How To Ride Bike With A Dog In A Basket Safely ?

Are you going out on a ride, and would you like to bring your small pup along? Well, a dog basket on the bike can be an excellent solution. But do you know how to ride a bike with a dog in a basket?

To ride a bike with a dog in a basket, you need first to train your dog and assure it that the basket is safe. To ride safely, you will need to strap the animal by the harness or collar to the sides of the basket and then ride normally. 

Putting your dog in a basket will keep your pet safe while you enjoy your bike ride without much fear or limitations. Also, since dogs like the breezy feel on their face, the ride will be enjoyable for both of you.

How to Ride Bike with a Dog in a Basket - dog in a bike basket

How to Ride Bike with a Dog in a Basket – Getting Started

There is always the first time in everything we take part in. therefore, your dog may be scared to get into the basket for the first time. In that case, keeping the animal calm is the first step into riding with the dog in a basket.

On the first day, place the dog in the basket and pet it. Just stand next to the animal to assure it that the basket is alright and safe. You need to be patient and repeat the process several times.

Once the dog is used to the basket, it is time to start moving the bike.

Don’t begin by riding, but by pushing the bike around your parking lot. This helps to accustom your dog to a floating basket and a moving bicycle.

So, to ride with a dog in a basket, first, train it to stay calm in the carrier. Though training a dog to ride in a basket may take time, you can enjoy long bike rides together once the dog gets used to it.

How Do You Transport a Dog in a Bike Basket?

A dog is not just any other luggage that you put in a bicycle basket. First, you will need to train your dog to sit in without jumping off.

Secondly, some dog baskets like the Petsfit Dog Bike Basket (View on Amazon) lets the dog stick out its head, but it can’t jump off.

Also, others will allow you to strap the dog to three sides of the basket with the leash.

In case your basket doesn’t have a leash, you may consider purchasing one, and that goes for just a few bucks. As you harness your canine pet, ensure there is enough room to move without any possibility of falling or jumping off.

In addition, you need to take note of your dog’s size and weight. For the small ones, carrying them in the carrier at the front isn’t much of an issue.  

On the other hand, you will need a bigger basket on the rear rack or a bike trailer for the bigger dogs.

How Do You Transport a Dog in a Bike Basket

For you to comfortably transport your dog in a basket, you need to consider these three things.

  • How big is your dog? Dog baskets have strict weight limits. For dogs that are 20 lbs. or less, a front-loading basket at the handlebar is the most ideal. For the huge animals, a basket on a bike trailer is the best.
  • How comfortable is the basket? You need to ensure that your pup is comfortable i. A small dog blanket and some soft pillows will go a long way in making your dog’s ride comfortable. Make sure that the basket is big enough for your dog.
  • Is your dog scared? If your dog is afraid of riding in a bike basket, you need to give it time before you go riding. Also, it is prudent to consider where your dog likes riding, from the front or the back.

Is it Legal to Ride a Bike with a Dog in a Basket?

No one ever wants to get into trouble with authorities for things they can easily avoid. So, is it legal to ride a bike with a dog?

The law doesn’t prohibit you from taking your dog with you for the ride. All the same, you need to be in complete control of the animal throughout your trip. Also, the dog should not pose any danger to other road users.

In addition, if your dog doesn’t stop you from having at least one hand on the handlebar at all times, you should be good to go. Here is an article that goes deeper into the legality of riding with a dog.

Also, to ride a bike with a dog in the basket, you should ensure that the animal is comfortable and well secured in the basket.

Is Biking with a Dog in a Basket Safe?

One aspect of riding you should never through to the wind is safety. So, is biking with a dog safe? 

The answer to that question is yes. It is safe to ride with your dog in a basket or trotting by your side. 

All that you need is to adequately train your dog so that they get used to biking. If you plan to carry the dog in a basket, make sure you fasten the carrier properly to the bike. Also, adhering to weight regulations will make biking with a dog safer.

Again, investing in the proper equipment for you and your dog will keep you safe.

Get reflective vests that will increase visibility for both of you.

How to Ride Bike with a Dog in a Basket - Dog in a bike rear rack

Can I Put My Dog in a Bike Basket?

Yes, it is alright to put your dog in a bike basket, especially the small ones. Dogs easily get overheated, and running for a long time could hurt them. Also, your dog will get exhausted after trotting for 2 miles or so. If that happens, you can put your dog in a basket and carry them for the rest of the journey.

Which Is Better, Rear Rack Basket or Handlebar Basket?

It depends on your dog’s weight and riding skills. For smaller dogs, having them at the handlebars may not be a bother. For bigger dogs, a back rack basket is a better option. 

  • Handlebar Bike Basket for Dogs

At the handlebars, we have seen that you can only carry a small dog that weighs 20 pounds and less. Having a big dog at the handlebars could make steering the bike hard.

In that case, you need the best basket that won’t interfere with your riding or the small dog’s comfort.

One of the best handlebar baskets that you can consider is the Retrospec Bicycles Half-Mesh Bike Basket. The steel basket is weather-proof and easy to install. Also, it has a mesh bottom that increases the safety of the basket.

  •  Rear Rack Bike Basket for Dogs 

As we had earlier mentioned, it is only advisable to carry heavier dogs on the rear rack.

Also, if you prefer carrying your dog at the back of the bike, go for a rear rack basket. Notably, some baskets attach to the handlebars as well as the back rack. 

Some of the best rear rack baskets include the MTX Rear Bicycle Basket (View on Amazon) which can hold up to 16.5 lbs. The carrier doubles up as a shopping basket.

Another basket worthy looking at is the Axion Pet Basket, which comes with rack and handlebar mounts. The basket can hold up to 50 lbs. an adjustable 14” tether leash.

In case your bike doesn’t have a rear rack, you will need to buy one to mount your rear rack basket.

How Do You Make a Dog Bike Basket

How Do You Make a Dog Bike Basket?

Would you rather make a DIY dog basket than buy one? Well, there is a way you can use the materials at home and come up with a superb dog carrier.

First, you will need to collect a few materials, including:

  • An office file crate
  • Zip ties
  • Utility straps
  • Pillow or seat cushion
  • Rear Rack (if not present)

Adjust your seat post to get enough space for the carrier. Once you have some good space, mount the rack first into place.

Next, place the crate on the rack and use zip ties to fasten it to the bike carrier. Neatly trim the excess zip ties ends.

Once the crate is up, add a cushion or pillow to it. To keep the cushion in place, attach cargo straps diagonally crossing the cushion.

Using a small biner hook, you can attach the bottom of the dog’s harness to the straps’ center. This would keep the dog comfortable, yet it can’t jump off.

Other Ways You Transport a Dog on a Bike?

To transport a dog on a bike, you can carry it on you with one hand and hold the handlebars with the other. But this is only ideal for a short distance.

Also, there are backpacks that you can use to carry your pup safely. When you need to take your dog for a longer distance, a bike dog basket will do the trick.

For bigger dogs, you may consider using bike trailers for long distances.

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Final Take

Have you had been wondering how to ride a bike with a dog in a basket? You now have an idea of what you need to do. Putting a dog in a bike basket is a great idea when dealing with small dogs and when riding for long distances.