Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal: ?

Let’s face it; all e-bike owners have at once considered unlocking their bikes’ speed and going above their limits. We would want to go past 15.5mph and probably get to 37mph. Overall, that’s possible with an electric bike speed limiter removal.

You can remove your e-bikes speed limiter manually by taking out the back wheel magnet, disconnecting the sensor wire, or using a compatible e-bike tuning kit. These methods allow you to override your e-bikes speed limit and go faster.

Note, however, that there are several risks involved, and the whole speed delimitation process is illegal in most places. That, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot go faster, as there are alternative hacks to speed delimiting, which we will talk about.

But before we do, let’s explain more about speed delimiting, what it is, what it involves, and how far you can go after speed delimiting.

How do you remove a speed limiter on a electric bike

What Is Electric Bike Speed Delimiting?

Delimiting, also known as e-bike tuning or e-bike de-restriction, is the hack of removing all e-bike pedal-assist restrictions. It allows you to go above the standard 25km/h (15.5mph) speed limit that most manufacturers put on their e-bikes.

Overall, the speed limit is to facilitate safe riding of e-bikes with a motor that’s not more than 250 watts.

How Fast Can You Go After an E-bike Speed Delimiting?

Some e-bike tuning kit manufacturers claim that you can go past 60km/h (37mph) after tuning your bikes, but it’s unrealistic.

Realistically, you can only hit 37mph with speed limiter removal but not above that. But again, it depends on your e-bike. Some e-bikes are faster than others, and not all e-bikes are compatible with tuning kits, as we’ll discuss later.

A speed delimiter like the SPEEDBOX 3.0 (View on Amazon), which is irrefutably the best bosch electric bike speed limiter removal kit, promises a top speed of 30 – 37 mph.

What Does An Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal Involve?

Essentially, an e-bike speed limiter removal (or delimiting de-restriction) involves removing the manufacturers pedal assistance limit, which is achievable in three ways discussed below:

1. Manual Removal of the Back Wheel Magnet (The Hand Technique)

This method involves removing the e-bike speed limiter/ controller by hand. The target is the back wheel pedal magnet you should take out or reposition.

Usually, e-bikes with bigger wheels are expected to go faster. However, the presence of a magnet on the frame of the back wheel makes it harder to go that fast.

So, by taking out the magnet, which is now the speed limiter, or by repositioning it, you remove the speed restriction, allowing you to go past your current speed limit.

Note, however, that your target is not just the back wheel magnet but also the sensor so that you can trick the e-bike software.

So, you’ll also need to modify the sensor to trick the e-bike controller into not limiting your speed. Here’s how to go about this hack:

  • Step 1– Locate your e-bikes base sensor and remove it
  • Step 2– Also, locate the pedal magnet on the frame of the rear wheel and take it out
  • And Step 3– Fix the magnet onto the pedal bracket
  • Step 4– Turn the sensor toward the magnet
Electric Bike Speed Controller Removal

2. Removal of The Limiting Wire (Sensor Wire Disconnection)

You can also de-restrict your e-bike’s top speed by taking out the limiting wire. Note, however, that not all e-bikes have this sensor wire. So, this hack won’t work with every bike.

Generally, here’s how to go about it:

  • Identify the limiting wire/sensor wire on your e-bike. You can locate it on the controller unit connecting the speed controller
  • Take the limiting wire out or cut it if you cannot take it out

3. De-limiting Using an E-Bike Tuning Kit

You can also de-restrict your e-bikes speed using a commercial e-bike tuning kit. Note that this method is a bit technical and even more cost-involving than the first two, but it’s pretty effective.

However, it’s important to note that compatibility is essential as e-bike tuning kits are brand specific.

Here are some options to consider depending on your e-bike motor:

  • SPEEDBOX 3.0 Tuning Kit – Best for Bosch Motors (2014 – 2021)
  • SPEEDBOX 2.0 Tuning Kit – Best for Yamaha e-bike motors (PW-TE, PW-X, PW-ST, PW-SE, and PW-X2)
  • VOLSPEED V2 E-Bike Tuning Kit – Best for Giant Motors (Model 2017 – 2021)
  • SPEEDBOX 1.0 Tuning Kit – Best for Shimano E-Bike Motors (Model E8000, E6100, E7000, and E5000)

E-Bike Speed Limiter Removal Using A Tuning Kit?

Given the brand’s popularity, let’s use a SPEEDBOX tuning kit as a reference point. Also, the fact that you can unlock your e-bike top speed of 37mph makes SPEEDBOX bike kits worthy of consideration.

Here are the general tips for delimiting your e-bike using a SPEEDBOX e-bike tuning kit:

Step 1: Assemble essential tools such as the hex/ Allen wrench, screwdriver, crank puller, and needle-nose pliers.

You can get the WOTOW Bike Repair Tool Kit for this hack and many other DIY bike projects. The tool kit offers conversion-resistant Allen keys, screwdrivers, and flat wrenches, among other bike repair tools.

Step 2:  Use the hex key to unscrew the hex screw on the crank and then pull the crank out using a crank puller.

Step 3: Now, use a Torx screwdriver to loosen the Torx screws on the speed limiter. A Torx screwdriver is fast here.

Step 4: Replace the e-bike’s original connectors. Take out the original connectors and replace them with the new SPEEDBOX connector.

Step 5: Once the SPEEDBOX connectors are in position, return everything to its place and tighten up.

Can I Make My Electric Bike Go Faster

What Are The Dangers/Risks Of Electric Bike Speed Controller Removal?

While it’s possible to override your e-bikes speed limit, it comes with several risks and dangers worth knowing before attempting the hack. They include:

Injury Risk

There is always the risk of overspeeding and losing control of the bike once you de-restrict its speed. If that happens, you are likely to suffer an injury that can even be fatal.

Traffic Law Violation

In most states, it’s not acceptable to go beyond 20mph. In the US, for example, you shouldn’t exceed 20mph with a class 1 or 2 e-bike or 28mph with a class 3.

However, in Europe, the speed limit is 25km/h. So, de-restricting the speed means you are more likely to go above the speed limit, resulting in a hefty fine, loss of your e-bike, or something as serious as a jail term if you cause an accident.

Battery Drain and Damage

The faster you go on an e-bike, the quicker you’ll drain the battery and your e-bikes motor. The faster you ride, the harder the motor works and the likelier it is to wear down.

Warranty Void

Your e-bike manufacturer won’t accept your repair claim if there’s something wrong with the e-bike, even if it’s manufacturer-related. So, you lose the right to activate your warranty once you remove the speed limiter.

How Else Can I Make My Electric Bike Go Faster?

Since speed delimiting has several concerns despite its effectiveness in making your e-bike faster, it’s not the only option. You can still make your e-bike faster using other hacks such as:

1. Go Slim On Tires

Wider tires, typically knobbier, may be more stable but slower. If you want to go faster on an e-bike, you must go for slimmer tires as they roll much quicker.

One top consideration is the Schwalbe Marathon Plus (View on Amazon). These rubber tires are slimmer, smoother, and, more importantly, puncture-protected.

They are generally perfect for city riding, touring, fitness cycling, trail riding, and riding on pavements, and you’ll find them in all sizes (16-inch, 20-inch, 700c, 26-inch, among others).

Schwalbe Marathon Plus

2. LCD Speed Adjustment

You can slightly adjust your e-bikes speed from the LCD. Just go to the control panel and cut down the wheel size. Doing so cheats the speed limiter into thinking that you are employing a smaller wheelbase, making the bike slightly faster.

3. Battery Replacement

You require a more powerful battery to ride an e-bike faster. So, consider getting a battery with a larger capacity to endure the heavy usage and allow you to go faster.

4. Motor Swapping

The Battery is not the only thing you can change to boost your e-bike’s top speed. Also, consider getting a more powerful motor – one that’s compatible with your e-bike electric unit and fits it. A more powerful motor may boost your speed by five mph or more.

5. Fit A Windshield

One thing that slows most e-bikes down is the wind, where a windshield comes in. A windshield can minimize wind drag by making your e-bike more aerodynamic.

While there are no e-bike-specific windshields, you can use a motorcycle option such as the Slip Streamer S-06C Windshield (View on Amazon).

6. Become Aerodynamic

Sometimes, you need to go faster on an electric bike to become aerodynamic. Instead of riding upright, take a front bending posture to cut through the headwind resistance and create more pedaling leverage.

People Also Ask

1. How Do You Remove A Speed Limiter On A Electric Bike?

Manually, you can remove the speed limiter on your electric bike by taking out the magnet on the rear wheel or disconnecting the limit/sensor wire. You can also try using an e-bike tuning kit compatible with your e-bike motor.

2. How Do You Hack The Ebike Limiter?

You can hack your e-bike limiter by cutting the limiter wire or removing the magnet on the frame adjacent to the rear wheel. But if these hacks don’t work, you can try using an e-bike tuning kit.

3. How Do You Unlock E-Bike Speed?

There are two practical hacks for unlocking your e-bikes speed.  You can remove the magnet on the rear wheel to de-restrict the e-bike.

Two, you can use a commercial e-bike tuning kit to readjust the bike speed.

Closing Thought On Electric Bike Speed Limiter Removal:

As shared, you can delimit or de-restrict your e-bikes speed by manually removing the back wheel pedal or the sensor wire or by using a compatible e-bike tuning kit.

So, you have three options to choose from, but overall, this move can be dangerous and illegal. As a result, you’ve to ask if it’s worth it.

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