Are Royce Union Bikes Good Quality Brand?

1904! That is when Royce Union Bicycles Company was founded, and frankly, there aren’t many of its generation still operational today. But what has enabled it to survive that long? Are Royce Union bikes good?

Royce Union bikes are good because they are precision-engineered to guarantee quality, performance, and dependability. Additionally, they are easy to fit, comfortable to ride, affordable, and timely in design.

So, if you are looking for an affordable, modern cycle that you can have fun riding, think no further than Royce Union. 

That, however, does not negate the fact that these bikes are not high-end, which means you may have to do a few upgrades if you are planning to compete or ride a Royce Union bike at an elite level.

But if what you want is a casual or just entry-level bike, you cannot go wrong with Royce Union. I’ll review this bike brand in detail to enable you to decide if Royce Union is the way to go.

is royce union a good bike brand

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The Royce Union Bicycle History and Brand Overview

Royce Union was established in 1904, making it one of the oldest bike brands. For over 115 years, Royce Union has been at the forefront of bike manufacturing and is driven by the passion for making precision-engineered bikes for passionate riders.

Overall, Royce Union identifies itself as a mountain bike brand making an array of mountain bikes for adults and kids.

Their MTBs come in different sizes, thus targeting riders of all heights. But lately, the Royce union has been making hybrid bikes, precisely comfort and commuter bikes, to target urban cyclists, especially commuters. 

So, there is an overwhelming lineup for you to choose from. What’s even worth noting is that Royce Union has always marketed itself as a budget bike brand, pricing its bikes cheaper than most.

Now, let’s look at why Royce Union should be your next bike brand.

5 Reasons Royce Union Bikes Are Good

Here are the general reasons I argue that Royce Union bicycles are suitable:

1. Precision Engineered

Royce Union Employs precision engineering (the principle of designing a machine to maintain a certain level of accuracy) in making their bikes. For that reason, their bikes are known for these three pillars:

a) Quality

The manufacturer carefully selects the construction materials to ensure that the bikes demonstrate strength and durability.

The frames, for example, are primarily aircraft-grade aluminum to give you a solid and fatigue-resistant bike. Royce union also handpicks other specs like the drivetrain, suspension fork, brakes, and wheels to ensure they match its precision-engineering high standards.

b) Performance 

Let’s get one thing clear; Royce Union is not a high-end bike brand. So, when speaking of performance, I’m not talking of elite level (or competitive level) performance.

No, I’m talking about the bike’s ability to take on many challenges and terrains, just like you do with high-end bikes.

Royce Union MTBs, for example, can take on light trails, gravel roads, and dirt surfaces, thus a great performer.

Royce Union Bike Review

c) Dependability 

Royce Union bikes may not be high-end, but they are pretty reliable. You can count on their aluminum (and carbon frames in some brands) to support huge weights, resist rusting, and last you longer.

And when it comes to finding replacement parts for the bike, you can shop for them online with ease.

2. Easy to Fit 

One area that Royce Union suffices is bike fitting. Their bikes come in various frames and wheel sizes to allow riders of different heights to ride them.

Let’s take its mountain bike, for example. They come in at least five frame sizes, as shown in the Royce Union Bike size chart below:

Frame Size (Inches)Inseam (inches)Riders Height
Small (15”)26” – 29”5’0” – 5’6”
Small/Medium (17”)28” – 31”5’7” – 5’10”
Medium (18”)30” – 33”5’11” – 6’1”
Medium/Large  (20”)32” – 35”6’2” – 6’3”
Large (22”)35”+6’4” – 6’6”

3. Comfortable to Ride

Comfort is an area where it’s almost criminal trying to fault Royce Union. Its hybrid bikes, especially its comfort bikes, are the epitome of bike comfort.

They come with lightweight frames, good front suspension, richly padded suspension saddles, soft handlebar grips, and lightweight pedals to promise the most comfortable riding experience.

We do not forget that both the hybrid comfort and commuter and MTBs enjoy an upright geometry which translates to comfort.

4. Affordable 

If you are looking for a bike where you can spend just a few hundred and still get a decent choice, then Royce Union is a worthy consideration. Below is a table showing the Royce Union bike price on Amazon:

Bike TypePrice Range
Comfort bikes$744.99
Commuter bike$744.99
Kids bike$299.99
Gravel bike$629.99 – $1,012.00
Mountain bike$399.99 – $1,679.99

5. Timely Design 

Royce Union bikes, mainly commuter and comfort bike lines, have a modern yet timeless look.

These bikes look like they are built for this generation, but still, they are perfect for the older generation. So, if you were hoping for a bike that would probably not get out of style anytime soon, Royce Union ticks all the boxes.

The Drawbacks 

Despite their excellent pros, Royce Union bicycles suffer these downsides:

a) Some Parts Need Upgrading 

Yes, Royce Union employs decent specs on its bikes. However, you cannot expect everything to be high-end from a budget bike brand. 

Components like the pedals, tires, brakes, and grips may need upgrading to perform at a top-level.

b) Not professionally-oriented

Though you can upgrade some of its specs, you may still not be able to compete with a Royce Union. That’s because these bikes are not professionally-oriented.  They are tailored for casual biking.

c) Assembly Can Be Tricky for Novice

Royce Union bicycles don’t come 100% assembled. You have to complete the rest of the assembly at home, which is often not easy for beginners.

Royce Union Bike Range (Royce Union Bike Review)

Royce Union primarily makes these bike types:

  • Mountain bikes
  • Hybrid bikes (comfort and commuter bikes)

Let’s discuss them:

Are Royce Union Mountain Bikes Good?

Royce Union is historically a mountain bike brand. So, this is a niche the manufacturer doesn’t disappoint.

What sets them apart from most brands is that they’ve dedicated lines for men, women, and kids.

The manufacturer makes designs for men as for women, only that women MTBs have a lower top tube while men’s MTBs have a high top tube.

Quality-wise, both men and women MTBs employ quality frames, good suspension, and easy shift wide-gear.

Their tires are knobby, and everything about the shows they are trail-ready. That’s what the Royce Union RMA Men’s Mountain Bike and Royce Union RMT Women’s All-Terrain Mountain Bike promise.

As for kid’s mountain bikes, Royce Union is known for the 20-inch Royce Union Kids Aluminum Mountain Bike.

The Royce Union aluminum mountain bike is best for kids aged 5-9 years, thus an excellent entry-level choice for kids. Its 6-speed gear system, dual suspension, and linear-pull brakes make it fun to ride with kids.

royce union aluminum mountain bike

Are Royce Union Comfort Bikes Good?

As their names suggest, Royce Union comfort bikes are just about comfort. These bikes come with low-weight aluminum frames with front suspension for comfortable riding.

They enjoy an upright geometry and feature soft grips for a comfortable hold. The pedals are lightweight for seamless pedaling, while you can count on their richly padded and spring saddles for bump soaking.

Overall, no bike illustrates all that better than the Royce Union 700c RMY Men’s Comfort Bike and Royce Union 700c RMY Women’s Comfort Bike.

These 21-speed comfort bikes come in four frame choices (15-inch, 17-inch, 19-inch, and 21-inch) to accommodate adult riders of varying heights. The hybrid bikes are generally best for commuting, short adventures, and cruisers.

Are Royce Union Commuter Bikes Good?

There is little to separate Royce Union commuter bikes from their comfort siblings as they are both hybrids.

One thing is clear, though, while commuter bikes are best for urban cycling, comfort bikes can take on light trails. That means you can use them off-road, even though they are ideal on-road.

Comfort Wise, these bikes are just as comfortable as their comfort siblings.

They enjoy a lightweight frame, upright geometry, and front suspension to soak up bumps. They, however, have a smaller gear range, unlike comfort bikes, one reason that limits their use to urban roads.

The excellent Royce Union urban commuter bikes are Royce Union 700c RMX Men’s Commuter Bike and Royce Union 700c RMX Women’s Commuter Bike. They also come in 15-inch, 17-inch, 19-inch, and 20-inch frames.

royce union bike size chart

Other Royce Union Bikes

Though with a limited selection, Royce Union makes these bike types:

Gravel Bikes 

While you cannot get a Royce Union road bike on the market, what you can get is a gravel bike. Royce Union gravel bikes enjoy a hardtail frame that feels stiffer and lighter and aggressive geometry for fast riding.

You get that from Royce Union Men’s Gravel Bike.

Electric Bikes 

Royce Union doesn’t make many e-bikes, but the few options in existence are just fantastic. Trail riders can get the Royce Union RTE 26-inch Electric Mountain Bike to conquer local trails.

At the same time, urban commuters, recreational cyclists, and seniors can take on urban roads with the Royce Union RME 36v Electric Comfort Bike.

People Also Ask

1. Is Royce Union a Good Bike Brand?

Royce Union has been making mountain bikes and hybrids for more than a century. That makes it highly reputable as a brand. Furthermore, its cycles are precision-engineered to promise quality, performance, and dependability.

2. Who Makes Royce Union Bicycles?

Royce Union, an American bike manufacturer, dating to 1904, makes Royce Union bicycles.

3. Where are Royce Union Bikes Made?

Royce Union used to make its bikes in Taiwan, but they now make them in Mainland China.

4. What Kind of Bike Is Royce Union?

Royce Union is not a bike type but a bike brand. The brand, however, is often associated with mountain bikes, and that’s where the confusion sets in.

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Closing Thought: Are Royce Union Bikes Good?

There is no denying that Royce union bikes are decent-quality bikes. They are precision-engineered to promise quality, performance, and dependability, and you want that more than anything.