Are Noseless Saddles Good For Men And Women Cyclists?

Even though a nosed saddle allows you to control the bike with your thighs easily, the nose rubs against the thigh and often becomes bothersome. That, however, is not the case with noseless options. But are noseless saddles good?

Compared to traditional nosed saddles, noseless saddles distribute your body weight better to reduce excess perineum pressure and improve blood supply in the perineum area. As a result, they minimize perineum numbness and the risk of sexual dysfunction. 

I’ll explain that in detail while backing my argument with research.

I hope to help you understand the advantages of noseless saddles over traditional nosed options. I’ll also help you find your ideal noseless saddle.

But before that, let’ understand why bike saddles come with a nose and why you may find it necessary to do away with it.

are noseless saddles comfortable

Best Noseless Bike Seats on Amazon

  1. Schwinn Comfort Bike Seat – Best Budget Buy
  2. ISM PR.3.0 Saddle – Best for Long-Mile Comfort
  3. Hobson EasySeat II Saddle – Best Lightweight Option

Are Noseless Saddles Good To Buy?

Why Do Bicycle Seats Have A Nose? And Do You Really Need It?

Bicycle seats have a nose to offer your thighs more leverage for easy bike control. Additionally, a nose supports your weight, making it easier for you to maneuver the bike across varying terrains.

As I mentioned earlier, the problem is that the nose often becomes bothersome since it rubs against the thighs.

But that’s not the only problem. You also have to worry about compressing the perineum area and a slim chance of suffering sexual dysfunction.

Let me use research to shed more light on that.

Research and Noseless Saddles

Let’s see what research says about noseless saddles and if these saddles are worth it:

Cycling vs Erectile Dysfunction vs Noseless Saddles

According to one comparative study by the Boston University School of Medicine, cycling for 3 hours every week improves the odds of developing moderate-to-severe erectile dysfunction by 1.72.

Interestingly, men who ride less than 3 hours weekly only have 0.61 odds of having a similar fate.

For that reason, male cyclists who ride regularly need to take extra precautions to prevent the risk of erectile dysfunction.

One way to do that is by doing away with the traditional thick nose saddle. You can do that by going for a bike saddle with a smaller nose or a noseless option.

The good thing about a noseless bike saddle is that it improves blood flow and reduces inter-thigh rubbing, thus lowering the risk of sexual dysfunction.

Other than switching to a smaller nose or a noseless saddle, other approaches for reducing the risk of sexual dysfunction include tilting the seat downwards and opting for a gel saddle as it offers better cushioning.

Perineal Pressure vs Noseless Saddle

According to a Harvard Report, prolonged seating on a nosed saddle puts too much pressure on the perineum area.

As a result, you compress the nerves and the blood vessel, causing pain, discomfort, and in severe cases, erectile dysfunction.

Understandably, a traditional nosed saddle puts up to 45% of your body weight on the perineum’s blood vessels and nerves. A noseless saddle, in contrast, shifts the weight towards the sit bones.

One study shows that cases of saddle numbness among police cyclists reduce from 70% to 20% when they use noseless saddles.

Why Do Bicycle Seats Have A Nose

Noseless Saddles and Women

You probably are asking, ‘since noseless saddles are effective against erectile dysfunction, do they help women?’

One study involving female cyclists shows that over 60% of regular female cyclists who use nose saddles occasionally experience tingling, saddle numbness, and genital pain.

These women also exhibit reduced genital sensation, according to the study. That means that women can lower such risks by switching to the best noseless bicycle seat.

Noseless saddles reduce perineum pressure and improve blood flow around the genitals.

So, Are Noseless Saddles Comfortable?

Noseless saddles don’t rub against the thighs, and they balance your weight on the seat. As a result, they reduce excess pressure on the perineum area, which causes perineum numbness, tingling, and pain.

So, yes, noseless saddles are comfortable.

But, Are Noseless Saddles the Only Fix to Sexual Dysfunction?

While noseless saddles can improve blood flow and reduce perineum pressure, they are not the only sure fix to saddle discomfort. Other facts also have to check for you to enjoy maximum saddle comfort.

That includes the following:

  • Maintain a healthy weight level – Too much bodyweight means extra pressure on the perineum area and risk of perineum numbness and pain.
  • Pick a wider saddle – You need a saddle that can support your sit bones better. So, consider getting a broader option.
  • Take breaks in between your rides – You don’t have to sit all through, especially when riding long-distance. So, consider standing for a few minutes to relieve your perineum area from extra pressure.
  • Exercise with a recumbent bike – Recumbent bikes are gentler on the perineum as you bend and shift your weight forward. So, they can reduce the risk of sexual dysfunction.
  • Lower your bike’s handlebar – Lowering the bicycle’s handlebar has the same effect as using a recumbent bike. So, it also reduces excess pressure on the perineum area.
  • Wear the right biking gear – You can reduce excess perineum pressure by wearing suitable biking shorts. They allow you to ride more comfortably while minimizing excessive rubbing of the genitalia against the bike saddle.
Best Noseless Saddle

How Do You Find the Best Noseless Saddles?

Just because noseless saddles reduce the risk of sexual dysfunction doesn’t mean that you can buy just any option you find online.

Here are priority factors:

  • Ample Padding

Your saddle should come with just enough padding. So, don’t go for too much of it, as the saddle will feel too soft and uncomfortable.

Likewise, don’t go for extra-soft padding, as the seat will feel hard. Instead, go for lighter padding.

  • Saddle Width

You cannot forget your sit bone’s width. So, you need an XTRA wide noseless bike seat that can support your sit bones well. Therefore, its width should be slightly wider than the width of your sit bones by about 2cm.

  • Correct Shape

You should match the saddle with your anatomy. So, it has to come in the right shape.

Most noseless saddles have a semi-circular shape, while others look like regular seats. Both options are okay, but it all depends on your preference.

  • Strong Rails

The rails are the metal frames that support the saddle. So, they have to be strong.

While you can go for carbon or titanium, steel is the strongest of the batch.

Now, after considering the above fundamentals, these three bike seats meet the specifications.

Best Noseless Saddle Explained.

Consider these three options if you are looking for the best noseless bike seats:

1. Schwinn Comfort Bike Seat – Best Budget Buy

The Schwinn Comfort Bike Seat is a fantastic saddle for different reasons. It’s soft and comes in an ergonomic shape not to put pressure on your perineum area.

The saddle also enjoys an extra-wide design to reduce pressure points and improve your seat comfort.

Impressively, it puts you in an upright posture when cycling to relieve you from spinal pressure.

Plus, it fits a majority of traditional bikes and even stationary bikes.

The best part is that this noseless saddle comes on a budget.

best noseless bike seats

Best Features

  • Softly padded
  • Extra-wide design
  • Upright posture
  • It fits traditional bikes and spin bikes

2. ISM PR.3.0 Saddle – Best Noseless Saddle for Long-Mile Comfort

The ISM PR.3.0 Saddle comes with extra padding to offer you extra comfort when riding long miles.

It’s also reasonably wide to provide you with more support, and like its counterpart above, it puts you in an upright position. For that reason, it’s a great choice when you are struggling to find a comfortable posture.

ISM PR.3.0 promises to improve blood flow and reduce numbness. It’s a unisex choice for everyone who wants a healthy and funnier ride.

Remarkably, it comes with a cutout to offer you additional perineum relief.

Best Features

  • Extra padding
  • Fairly wide
  • Unisex design
  • Central cutout

3. Hobson EasySeat II Saddle – Best Lightweight Option

If you are looking for a noseless saddle that’s not just strong but lighter too, you cannot go wrong with the Hobson EasySeat II Saddle. It’s more robust and lighter than its predecessor.

The bike seat features two seat pads that slightly move as you take the downstrokes to keep your legs fresh after each mile.

Hobson EasySeat II features leather covering that prevents its stretching while offering it a custom fit.

Plus, its adjustable dial allows you to synchronize the width separation of the seat pads. For that reason, it enables you to find your ideal comfort zone.

are noseless saddles good

Best Features

  • Strong and lightweight
  • Two adjustable seat pads
  • Leather covering
  • Adjustable dial

Closing Thought:

Are you still asking, ‘are noseless saddles good?’ Irrefutably, noseless saddles are comfortable and a better choice for preventing sexual dysfunction.

So, they are not just funnier to use but also healthier and, as a result, a good investment for both men and women.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I consider a noseless bike seat?

Deciding on a noseless bike seat is a very personal decision, but it’s one that could significantly improve your comfort while bicycling. Extensive research – notably a decade-long study by the NIOSH examining the potential reproductive health implications of standard bicycle seats in bike-mounted police officers – indicates that noseless, or no-nose, bike seats can reduce damaging pressure on sensitive areas in the genital region and contribute towards improving sexual function.

When we cycle for pleasure or physical fitness, the last thing we would want is for a medical condition or any discomfort to ruin our experience. This is where a noseless saddle can be a game-changer. As someone who has tried it, I can say that choosing a noseless seat is the best decision I've ever made for my cycling comfort. It's really the sole solution to eliminate pressure from crucial sensitive regions, avoiding or reducing associated symptoms.

Is it possible for a woman to use a men’s bike saddle?

Let me assure you that nothing prevents a woman from using a men’s bike saddle, but she may not find it as comfortable due to their anatomical differences. If we reflect on our body structures, women naturally have wider pelvises than men. Consequently, a woman seating on a men’s bike saddle could end finding the main weight-bearing regions of her body, also known as “sit bones,” in an unsupported area.

I remember talking to a friend who is an avid cyclist, and she described how using a men's bike seat felt uneasy as she found herself being supported by the soft, tender areas of her body instead of the skeletal structure. The experience was far from pleasant. So, it's clear that a women's saddle is designed catering to their specific requirements.

How do male and female bike saddles differ?

The main distinguishing feature between men’s and women’s bike seats lies in the groove or cutout design in the central part of the saddle. These designs are crucial to alleviate potential discomfort on the bike by lessening pressure on the soft tissues. As per my experience and observations, these grooves or cutouts in women’s saddles are usually deeper and wider than those on men’s saddles.

As someone who has tried both types of saddles, in an attempt to understand how significantly they differ, I can tell you that the setup of these grooves or cutouts in women’s saddles shows a more pronounced curve. This design consideration is due to the difference in male and female anatomical structure and seating postures related to the pelvic bones, offering enhanced comfort for female riders.