Is A Bike Rack Worth It?

There are always a few concerns when it comes to buying bike racks. For example, why pay that much? Is it safe for my bike and car? The biggest question, however, is, ‘is a bike rack worth it?’

Though high-quality bike racks are expensive, they offer you a convenient, safe, and easy way to carry a bike in your car. Moreover, they save on your vehicle’s storage space, making them worth it.   

Generally, a bike rack is worth what you pay for if you get the purchase right. In that regard, I’ll discuss the various types of bike racks to help you match yourself with the ideal choice.

Do I really need a bike rack

In a rush? Check out my most recommended car bike racks in the hotlist below.  

5 Most Recommended Bike Racks for Cars and Trucks

  1. Tyger Auto TG-RK3B2035 – Best Trunk Bike Rack
  2. Allen Sports Premier Rack – Best Spare Tire Bike Rack
  3. Allen Sports 5-Bike Hitch Rack – Best Hitch Bike Rack
  4. Thule Insta-Gater Pro – Best Truck Bed Bike Rack
  5. Yakima – FrontLoader Carrier – Best Roof Bike Carrier

Is A Bike Rack Worth It?

I understand the concerns that one can have when buying a bike rack.

The truth is that quality bike racks are expensive. You may have to spend $150-$300 and sometimes up to $500 on a bicycle rack.

So, you must be sure that you’ll be getting value for the money, and one indicator is safety.

You probably fear that the rack will drop your bike or damage your car. Luckily, you won’t have such concerns if you invest in a quality rack.

Overall, here are four reasons why bike racks are worth what you pay:

1. Convenient Bike Transportation

Convenience is everything when it comes to hauling a bike in a car. Without a rack, you’ll probably have to disassemble your bike before you can transport it in your vehicle.

And once you get to your travel destination, you’ll have to assemble it, which can be tedious.

With a bike rack, however, you don’t have to go through all that. It’s simple – just mount your bike on the rack and drive away.

The mounting should take you a couple of minutes, and so should the offloading. That’s convenient!

2. Safe Bike Transportation

A bike rack doesn’t just allow you to transport your bike conveniently but also to do it safely.

The last thing you want is your bike falling off the vehicle and hitting the ground hard. If that happens, then your bike will break something expensive to fix.

With a bike rack, such fears don’t exist. You get to transport your bike even long-distance safely, and that’s not all.

Some bike racks allow you to lock your bike to deter potential thieves. That’s safety!

3. Easiest Way to Carry Multiple Bikes

It’s not easy to carry 3-5 bikes in a car unless you use a rack.

A rack like this one by Allen Sports (Amazon Link) allows you to transport five bikes on your car’s hitch, making it a good choice for families on a road trip.

which bike rack is best

Mark you; the rack can accommodate bikes of different frame sizes and designs. The best bit is that you can load and offload and transport all five bikes safely.

4. Bike Racks Save On Car/Truck Storage Space

While it’s possible to transport a bike in your car’s trunk if it’s spacious, you’ll use lots of space. The same goes for your pick-up bed.

In that case, you may not be able to carry your gear and other stuff.

A bike rack saves you from such concerns. Since it’s attached to the car’s external, you don’t use any vehicle’s interior.

What Kind Of Bike Rack Is Best?

Essentially, bike racks for cars and trucks come in these five types:

1. Trunk Bike Rack

Trunk bike racks are what their name suggests. These bike racks rest on the car’s trunk and usually feature straps to secure them in place.

Overall, these racks suit casual and recreational cyclists more.

They are pretty portable thanks to their foldable design and lighter weight. So, storing these racks is almost a breeze.

The bike racks also work on a variety of vehicles, making them almost a standard choice.

The other advantage is that they are affordable. You are more likely to get a decent trunk bike rack for under $200.

On the downside, these racks generally have smaller load capacities than most. They carry an average of 1-3 bikes.

One of those few trunk bike racks that can hold up to 3 bikes is the Tyger Auto TG-RK3B2035 Deluxe.

2. Spare Tire Bike Rack

Spare tire bike racks are also what their name suggests. These bike racks are mounted onto your car’s spare tire, making them the best for SUVs.

But since the rack rests on your vehicle’s rear spare tire, they usually come with a smaller capacity like trunk racks.

These bike racks carry a maximum of two bikes, and the perfect example is the Allen Sports Premier 2-Bike Spare Tire Rack.

Despite their smaller capacity, spare-tire bicycle racks are safer. They are also easy to mount and use and are affordable.

Spare Tire Bike Rack

3. Hitch Carrier

Hitch carriers may be costlier than the rest, but it’s hard to argue against the price.

For starters, these bike carriers attaché to the vehicle’s hinge, which is known to be a strong attachment. As a result, they enjoy massive load capacity.

A hinge bike rack like the Allen Sports 5-Bike Hitch Rack, which I mentioned earlier, can hold up to 5 heavy-duty bikes.

However, this hitch carrier is the hanging cradle type, which is less expensive than its platform sibling and has more ground clearance.

Their shortcoming, nevertheless, is that they are not as stable as platform-style hitch racks.

Platform hitch racks support bikes from their base, guaranteeing maximum support. That explains their high price point.

One fantastic choice is the Vibrelli Bike Hitch Rack. The two-bike carrier has a 130-pound capacity that makes it perfect for heavy bikes like fat bikes, MTBs, e-bikes, and tandem.

4. Truck Bed Bike Rack

Trucks also have bicycle racks that are specifically designed for their open beds.

These bike racks allow you to transport multiple bikes on your truck’s open bed. They are pretty strong and come with massive capacities.

The racks are also sturdy. So, instead of throwing your bikes on the back of your truck, where it’s unsafe, invest in a quality bike bed rack.

One fantastic choice is the Thule Insta-Gater Pro Truck Bed Bike Rack.

This rack allows you to load a bike that weighs up to 50 pounds. It’s pretty secure like every other truck bed bike and lightweight, thanks to its plastic-aluminum build.

what kind of bike rack is best

5. Roof Bike Carrier

If you fear that the rack will scratch the sides of your car or rub against other cars, consider getting a roof rack.

These bike racks carry your bike on the car’s rooftop to allow you to access the trunk and other parts easily.

The bicycle racks are also secure, and so you don’t worry about the bike dropping. That’s unless you hit a low bridge, basement top, or anything else. Usually, that’s their biggest downside.

Overall, these bike racks are best for long trips where you don’t have to drive fast or go through a low bridge or any low point.

An option like the Yakima – FrontLoader Upright Bike Carrier allows you to haul just any bike, and you get to install it tool-free.


1. Do I Really Need A Bike Rack?

Essentially, you need a quality bike rack to conveniently, safely and easily transport your bike or bikes. Quality bike racks securely hold your bike in transit and save on the car’s storage space.

2. Which Bike Rack Is Best?

Here are the best bike racks for cars on Amazon.

  1. Tyger Auto TG-RK3B2035 – Best Trunk Bike Rack
  2. Allen Sports Premier Rack – Best Spare Tire Bike Rack
  3. Allen Sports 5-Bike Hitch Rack – Best Hitch Bike Rack
  4. Thule Insta-Gater Pro – Best Truck Bed Bike Rack
  5. Yakima – FrontLoader Carrier – Best Roof Bike Carrier

3. Is A Hitch Bike Rack Worth It?

Hitch bike racks are arguably the strongest types of bike racks on the market. Some can carry as many as five heavy-duty bikes, and they are known to be stable and safe. Overall, their toughness makes them ideal for frequent usage.

4. Why Are Bike Racks So Expensive?

Bike racks are understandably expensive because of their massive capacity, sturdiness, and ease of usage. Their ability to safely, conveniently, and easily transport bicycles makes them costlier.

5. Does A Bike Rack Damage Your Car?

If the bike rack sways around and rubs against the car, it’s likely to damage it. That often occurs when the bicycle rack is poorly installed or just loose because of a faulty strap.

Is A Bike Rack Worth It? Closing Thought:

It’s irrefutable that bike racks are worth it if you plan to transport your bike. You’ll never get a safer, easier, and more convenient way of transporting a cycle than a bicycle rack. So, get yourself one today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a bike rack?

Think about it this way. You’ve decided to switch to more eco-friendly transportation or perhaps just wanted a healthier commuting option, so you got a bike. Soon you’ll realize, parking the bike can sometimes be a hassle especially in populated areas. This is where a bike rack comes in extremely handy. Installing a bike rack, you are significantly boosting parking capacity and that too at a very low cost. Most cities and business spaces prefer this as it provides plenty of parking options for a number of bikes at key locations, typically near the entrance of a building. Furthermore, the cost of installing a bike rack is far less than the construction of a car parking space. If cost-effectiveness and convenience are what you’re after, a bike rack is an excellent solution.

Is a car bike rack worth it?

Imagine this, you are all set for that biking adventure you’ve been planning for weeks. The idea of loading and unloading your bike from the car trunk, however, dampens your spirits. In such scenarios, a car bike rack can be a real game-changer. The bike rack adds significant value to your adventures and local commutes, making the whole process of transportation a lot more enjoyable and less stressful. Not only does it keep the inside of your vehicle free from potential damage that might occur during transit, but it also saves you a good amount of time and frustration in the process. Instead, you can spend that time immersing yourself in the anticipation and excitement of the fun ride ahead. So in essence, it’s not just a rack, but **a facilitator of great experiences and convenience**.

What are the disadvantages of bike racks?

While bike racks are an absolute blessing for any bike-lover, they are not without their flaws. In my personal experience, what bothers me the most about bike racks is their potential to obstruct your view while driving which can pose serious safety challenges. If you’re someone who carries a lot of gear on a cycling adventure, it can be a struggle to fit everything on the rack. Another point to consider is that the weight of your bike and gear can potentially affect the handling of your bike while riding. It’s not a deal-breaker but something to keep in mind when investing in a bike rack.

Is it worth getting a hitch for bike rack?

If you are a regular biker or have a family with multiple bikes, a hitch for a bike rack can be your best friend. Yes, such a setup can be quite heavy on the pocket compared to simple trunk-mounted racks, with prices ranging from $150 to even above $500. However, for anyone needing to carry more than three bikes relatively often, this investment can really pay off. Not only does it provide a secure, stable platform for your bikes, but it also makes access to rear vehicle compartments easier than with other rack designs. So, if you ask me, as **an investment for frequent cyclists**, it’s totally worth it.