Best Bike Seats for Big Guys Who Can’t Stop Cycling!?

At 250-300 pounds or heavier, you have no choice but to invest in one of the best bike seats for big guys. The only problem is that such saddles are rare.
Most saddles put pressure on your perineum when you are huge, causing perineal numbness and other discomforts.

Even worse, some cause saddle soreness, which robs you of the joy of cycling for long.

But does that mean that cycling isn’t for us big guys?

The answer is No! We deserve to cycle as much, if not more, than the average-weight guys. The secret is to find a saddle that can support your weight and offer you comfort.

So, what you should be asking is, ‘how do I find a good saddle when I am overweight?’

Well, that’s where I come in, big guy!

Not only will I guide you on how to pick your ideal bike seat, but I’ll also recommend some of the hottest saddles on the market.

But before that, let’s discuss why you should get a saddle for big guys when you are big.

Best Bike Seats for Big Guys

In a hurry? Then find your perfect bike saddle on the hotlist below:

6 Best Bike Seats for Big Guys

  1. Daway C66 Bike Seat: Best Racing Saddle for Big Guys
  2. Brooks England B17: Alternative Best Racing Seat for Big Guys
  3. YLG Comfort Bike Seat: Best Comfort Bike Seat for Big Guys
  4. IPOW Bike Seat: Alternative Best Comfort Saddle for Big Guys
  5. Bikeroo Cruiser Bike Seat: Best Cruiser Saddle for Big Guys
  6. Sunlite Cloud-9: Alternative Best Cruiser Saddle for Big Guys

Why Should Overweight Guys Get Bike Seats for Big Guys?

You must agree that the biggest challenge for us big guys is saddle discomfort. The average saddles just don’t cut.

They are either too soft or too hard or just pricking under the sit bones.

Just because of being the wrong shape or size, others cause friction with your thighs, thus uncomfortable.

That, however, is not the case with bike saddles for big guys. These bike seats are specially designed to support your butt and sustain your weight.

They also come with the right padding and enjoy the most ergonomic shape and size.

So, they promise maximum comfort when cycling.

Buying Guide for the Finest Bike Seats for Fat People

When it comes to getting a saddle for an overweight guy, you’ve to pay special attention to these factors:

  • Seat Size

When it comes to the saddle size, you’ve to consider two things; seat width and nose size.

Starting with the seat width, the wider the seat, the more comfortable it’s likely to feel. The saddle, however, shouldn’t be too wide to rub against the thighs.

As for the nose, go for a narrow option or just a small nose to reduce inter-thigh chaffing.

  • Seat Suspension

Generally, the bigger you are, the greater the impact you place on the bike. You need a bike seat that can absorb the extra hit, and that’s where the suspension system comes in.

A suspension is more important when going through the bumps, potholes, and all kinds of off-road ruggedness.

The system guarantees a more cushioned ride, regardless of the terrain.

  • Saddle Cushioning

You want a bike seat for heavy rider that doesn’t feel too hard or too soft. If it’s either too hard or too soft, it’s likely to put extra pressure on your sit bones.

So, go for light cushioning, and that brings us to two options; gel vs memory foam.

Gel cushioning offers the plusher feel, thus super comfortable. Its downside is that it compacts quicker than foam. So, it doesn’t provide much support.

In contrast, memory foam springs back to offer you more support.

While the gel is best for long rides, memory foam is best for short casual rides.

big butt bike seat

And More

  • Saddle Recession

The seat recession, what is popularly known as a cutout or groove, is not a must for everyone but necessary for male cyclists.

That’s because it promotes ventilation that translates to seat comfort in the long run.

So, if you are a long-distance male cyclist, go for a seat with recession to reduce perineum pressure and saddle soreness.

  • Ease of Mounting

Consider a bike seat that you can mount hassle-free on your bike seat post. Luckily, most bike saddles have a universal fit, which means you can fit them on any bike seat post.

Others are bike-specific, however. For example, we’ve mountain bike seats for big guys that only suit mountain bikes and cruiser bike seats that only suit cruiser bikes.

  • Saddle Durability and Weather-Resistance

Lastly, you want a bike seat that can serve you longer, even if you are overweight.

Essentially, that depends on the cover and rails.

The bike cover should be scratch-proof and water-proof, preferably leather. Water ruins the seat cover, and so do scratches.

As for the rails, they should be durable metals like steel, titanium, or alloy.

Types of Bicycle Seats for Plus Size

Bike seats are generally classified depending on the type of cycling. In that case, we have these three types of saddles:

  • Racing saddle for racing bikes (road bikes, touring bikes, MTBs, among others)
  • Comfort saddles for comfort bikes, among others
  • Cruiser saddles for cruiser bikes

Let’s now discuss the individual saddle categories below.

1. Racing Saddles for Big Guys

Racing bike seats have thinner cushioning, thus harder than most. They are also lighter in weight to encourage fast riding.

In general, these saddles are designed to encourage fast pedaling and discourage chaffing.

They also allow you to shift your weight forward. As a result, you don’t put too much pressure on the seat, making the saddle comfortable.

What’s more, the saddle allows you to have an aerodynamic posture, which is critical when racing on two wheels.

These large bicycle seats mostly suit road bikes, but they can also work on trekking bikes, mountain bikes, and touring bikes when there is a need for speed.

Overall, racing saddles have evolved a lot over the years that we now have nose-less options to enhance erectile function and protect your sensitive organs from chaffing.

They also come with a center cutout to reduce perineal pressure.

My Recommendations

Option 1 – Daway C66 Bike Seat

The Daway C66 Bike Seat is a practical example of a universal racing saddle. Its design makes it perfect on road bikes, MTBs, e-bikes, city bikes, Fixies, and even kids’ bikes.

The bike saddle comes with a soft elastic leather covering that feels smooth. Plus, it is weather-resistant and lasting.

Its other impressive features include a water-proof taillight, shock-proof rail, and central cutout.

bike seats for fat people

Option 2 – Brooks England B17 Bike Saddle

The Brooks England B17 Bike Saddle is another fantastic choice for fast racers.

This handmade big butt bike seat is made from premium quality tanned leather to last you longer.

There are holes on the leather cover to facilitate natural ventilation and seat comfort.

Thanks to its chrome frame and stainless steel rails and rivets, this saddle not only looks stronger but also feels comfortable.

2. Comfort Saddles for Big Guys

Unlike racing saddles, comfort bike seats for big guys are broader and come with thicker padding.

Due to their rich cushioning and broader dimensions, these saddles are extra comfortable, thus an excellent choice for long-distance cycling, especially touring bikes.

Those designed for long-distance cycling usually come with shock-absorption systems, making them best for mountain bikes.

But still, these saddles suit comfort bikes more, thus their name. Usually, comfort bikes are best for recreational cycling.

Overall, most women’s bike saddles fall in this category because of their wider dimensions and feature a center recession and a shorter nose.

My Recommendations

Option 1 – YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

The YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat comes in an oversized dimension and has a short nose to prevent chaffing.

It’s thickly cushioned with soft gel and memory foam and enjoys a wear-resistant and water-proof leather cover.

Its ergonomic shape allows it to feel comfortable under your butts, and it comes with a solid dual-spring suspension system for bump absorption.

Furthermore, this extra wide bike seat has a universal fit that makes it compatible with road bikes, Fixies, cruisers, city bikes, touring bikes, and MTBs.

Option 2 – IPOW Comfort Bike Seat

The IPOW Comfort Bike Seat is another all-rounder, given that it also enjoys a universal fit.

Like its counterpart above, this bike seat comes with shock-absorption potential, high-density foam cushioning, and a durable PVC leather cover.

What’s more, it has a saddle recession to encourage breathability and reduce sit bone pressure.

bike seat for heavy rider

3. Cruiser Saddles for Big Guys

Cruiser bike seats for big guys are distinguished by their excessive cushioning on both ends to offer you maximum support.

That’s understandable; however, if you consider that cruiser bikes’ handlebars put you in an upright position, which concentrates most of your weight on the seat.

So, you guessed right! These saddles are best for cruiser bikes, popularly known as beach cruisers.

Other than adult beach cruisers, these saddles also suit kids’ bikes.

My Recommendations

Option 1 – Bikeroo Cruiser Bike Seat

The Bikeroo Cruiser Bike Seat envelopes both style and comfort to promise the trendiest and comfiest cruiser saddle on the market.

So, this most comfortable bike seat for overweight is the perfect replacement for your cruiser bike seat.

Expectedly, it comes with dual-spring suspension to soak up bumps and enjoys wider dimensions with a small nose.

It has a water-proof seat cover and enjoys a universal fit to suit other bikes other than cruisers.

Option 2 – Sunlite Cloud-9 Cruiser Saddle

The Sunlite Cloud-9 Cruiser Saddle also defines comfort and style. Thanks to its dual-density gel-foam cushioning, this bike seat feels super comfortable.

And with its coil spring suspension, it promises to smoothen out bumps. It also has an airflow channel that cools your butt area and offers you perineal relief.

All those attributes make it the best bike seat for your balls.

bicycle seats for plus size


1. What Is The Best Bike Seat For An Obese Person?

As an obese person, you need a bike seat that can hold your weight, absorb shock, and offer you enough cushioning and support.

That describes the following bike seats for big bottoms.

  1. Daway C66 Bike Seat: Best Racing Saddle for Big Guys
  2. Brooks England B17: Alternative Best Racing Seat for Big Guys
  3. YLG Comfort Bike Seat: Best Comfort Bike Seat for Big Guys
  4. IPOW Bike Seat: Alternative Best Comfort Saddle for Big Guys
  5. Bikeroo Cruiser Bike Seat: Best Cruiser Saddle for Big Guys
  6. Sunlite Cloud-9: Alternative Best Cruiser Saddle for Big Guys

2. Why Is My Bike Seat So Uncomfortable?

Most bike seats are uncomfortable for being too soft (due to extra padding) or too hard (due to little to no padding at all).

Others are just uncomfortable due to being the wrong type, having the wrong shape, or just a case of the wrong seat height or tilt.

3. Why Do Women’s Bike Seats Have Holes?

Medically, women’s bike seats have holes, especially on the front part, to allow forward-rotational pelvic positioning. Such a position reduces pelvic pressure and improves cycling comfort.

4. How Do I Stop A Sore Bum When Cycling?

You can stop getting a sore bum by using chamois cream, wearing bike shorts, or adjusting the saddle angle and height. You could also get a comfortable bike seat cover.

If none of that works, consider changing your saddle. The problem could be your present saddle which cannot hold your weight.

In that case, getting the best bike seat for overweight could help.

5. Is A Wide Seat More Comfortable?

Though wider seats tend to be more comfortable than narrow seats, it doesn’t apply to all seats. For example, seats for long-distance cycling are usually narrow to encourage easy pedaling.

And even those that are usually wider usually have a smaller or slimmer nose to prevent chaffing.

6. Do All Bike Seats Fit All Bikes?

Even though most bike seats have a universal fit, it doesn’t mean that all bike seats fit all bikes.

So, confirm that from the saddle specifications before purchasing to ensure that a particular saddle will fit your bike seat post.

Concluding Thoughts:

Generally, it takes the tips shared on the above guide to get the ideal bike seats for big guys. So, use it!

But if you want to save time by making a quick purchase, consider my most recommended saddles. They embody everything every big guy wants in a bike saddle.