due to their simple design but relatively easy to ride on the beach and streets.
  • Body Ease – The Body Ease bike line is for those planning to ride away from the busy city roads occasionally. Whether you want to ride on bumpy roads and try out new local trails, you can do it with Body Ease. This hybrid combines a hybrid and beach cruiser’s best features.
  • Pave N’ Trail – The Sixthreezero Pave N’ Trail is the most popular Sixthreezero hybrid bike. You can ride this hybrid bike on the streets and erratic countryside. It comes with a wide gear range to allow you to conquer all terrains.
is sixthreezero a good brand

Electra Top Models

The Electra inventory includes the following family bike lines:

  • Electra Townie – The Townie bike line is an Electra-dedicated comfort bike line. This bike is best for riding around town for fun or short commutes. It’s overall Electra’s best-selling bike line.
  • Electra Cruiser – The Electra Cruiser is Electra’s dedicated beach cruiser line. This bike can take on any flat or smooth terrain, and it’s generally the most affordable Electra bike. You’ll find it in Attitude, Classic, and Fashion cruiser models.
  • Electra Loft – The Electra Loft is Electra’s dedicated commuter bike line. This bike comes in the simplest design and is available in step-over and step-thru options. Overall, this bike is comfort-oriented, thus suitable for riding all-Day.
  • Electra Go! – Electra Go is Electra’s dedicated electric bike line. Here, you’ll find the most rider-friendly and comfortable bikes. Electra Go comes in four options: Vale Go! Townie Go! Townie Path Go! and Café Moto Go! All four e-bikes are best for urban commuting.

People Also Ask

1. Are Sixthreezero Bikes Good?

Sixthreezero bikes are good because they come in stylish and highly comfortable designs. They enjoy lifetime frame warranties and are strongly built and easy to ride. Even better, their prices are pretty reasonable.

2. Are Electra Bikes Good?

Electra bikes are good because they utilize Flat-Foot technology that puts you upright and offers you pedaling leverage. So, the bikes are comfortable and easy to pedal. Overall, these bikes are best for riding around town, short commutes, and running errands.

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Sixthreezero vs Electra – What Bike Brand Suits You?

Generally, if you want a beach cruiser, Sixthreezero has lots of options to choose from. But if all you want is a comfort bike or e-bike, you have a better chance of getting a good choice with Electra. But overall, these two bike brands promise the best budget-friendly casual bikes.