Trek Verve 2 Vs Verve 3 Disc ?

Known for their upright geometry, powerful disc brakes, and cushy saddles, Trek’s Verve 2 and Verve 3 are everything you want from a budget hybrid bike. They are a perfect commuter, cruising, and fitness choice. But how does Trek Verve 2 vs Verve 3 compare?   

Trek Verve 2 and Verve 3 primarily differ in weight, wheel quality, and speed. Generally, Trek Verve 3 is slightly heavier and has less speed (18) but offers you puncture-resistant tires with better cord casing and enjoys tubeless-ready rims, thus costlier.

There are also slight differences in frame and handlebar technology, where Verve 3 has the upper hand. So, you generally pay slightly more for Verve 3 because of the slim advantages it enjoys over Verve 2.   

That, however, doesn’t make Verve 2 a bad choice. After all, it’s lighter and faster.

Overall, these two Trek hybrid bikes have a lot in common, ranging from the frame type and sizes to seat posts and seats.

But before we can compare these two bikes, I must confirm that I’m comparing Trek Verve 2 Disc and Trek Verve 3 Disc 2022 models, which also exist in Low-step options.  Moreover, the two bikes exist in electric versions, but the focus will be on the non-electric (disc) option.

Here we go!

Trek Verve 2 Vs Trek Verve 3

What Is the Difference Between Trek Verve 2 And 3?

Before we can go further, here is a table summary of the key differences between Verve 2 and Verve 3.  

 Trek Verve 2Trek Verve 3
Weight30.26 pounds31.64 pounds
Number of Speed24 speeds18 speed
Tire TypeNot Puncture-ResistantPuncture-Resistant
Tire Casing30tpi60tpi
RimsNot tubeless-readyTubeless-ready
HandlebarsComfort sweep handlebarIsoZone handlebars

The Breakdown:

1. Trek Verve 2 Disc Weight Vs Verve 3 Disc Weight

Trek employs alpha aluminum technology in this frame, which guarantees super lightweight frames. However, the two bikes don’t weigh the same.

While Verve 2 weighs 30.26 pounds, Verve 3 weighs 31.64 pounds. That makes Verve 3 slightly heavier than Verve 2.

2. Trek Verve 2 Vs Trek Verve 3 Rims

Trek Verve 3 rims are generally tubeless-ready to allow you to fit tubeless tires if you want. That can help you make them lighter than they are. Sadly, Trek Verve 2 only feature Bontrager connection alloy,

3. Trek Bike Verve 2 Vs Verve 3 Tire Quality

While both hybrid bikes come with the exact tire size (700x45c), they differ in casing quality. Verve 2 comes with a 30tpi (threads per inch), whereas Trek Verve 3 has a 60tpi.

The difference is that a higher TPI value indicates better tire casing and thus a more quality tire. In that case, Verve 2 has better quality tires.

4. Trek Verve 3 Vs Verve 2 Shifters and Speed

Trek Verve 2 Disc comes with 24-speed Shimano Altus shifters, while Verve 3 Disc features 18-speed Shimano Acera shifters. Overall, while Verve 3 shifters are high-quality, the bike has fewer gears.

That means you are likely to shift smoothly and go faster with a Verve 2 than Verve 3.

Note, nonetheless, that the original Verve 3 2017-2019 edition comes with 27-speed, making it faster. The bike is, however, archived on Trek.

Trek Verve 2 Review

5. Trek Verve 2 Vs 3 Frame Technology

While both frames are made of gold aluminum, they differ in technology acceptance. Trek 3’s frame is DuoTrap S-compatible to let you pair it with your Bluetooth device and listen to music on the go. Moreover, the DuoTrap S sensor also tracks your progress from the frame.

6. Trek Verve 2 Vs 3 Handlebars and Grips

The Trek Verve 2 comes with standard comfort sweep handlebars with shock-absorbing grips. The grips help to absorb the extra bumps, while the handlebar encourages a more upright posture.

Trek Verve 3 also comes with shock-absorbing grips, but the handlebars are not regular ones. They employ IsoZone technology that also absorbs road vibrations. As a result, the Verve 3 handlebar feels more comfortable, especially on rough roads, than Verve 2’s.

7. Trek Verve 2 Disc Price Vs Trek Verve 3 Price

Since Verve 3 has a few advantages over Verve 2, especially in wheel quality and handlebar technology, Trek Verve 3 costs slightly more than Verve 3. Trek Verve 3 2020 version costs $929.99 on the Trek website, while Verve 2 retails at $769.99.

In that case, Verve 2 is the more affordable option.

Trek Verve 2 Vs Verve 3 – The Similarities

Here are the things that the hybrid bikes share:

1. Alpha Aluminum Frame

Trek employs its patented alpha aluminum technology in the production of the Trek Verve bike line frames. The technology promises bikes that are lighter than average aluminum bikes but, more importantly, stronger ones.

That explains why these two hybrid bikes are suitable for fast commuting, fitness cycling, and casual riding around town.

2. Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Trek employs hydraulic disc brakes on both bikes to promise an all-weather performance. You can rely on the disc brakes for crisp stopping in all kinds of terrains too. So, whether it’s raining or the terrain is too rugged, the brakes are pretty reliable.

3. Suspension Seat Post

Both bikes come with a suspension seat post which makes them comfortable to ride on bumpy roads. The seat post absorbs the extra shock when you hit a bump to allow you to have a more cushioned ride.

What’s even more interesting about the seat post is that its angle is easily adjustable to allow you to find your comfort level. Overall, the suspension doesn’t just benefit you. It also helps the seat as the more bump it absorbs, the more it prolongs the saddle. 

4. Cushy Saddle

The bikes don’t just have a comfortable seat because of the adjustable seat post suspension. They also feel comfortable because the saddle is well-cushioned.

Their saddles cushion your butts against heavy hits on rough roads, making them the perfect choice for casual biking on unpredictable terrains or long-distance commuting.

Trek Verve 2 Disc Price

5. Vibration-Absorbing Grips

As I mentioned, both hybrids feature shock-absorbing grips on their handlebars that allow you to hold firmly and comfortably. As a result, these hybrid bikes can take on unpredictable grounds, especially when you have to go long-distance.

6. Adjustable Stem

Verve 2 and Verve 3 come with an adjustable stem height to allow you to match them with your height. That usually favors taller guys who find the available sizes too small.

7. Internal Cable Routing

These two hybrid bikes borrow a lot from their road bike siblings, and one area where that is evident is in the cable routing. They both employ an internal cable routing, making them more streamlined, which gives them an advantage when riding against the wind.

This is one area where you could argue that Trek Verve bikes are aerodynamic.

8. Tire Size

Both Trek Verve 2 and 3 come with 700x45c tires, with the same diameter as standard road bikes. For that reason, they enjoy the smooth-rolling ride and obstacle rolling efficiency.

9. Size and Fit

Both Trek 2 and Trek 3 bikes come in four sizes as follows:

  • Small (for 5’1”-5’5”)
  • Medium (for 5’5”-5’8”)
  • Large (for 5’8”-6’1”)
  • Extra-large size (6’1”-6’6”)

And when it comes to frame fit, they both come with regular high-step frames and low-step options. While the regular high-step bike is unisex, the low-step option frame favors women more as it’s easily accessed and comfortable to maneuver.  

10. Customization

These two bikes come fender and rack-ready. You can also fit water cages and other add-ons, which you may find necessary for your commuting or fitness workouts. So, they are generally customizable.

11. Weight Limit

Although Trek Verve 3 is heavier than Trek Verve 2, they both have the same weight limit. They both can bear up to 300lbs (equivalent to 136kg). Note that these weight limits include the rider’s weight and the cargo.

12. Limited Lifetime Warranty

Trek offers a limited lifetime warranty for the Verve hybrid bike frames. The coverage protects the two from manufacturer-associated faults. So, you are guaranteed a bike frame that will hold up for many years to come.

Other Resemblances

Both bikes come with KMC chains, city pedals, and alloy forks with steel steerers.


Both bikes are suitable for commuting, fitness cycling, and recreational cycling or cruising around town.

Trek Bike Verve 2 Vs Verve 3

Trek Verve 2 Disc Vs Verve 3 Disc Pros and Cons

Trek Verve 2 Review


  • Comfortable due to its cushy saddle and suspension seat post
  • Cheaper than Verve 3
  • Lightweight frame
  • Ergonomic grips
  • Adjustable stem
  • Good weight limit
  • Upright geometry
  • All-weather disc brakes
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Fewer speeds than Verve 2
  • Not tubeless-ready
  • Tires aren’t puncture-resistant
  • The frame doesn’t integrate Bluetooth

Trek Verve 3 Review


  • Ergonomic grips
  • Tubeless-ready
  • Puncture-resistant tires
  • Bluetooth integration
  • All-weather disc brakes
  • Upright geometry
  • Decent weight limit
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Tubeless tires require extra maintenance
  • Cost more than Trek Verve 2
  • It weighs slightly more than Verve 2


1. Is The Trek Verve a Good Bike?

Trek Verve is a hybrid bike with quality hydraulic brakes for all-terrain stopping, upright geometry for upright cycling, and seat post suspension for comfortable cycling. So, yes, Trek Verve is a good bike.

2. How Many Speeds Does Trek Verve 3 Have?

Trek Verve 3 Disc 2020 comes with 18 speeds to allow you to shift outdoors and go faster when necessary smoothly. However, the original 2017-2019 version enjoys 27 speeds, making it faster and easier to shift.

4. How Can I Prevent My Verve Bike from Rusting?

Both Verve 2 and Verve 3 are made up of alpha gold aluminum frames, making them rust-resistant. However, if you need to keep them more protected from rusting, you can apply wax or grease to keep moisture away.

Alternatively, you can apply an anti-corrosion spray like Muc-Off 908 Bike Spray to rust-protect it.  

5. What Is the Difference Between Trek Verve and Trek Fx?

Trek Verve enjoys an upright geometry that makes it best for commuting, fitness, and casual cruising. On the other hand, Trek Fx has a more neutral geometry that best fits fitness cycling.

6. How Many Gears Does Trek Verve 2 Have?

Trek Verve 2 bike gives a total of 24 gears, which is enough to shift smoothly on the tarmac and steeper surfaces.  

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Trek Verve 2 Vs Verve 3 Closing Thought:

You now know what sets Verve 2 and 3 apart and what they have in common. That should help you choose between them. Overall, these two bikes are a perfect balance of comfort, fun, and performance, thus worth the money!