Are Bike Trailers Good or Not Worth It?

So, your kid is too small to cycle, and you would love them to accompany you on a weekend ride around town. Or perhaps you want to haul a few things or pet on your bike, but the bike can’t do so. If so, then bike trailers may be worth considering. The question, however, is, are bike trailers good?

Bike trailers are good because they are weather-protected, comfortable, safe for kids and pets, portable, and versatile. They are more affordable than Cargo bikes and allow you to haul up to 2 kids as you keep fit.

But as you might have realized, we’ve bicycle trailers for kids, pets, and cargo that promise different experiences. We’ll look at all these categories and their best sellers. 

We’ll also compare bicycle trailers to child bike seats and cargo bikes to help you decide what suits you most. But first, let’s go through the pros and cons of bicycle trailers to help us answer our title.

are bike trailers worth it

In a rush? See our most recommended bicycle trailers on the hotlist below:

5 Best Bike Trailers On The Market

  1. Schwinn Joyrider Child Bike Trailer – Best Bike Trailer For Kids
  2. Burley Design Tail Wagon Bike Trailer – Best Bike Trailer for Dogs
  3. Aosom Bicycle Cargo Trailer – Best Bike Trailer for Cargo
  4. Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer & Stroller –Most Versatile Bike Trailer
  5. Weehoo IGO Turbo Bicycle Trailer – Most Interactive Kids’ Bike Trailer

Pros and Cons of Bike Trailers

Let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages of using a bicycle trailer.

Pros – Why Are Bike Trailers Good?

Bicycle trailers are generally good because of these reasons:

1. Weather Protection

Standard bike trailers come with a weather-protected canopy and sidewalls to protect your kid, pet, or cargo from weather elements like rain and direct sun.

That’s one advantage they enjoy over bike seats. You can count on them to keep your little one or animal friend safe throughout the trip.

2. Comfort for your Kid

Bicycle trailers, especially for kids and pets, come well-padded to cushion against the heavy side-by-side knocks. Kids trailers even come with well-cushioned seats to offer your kid extra comfort during the ride.

The trailers also come breathable to allow your kid or pet to enjoy fresh and clean air on the go.

3. Safety for Your Kid

There are so many elements of a bike trailer that makes it safe. The first is what I mentioned earlier; weather protection. 

The other reason is that bike trailers sit close to the ground reducing the distance between your child or pet and the ground. So, even if your pet or child falls off the trailer, they won’t get hurt a lot.

Additionally, child trailers usually come with seat belts to fasten the young one on the seat, thus making it safer. On the other hand, dog bicycle trailers feature tie-downs and tethering points to allow you to secure your four-legged friend.

4. Portability Advantage

Bicycle trailers usually are lightweight. They only become heavy when hitched to the bike. They also feature quicker release functions that allow you to detach and collapse them for convenient transportation.

So, you can quickly bring your bicycle trailer to your road trips together with the bike.

5. Versatility at Its Best

Imagine having a bike trailer, stroller, ski pull, and jogger in one product. You get that from a bike trailer like the Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer & Stroller.

This bicycle trailer also has massive storage space for your workout, biking gear, and even baby supplies, thus making the perfect bike trailer for car trips.

are bike trailers good

6. Affordability 

Though bicycle trailers are not cheaper than bicycle seats, they are more affordable than cargo bikes. A good cargo bike will cost you at least $1,700 – $2,500, but you can get a bicycle trailer for $120 – $ 350, depending on brand and type.

Even if you factor in the cost of your bike (entry-level choice), it’ll still be cheaper.

7. The Convenience of Hauling 2 Kids

Child bicycle trailers only allow you to transport 1 or 2 kids on your bike. As a result, they are not ideal for larger families. So, they cannot replace cars when hanging out as a big family.

Cons – Why Bike Trailers May Not Be Good?

Now, here are the sad realities of why a bicycle trailer may not be a good buy for you:

· Suits Only Younger Kids (up to 7 Years)

Child bike trailers usually are best for toddlers and kids up to 7 years. You cannot use them to carry a child older than seven years.  By 7, your child should be able to ride their bike or join you in a tandem bike.

· Hard to Handle

The trailer lengthens your bike and makes it heavy. As a result, the bike is likely to become harder to handle. You’ll have difficulty maneuvering hilly sections, going fast, and on slippery roads.

· Child Not in Sight (Less Interactive)

Ordinarily, a child bike trailer doesn’t allow you to see your child as you cycle because of their enclosed low-lying designs.

However, there are a few exceptions, such as the Weehoo IGO Turbo Bicycle Trailer. This Weehoo bike trailer allows you to tow your kid conveniently while having your sight on them. It also encourages interaction and allows them to pedal.

weehoo bike trailer

· Limited Space

Child bicycle trailers usually don’t offer you any space to carry cargo unless it’s a dual seat where you’ll sacrifice one seat.

On the other hand, Cargo trailers only allow you to haul just enough gear but not as much as a cargo bike.

· Not Convenient for Tighter Spaces

The extra length of the trailer makes it difficult for you to turn your bike and maneuver tighter spaces. That means it’s not the best choice for using in town and other heavy traffic areas.

· Trailers slow You Down

The biggest concern for most people is ‘how fast can you go with a bike trailer? ‘Well, you cannot go as fast as someone riding without it. So, your speed reduces significantly.

Expect to average 20mph on paved roads and 15mph on trails. It could be slower, depending on your experience.

Now, Are Bike Trailers Worth It?

There is no doubt that bicycle trailers suffer a few downsides to doubt their worth. Yes, these trailers are hard to handle, not convenient for tighter spaces, slow you down, and in most cases, do not allow interaction with your kid.

But on the brighter side, it’s weather-protected, comfortable, and safer for transporting your little one, portable, and versatile.

Those reasons alone make them worth it. Besides, bike trailers are more affordable than cargo bikes.

Types of Bike Trailers

Let’s now discuss the types of bike trailers available on the market. They include these choices:

  • Child bike trailers
  • Pet bike trailers
  • Cargo bike trailers

Are Child Bike Trailers Good?

Child bike trailers, as the name suggests, are for carrying kids. They come enclosed and well-cushioned to shelter your kid from the weather and provide comfortable seating space, thus good.

Child bicycle trailers are best suit kids who cannot pedal independently, but others can accommodate kids as old as seven years. They usually have a 1 – 2 child capacity.

And with an option like the Schwinn Joyrider Child Bike Trailer being able to detach and serve as a baby carrier, you surely cannot complain. It’s just the perfect all-around bike trailer for your kid.

bike trailer for kids

Are Pet Bike Trailers Good?

Pet bicycle trailers allow you to bring your four-legged canine friend to your cycling adventures. These trailers are enclosed just like kid’s bicycle trailers to protect your dog from the harsh weather but have a transparent side to allow a vivid view of the surroundings.

One dog bicycle trailer that your animal friend will love to ride on is the Burley Design Tail Wagon Bike Trailer. This trailer comes with an all-weather cover to protect the dog against bad weather and mesh top sides to offer maximum airflow.

Are Cargo Bike Trailers Good?

Cargo bicycle trailers allow you to haul large cargos and gears when going on a bike tour. Some of them come with the suspension to take on rough roads.

You can expect these trailers to come with a weatherproof cover to protect your cargo from the rain, like the Aosom Bicycle Cargo Trailer

This trailer comes in a 2-in-1 design to not only serve as a cargo trailer and a push wagon. It’s pretty spacious and features massive, fast-rolling tires.

Are Cargo Bike Trailers Good

Bike Trailers Vs. Child Seat – Are Bike Trailers Safer Than Bike Seats?

Bike trailers protect your child from bad weather as they feature a waterproof canopy. They also allow your child to sit closer to the ground, reducing the falling distance.

They also come with seat belts that hold your child during the ride. While a child seat is likely to come with a seat belt, it doesn’t sit closer to the ground or feature a canopy. These reasons make bike trailers safer.

But when it comes to comfort, having a scenic view, and interacting with your kid, a bike seat is better, and here are two best choices on Amazon:

Cargo Bike Trailer Vs. Cargo Bike – Are bike Trailers Better than Cargo Bikes?

Both bike trailers and cargo bikes have their downsides. On the one hand, a bicycle cargo trailer is weather-protected and more convenient for hauling cargo with your bicycle. It, however, does not allow you to transport huge cargo. 

If you want to transport massive cargo, a cargo bike is better. A cargo bike is also a better choice for long tours with a bike though it’s costly and not weather-protected.

One bike trailer cargo you can count on for tours, and large cargo-hauling or two wheels is the Mongoose Envoy Cargo Bike (View on Amazon)

Are Schwinn Bike Trailers Good

People Also Ask

1. Is It Hard to Pull a Bike Trailer?

A bike trailer lengthens your bike and makes it slightly heavy. So, your bike may not feel as lightweight as it usually is when riding without a bike trailer. You’ll need a bit of effort to pull it.

2. Are Schwinn Bike Trailers Good?

Schwinn bike trailers are among the most reliable bicycle trailers on the market. They are weather-protected, safe to use, strong in build, and user-friendly.

3. Are Aosom Bike Trailers Good?

Aosom bike trailers come in strong weather-protected construction to promise reliable usage in all weather. They are too easy to attach and detach and pretty versatile, thus good.

4. What Makes a Good Bike Trailer?

A good bike trailer should be safe and comfortable, spacious enough, stronger to hold, and weather protected. It should also be compatible with your bike and allow you to use it in preferred terrain.

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Are Bike Trailers Good? Closing Thought:

Bike trailers may be less stable, difficult to handle, slower, and even unsuitable for tight places, but that doesn’t negate their remarkable advantages. They are safer, comfortable, portable, versatile, and affordable, making them good.