What’s The Average Bike Trailer Weight Limit?

Bike trailers undoubtedly offer a convenient way to haul heavy loads with regular bikes. That principally eliminates the need to get a cargo bike or bike seat, depending on what you want to transport. But what is the average bike trailer weight limit?

The average single-seat kids’ bike trailer carries 40-50 pounds, while its double-seat sibling can bear 80-100 pounds. Meanwhile, the average pet bike trailer can hold 50-100 pounds, while the average cargo bike trailer allows you to load 80 – 150 pounds.

However, we’ve some heavy-duty cargo bike trailers that can bear 200 – 330 pounds. Overall, a bike trailer’s load capacity primarily depends on the trailer type. However, other determining factors include the seating capacity, storage room, build quality, size, and brand.

I’ll discuss all these factors more to help you understand the bike trailer limit.

bike trailer weight limit

Below is a table summary showing the average weight limits of the various bike trailers.

Bike Trailer TypeWeight Limit
Single-seat kids bike trailer40 – 50 pounds
Double-seat kids’ bike trailers80 – 100 pounds
Pet bike trailers50 – 100 pounds
Cargo bike trailer80 – 150 pounds

Factors Determining the Bike Trailer Weight Limit

Generally, a bicycle trailers weight limit depends on the following factors:

1. Bike Trailer Type

Bike trailers come in different categories, promising different load limits. Here are the three types and what to know about their weight limits:

a) Kid Bike Trailer Weight Limit

Since kids’ bike trailers are for hauling children, you cannot expect them to take much weight. On average, kid’s bike trailers hold 40 – 100 pounds, depending on the seating capacity.

Single-seat options average 40 – 50 pounds, while double-seat options can collectively hold 80 – 100 pounds.

One incredible kid’s bike trailer that fits the bill is the Instep Bike Trailer for Toddlers and Kids (View on Amazon). The Instep bike trailer weight limit is 40 pounds for the single-seat option and is one of the most comfortable, safest, and most portable kids bike trailers out there.

It’s designed to shield your child against weather elements and enable them to have a fun experience accompanying you on your biking exploits.

b) Dog Bike Trailer Weight Limit

A pet bike trailer is worth getting if you have a four-legged canine friend to take on a biking adventure.

Capacity-wise, these trailers only allow you to haul one dog at a time, and you can load up to 50 – 100 pounds depending on the trailer size, build quality, and brand.

For example, the Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer (View on Amazon) comes in two options, each offering different weight limits.

First, the small trailer has a 50-pound capacity, while the Schwinn bike trailer weight limit for the large option is 100 pounds. So, if you only have a small dog, go for the smaller trailer, but if you have a full-grown canine, the large trailer is ideal.

Generally, this pet bike trailer doesn’t just promise a large load limit, but it’s also well ventilated, safe, and compactly built, thus suitable for your dog. Even better, it comes with a safety flag, ready for the roads.

dog bike trailer weight limit

c) Cargo Bike Trailers

Cargo bike trailers are undisputedly the heaviest carriers. You can expect them to carry twice as much as kid’s bike trailers and pet bike trailers.

Most cargo bike trailers come with an 80 – 150 pounds carrying capacity. We, however, have a few options that can bear up to 200 – 330 pounds.

One fantastic example is the Go Plus Cargo Bike Trailer (View on Amazon). This bike trailer is perfect for those hoping for a bike trailer 150 lb weight limit or higher.

Overall, you can tell that the trailer is a heavy carrier from its robust steel and iron construction.

But other than being a heavyweight carrier, the cargo trailer is quite functional. It comes with a removable cover to protect your cargo from damage and is quite spacious to allow you to haul lots of stuff when running errands.

2. Room for Gear

Bike trailers with extra storage room for your cargo usually have a higher load limit. Remember, we are talking about kids’ and pets’ options here.

For example, while a regular kid’s bike trailer without storage can hold 40 – 50 pounds, an option with extra storage can bear up to 80- – 100 pounds.

So, again, if you plan to haul a few items with your kid or pet, consider an option with extra storage.

3. Build Quality 

The build quality determines how much load a bike trailer can bear. Usually, the stronger the build material, the more weight the trailer is expected to carry.

Overall, steel trailers carry the heaviest load, mostly bike trailer 125 lb weight limit and above. But sadly, they are also the heaviest, thus less portable. These options are mostly cargo options.

Even though they are not the best for the heaviest loads, aluminum and alloy metal make the lightest bike trailers.

So, it’s generally about making compromises. If you want to carry the heaviest load, you have to accept the reality of towing a heavy trailer, but if you want the most portable options, you may have to take a lower weight limit.

4. Bike Trailer Size

We’ve to talk about the frame and wheel size here. On frame size, bike trailers with a massive frame usually bear more load than those with a more petite frame.

And when it comes to the wheel size, 20-inch bike trailers often carry more load than the 16-inch option. That implies that the bigger the wheel size, the larger the load limit.

When Can a Baby Go in A Bike Trailer

5. Seat Capacity

Having mentioned the seating capacity under child bike trailers, it’s worth clarifying that double-seaters have a much higher load limit than single-seaters.

For example, while you expect a single-seat trailer to hold 40 – 80 pounds, expect the double bike trailer weight limit to average at least 80 – 100 pounds.

It is, however, worth mentioning that some single-seat bike trailers have the capacity of double seaters. One perfect example is the Weehoo Blast Bike Trailer. This Weehoo bike trailer weight limit is 80 pounds, making it ideal for hauling older kids.

What Else to Consider Besides the Bike Trailer Weight Limit

While the bicycle trailer’s weight limit is an important consideration, it’s not the only one. Also, consider the following when shopping for a bike trailer:

a) Trailer Type

What do you plan to use the trailer for? If it’s to haul your dog, get a pet trailer, and if it’s to tag your kid along, bring a kids bike trailer.

But if you want to run errands, go on a road trip or do anything that involves carrying heavy stuff, get a cargo bike trailer.

b) Compatibility 

Do you need just a bike trailer or something you could turn into a stroller? You’ll have to get a convertible bike trailer if it’s the latter.

c) Weather Protection

It’s essential to opt for a bike trailer with a waterproof canopy to protect your kid or pet from bad weather. Nowadays, even cargo with trailers come with removable weather-protected covers to protect your cargo in transit.

d) Safety Features

If you want to haul your kid or pet, you must consider a bike trailer with the best safety features. Look for a solid harnessing system, working handbrake, and sturdy frame build to guarantee utmost safety on transit.

Remember also that the canopy is a safety measure that offers weather protection. You should also not forget about the safety flag, which improves the trailer’s visibility on the road.

e) Storage 

Would you want to haul a few items even if your bike trailer is not a cargo option? If so, then consider a bike trailer with extra storage onboard. 

Luckily, most of them offer that, so it shouldn’t concern you a lot. However, it’s good to confirm it and pick the largest capacity. A choice like the Thule Coaster XT 2-Seat Bicycle Trailer (View on Amazon) fits the description.

thule bike trailer weight limit

The Thule bike trailer weight limit is 100 pounds which is enough to haul two toddlers and a few cargos. 

This trailer also serves as a stroller. So, you don’t have to get a separate stroller for your toddlers. It folds easily for seamless storage and is generally comfortable for the kids.

f) Comfort 

Comfort is always a primary consideration unless you buy a cargo bike trailer. Go for the most comfortable bike trailer for your child or dog. In that case, look for an option with well-padded and spacious seats.

Don’t forget about the suspension if you plan to use the trailer on bumpy roads.

People Also Ask

1. How Much Weight Can You Pull On a Bike Trailer?

Most kid’s bike trailers allow you to pull 40-50 pounds per seat, while pets and cargo options let you haul 50-100 pounds and 80-150 pounds, respectively.

However, a few cargo options can haul up to 330 pounds, though you have to ride on a smoother road at a much slower pace.

2. When Can a Baby Go in A Bike Trailer?

A baby can go in a bike trailer as young as 12 months. Nevertheless, you should ensure they sit correctly and secure them before riding off. Another note is that the bike trailer should be weather-protected to shield the young one from bad weather.

3. Can You Attach a Bike Trailer to Any Bike?

Bike trailers employ a coupler attachment and hitch system that allows you to attach just about any standard bike. You can pull a bike trailer with a road bike, beach cruiser, MTB, or e-bike, to name a few.

4. Is It Hard to Pull a Bike Trailer?

Bike trailers add extra weight to your bike, which means your bike is slightly hard to maneuver when you are a beginner. You’ll need to ride slowly on rough and high traffic roads and exercise caution when taking corners.

5. Is A Bike Trailer Worth It?

A bike trailer allows you to haul heavy loads, including cargo, pets, and kids. They are attachable to most bikes, eliminating the need for getting a cargo bike. So, yes, bike trailers are worth it.

Concluding Thoughts on Bike Trailer Weight Limit!

When it comes to the bicycle’s trailer weight limit, most trailers can carry at least 40-50 pounds to 330 pounds, depending on the type, size, seat capacity, and build quality. So, you should consider all these factors as shared in this guide!

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