Mongoose Vs Genesis Bikes Compared ?

Mongoose and Genesis are two popular bike brands that dominate the low-end and mid-range markets. These bikes have so much in common, which makes it hard to choose between them. So, how do Mongoose vs Genesis bikes compare?

While Mongoose dominates Genesis in the mountain bike and BMX sectors, Genesis dominates Mongoose in the touring and road bike sectors but offers the same options as Mongoose in the adventure and gravel bike sectors. 

So, while these brands primarily differ according to their focus line, they also differ slightly in frame quality, bike weight, warranty, frame strength, riding comfort, and design.

But still, there’s so much they have in common when it comes to price, bike range, and component quality.

Let’s dig deeper into the comparison!

genesis bike vs mongoose

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6. Genesis Croix De Fer Ti: Best Genesis Road Bike

Mongoose vs Genesis Bikes Differences

Overall, Mongoose and Genesis bicycles differ in the following ways.

a) Focus Line

This is where the two bike brands differ vastly. Mongoose dominates the BMX and mountain bike sectors, competing with the very best in the business. But still, the manufacturer makes gravel and adventurous bikes, kids bikes, and classic bikes.

Genesis, on the other hand, dominates Mongoose in the road bike and touring bike sectors. But just like Mongoose, Genesis makes adventure and gravel bikes.

b) Frame Quality

In terms of frames, these two bike brands are known to employ quality aluminum and steel frames to promise stronger and sturdy bikes.

Genesis, however, invests more in other options such as carbon and titanium. As a result, you are likely to find better quality Genesis bike frames than mongoose frames.

As you know, titanium and carbon are not just lightweight, but they are equally more robust, given that they enjoy a higher weight-to-strength ratio.

Overall, Genesis wins in the frame quality category as the bikes come in all frame options (steel, carbon, aluminum, or titanium).

 Is Genesis a Good Bike Brand

c) Bike Weight

Given that Genesis employs carbon and titanium a lot in most of its bikes, Genesis bikes are lighter than Mongoose bikes. It explains why Genesis dominates the road bike and touring bike sectors, where Mongoose doesn’t bother.

Instead, Mongoose concentrates on mountain bikes and BMX bikes, where weight is not a major concern. So, Genesis scores another marginal win here.

d) Bike Warranty

These two bike brands offer almost the same warranty policies for their bikes. For example, Mongoose provides a limited lifetime warranty for their steel frames and five-year coverage for aluminum frames and full-suspension bike frames.

As for the other parts, Mongoose offers you a one-year warranty for regular wear.

Genesis also offers you a limited lifetime coverage for its steel frames and one year for the parts. However, unlike Mongoose, Giant offers you limited lifetime coverage for its aluminum and titanium frames and five years for its carbon frames.

Overal, Genesis wins in the warranty category as the brand offers you better warranties,

e) Bike Availability

While Genesis claims to be making bikes in all frame sizes, which is true if you visit their store, there is no kids’ dedicated line. That’s unlike Mongoose, where kids have their dedicated line that features BMX, MTBs, among others.

Mongoose bikes are available on the Mongoose website and Amazon and other retail giant stores. Genesis, in contrast, is only available through the Genesis website and a few dealers.

f) Frame Strength

While Genesis enjoys better frame quality due to its wide selection of carbon and titanium frames, Mongoose employs the most robust frames, making the bikes tougher. That explains why Mongoose Dolomite dominates Genesis in the MTB and BMX sector.

A Mongoose BMX, for example, will take on the aggressive handling hits while its MTB sibling will tolerate the massive weight.

Is Mongoose Better than Genesis

g) Bike Comfort

While Genesis bikes are not as hardy or tough as Mongoose bikes, they come with several comfort features that make them comfortable choices.

Their saddles, especially for adventure and gravel bikes, are more comfortable. They come spring-loaded, and, together with the bikes’ firm suspensions, they improve the bikes’ comfort. That makes them a good choice for casual biking and running errands. The frames of Mongoose bikes are a little aggressive, making the bike less comfortable.

h) Bike Design

While both brands concentrate on the low-end and mid-range sectors, Genesis invests more in bike designs and innovation.

All of their bikes are handbuilt by a team of experts fabricators, and before coming up with a design, Genesis designers take time to come up with the most effective and unique designs. They ensure that each bike offers a unique cycling experience.

Genesis Bike Vs Mongoose Bike Similarities

Generally, Mongoose and Genesis bikes have the following in common:

Bike Range and Prices

Both bike brands come in low-end and mid-range options. Meantime, low-end options suit entry-level cyclists, the mid-range options suit entry-level and intermediate cyclists.

So, they are not the best choice when you want a top-end, pro-level bike to compete with Trek, Specialized, Giant, and Scott. As for the price, these two bike brands make their bikes more affordable.

For example, most Mongoose BMX and mountain bikes cost under $1,000, while it’s possible to get a mid-range Genesis road bike or touring bike for under $1,500 and commuter bikes for under $1,000.

Component Quality

There is little to separate Mongoose and Genesis when it comes to their bike components. Both bike brands employ quality groupsets, wheelsets, and headsets. They get their parts from Shimano and other reputable brands. Besides, both bike brands target the low-end and mid-range sectors.

Mongoose Vs Genesis Mountain Bikes

Both Mongoose and Genesis make quality mountain bikes for entry-level and intermediate-level cyclists. The bikes come with durable parts and are generally stronger and easier to maintain and ride.

The difference is that Mongoose offers you many options. You’ll find downhill bikes for downhill racing, dirt jumpers for stunts, and trail bikes for taking all kinds of trails.

You’ll even find fat-tire bikes where an option like the Mongoose Dolomite sets the standards in build quality and ability to take all terrains in all seasons.

Mongoose Vs Genesis Mountain Bikes

Genesis doesnt stock fat bikes, and they only have a few mountain bikes. You are likely to get the Genesis Longitude MTB on their website, and that’s about it. Though the MTB is decent, it limits you. You cannot go dirt jumping or fat biking with it.

Genesis Vs Mongoose BMX Bikes

Unfortunately, Genesis doesn’t make BMX bikes, and so the battle is one way. Mongoose dominates when it comes to the BMX sector as it began as a BMX brand.

So, they know what it takes to make the sturdiest, most versatile, fastest, and most user-friendly BMX.

Their BMX bikes come in all sizes to accommodate kids and adults, and they are generally affordable.

There cannot be a better recommendation than Mongoose Legion BMX. Not only do you get it on a budget, but it’s best for both kids and adults.

Mongoose vs Genesis Commuter Bikes

Both Mongoose and Genesis make commuter bikes under the categories gravel and adventure bikes.

Both bike brands offer these bikes at budget prices, and they come with decent parts. They are also rider-friendly, but more importantly, they are versatile and adaptable.

A bike like the Mongoose Envoy Cargo Bike can take just about any terrain. Not only can you use it for commuting but also for touring ( though it’s not a touring bike) and running errands.

Mongoose vs Genesis Touring and Road Bikes

Unfortunately, Mongoose stopped stocking road bikes and touring bikes. If you want either option, consider Genesis.

Genesis road bikes come in various options, and they are generally lightweight, aerodynamic, and stiffer. For that reason, these bikes are pretty fast, especially for casual racing and commuting.

No option illustrates that better than the Genesis Croix De Fer Ti.

Their touring bikes don’t disappoint either, Genesis touring bikes are as fast as their road bike siblings, but more importantly, they are stronger and hardy. That’s the case with the Genesis Tour De Fer 20.

genesis vs mongoose

People Also Ask

1. Is Mongoose Better than Genesis?

Choosing between Mongoose and Genesis depends on the bike you want. Mongoose generally offers quality mountain bikes, BMX, and urban commuters.

While Genesis also offers mountain bikes, the options are fewer and not as quality as Mongoose. Genesis, however, dominates Mongoose in the road bike and touring bike sector.

2. Is Genesis a Good Bike Brand?

Genesis may not be a mainstream brand, given that it’s primarily popular in the UK. However, that doesn’t make it an inferior brand.

On the contrary, Genesis bikes are high quality, comfortable to ride, and adaptable. They also come with good warranties, and you’ll find them in a wide range of options and sizes.

3. Is Mongoose a Good Bike Brand?

Mongoose is one of the most reputable BMX and mountain bike brands. Its BMX and MTB are sturdy in build and come with lots of high-end and durable components.

The bikes also come in a wide range of sizes and designs and are pretty affordable. So, yes, Mongoose is a good bike brand.

4. Does Mongoose Make High-End Bikes?

Though Mongoose is known for its low-end and mid-range bikes, it also stocks a few high-end bikes. These bikes come in better designs and feature lighter frames and superior components.

5. Is Mongoose a Good BMX Brand?

Mongoose BMX bikes come in all sizes making the brand a good choice for both kids and adults. Their BMX bikes are also sturdily built, easy to maintain, beginner-friendly, and affordable.

Overall, there are about 20 decent models to choose from, targeting riders with different experiences.

Mongoose vs Genesis Bikes: Closing Thought

Generally, Mongoose is a better choice when you need an affordable entry-level or intermediate BMX and Mountain bike. Genesis, in contrast, is a better choice when you want an affordable road bike or touring bike.

But, these two bike brands are pretty impressive in build quality and performance when it comes to the commuter sector (adventure and gravel bike sector).