Giro Helmets Vs Bell Helmets: What Suits You More?

Vista Outdoor is known for some of the best outdoor sports gear, including bike helmets. Under its umbrella are two titanic helmet brands; Giro and Bell. But who wins the Giro helmets vs bell helmets battle?

The main difference between Giro helmets and Bell helmets is in the fit. Bell helmets generally suit oblong-shaped (elliptical) heads, while Giro helmets favor guys with round heads.   

You’ll also notice some slight variations in the sizes, as I’ll share later. Other than that, there isn’t a lot of difference between the two brands.

Since the same company, Vista Outdoor, produces both helmet brands, they are similar in build quality, protection standards and even go through the same testing. Their prices are even almost similar.

Giro helmets vs bell helmets

Giro Helmets Vs Bell Helmets: Side By Side Comparison

Essentially, these two helmet brands differ in fit and, to an extent, size.

a) Helmet Fit

Like I mentioned earlier, the primary difference between the two is their fit.

Generally, Bell helmets suit riders with an oblong-shaped head. An oblong shape is more like an oval (elliptical) or an imperfect rectangle.

In contrast, Giro bike helmets suit guys with a round head more.

Overall, once you know your head shape, the next thing is to determine its circumference and then pick a helmet that fits you.

b) Helmet Sizing

When comparing the two helmet brand, they all come in four different sizes as follows:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-large

Here’s a table breakdown:

Helmet SizeHead Size
Giro Helmet Bell Helmet
Small (S)51-55cm (20.0”-21.75”)52-56cm (20.5”-22.0”)
Medium (M)55-59cm (21.75”-23.25”)55-59cm (21.75”-23.25”)
Large (L)59-63cm (23.25”-24.75”)58-62cm (22.88”-24.33”)
X-Large (XL)63-65cm (24.75”-25.63”)61-65cm (24.0”-25.63”)

If you observe closely, you’ll notice a slight difference in the helmet sizes. For example, a smaller Bell helmet is slightly roomier than a small Giro helmet.

You’ll also note a difference in size between the two in their large and x-large sizes. In such a case, Giro helmets are slightly roomier than their counterparts.

There is, however, no difference in their medium size as both helmets suit guys with a head circumference of (21.75”-23.25”).

These readings prove what I mentioned under ‘fit.’ That is:

‘Bell helmets suit oblong heads better while Giro helmets suit round heads.’

Either way, guys with a medium head size can wear either and feel comfortable.

What Do Giro Helmets and Bell Helmets Have in Common?

There is so much that Giro and Bell helmets have in common, which makes the Giro vs Bell helmet battle difficult.

Here are their key similarities:

a) Ownership

Currently, both Giro and Bell are owned by Vista Outdoor. In addition to the two, Vista Outdoors is associated with Blackburn, Camp Chef, KRASH, Copilot, among many other brands.

Vista Outdoor is a world-leading manufacturer and designer of sports gears whose headquarters are at Anoka, Minnesota.

They, however, have multiple distribution centers in Canada, Porte Rico, Asia, Mexico, Asia, and Europe.

Is Giro Better Than Bell

b) Helmet Protection

Both Bell and Giro employ MIPS (multidirectional impact protection system) in virtually all their helmets to prevent head injuries.

The technology minimizes rotational forces resulting from heavy impact to improve your overall head safety.

Their helmets also feature in-molded polycarbonate shells with EPS lining to reduce impact to the brain following a crash.

You’ll also find so many of their helmets featuring visors that shield your eyes from dust and rain.

c) Quality Standards

There is so much quality in both helmet brands, and you can tell that from their construction.

The manufacturer employs high-quality quick-driving materials in their lining and impact-resistant options on their shells.

The straps are equally durable and reliable, and you can also say that about their adaptive and adjustable visors.

The helmets also come ventilated for utmost comfort and are generally lightweight.

d) Testing Standards

Though cycling helmet brands have separate testing laboratories, they all conform to the same safety standards.

You can expect their helmets to comply with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards, among other recognized international standards.

e) Prices

Since the two brands invest in quality and safety standards, their helmets don’t differ a lot in prices.

Though you can expect them to cost slightly more than other brands, there are options at every price point, making the brands competitive.

Comparing Bell Vs Giro Bike Helmets Types

Giro Road Bike Helmets Vs. Bell Road Bike Helmets

Here’s how the two road cycling helmets compare:

a) Giro Road Bike Helmets

You expect your perfect road cycling helmet to come in the most aerodynamic and lightweight design, and that’s what Giro promises.

In addition to being aerodynamic and lightweight, their road bike helmets are also rugged. You can tell that from their almost indestructible shells.

They also feel comfortable, thanks to their EPS liner and multiple air channels that promote optimal ventilation.

These helmets come in all sizes to suit all head circumferences.

They utilize MIPS technology to redirect impact energy during a crash to keep you safe.

Additionally, they are highly adjustable to give you a snug fit and mostly feature a detachable visor.

One such road cycling helmet is the Giro Syntax MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet (View on Amazon).

Is Giro better than Bell

b) Bell Road Bike Helmets

Bell also seems to follow the same pattern as Giro. Their road cycling helmets are not just lightweight and aerodynamic but also rugged.

They come equipped with in-mold polycarbonate shells that protect your head from direct impact and an EPS liner that cushions your head and keeps you warm.

These cycling helmets also brag about their ever-impressive MIPS technology that reduces rotational impact.

You’ll get them in all sizes, and you can expect them to come with adjustable straps for a firm hold on your head.

You can identify all that in the Bell Formula MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet (View on Amazon).

Giro Mountain Bike Helmets Vs. Bell Mountain Bike Helmets

Now, let’s talk about the two MTB categories.

a) Giro Mountain Bike Helmets

Giro MTB helmets are engineered to not only protect your head but also improve cycling confidence and comfort.

These helmets utilize MIPS technology to protect your brand from rotational impact force.

The outer construction is an in-mold polycarbonate shell that cushions you against direct impact.

Internally, they enjoy shock-absorbing EPS liners and come ventilated. Moreover, they mostly feature an adjustable visor to shield your eyes against dust, dirt, and rain.

Generally, you’ll get them in rugged construction.

The Giro Montaro MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet (View on Amazon) is a classic example of what I’m talking about.

b) Bell Mountain Bike Helmet

Bell Mountain Bike Helmets resemble their Giro counterparts in a lot of ways. They, too, promise head protection and comfort, and you can tell that from their construction.

These helmets utilize MIPS technology to stop rotational impact and prevent head and brain injury.

They are pretty adjustable to fit around your head.

Internally, they feature soft padding material that absorbs excess shock and makes you feel warm.

The outer shell is mostly polycarbonate, which is quite effective against impact.

You can expect these helmets also to be ventilated and featuring adjustable visors.

Overall, no Bell MTB helmet exemplifies that more than the Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet (View on Amazon).

bell vs Giro bike helmets


1. Is Giro Better Than Bell?

Vista Outdoor owns both Giro and Bell. They follow similar quality and safety standards, and even their designs are almost identical.

They differ, however, in fit as Giro suits riders with round heads while Bell favors those with an elliptical (oval like shape)

2. Is Giro And Bell The Same?

Giro and Bell only share the same ownership, Vista Outdoor, but the two brands run separately.

Their helmets, however, resemble each other in build quality, safety standards, and even in design.

3. Is Giro A Good Helmet Brand?

Giro enjoys a good reputation in the sports gear world, more so the helmet sector. Their helmets are safety-tested and effective against head impacts.

They are also quality in build and relatively lightweight.

4. Are Bell Bicycle Helmets Good?

Bell bicycle helmets have some outstanding qualities that make them a safe bet on the road. They employ MIPS technology to protect your brain and head against rotational impact.

Moreover, they are lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and safe.

5. Are Giro Bike Helmets Good?

Giro bike helmets are safe for use by casual and pro riders. They come in multiple sizes to suit cyclists with different head sizes. Also, they are very lightweight, adjustable, and super comfortable.

6. How Long Do Giro Helmets Last?

Depending on the level of usage and maintenance, Giro helmets last 3-5 years. So, consider replacing yours after every five years but do it immediately after a crash.

7. Do Bike Helmets Expire?

Bike helmets generally don’t come with an expiry date. Nevertheless, experts recommend replacing it after five years of usage. You should, however, do it immediately following a crash.

Giro Helmets Vs Bell Helmets: Closing Thought

Generally, consider a Giro bike helmet if you have a round head but a Bell option if your head is oblong. Ensure, however, that you get a size that matches your head circumference as both helmets come in multiple sizes.