Why Do BMX Bikes Make Noise?

I can’t count how many times my BMX bike just couldn’t move smoothly without making a rattling noise. Sometimes it’s a low, unswerving sound. Other times, it’s a loud clicking noise mixed with sharp squeaks. But why do BMX bikes make noise?

BMX bikes make noise because of the metal-to-metal contact in the riding mechanism. There may be loose parts that need fixing, bolts that need tightening, or dry and rusted parts that need lubrication. Dry bearings in the cranks and dry breaks can also result in the noise.

bmx bike making noise

The grinding noise and spurts of vibration isn’t just annoying. Sometimes it can be a sign of a mechanical problem that requires an immediate fix. In this guide, we’ll look at the possible reasons why BMX bikes tend to make noise and show you exactly how to fix them.

Why Do BMX Bikes Make Noise? (And How to Fix the Noise)

A bike making noise isn’t anything new to me. But the constant noise that comes from a BMX is honestly something I hate.

I want to do my simple tricks and complex stunts without the squeaks worrying me. Because, from where I seat, I strongly believe that noise from a BMX bike can easily spoil all the bmxing fun.

But why are BMX bikes so loud?

After spending about one and a half week figuring out where the noise on a BMX comes from and why, here’s what you need to know:

1. The Noise Coming From The Crank

There’s no part of a BMX bike that takes far much more abuse than the crank.

Every pedal strike sends a force that pushes the crank forward. The turning crank set the chain in motion that, in turn, pushes the sprockets forward and set the bike in motion.

Everything here is mechanical. However, the more you pedal the bike, with less or no maintenance in the details, the more likely your BMX bike will make noise.

Fortunately, the noise coming from the BMX bike crank isn’t difficult to fix.

You should:

  • Remove the crank from the spindle
  • Grease the spindle and the crank separately
  • Put these components back together
  • Add a final layer of lubing
  • Tighten the bolts

Keep in mind that this isn’t a one-time solution. The more you ride your BMX bike the more likely the lubing will dry up. So it’s important to have a regular lubrication routine to keep the crank and the spindle in their best state.

2. Problem With The Handlebar

I haven’t heard noise coming from the handlebar of my BMX bike, but I’ve a few friends who have complained about the handlebars of their bike creaking a little.

But why exactly does noise come from the handlebar?

It’s because of loose stem bolts. All you have to do if you ever encounter this issue is to tighten the stem bolts.

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Place the front wheel between your leg
  • Use a hex wrench, such as BIKEHAND heavy-duty piece, to tighten the stem bolts, which is at the
BIKEHAND heavy-duty piece
  • center of the handlebar

3. A Rattling Noise Coming From The Chain

A BMX bike whose chain has a tight tension will more than likely rattle at one point in time. Even a poor adjustment on the derailleur can lead to the same.

There’s more to the chain tension than just the nerves wrecking sound that it causes. There’s a likelihood the chain will weaken and stretch out beyond the recommended tension level.

And if you don’t take the step to correct this problem as soon as possible, you just might have to replace the entire chain.

There’s a quick fix, though, and one that’s more cost effective and time saving compared to getting a new chain for replacement.

  • Loosen the axle and push the drive within the dropout
  • Tighten the drive side, turn the crank, and examine the chain’s tension
  • Make sure the crank is tight and then try to loosen the drive side
  • Test the wheel, making sure it moves inwards
  • Now tighten the axle nut

4. Pedal Cracking

Do you notice a cracking sound coming from your BMX bike every time you pedal?

That noise could be because something loose in the pedals, worn out bearings, or a washer that needs an upgrade.

Depending on the cause of the noise, you might have to:

  • Use a tool such as Hex Key Allen Wrench to tighten the loose screws
  • Remove all the internals and screws for thorough cleaning or
  • Apply a lubricant such as silicone grease, such as Super Lube 97008, not only to the bearings but also to the spindles
Super Lube 97008

5. Bottom Bracket Bearings Making Noise

There’s a high chance that you’ll ride your BMX bike on dirt roads. And in such a case, you can expect the bottom bracket bearings to collect dust.

There’ll be noise coming from the bottom bracket bearings once dust and dirt settles in.

While noise from the bottom bracket bearings can be such a bothersome thing, it’s a problem you can fix in under 10 minutes.

  • Remove the cranks from the bike
  • Clean the bottom bracket bearings
  • Grease the bottom bracket bearings
  • Put the components back in place

It’s that simple.

6. Noise Coming from the Brake

If you’ve noticed something with the brake of your BMX bike, there’s a high chance it has something to do with squeal. Commonly known as toe-in, the squeal can be quit annoying ach time the brake pads press against the rim.

The noise coming from the brake is easy to fix. Try to adjust the toe-in and if that doesn’t solve the problem, bend the brake arms slightly.

If your BMX bike has chrome rims, it’s likely it could be the source of the noise each time it makes contact with the brake pads. If this is the case, clean the rim thoroughly to fix the problem. You might as well add some oil to the rim just in case you like plain water wouldn’t be enough.

Why Do Bikes Make Noise When Coasting?

A clicking sound when coasting on a BMX isn’t something unusual. And given that you aren’t pedaling as you coast, the noise coming from the bike can be somewhat bothersome.

But why exactly does a BMX bike make the clicking sound when you coast?

A BMX bike makes noise when you coast because of tension in the pawls. More often than not, the spring-loaded pawls fail to catch when the tension is higher. It’s the failure to catch that leads to the clicking sound.

To be clear, tensed pawls isn’t the only reason why your BMX bike might be making noise when coasting. The clicking sound could indicate a problem with the cassette, chain, brake, or some other bike component.

Proper adjustments and lubrication are the best solutions to fix this problem.

Why Does My BMX Bike Click When I Pedal?

I’ve been there, trying to pedal my BMX bike only to find myself focusing so much on the clicking sound from the pedal and less on my ride. And there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to pull off those crazy stunts simply because the bike clicks when you pedal.

But what’s the problem exactly?


A BMX bike clicks when you pedal because the chain is hitting the case, the hub bearing needs fixing, or there’s a problem with the chainstay. It’s likely also that there might be a crack on the axle or the front wheel needs fixing. Or, your BMX bike may be clicking when you pedal because the pedals have problem.

Final Words

BMX bikes do make noise sometimes. But from what we’ve learned, every noise coming from the bike has a quick solution that doesn’t even require the engagement of professional bike repair.

Just follow the simple solutions that we’ve shared in this guide and you won’t have to worry about BMX bike noise anymore.