What Size Tricycle for Adults?

We mostly associate tricycles or trikes with kids and forget that they are as fun to ride for adults as for children. Even better, they are perfect for adult commuting, running errands, and low-impact exercising. But what size tricycle for adults?

Adults who are 4’11”-5’9” tall can ride 24-inch tricycles, while those who are 5’3”-6’2” and 5’5”-6’3” tall can ride 26-inch and 27.5-inch trikes, respectively.

So, adult tricycles are generally sized according to the wheel size, and I’m going to shed more light on that.    

Remember, however, that it’s not just about getting the tricycle’s wheel size correctly. You also have to consider the tricycle’s load capacity, build quality, intended use, among other factors.

On that note, I’ll share with you a quick guide for finding the best adult tricycle. I’ll also discuss the types of trikes that favor adults and give a few recommendations from Amazon.

But first, let’s start with a tricycle size chart, which you can use to find a perfect adult trike.

what size tricycle for adults

Adults Tricycle Size Chart

Tricycles are sized according to the wheel size and not the frame, and the wheels typically start from 20-inch to 27.5-inch.

Those are the standards, but not everyone is subject to the standard. Some trikes are more adjustable than others and have more extended handlebars, making them more accommodating to taller adults than others.

But since we are talking about standard size, below is a wheel size chart that most trike manufacturers recommend.

Wheel Size (Inches)Rider’s Height
20- inch4’8”-5’4”

So, What Size Tricycle for Adults?

From the above size chart, we can argue that the best size for an adult tricycle is the one that comes with a 24-inch, 26-inch, or 27.5-inch wheel. Choosing between the three depends on your exact height.

Note, however, that an adult who’s 6 feet can ride a 26-inch or 27.5-inch tricycle but not a 24-inch and definitely not a 20-inch.

On the other hand, an adult under 6 feet can ride a 24-inch comfortably and probably a 20-inch. The problem with 20-inch options is that they are few, and most of them tend to favor kids most.

Overall, given that the average height of women is 5’4”, women can ride comfortably ride 24-inch and probably 26-inch trikes, depending on how tall they are.

And given that the average height of men is 5’9”, men can comfortably ride 26-inch or 27.5-inch trikes, also depending on how tall they are. Shorter men, however, can go for 24-inch options.

Adults Tricycle Size Chart

What Should I Look for in A Adult Tricycle?

Generally, these factors are a must-consider when shopping for an adult tricycle:

a. Wheel Size

As I mentioned, adults can go for 24-inch, 26-inch, or 27.5-inch trikes and, in some cases, 20-inch options. It all depends on height. Usually, the taller you are, the bigger the wheel size.

Refer to the trike size chart shared earlier to find a wheel size that matches your height.

b. Load Capacity

Getting the correct wheel size doesn’t mean that the trike will fit. The three-wheel should also be able to carry your weight and cargo.

Lucky for you, most trikes come with a capacity that’s above 300 pounds. So, you won’t have to worry about your weight surpassing the carrying capacity unless you are very heavy.

However, you’ll have to watch out for the amount of cargo you load onto the tricycle.

c. Intended Use

What do you plan to use the tricycle for? If your goal is to run errands, you should look for a trike with a large cargo basket. If your intended use is to commute with the trike, preferably get a folding trike.

But if you intend to use the tricycle for low-impact workouts, get a recumbent option. And if it’s to conquer hills, go for a mountain tricycle.

d. Build Quality

You need the best quality adults tricycle that promises value for money. So, you’ve to look at its parts carefully to ensure they are all of good quality.

In that case, prioritize the following:

  • Sturdy frames
  • Solid rims with stainless steel spokes
  • Hard-wearing tires
  • Quality Shimano drivetrains

e. Gear Number

Tricycles don’t come with many gears. Most of them only come single-geared, but a few 3-speed and 7-speed options are available.    

Overall, single-gear trikes are best for city riding, but they are the poorest off-road. Their advantage is that they are easier to maintain.

Multi-geared (3-speed and 7-speed) options, on the other hand, are best for all terrains. They are, however, costlier to maintain.

Is an Adult Tricycle Safe

f. Back Support

Getting a trike with a seat with back support is essential for older adults and those with back issues. In that case, you relieve your spine and lower back maximally and prevent future spinal complications.

Preferably, consider seats that not only have backrests but those whose backrests are adjustable. That gives you more comfort as you can take different seating positions.

g. Mode of Powering

Do you intend to do the heavy-lifting, or would you prefer to have some pedaling assistance? If it’s the former, then go for a manual trike, and they happen to be the commonest on the market.

But if it’s the latter, then go for a motorized trike. It’ll cost you more but will make commuting fun.

h. Accessories

It’s equally important to consider the accessories that come with the tricycle. That includes the following:

  • Storage basket for hauling your cargo
  • Safety flags for making your visible on-road
  • Rearview mirror
  • Trike cover to protect the tricycle from bad weather
  • Storage bag
  • Cellphone holder

Type of Adult Tricycles

Tricycles generally come in these three types:

1. Upright Tricycle for Adults

Upright tricycles are what most people call standard or traditional tricycles. From their names, these trikes put you in an upright position, thus best for casual riding.

They also offer you lots of storage and are very stable. Overall, these trikes are best for cruising around town, running errands, and short commutes.

The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle (View on Amazon) is a fantastic choice for adults in this category.

This tricycle is available in 24-inch and 26-inch options and enjoys a step-thru frame for easy access by seniors. Its 26-inch option can accommodate 5’4”-6’2” tall users. Moreover, Schwinn Meridian Trike’s weight limit is about 300 pounds.

How Much Are Tricycles for Adults

2. Recumbent Tricycle for Adults

Unlike upright tricycles, recumbent tricycles allow you to cycle in a reclining position. In that case, you sit low and distribute your weight over a large area.

Overall, the weight distribution supports your back, making these trikes the best for people with spinal and back issues. They are also as stable as upright trikes and are generally easy to ride.

The best tricycle for adults in this category is the Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle (View on Amazon).

This three-wheel cruiser is perfect for road use where you can use it for commuting or fitness reasons. So, if you want to perform low-impact exercises on a tricycle, this is the option to go for.

Overall, you’ve to be 4’2”-6’3” tall and weigh less than 250 pounds. Sadly, it cannot carry loads.

3. Semi-Recumbent Tricycle for Adults

In case you find an upright tricycle too tiny for your height but want something inclining that can haul a few things, then you should go for a semi-recumbent trike.

These trikes have their seats further back to offer you more room for the knees. So, you don’t have to stay upright as you do with a standard trike, and neither do you have to recline a lot as you do with a recumbent. Thus, they are less likely to cause back or spinal discomfort.

And like standard tricycles, semi-recumbent trikes have huge load capacities. Their downside is that they don’t suit shorter adults. They are only best for taller riders.  

That is the case with the Slsy Adult 7-Speed Tricycle. This trike comes with an adjustable backrest that allows you to recline it slightly or ride upright, depending on preference.

It enjoys a 350-pound load capacity, and its 26-inch version suits adults who are 5’3”-6’2” tall.

Other Types of Adult Tricycles Worth Noting

Note that tricycles like the Schwinn Meridian and Slsy Adult 7-Speed fall in the cruiser trike category. Other than that, we’ve mountain trikes.

The difference between mountain trikes and cruiser trikes is that mountain trikes are all-terrain trikes. They can take on the steep mountains and the paved urban roads.

Cruiser trikes, in contrast, are only best for urban roads and smoother unpaved areas.

One all terrain tricycle for adults is the Slsy Adult Mountain Tricycle (View on Amazon).

This 26-inch mountain trike can hold up to 420 pounds and accommodate 5’3”-6’2” tall riders.

Are Tricycles Good for Seniors

People Also Ask (Adults Tricycle Size)

1. Is an Adult Tricycle Safe?

Adult tricycles come in stronger and stable constructions not to tip over. They are slow-speed three-wheel cycles that adults can ride safely.

The only concern is that they are too close to the ground. So, they often go unnoticed by motorists, especially when they lack bike safety flags.

2. How Much Are Tricycles for Adults?

You can get a decent tricycle on Amazon for $500-$1,000. There are, however, cheaper options that average $250-$300.  

3. Are Tricycles Good for Seniors?  

Tricycles are generally good for seniors because they are more stable, easy to ride, and move at a slow, steady speed, thus safer.

Moreover, most of them have backrests with lumbar support capability, therefore suitable for older citizens.

4. How Do You Measure a Tricycle?

You measure a tricycle according to your height. In that case, the seat-to-pedal distance should match your leg length to ensure you’ll ride comfortably. Preferably, the seat should be adjustable to offer you more room.

5. How Do I Know What Size Tricycle I Need for Adults?

You can know what tricycle you need by looking at the wheel size. Here’s a chart you can use to pick a tricycle that matches your height:

Wheel Size (Inches)Rider’s Height
20- inch4’8”-5’4”

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Closing Thought On What Size Tricycle for Adults!

Generally, the wheel size is a must-consider when searching for an adult tricycle. Usually, retailers recommend a specific height range, depending on the wheel size.

So, you only need to check it on the product specs, or better, use our trike size chart (discussed above) to find a suitable adult trike.