Are Raleigh Bikes Good Quality?

Named after a prominent street in the U.K, Raleigh is a household name in the bike sector. From MTBs and road bikes to e-bikes and kids cycles, the options are unending. But are Raleigh bikes good?

Raleigh bikes are good because they come in all frame types at different price points. Plus, they employ innovative designs and are backed with good warranties. Moreover, they have dedicated lines for women and kids.   

But despite those remarkable pointers, the brand has a few concerns that’ll share to help you decide if it’s worth it.

I’ll also discuss Raleigh’s various bike types to help you pick a category that matches your cycling needs.

But before that, let’s talk about the brand history.

are Raleigh bikes good

In a rush? Find 6 of the finest Raleigh bicycles on the hotlist below:

6 Best Raleigh Bikes To Choose From.

  1. Raleigh Bikes Willard 1: Best Raleigh Road Bike
  2. Raleigh Bikes Back Alley: Best Raleigh Urban Bike
  3. Talus 3 Mountain Bike: Best Raleigh Mountain Bike
  4. Raleigh Bikes Tristar: Best Raleigh Recreation Bike
  5. Retroglide Royale IE: Best Raleigh Electric Bike
  6. Raleigh Bikes Jazz Kids Bike: Best Raleigh Kids’ Bike

About Raleigh Bicycles: Brand History

The Raleigh Bicycle Company only started as a bike shop in Raleigh street in the U.K. The guys behind were Richard Morris and Paul Eugene.

The two guys decided to name the shop after the street, thus the name Raleigh Bicycles.

At one time, a cycling enthusiast and medic Frank Bowden visited the bike shop and fell in love with the idea.

He decided to partner as an investor and later bought the shares of one of the partners that enabled him to run the company.

They listed the bike shop as a private limited liability company in 1889 and advertised using the local press. Lucky enough, they secured a column on the Nottinghamshire Guardian, and that saw their popularity in the U.K increase.

1943 saw a Raleigh cyclist win silver at the Olympics, and 20 years later, Raleigh came up with the famous Raleigh Chopper that would sell over 1.5 million units.

The company unveiled the infamous Raleigh RSW, a balloon tire casual bike, in 1965, and other models followed.

Between 1970 and 1980, the brand was involved in sponsoring bike events.

Today, Raleigh owns not only Raleigh Bicycles but also Diamondback Bicycles, which proves their market dominance. They make an array of bikes, including road bikes, MTBs, e-bikes, urban bikes, and adventure bikes.

Are Raleigh Bikes Good? (Pros & Cons)

The Good

Raleigh bikes are worth buying because of the following reasons:

1. All Frames Available

Raleigh bicycles come in all frame types to offer you the utmost cycling freedom.

Aluminum frames are the most popular for being lightweight and affordable. They can take smaller bumps and generally give you 100% control of the cycle.

Steel frames are another cheaper option known for their high tensile strength and ability to soak up bigger bumps.

There is also carbon, which makes the most high-end Raleigh bike frames. The frames are extra lightweight, making them great for racing bikes and MTBs.

Is Raleigh A Good Bike Brand

2. Innovative Designs

You are likely to notice this advantage on Raleigh high-end bikes.

For example, their electric bikes employ a bosch motor that offers up to 275% pedaling assistance, enabling you to clock up to 32mph.

As a result, the motor system improves your riding pleasure as it makes pedaling easier.

The frames are engineered using a state-of-the-art welding method to guarantee stiffness and consistency.

And when it comes to the suspension, they are crafted to promise better bike control and shock absorption.

3. Excellent Warranties

Raleigh offers some fantastic warranties to the original purchasers. For example, rigid frames enjoy a limited lifetime warranty while full-suspension frames have five years coverage.

The frame warranty covers the frame against defective material and under-par artistry.

Other components, the decals, and the bike finish, on the other hand, have a one-year warranty. All these warranties prove Raleigh’s trust in material sourcing and artistry.

4. Wide Bicycle Assortments

Raleigh stocks just about any bike type you can think of. From road bikes and MTBs to adventure bikes and recreational cycles, you can get them all, and that’s not all.

Raleigh sells bikes for all experience levels. You can get entry-level, mid-level, and a few advanced bikes from Raleigh. So, they are an all-inclusive bike line.

5. Dedicated Women and Kids’ Lines

Raleigh has dedicated lines for women and kids. So, women don’t have to force themselves on men’s bikes as they can get feminine-specific options.

You can get women’s options as Raleigh hybrid bikes, road bikes, recreation bikes, mountain bikes, among others.

Kids can also shop for their bikes according to age or height. So, that eliminates the temptation of buying a bigger bike.

How Much Do Raleigh Bikes Cost

6. Wide Price Range

With Raleigh, you can get a bike at just any price point. On a budget, you can get a Raleigh two-wheel for $200-$500.

While such options don’t offer an elite performance, they are decent for casual cycling. However, if you want more quality, prepare to spend $500-$1,000 or more, depending on the bike type.

The Bad

Given that most Raleigh bicycles are budget choices, it’s hard to complain about anything. But still, there are a few areas that need improving.

Starting with the handlebars;

Most handlebars are extra-wide, especially for urban and recreation cycles. As a result, they are not best for longer commutes.

The other thing is that the road bike seats are not the most comfortable. So, you are likely to experience saddle numbness in some cases if you ride long hours.

The other issue is that the presence of a quick-release function in some wheels and seat posts is a safety risk. Someone could undo and steal them.

But other than those few concerns, there is nothing much to complain about. That again proves my point; Raleigh bikes are generally good.

Type of Raleigh Bikes: Raleigh Bikes Review.

Currently, Raleigh stocks the following bike classes:

  • Road bikes
  • Urban bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Recreation bikes
  • Women bikes
  • Electric bikes
  • Kids’ bikes

1. Are Raleigh Road Bikes Good?

Raleigh road bikes are arguably the pacesetters in the global road bike sector. These bikes combine strength and a lighter build, making them hard to catch at full speed.

The frames are either carbon or aluminum, thus super lighter. Perhaps, the only put-off is the price, given that the most decent options cost over $2,000.

But overall, the road bikes are a worthy buy for pro riders as they don’t disappoint in performance.

Presently, Raleigh stocks adventure road bikes, endurance road bikes, cyclocross cycles, and heritage road bikes.

All four categories are superb, but I have a soft spot for the adventure options for their natural toughness.

An option like the Raleigh Bikes Willard 1 comes with a robust shock-absorbing fork, gravel-ready 700c tires, crisp-stopping Tektro mechanical disc brakes, and an 8-speed Shimano drivetrain.

Are Raleigh Road Bikes Good

2. Are Raleigh Urban Bikes Good?

Raleigh sells different urban bike types, including commuter bikes (mainly Raleigh folding bikes), street bikes, heritage bikes, and fitness bikes.

All their urban bikes are high performers that come in laidback geometry to allow you to ride more upright.

They may not be the speediest bikes, but they are among the most comfortable.

An option like the Raleigh Bikes Back Alley City Bike has dual suspension and features a hi-ten steel frame to absorb huge bumps.

The bike’s fast-rolling 700c Kenda tires and classy road saddle make it a perfect choice for smooth urban roads.

Also, check out the Raleigh Cadent 2 for a comfortable urban fitness bike.

3. Are Raleigh Mountain Bikes Good?

Raleigh mountain bicycles come in the most enhanced geometry and feature high-performing components to match different cycling needs.

Whether looking for a downhill powerhouse or a trail beast, you can never go wrong with a Raleigh mountain bike. These mountain bikes combine toughness and lighter weight to yield unparalleled climbing power.

They can take on the dirt, rocks, and bumps.

Raleigh focuses a lot on Hardtail, where their Talus line is pretty impressive.

An option like Talus 3 Mountain Bike may be costing under $1,000 but promises more value.

This aluminum mountain bike comes with hydraulic disc brakes for efficient stopping, a 100mm Suntour front fork for optimal bump cushioning, and double-wall rims with stainless steel spokes that strengthen it.

Talus 3 Mountain Bike

4. Are Raleigh Recreation Bikes Good?

Raleigh recreational bicycles are for those who love to cruise on the beach and explore the town on a hot afternoon.

The bikes are also an excellent choice for family times and running errands on smoother roads.

Their only downside is that they are not built to take on aggressive usage.

But while they are not the most rugged, they are among the most comfortable on smooth terrains.

So, get yourself a Raleigh recreation bike if you are looking for modern bikes that combine style and comfort.

You can choose between a comfort bike or a tricycle. Their tricycles are such a massive attraction for their ability to carry huge loads.

An option like the Raleigh Bikes Tristar 3-Speed Trike allows you to load up to 45 pounds on its rear rack.

And since it’s a 3-speed trike, it can take on slightly longer stretches and enjoys less maintenance.

5. Are Raleigh Women Bikes Good?

Raleigh has a women’s dedicated bike line that includes road, mountain, recreational, and urban bikes.

What’s so impressive about these women’s bikes is their geometry. They have a low swooping frame, which favors women cyclists.

They also enjoy a retro design, which makes them stylish and trendy. So, if you are looking for vintage Raleigh bikes, these are the options to go for.

More importantly, they are durable and reliable across different terrains, making them safe for women.

One safer, trendier, and comfortable Raleigh women bike is the Raleigh Bikes Women Alysa 2.

This hybrid bike is perfect for fitness cycling, commuting, and around-the-block cruising.

Its 24 gears make its steering easier and funnier.

6. Are Raleigh Electric Bikes Good?

Raleigh sells various electric bicycles, including MTBs, hybrids, beach cruisers, and road bikes.

Raleigh e-bikes combine mid-range and high-profile components, making them good value for money.

They employ mostly Shimano drivetrains, SR Suntour Suspension Forks, and Kenda tires, which are pretty decent.

Overall, these e-bikes appeal to commuters and recreational cyclists.

One fine choice is the Retroglide Royale IE.

This e-bike comes with an aluminum frame for easy maneuver, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes for all-weather stopping, and a 400wh battery for a 16-42 miles mileage.

Retroglide Royale IE

7. Are Raleigh Kids Bikes Good?

Raleigh promises to care for the interests of the younger generation. They can grow up riding Raleigh bicycles from toddlerhood to their teenage years.

These kids’ bikes are unconventionally high-quality, thus a good investment for your kids.

They can ride them in the park, on dirt and sidewalks.

Essentially, Raleigh stocks kids’ bikes ranging from size 12″ to size 26″. So, there is a Raleigh bike for every step that your kid goes through.

And if you are looking for the perfect trainer kids’ bike for a 2-4-year-old, you cannot go wrong with the Raleigh Bikes Jazz Kids Bike.

Its frame is strong and features removable training wheels for teaching your kids to balance.


1. Is Raleigh A Good Bike Brand?

Raleigh stocks some of the best quality bicycles at budget prices. They have bikes for all experiences, genders, and ages. Their bikes generally combine strength, durability, adaptability, and comfort.

2. How Much Do Raleigh Bikes Cost?

Budget Raleigh bicycles cost $200-$500 while medium-range options cost $500-$1,000.

3. Is Raleigh Better Than Schwinn?

Schwinn offers you bikes with larger frames and roomier cockpits, while Raleigh provides you with options with tighter frames. The other difference is that Schwinn frames are heavier, but Raleigh frames balance weight and durability.

4. Are Raleigh Bikes Made In China?

Only Japanese Raleigh bicycles are made in China. Others are assembled in the U.K, U.S, and Taiwan.

Are Raleigh Bikes Good? Closing Thought:

Very few brands combine comfort, performance, and durability like Raleigh. Very few brands can also claim to have existed over 100 years, as it’s the case with Raleigh.

Their long-standing reputation, coupled with their decent bikes, make the brand a good one.