Are Northrock Bikes Any Good?

Northrock is not a new name in the casual bike sector. The bike is identified with some of the most affordable road bikes, cruisers, comfort bikes, and mountain bikes. But, the price aside, are Northrock bikes any good?

Northrock are good bikes made from latest bike engineering technology to guarantee durable, high-performing, and comfortable bikes. These bikes are also stylish and suit casual riders on a budget.

Northrock also sells specialty bikes that are just as cool as other specialty bikes by leading brands.

Since Northrock bikes are for casual riding, they won’t suit you if you are a serious rider. You may have to do a lot of upgrades which could turn too costly.

But given what you pay for most Northrock bikes, you cannot complain about the price.

I’m going to break down the good about Northrock and the few concerns that exist. My goal is to offer you both sides to enable you to do the comparison yourself.

Nevertheless, I’ll offer my verdict at the end of the review.

Let’s get started!

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Are Northrock Bikes Any Good? (Detailed Analysis)

There is no doubt that Northrock bikes are affordable. You’ll be forgiven, however, to assume that they are low-quality because they are cheap, but that’s not the case.

Here are some exciting assessments that make Northrock bikes decent choices:

1. Northrock Bikes Are Engineered for High Value

Northrock employs the latest technology to create bicycles that delivers the most value at a fraction of cost.

In addition, their frames are well-engineered to support huge weights without necessarily being too heavy.

Plus, their geometries support different kinds of cycling patterns to suit different riders.

For example, their beach cruisers have an upright geometry to allow you to cycle upright on a flat road. Their road bikes, in contrast, have a more aerodynamic and equally aggressive geometry to optimize you for speed riding.

The mountain bikes also enjoy an aggressive geometry, while their comfort bikes have a more relaxed geometry for comfortable urban commuting.

2. Northrock Bikes Are Highly Comfortable

Northrock bicycles are also highly comfortable, and there are several reasons to explain that.

For starters, their frames are lightweight, and so are the rims, and that’s because Northrock employs aluminum.

Northrock also employs bump cushioning suspension in their comfort, road bikes, and MTBs. The saddles are also highly comfortable and adjustable.

3. The Best Northrock Bikes Are All About Style

Northrock doesn’t just employ the latest bike engineering technology to offer you more value but also keeps up with the latest trends.

Their beach cruisers and comfort bikes are among the most stylish casual bikes on the market. Their road bikes and specialty bikes are also not bad.

They have elegant frames with the brand name on the components to appear highly stunning. So if you want a timeless casual bike, Northrock doesn’t disappoint.

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Northrock Mountain Bikes – Are They Any Good?

Northrock mountain bikes are everything that casual cyclists want in a mountain bike.

Their MTBS is extra lightweight for starters, and that’s owing to their lightweight frames and alloy rims.

Comfort is another area that Northrock has invested in. Their mountain bikes come with long-travel suspension forks to absorb heavy hits when taking on the trails.

Their seats also come with suspension, and they are readily adjustable.

The MTBs tires have massive climbing power, and they are equally durable to withstand unpredictable terrains.

To ensure that you get value, Northrock employs quality Shimano drivetrain components, and you get up to 21 speeds on some MTBs.

Their high-gear drivetrains allow you to smoothly shift across varying terrains, making Northrock MTBs an all-terrain choice.

Their disc brakes don’t disappoint either, as they are ever-reliable in offering the ultimate stopping.

Check out the Northrock XC 27 and the Northrock Xc00 for a detailed Northrock bikes review.

Northrock Comfort Bikes – Are They Any Good?

Northrock comfort bikes live up to the name comfort. Everything about their design shouts comfort.

The frame for starters is aluminum, thus lightweight and a good choice for comfortable bike navigation.

Northrock employs Velo comfort saddles that are not just comfy but also have bump absorption potential.

Northrock employs an adjustable quill stem that allows you to cycle upright and reduce back strain. The bikes also come with front suspension to smoothen out the rugged terrains.

Plus, they employ tough Kenda tires that can take on an array of paths. Their rims are not just lightweight but strong, too, thanks to their stainless steel spokes.

You also get multi-speed on Northrock comfort bikes to allow you to take on long stretches as you shift smoothly.

Moreover, these bikes have potent brakes that are just pavement-ready.

Check out the Northrock CL5 (View on Amazon) to understand my argument.

How Much Does A Northrock Bike Cost

Northrock Road Bikes – Are Northrock Bikes Good?

When it comes to road bikes, you want the most lightweight, most reliable, and fastest option.

Northrock puts the wishes into consideration, and they offer you an all-around road bike for commuting, racing, exercising, and even touring.

Their designs are road-specific, built for speed, reliability, and on-road performance.

The road bikes enjoy a compact, lightweight frame that’s optimized for speed and on-road comfort. In addition, they have strong forks that dampen vibrations on the road.

With their powerful brake levers and integrated STI shifters, you can easily control the bikes and steer faster.

They feature a performance-enhancing crank that offers you a higher gear ratio to take on long stretches.

Their top handlebars are solid and stable to give you better control.

Northrock also employs Velo saddles to improve your seat comfort and fast-rolling 700c Kenda tires for a smoother ride.

Northrock Beach Cruisers – Are They Any Good?

Northrock beach cruisers redefine comfort just like their comfort counterparts. The bikes come with an all-aluminum frame that makes pedaling much more manageable.

The cycles also come with Velo saddles, just like the Northrock comfort bikes. Together with their upright handlebars, the Velo saddles offer you unmatched comfort.

Their handlebars also have grips to offer you a firm but comfortable hold of the bike.

Northrock beach cruisers have dual fenders to protect you from mud splashes.

Their smooth-rolling Kenda tires can take on an array of flatter terrains. That includes beaches, parks, and paved roads.

The wheels feel lightweight, but they are strong, thanks to their stainless steel spokes.

Northrock beach cruisers have a modern touch and enjoy a more unisex geometry. What’s more, they have a rust-resistant finish to serve you longer.

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How About Specialty Bikes? Are They Any Good?

Northrock also makes specialty bikes best for commuting, fitness, running errands, fun cycling, and everything else you can cycle for.

So, these bikes are an all-around, all-terrain choice.

To understand what I’m saying, check out the Northrock MC2.

This specialty bike comes with a lightweight aluminum frame that makes cycling more comfortable.

In addition, its WTB V-sport saddle has shock-dampening potential, thus perfect when going over the bumps.

Its threadless stem is adjustable to offer you high performance and more comfort. In addition, its high-grade Shimano drivetrain set and integrated shifters provide you with the best shifting experience.

You can count on its Kenda tires for fast and smooth-rolling. Overall, all components are handpicked to give you high-value performance.

The bike enjoys a sporty look and is generally fun to ride. It’s one of those bikes you can use for whatever you feel like. That’s diversity, my friend!

Any Concerns?

While Northrock bikes have so many unique features, the components are not high-end. Northrock targets entry-level cyclists, primarily. As a result, these bikes are only best for casual riding.

If you want a high-end road bike or mountain bike for serious riding, Northrock may not be ideal. Consider Diamondback for high-end MTBs and Schwinn for high-end road bikes, instead.

But if you are a casual cyclist, then you can go for Northrock.


1. Is Northrock A Good Bike Brand?

Northrock makes some of the highest quality cruisers, road bikes, comfort bikes, mountain bikes, and specialty bikes.

Their bikes are budget-friendly, and they are best for casual riding, making them the best for beginners and commuters.

2. Who Makes Northrock Bikes?

Currently, Giant manufactures all Northrock bikes, and they make them for Costco.

3. Where Can I Buy A Northrock Bike?

You can buy Northrock bikes at Costco stores, Amazon, and other retail giant stores.

4. How Much Does A Northrock Bike Cost?

Northrock is generally a budget bike brand. So, expect to spend under $1000 on most of their bikes, especially road bikes, comfort bikes, and beach cruisers.

Are Northrock Bikes Any Good? My Verdict

Northrock bikes may be budget bikes, but they don’t disappoint in performance, especially when you are a casual rider. They are quality in build and engineered for high-value performance.

So, if you are a casual rider looking for something to commute with, ride for fun, run errands, or exercise, Northrock bikes are decent choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Costco Northrock bikes deliver good performance?

Yes, they certainly do. In particular, the Northrock XC27 Mountain bike stands out as a splendid way to navigate both urban environments and rough terrains. It comes in a 6061 aluminum alloy frame, hand-built and press-formed to make it lightweight while ensuring it retains increased responsiveness. Not to mention, it features Tektro mechanical disc brakes for ultimate control under any circumstances. Personally, having ridden several mountain bikes over the years, the Northrock XC27 stands out for its balance of performance and affordability, making it a solid choice for biking enthusiasts.

Which company manufactures Northrock bicycles?

Northrock is a bicycle brand available exclusively at Costco. In terms of their manufacturing, the popular Northrock XC27 and XC29 bikes are reportedly made by Giant, the world’s leading brand of high-quality bicycles. After interacting with numerous biking enthusiasts and industry experts, what seems to strike a chord is how these bikes represent great value for money, offering consumers the reliability of a renowned manufacturer at a comparatively modest price.

Are bicycles from Rocky Mountains reliable?

Yes, Rocky Mountain Bikes are renowned for their high-quality. These bikes are built to withstand even the toughest trails that mountain biking has to offer. I was fortunate enough to get an insider’s perspective from cycling expert Adam L., who took the time to go over their extensive range of gear. According to Adam, Rocky Mountain Bikes are reliable companions for any off-road adventure, designed to balance durability and performance seamlessly.

Which age group is the Northrock xj24 suitable for?

The Northrock XJ24 is an excellent choice for children between 7 and 12 years. Specifically, it’s a good fit for those falling in the 1.3 m to 1.4 m (4 ft. 2 in to 4 ft.) height range. From my experience raising two young cycling enthusiasts, having a bike that fits their age and height can be pivotal to their comfort and safety. And, in that regard, the Northrock XJ24 really delivers.