Razor MX125 vs Razor MX350

Based on the technical comparison, the Razor MX350 is the better option between the two models due to its higher top speed, weight limit, and motor power. Here’s a technical comparison chart between Razor MX125 and Razor MX350:

SpecificationRazor MX125Razor MX350
Top Speed8 mph14 mph
Weight Limit110 lbs140 lbs
Estimated Age Range4-85-10
Battery12V24V (2 x 12V)
Ride Time per Full Charge40 minutes30 minutes
Battery Charge Time6 hours12 hours
ThrottleSingle speedSingle speed
BrakesRear drumRear drum
Seat Height17″20″
Hand GripsFoamSoft rubber
Tires (pneumatic knobby)12″12″
Assembly Time15 minutes15 minutes
Dimensions L x W x H (Inches)36.4 x 21.4 x 25.144 x 24.5 x 31
Bike Weight30 lbs62 lbs

Now, let’s discuss each spec one by one:

  1. Top Speed: Razor MX350 has a higher top speed of 14 mph compared to Razor MX125’s 8 mph, making it faster and more suitable for older kids.
  2. Weight Limit: Razor MX350 has a higher weight limit of 140 lbs, allowing it to accommodate a wider range of riders compared to Razor MX125’s 110 lbs limit.
  3. Estimated Age Range: Razor MX350 is designed for kids aged 5-10, while Razor MX125 is for kids aged 4-8. The MX350 caters to a slightly older age group.
  4. Battery: Razor MX350 has a 24V battery system, which is more powerful than the 12V battery in the Razor MX125.
  5. Ride Time per Full Charge: Razor MX125 has a longer ride time of 40 minutes, while Razor MX350 has a ride time of 30 minutes. However, this advantage is offset by the MX350’s higher top speed and motor power.
  6. Battery Charge Time: Razor MX125 has a shorter charge time of 6 hours compared to Razor MX350’s 12 hours.
  7. Motor: Razor MX350 has a more powerful 350W motor, providing better performance than the 100W motor in the Razor MX125.
  8. Throttle: Both models have a single-speed throttle.
  9. Brakes: Both models have rear drum brakes.
  10. Suspension: Neither model has suspension.
  11. Seat Height: Razor MX350 has a higher seat height of 20″, providing more comfort for older kids compared to Razor MX125’s 17″ seat height.
  12. Hand Grips: Razor MX350 has soft rubber hand grips, which are more comfortable than the foam hand grips on the Razor MX125.
  13. Tires: Both models have 12″ pneumatic knobby tires, suitable for off-road riding.
  14. Assembly Time: Both models have a 15-minute assembly time.
  15. Dimensions: Razor MX350 is larger, measuring 44 x 24.5 x 31 inches, compared to Razor MX125’s 36.4 x 21.4 x 25.1 inches.
  16. Bike Weight: Razor MX350 is heavier at 62 lbs, while Razor MX125 weighs 30 lbs. The increased weight of the MX350 is due to its more powerful motor and battery system.

In conclusion, the Razor MX350 is the better option between the two models due to its higher top speed, weight limit, and motor power, making it more suitable for older kids and providing better performance.