Are Giro Helmets Good Quality?

Since gracing the helmet manufacturing sector in 1985, Giro has been setting the pace and trend. The company is known to make helmets for all head sizes and cycling needs. But are Giro helmets good?

Giro helmets are good because they employ advanced Brain Protection Systems (BPSs) to protect your brain against impact, thus safer. Moreover, these helmets are comfortable, owing to their lighter weight, breathability, and RocLoc fit retention.

I’ll talk about all these benefits and many others. Additionally, I’ll share the downsides that come with the helmets and review the various types of Giro helmets that exist.

But before that, let me briefly discuss the brand history to help you understand Giro better.

Are Giro helmets good

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7 Best Giro Bike Helmets On The Market.

1. Giro Aether Spherical Bike Helmet: Best for Men Road Cyclists

2. Giro Switchblade Cycling Helmet: Best for Men Mountain Bikers

3. Giro Agilis W Cycling Helmet: Best for Women Road Cyclists

4. Giro Verce Cycling Helmet: Best for Women Mountain Bikers

5. Giro Scamp Youth Cycling Helmet: Best for Youths

6. Giro Tremor Child Bike Helmet: Best for Kids

7. Giro Me2 Unisex Infant Bike Helmet: Best for Toddlers

About Giro – Company History

Giro is an American helmet manufacturer. In addition to helmets, Giro makes skate and snowboarding helmets, cycling and snowboarding soft goods, and cycling apparel.

Giro was founded in 1985 by Jim Gentes and currently has its headquarters in Scotts Valley, California.

Giro and Bell are subsidiaries of Vista Outdoors. Overall, Giro has an exciting journey that speaks volumes about its success.

In 1985 when it was founded, Gentes came up with the first helmet known as ‘The Advantage,’ whose design enabled triathlon cyclists to cheat the wind.

In the following year (1986), Gentes attended the Long Beach bicycle show to showcase the newest high-performance bike helmet prototype and came back with orders worth $100,000.

In 1989, a young American cyclist wearing the ‘Aerohead’ aerodynamic Giro helmet won the Tour de France by about 8 seconds.

The company introduced the RocLoc fit technology to the market in 1994 to improve their helmets’ head stability and fit.

In 1998, they came up with the Switchable helmet that introduced mountain bikers to a new era.

1999 saw Giro create a lightweight, breathable helmet, and the company came up with a skate helmet in 2003.

However, the height of innovation was in 2016 when Giro employed MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) in their helmets to reduce the head’s rotational impact.

So far, their MIPS helmets are among the safest helmets on the market.

In 2018, Giro introduced Spherical Technology to support MIPS in offering brain protection.

Is Giro a good helmet brand

Are Giro Helmets Good or Not Worth It? (The Good and the Bad)

  • The Good

Here are Giro’s selling points:

a) Brain Protection System (BPS)

Giro understands that brain protection is essential when wearing a helmet. For that reason, the company has invested a lot in the most advanced and most effective brain protection systems (BPSs) to make their helmets safer.

One BPS that Giro employs a lot is MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System), which reduces brain rotational impact during a bike crash.

MIPS adds an extra protection measure above the helmet’s polycarbonate shell and EPS foam lining.

Whenever the helmet is subjected to rotational/angled impact, the MIPS low-friction layer absorbs the energy released, saving your brain from the effect.

As a result, it reduces the chances of a concussion during a bicycle crash.

Sometimes, the helmet may not prevent a head injury, but it reduces the severity due to MIPS.

Another BPS that Giro employs is Spherical Technology.

This technology offers comprehensive protection to the brain to allow you to ride more safely. Spherical Technology employs a ball-and-socket design where two liners manage the impact of a crash.

Overall, when you combine Spherical Technology and MIPS, you obtain a BPS helmet that offers you better brain protection.

That’s the case with an option like Giro Aether Spherical Road Bike Helmet.

b) Comfortable Helmets

There are so many aspects of Giro helmets that make them comfortable. They include:

  • RocLoc AirFit System

Giro employs this retention system to give their helmets a perfect fit. This helmet fit system allows you to adjust your helmet whichever way you want, depending on your head size and shape.

Essentially, the system allows the helmet to wrap around your head, making it more comfortable.

  • Breathability

Most Giro helmets feature ten plus small vents that enhance air circulation. The vents allow sweat to escape quickly and keep the head cool.

As a result, they improve your head comfort, more so when riding under the sun, as you are likely to sweat more at such times.

  • Lightweight Design

Giro sources lighter materials and uses them in the helmets. Compared to most helmets, Giro helmets are more lightweight. That means you won’t complain of excess weight and discomfort on your head.

And given that these helmets have an adjustable fit, there is little to complain about.

  • Soft EPS Foam Lining

Giro employs expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam lining in their helmet’s interior to absorb impact during crashes, just like MIPS. But overall, the EPS lining feels softer and comfortable around your head.

Are Giro Helmets Safe

c) Protective Shells

When it comes to direct impact during a crash, the first line of defense is the outer shell, which is usually polycarbonate.

Giro employs tough polycarbonate to guarantee an overall more robust helmet.

The polycarbonate shell enables the helmets to resist direct impact during a crash and maintain their shape apart from when you crash.

d) Aerodynamic Advantage

This mainly applies to Giro road bike helmets. The helmets come in an aerodynamic design that allows you to ride against the wind.

More importantly, it lets you maintain your speed when riding against the wind or speed up with no wind resistance.

With the road bike’s drop bars, the helmet’s aerodynamic shape allows you to have more leverage when racing.

  • The Bad

There aren’t many issues with Giro MIPS as the BPS technology is the selling point. However, a few customers report a few problems with straps.

Some customers complain of the straps failing to adjust, and others claim they are thick, thus slightly bulkier, and somehow retain heat.

The other issue is that Giro helmets suit round heads more. That becomes a problem when you have an elliptical/oblong head.

The biggest downside, however, is the price. Due to their advanced Brain Protection System (BPS), Giro helmets are costlier than most. Most adult Giro helmets cost over $150, which is not cheap.

But overall, these issues are not serious enough to discredit the reputation of Giro. So, despite the few hiccups, Giro helmets are still good.

Types of Giro Bike Helmets

Essentially, Giro makes helmets for the following groups of people:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Kids

1. Men Giro Helmets

Giro makes men’s helmets for the following bike types:

  • Road bikes for men
  • Mountain bikes for men
  • Triathlon bikes for men
  • Urban bikes for men
  • Recreational bikes for men

The best part is that all these helmets come in a variety of sizes and colors. Even better, the helmets come in Spherical Technology and MIPS BPS options.

However, as I mentioned earlier, others combine both BPS technologies, and there is no better recommendation than the Giro Aether Spherical Road Bike Helmet.

Where Is Giro Helmet From

In addition to MIPS and Spherical Technology, the bicycle helmet employs a dual-density EPS lining and a tough polycarbonate shell to offer you maximum head and brain protection.

But if you want a mountain biking option with MIPS technology, you cannot go wrong with the Giro Switchblade MIPS Cycling Helmet.

2. Women Giro Helmets

Giro’s women’s bike helmets come in the same categories as men’s. So, there are women helmets for the following bike types:

  • Road bikes for women
  • Mountain bikes for women
  • Recreational bikes for women
  • Urban bikes for women
  • Triathlon bikes for women

You also get women’s helmets in various sizes and colors, and you can pick between MIPS and Spherical Technology.

Two of the best Giro women helmets are the Giro Agilis MIPS W Cycling Helmet and Giro Verce MIPS Women’s Cycling Helmet, which are best for road cycling and mountain biking, respectively.

Overall, the two helmets employ MIPS BPS to protect your brain against rotational impact. Plus, they are well-ventilated and come with the RocLoc AirFit system that allows them to wrap around your head comfortably.

3. Kids’ Giro Helmets

Giro also makes helmets for the following categories of kids:

  • Toddlers – A perfect recommendation is the Giro Scamp Youth Cycling Helmet
  • Older children – One fantastic pick is the Giro Tremor Child Bike Helmet
  • Youths – A worthy consideration is the Giro Me2 Unisex Infant Bike Helmet

In general, Giro targets kids at different growth stages and offers them size and color variety. But unlike adult helmets, kids’ helmets only employ MIPS BPS. There are no options with Spherical Technology.

But overall, kids’ helmets are safer and comfortable. Not only can you count on their MIPS low-friction layer but also their rugged in-mold shells, RocLoc retention, multiple vents, and adjustable straps.

Others even have built-in visors for eye protection, which is fantastic for kids.

Which Giro Helmet Is The Best


1. Are Giro Bike Helmets Good?

Giro bike helmets come in lightweight, breathable, and adjustable designs to feel comfortable around your head. They also employ advanced Brain Protection Systems (BPSs) such as MIPS and Spherical Technology that protects the brain from impact, thus safer.

2. Where Is Giro Helmet From?

Giro helmets are manufactured in Rantoul, Illinois, but the headquarters are in Scotts Valley, California.

3. Are Giro Helmets Safe?

Giro helmets employ MIPS Brain Protection Systems to absorb rotational impact energy during a crash and reduce the likelihood of a concussion or the severity of a brain injury.

Others employ Spherical Technology which also protects the brain. So, yes, Giro helmets are safer.

4. Is Giro A Good Mountain Bike Helmet?

Giro mountain bike helmets employ MIPS to protect the brain against rotational impact following a bike crash.

They also come in rugged in-mold constructions to prevent direct impact and are generally breathable, lightweight, and adjustable.

So, yes, Giro mountain bike helmets are good.

5. Is Giro A Good Helmet Brand?

Giro enjoys a reputation that stretches over three decades of producing quality-certified, safety-approved, and comfortable helmets.

Their helmets promise better brain protection and are generally good value for money.

6. Which Giro Helmet Is The Best?

Below are the best and the safest Giro helmet for different types of riders:

  1. Giro Aether Spherical Road Bike Helmet: Best for Men
  2. Giro Agilis MIPS W Cycling Helmet: Best for Women
  3. Giro Scamp Youth Cycling Helmet: Best for Youths
  4. Giro Tremor Child Bike Helmet: Best for Kids
  5. Giro Me2 Unisex Infant Bike Helmet: Best for Toddlers

7. Is Giro Better Than Bell?

Both Giro and Bell are subsidiaries of Vista Outdoors. So, as far as helmet quality and safety are concerned, both are good value for money. However, the difference is that Giro bike helmets favor round heads more while Bell helmets are better for oblong heads.

8. How Long Does A Giro Helmet Last?

According to Giro, it’s advisable to replace their helmets after 3-5 years, depending on their condition. You should, however, do it as soon as you crash or identify signs of wear.

9. Are Giro Helmets Made In China?

No. Giro helmets are not made in China. On the contrary, the helmets are made in the U.S in Rantoul, Illinois.

10.  Do Giro Helmets Expire?

Giro helmets generally have a 3-5 year lifetime. However, you don’t have to wait for 3 to 5 years to replace them if they look worn out or after a crash. In such circumstances, you should replace your Giro helmet immediately.

Are Giro Helmets Good? Closing Thought:

Giro bike helmets are safer, more comfortable, and stronger than most, making them good value for money. So, if you are planning to get a new helmet or replace an existing one, you cannot go wrong with a Giro helmet.

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