Best Dirt Bikes For Big Guys – An Ultimate Buying Guide!?

There’s this misconception that there aren’t dirt bikes for big guys, and if there are any, the options are rare. While dirt bikes are often associated with kids, who weigh much less, there are enough options for heavier riders, including adults.

The process, however, of getting a dirt bike for someone who is 300 pounds and probably 6 feet tall is not as straightforward as for someone under 250 pounds and 6 feet. 

Overall, you have to consider not just the dirt bike’s load capacity if you are big but also its seat height (in reference to your height), which I’ll share more about in this buying guide.

Factors like riding experience or skill, bike purpose, terrain, and the engine type are equally important when shopping for a big man dirt bike. 

How about we discuss all these buying considerations?  But before we do, let’s share more about why big guys can ride dirt bikes. 

dirt bikes for big guys

In a rush? Below are the best dirt bikes for heavy people.

3 Best Dirt Bikes for Big Guys

  1. Razor MX650 – Best Motocross Dirt Bike for Big Guy
  2. X-Pro Hawk 250 – Best Enduro Dirt Bike for Big Guys
  3. X-Pro Hawk DLX 250 – Best Street Dirt Bike for Big Guy

Can Big Guys Ride Dirt Bikes?

As you must have read from the get-go, dirt bikes for big people exist, which means yes! Big guys can ride dirt bikes. However, several factors need consideration, including the bike load limit and seat height.

As a big guy, you should get a dirt bike that can hold your weight and whose seat height matches your height. I’ll share more on the two under the buying guide. 

It’s also worth stating that you may need to do a few modifications if you are big and can’t find a dirt bike that matches your weight and feels comfortable, but more importantly, a safer dirt bike.

That brings us to these modifications:

  • Shock springs and suspension – You may need to swap the two to improve the dirt bike’s comfort level and to enable the dirt bike to carry your weight.
  • Bar risers, lower foot pegs, or taller handlebars – Consider this if you are not just big but taller too. The upgrades will give the dirt bike a more massive look to match your height.
  • Padded seat – This consideration promises more comfort necessary when you are big. 
  • Brakes upgrade – You may also need to upgrade the brakes and get more reliable choices.

Buying Guide for Dirt Bikes for Heavy Riders?

Essentially, you don’t have to do any modifications to a dirt bike unless you get the purchase wrong. That’s why knowing beforehand what to look for in a new dirt bike is essential, and it brings us to these buying factors:

a) Dirt Bike Load Capacity Vs. Riders Weight

This is arguably the most critical buying consideration for dirt bikes, and that’s why it comes in the first place. Generally, looking for a dirt bike that can bear colossal weight is advisable.

Luckily for this buying consideration, dirt bike manufacturers mainly indicate how much load their bikes can carry. There are even dirt bikes for 300-pound men and above if you look carefully.

Overall, comparing the recommended load capacity and weight is essential.

b) Dirt Bikes Seat Height Vs. Riders Height

Once a dirt bike checks the load capacity box, the next consideration is the seat height. You want a dirt bike that can match your height when you are big, and the only straightforward way to determine that is by looking at the seat height. 

If the seat height matches your height, you’ll be able to sit comfortably on the dirt bike. Remember, your feet shouldn’t be too much on the ground as that’ll mean the bike is too small for you. 

Likewise, the feet shouldn’t hang too much in the air as that’ll mean the bike is too big for you. On that note, here is a dirt bike sizing chart matching the seat height with the rider’s height.

Seat Height (in inches)Riders Height
26 – 31’’4’9’’ – 5’1’’
31 – 35’’5’2’’ – 5’4’’
33 – 36’’5’4’’ – 5’6’’
34 – 37’’5’6’’ – 5’8’’
34 – 38’’5’8’’ – 5’10’’
35 – 39’’5’10’’ – 6’0’’

c) Dirt Biking Experience Vs. Dirt Bike Engine Size

dirt bikes come with different engine displacements but not all suit beginners. Usually, the higher the engine displacement, the harder it is to control a dirt bike. 

For example, while experienced dirt bikes can comfortably maneuver dirt bikes with an engine displacement of 250cc and above, beginners will have a hard time. So, if you are a beginner, consider capacities under 250cc, depending on your age and weight. 

Dirt Bikes for Big Guys

d) Engine Type – 2-Stroke Vs. 4-stroke

Dirt bike engines come in two engine options, 2-stroke and 4-stroke. 2-stroke engines are lighter, faster to accelerate, easy to maintain, and affordable. They are, however, less stable and harder to shift.

For those reasons, they are often not the best for big guys. As a big guy, you need a dirt bike that’s stable, steady, easy to shift, and that points towards 4-stroke engines. 

Their downsides are that they are expensive, need more maintenance, and are often heavier than their 2-stroke siblings.

e) Terrain Type

As you’ll notice later, we’ve street bikes that are best for the streets (paved Roads) and off-road options such as motocross, enduro, trail, and trial dirt bikes. 

So, it’s essential to consider where you’ll be riding the dirt bike before buying it. For instance, getting a street dirt bike to ride off-road won’t make sense. Neither will it make sense to get a motocross or enduro dirt bike for the streets.

f) Dirt Bikes Purpose

What do you want to use the dirt bike for? Again, the issue of knowing the various types can help you arrive at a decision much sooner. For example, a motocross (MX) dirt bike will be ideal if you intend to participate in a motocross race. 

But if you only want to hit the streets over a short distance, consider a street dirt bike. I’ll explain all the available types and their suitability next under (dirt bike types).

Types of Dirt Bikes for Big Guys

Generally, while dirt bikes come in different categories, the following suits big guys more:

1. Motocross Dirt Bikes

Motocross (MX) dirt bikes are what their name suggests. These dirt racing engines are designed for motocross racing. Their designs allow you to ride faster and overcome several dirt obstacles. 

Overall, MX dirt bikes feature the most potent engines even though they are lightweight. Generally, you can identify a motocross dirt bike from these specs:

  • Small fuel tanks (1-2 liters)
  • 19-inch or 14-inch rear tire/wheel
  • Lightweight
  • Lacks extra accessories such as taillight and headlight
  • Loud exhaust
  • Stiffer suspension

One unique motocross dirt bike for big guys is the Razor Dirt Rocket MX650 Electric Dirt Bike.

MX650 is all about strength. The electric dirt bike can bear up to 220 pounds and generally suits riders from 16 years. It enjoys a top speed of 17 mph and a battery runtime of 40 minutes.

How Much Weight Can A 250 Dirt Bike Hold

2. Enduro Dirt Bikes

An enduro dirt bike is the dirt bike equivalent of an enduro mountain bike. Like the Enduro MTB, it’s designed for taking on challenging enduro races. 

The dirt bike comes with solid suspension and all-terrain tires to allow you to take off-road head-on. Overall, most enduro dirt bikes aren’t street legal, which means that even though you can ride them on the road, it may be unlawful in your state.

Here are the specs that differentiate enduro dirt bikes:

  • Larger (3.5+) fuel tank
  • 18-inch rear wheel 
  • Quiet exhaust
  • Headlight, taillights, kickstand, and speedometer, among other accessories

One fantastic enduro dirt bike for big guys is the X-Pro Hawk 250 Dirt Bike. This enduro dirt bike enjoys a 330-pound capacity, making it ideal for plus-size guys.

It comes with a 3.7-liter gas capacity and enjoys a 35.4-inch seat height. The seat height makes it best for 5’10” – 6’0″ tall riders.

3. Street Dirt Bikes

Street dirt bikes are probably the most popular dirt bikes on the market for casual riders and amateurs. These dirt bikes are for riding on the streets, as the name suggests, and come in electric and gas options. 

One remarkable street dirt bike for big guys is the X-Pro Hawk DLX 250. The street dirt bike comes with a 330-pound load capacity that endears it to plus-size dirt racing enthusiasts.

The bike enjoys so many specs that make it perfect for the streets. That includes a 5-speed manual transmission, hydraulic disc brakes, kickstand, an electric start, and a heavy-duty clutch. 

Other Fat Guy Dirt Bike Types

In addition to motocross, enduro, and street dirt bikes, we also have the following types of dirt bikes:

  • Trail dirt bikes – Trail dirt bikes are the most affordable dirt bikes with a low seat and minimal features. They are the best for rocky patches and trails.
  • Trial dirt bikes – As the name suggests, trial dirt bikes are for trial competitions, which are more about control than speed.
  • Supermoto dirt bikes – Supermoto dirt bikes are street-legal dirt bikes that are lightweight and often resemble motorcycles.
  • Adventure dirt bikes – Adventure dirt bikes are the long-distance type. While they are best for the streets, they can also take on the trails.
  • Dual sport dirt bikes – Dual sport dirt bikes are the most versatile dirt bikes, designed for the streets and the trails/off-road.

People Also Ask

1. How Much Weight Can A 250 Dirt Bike Hold?

Most 250cc dirt bikes hold 250-330 pounds. There are a few options, however, such as the X-Pro 250cc Adult Dirt Bike that can bear up to 440lbs.

2. But How Much Weight Can A 450 Dirt Bike Hold?

Dirt bikes with a 450cc engine have a variety of load capacities. Some can only bear up to 185 pounds, while others can bear up to 320 pounds or more.

3. How Big Should You Be to Ride A 250 Dirt Bike?

250cc dirt bikes come with different load capacities. Most of them hold 250-330 pounds, but a few others hold as much as 440 pounds. Nevertheless, it’s essential to consider the dirt bike manufacturer’s recommended load capacity and not exceed it.

Closing Thought

Now you have a detailed guide for dirt bikes for big guys. As shared, big guys as heavy as 300 pounds can ride dirt bikes, and the options are there for the taking.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to consider the seat height, your riding experience, terrain, and purpose of the dirt bike when deciding what to get.