Northrock XC29 Review ?

Affordability, high quality, durability, and great design are what Northrock bicycles offer, and you will attest to this from the Northrock XC29 review.

The brand combines function and style, excellent frame designs, the newest technologies, and branded components to offer maximum value.

Northrock XC29 has a 6061 all-aluminum hand-made frame that is responsive and light, giving you a reliable mountain bicycle that will help you navigate off-roads effortlessly.

It’s also equipped with mechanical Tektro disc brakes to control the bicycle in all conditions and enhance stoppage.

With Northrock XC29, you will conquer various obstacles and terrains and control the trail efficiently because of its fast-rolling tires, as this Northrock XC29 review will show.

Northrock XC29 MTB

Now that you know the gist of the Northrock XC29 mountain bike, let’s get into the finer details to better under the bicycle.

Northrock XC29 Specifications

Bike PartType
Frame29 inches (73.6cm) all-aluminum 6061
Frame Size17.5 inches (44.45cm) medium, suitable for 5ft 8in to 6ft 3in (1.7m to 1.9m)
Fork29 inches (73.6cm) SR Suntour XCT
Rear DerailleurShimano Altus M310
Bottom BracketSealed cartridge
Shifter21 speeds Shimano Altus EF-500 rapid fire
BrakesTektro dual discs (mechanical)
Tires29 inches x 2.2 inches (73.6 cm x 5.6 cm Maxxis Mountain
Brake LeversShifter integrated Shimano Altus EF-500
Crank42/34/24T Shimano FC-TY501
SpokesStainless steel

Features of Northrock XC29 Mountain Bike.

The Key Features:

1. 17.5 Inch Hand-made 6061 Aluminum Frame

Northrock XC29’s frame is hand-crafted with 6061 aluminum which offers exciting benefits to mountain bikers. It is lightweight, reliable, solid, rigid, and corrosion resistant, which makes it ideal for tackling rugged terrains.

You won’t have a difficult time carrying this bike because it isn’t heavy. In addition, it is crafted carefully with hand to ensure it is pretty strong to handle the brutal nature of mountain biking.

You also don’t have to worry about your frame rusting because 6061 aluminum is resistant to corrosion. Additionally, cleaning it won’t be stressful because this material is easy to wash.

Northrock XC29 key features

2. Shimano Parts

The cranks, shifter, cogset, brake levers, and derailleurs of Northrock XC29 are Shimano. Every Shimano component is made following the brand’s philosophy: conceived, designed, and produced to function together in harmony.

They are also made to be user-friendly and attain the expectations of the cyclist.

The Shimano FC-TY501 42-34-24T cranks found in Northrock XC29 are ideal for MTBs because of their robustness and transmission ratio.

Additionally, it has Shimano Altus M310 rear derailleur, which is high-performing, light action, and features double servo-pantograph tech and low profile concept.

3. Tektro Disc Brakes

These brakes are powerful, reliable, and provide desirable stopping power, allowing you to control your Northrock XC29 even on the most challenging terrains.

You also get excellent brake response with these brakes, and the brake levers that you can adjust easily offer proper control of your bicycle.

5. Fast Rolling Wheels

The fast-rolling 29 inches by 2.2 inches wheels are made to easily cut through various riding conditions and confidently move from rocky descents to steep climbs and other strenuous terrains.

You can steer your bike accurately on rough terrains with these wheels, so you can stay on the road and avoid riding into obstacles. Furthermore, the wheels’ quick acceleration ensures you roll over different surfaces effortlessly.

Other Features:

1. Double Wall Rims

These rims are suitable for unpredictable terrains because they are robust and lightweight. The double walls provide the best ratio for strength and weight to accommodate the needs of most cyclists.

2. Front Suspension

Northrock XC29 mountain bike is designed to provide comfort to the rider by absorbing the rough terrains’ jarring impacts thanks to the front suspension.

The front suspension also gives you more control over your bicycle, particularly on rugged trails.

Northrock XC29 weight limit

3. Stainless Steel Spokes

Stainless steel spokes are dominant in the market for good reason; they are long-lasting, durable, and strong. Their strength makes Northrock XC29 capable of handling colossal weight, and it will also serve you for a long time before you have to replace it.

4. Velo Mountain Performance Seat

You need a high-quality, comfortable seat on your mountain bike, especially if you take long rides. The Velo mountain performance seat has a contoured pad to provide a raised power output and comfort when exploring your surroundings.

Northrock XC29 Mountain Bike Pros And Cons


  • Durable, stiff, Aluminum lightweight frame
  • Reliable SRAM X4 shifters that deliver fast shift performance
  • High-performance WTB Rocket V saddle with contoured pad, offering more power output
  • The SR Suntour XCT 29 front suspension, preload 100mm are excellent for tackling unpredictable terrain
  • Suitable for the majority of 5 ft 8 in to 6 ft 2in riders
  • WTB SX17 lightweight, strong double-wall rims to handle unpredictable terrains
  • WTB grips offer absorption, comfort, absorption, and proper control in rugged conditions
  • SRAM Truvativ E400 crank offers maximum durability and high-performance shifting
  • The AVID BB5 disc brakes provide ultimate all-weather control, dependability, and durability
  • WTB 29 inches x2.2 inches fast-rolling tires made to cut through different trails with ease
  • It helps you go through any terrains effortlessly, delivering high-performance and reliability due to 24 speeds SRAM X4 drivetrain
  • Durable, lightweight, and strong KMC chain
  • Lasting luster thanks to Rustproof clear-coat finish


  • You may need to assemble it
  • Not ideal for less than 5ft 8in riders

Is Northrock XC29 A Good Bike?

Northrock XC29 is a good affordable mountain bike that offers the best value. It is tough to find a better MTB at this price, so consider this bicycle if you are working with a budget.

This bike will take you places and allow you to go for bike rides to different off-road terrains without breaking it since it is made from the robust, reliable 6061 aluminum alloy.

The Shimano components also ensure this bike performs efficiently, while the fast-rolling wheels are ideal for various off-road riding conditions.

In addition, you get comfort from the front suspension; thus, your body won’t suffer when going over rocks, gravel, and other off-road surfaces.

Alternatively, you can buy Schwinn Mountain-Bicycles High Timber (Amazon link) designed for neighborhood and trail rides. This mountain bike is durable, has an alloy crank for less maintenance and steady gearing, front suspension, wide knobby all-terrain tires, 27.5-inch wheels, and a quick-release seat post.

Should you get Northrock XC29

Northrock XC27 Vs. Northrock XC29 Mountain Bikes

Northrock mountain bikes are the XC27 and XC29, which are similar in most parts, but they are not identical, as there are distinguishing features. These bikes are designed to thrive on rugged terrains as the brands understand that performance is essential.


When you compare Northrock XC27 and Northrock XC29, you will realize that they are hand-made with 6061 all-aluminum frames that are responsive and lightweight.

They are also equipped with mechanical Tektro disc brakes for a swift stoppage and efficient bike control. In addition, these mountain bikes also have Shimano components, including 21-speed Shimano Altus drivetrains, Shimano cogsets, and Shimano Altus M310 rear derailleurs.

The chains are KMC-Z50, while the forks are SR Suntour XCT.


As mentioned, these Northrock mountain bikes are not identical. You can tell them apart by the frame size, wheel size, and fork size.

The frames on both bikes are 17.5 inches (44.45 cm), but Northrock XC27 is best for (5 ft 7 in. to 6 ft 1 in.(1.7 m to 1.8 m) cyclists while Northrock XC29 is better suited for 5 ft. 8 in. to 6 ft. 3 in.(1.7 m to 1.9 m) bike riders.

The fork on the Northrock XC29 measures 29 inches (73.6cm) and 27.5 inches (69.9cm) on the Northrock XC27. On the other hand, Northrock XC27 has 27-inch wheels while Northrock XC29 has 29-inch wheels.

Northrock XC29 Price

Since both bikes are sold at the same price ($349 at Costco), your height will help you choose the one suitable for you most. Make sure the model you pick fits you perfectly to ensure you can sit and ride your Northrock mountain bike comfortably without straining.


1. How Much Does A Northrock XC29 Cost?

Northrock XC29 is $349 at Costco, but this price varies based on where you buy yours.

2. Are Northrock Bikes Any Good?

Northrock bikes are good, quality bicycles that are engineered to offer stellar performance on various terrains. For instance, Northrock XC29 is robust and durable to take you on those exciting mountain biking trips.

2. How Good Are Northrock Mountain Bikes?

Northrock mountain bikes are quality, lightweight, dependable, durable machines crafted with precision and details to give you excellent machines for off-road cycling.

They have a robust all-aluminum frame, top-notch Shimano parts, and Tektro disc brakes (mechanical).

3. Who Makes Northrock Mountain Bike?

Northrock makes Northrock mountain bicycles. Currently, it offers Northrock XC27 and Northrock XC29.


From the Northrock XC29 review above, it’s clear that this is an affordable bicycle ideal for mountain bikers looking for an MTB they can rely on to take them on exciting off-road adventures

Experience greater control, high performance, and agility with the Northrock XC29 mountain bike. It offers impeccable value, so you don’t spend thousands of dollars on an MTB.