Are Bianchi Bikes Good Quality Brand?

Having been in operation since 1885, the Italian bike brand giant Bianchi is the oldest and one of the most reputable bike brands globally. But are Bianchi bikes good?

Bianchi bikes are good primarily because of their NASA-approved vibration-dampening Countervail technology that reduces up to 80% vibrations to promise a more comfortable ride.   

Other than that, Bianchi bikes sizes are consistent, and the manufacturer also offers custom bikes.

I’ll also share additional highlights about the brand, such as rider support, anti-counterfort campaign, and the celeste signature frame.

Moreover, I’ll look at Bianchi’s downside.

are Bianchi bikes good

In a rush? Below are my most recommended Bianchi bikes!

4 Best Bianchi Bikes On The Market

1. Bianchi Intenso Bike: Best Bianchi Endurance Road Bike

2. Bianchi Methanol CV FS: Best Bianchi XC Mountain Bike

3. e-SUV Racer XTR: Best Bianchi Electric Mountain Bike

4. C-Sport Cross Acera 245P: Best Bianchi City Bike

Are Bianchi Bikes Good?

Bianchi is considered the grandfather of all bikes brands, and it’s not just because the brand is the oldest in the business. No! It’s also because of the reputation they’ve built over the years.

Let’s face it, not many bike brands can claim to have a history of 100 years, let alone 130 years plus, as it’s the case of Bianchi.

But what makes Bianchi tick? What makes their bikes so good?

Research led me to these key four findings:

1. Vibration-Dampening Countervail Technology

Bianchi understands that most people don’t enjoy cycling because of road vibrations that often become unbearable.

That saw the brand introduced a vibration-dampening technology that’s like no other, the Countervail Technology.

This NASA-approved technology employs structural carbon and viscoelastic resin to reduce road vibrations and smoothen out your ride.

According to Bianchi, their patented technology reduces road vibrations by about 80%. Additionally, the technology improves the bike’s stiffness and longevity.

2. Consistent Bike Sizing

Bianchi also understands that buyers find it challenging to get a bike frame that fits. That’s primary because bike manufacturers keep changing their sizing guides, and that confuses buyers.

Bianchi has been consistent with the bike sizing to ensure they are not among those who confuse buyers.

Most Bianchi bicycles come in size 44-61cm, which caters to a wide range of cyclists.

Even more impressive is that some of their bikes even come in up to 8-9 frame sizes.

Is Bianchi a good bike brand

3. Quality Design

Bianchi employs reputable manufactures like Cycle Europe to produce bikes that meet international standards.

Thus, quality is everything for the brand, and it’s the reason they’ve remained in business for a long time.

Bianchi builds their bikes with SRAM and Shimano components to promise durability and performance.

Their road bikes employ high-quality carbon and aluminum frames that won’t snap easily.

On the other hand, their MTBs and hybrid bikes feature robust frames with adequate travel, while their e-MTBs enjoy powerful motors.

The bikes also feature quality brakes, headsets, among other features.

4. Bike Customization

Bianchi has a tailor-made program that allows you to order a bike that’s configured to your liking. They allow you to personalize the frame with handcrafted logos and graphics using a color configurator.

Other Bianchi Highlights

Here are some fantastic things about Bianchi:

a) Celeste ‘Bianchi Green’ Frame

Bianchi wanted to create a bike that sets itself apart from the competition, and only one color would meet the criteria, and that’s the celeste.

So, Bianchi bikes are popularly known for the celeste frames. Though the bike frames come in other themes nowadays, the Bianchi Green has remained their signature theme and the most dominant.

b) Dama Bianca ‘Female-Specific’ Bike Range

Unlike most bike brands, Bianchi doesn’t alter the men racing bike geometry. Instead, the manufacture produces a female-specific line known as the Dama Bianca.

These bikes come with women-specific touches such as narrow handlebars, shorter frames, women saddles, and shorter cranks.

So, the frame geometry doesn’t change, but the modifications make them feminine.

c) Rider Support

Bianchi has an excellent rider support forum that answers all concerns you may be having about the brand.

There, you can inquire about the nearest dealers, bike sizing, available models, and just about anything.

So, it’s the place to visit when you want to learn about Bianchi.

Where are Bianchi bikes made

d) Anti-Counterfeit Campaign

Bianchi has a zero-tolerance for forgery. They take serious legal action against those who make or sell counterfeit Bianchi bikes or accessories.

So far, Bianchi has taken action against 800 online shops and even blocked 4,500 others by collaborating with different companies. That’s how serious they are!

So, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll buy a counterfeit Bianchi bike unless you don’t get it from their store or recognized dealer.

What Are Bianchi’s Downsides?

The biggest issue I’ve noticed with Bianchi, especially some of their road bikes and mountain bikes, is that the cycles are heavier. Their frames and wheels are weightier than most.

Other than that, the price can be deterrence. While some budget Bianchi bikes cost under 1000 euros, you may have to spend more than 2,000 euros to get a high-end option.

Company History

Bianchi dates back to 1885, and the guy behind the idea was Eduardo Bianchi.

At only 21, Eduardo combines his background knowledge in crafting medical instruments with his love for cycling to create his first-ever bike.

The Bianchi bike got recognized at the Paris Grand Prix a year later, and its popularity grew further.

By 1914, Eduardo was running a bike-building plant that was making more than 45,000 cycles annually. Even today, most manufacturers struggle to hit such a number.

In 1982, Bianchi launched their first-ever BMX, and a few years later, they unveiled their first-ever mountain bike.

1990 saw Bianchi produce the first-ever modern hybrid ‘city bike,’ and many others followed.

Today, they produce road bikes, electric bikes, city fitness bikes (a type of hybrid bike), and mountain bikes.

Who manufactures Bianchi

Bianchi Bike Range

Currently, Bianchi sells the following bike types:

1. Bianchi Road Bike

Bianchi road bikes come in a variety of styles, such as:

  • Racing bikes
  • Endurance bikes
  • Cyclocross bikes
  • Time trial/triathlon
  • Gravel bikes

The cycles are available in caliper and disc brakes, and they feature high-end Shimano and SRAM components.

They also come multi-geared and are pretty lightweight, featuring carbon or aluminum frames.

The road bikes are also compact built and exceptionally aerodynamic for fast and efficient cycling.

One best Bianchi road bike that embodies that is the Bianchi Intenso Carbon Italian Bike. The endurance road bike is the perfect combination of speed, comfort, and genuine toughness.

2. Bianchi Mountain Bike

Bianchi mountain bikes are shaped for the trails. Their cross-country MTB range allows you to explore nature and conquer newer peaks.

They are excellent on challenging terrains, but more importantly, they are fun to ride. With these MTBs, you can push harder and go long-distance.

And given that they feature high-end disc brakes and drivetrains, you can ride more regularly. Furthermore, these XC MTBs are not best for ascents only but descents too.

One such Bianchi MTB is the Bianchi Methanol CV FS.

Methanol CV FS

3. Bianchi Hybrid Bike

Bianchi also makes hybrid bikes, popularly known as city-fitness bikes. They are not just superb urban commuter choices but also suitable for running errands and working out.

These bikes come in these ranges:

  • Spillo (upright commuter bikes with v-brakes)
  • C-Sport (Sport hybrid bikes with hydro-disc brakes)
  • Turismo (Retro-style hybrid bikes with v-brakes)

One C-Sport hybrid bike that exemplifies comfort and class is the C-Sport Cross Acera 245P. It’s the perfect choice for commuting, recreational cycling, and even fitness cycling.

4. Bianchi Electric Bikes

Bianchi currently makes electric road bikes, electric mountain bikes, and electric city bikes. So, there is an electric version of all the three Bianchi bike ranges I’ve discussed above.

The e-bike versions may cost more but prove their worth outdoors.

Their motors are pretty powerful, contributing to unmatched speed. They also come with impressive brakes, shifters, and frames.

If you are into e-MTBs, one Bianchi electric MTB to check out is the Bianchi e-SUV Racer XTR.

e-SUV Racer XTR


1. Is Bianchi A Good Bike Brand?

Bianchi enjoys a reputation that spans over 130 years, making it the oldest bike brand. They have zero tolerance for counterfeit, and so their bikes are genuine.

The brands also enjoy a fantastic rider support community that addresses riders’ concerns.

2. Where Are Bianchi Bikes Made?

Bianchi bikes are made at their Milan headquarters and a few others in Taiwan.

3. Who Manufactures Bianchi?

Cycle Europe Group, which is Bianchi’s parent company, makes Bianchi bikes, and they have their headquarters in Milan, Italy.

4. Does Bianchi Make Good Bikes?

Bianchi bikes are amongst the most robust, most comfortable, and most ride-friendly bikes on the market. They come in a variety of sizes and are customizable to suit different riders.

5. Are Bianchi Overpriced?

Bianchi bikes are high-end. They employ high-quality components, and innovative technologies such as the vibration-dampening countervail technology.

As a result, these bikes are costlier than most but not overpriced.

6. How Expensive Are Bianchi Bikes?

Bianchi mainly caters to the interest of high-end consumers, especially their road bikes and MTBs. However, their hybrid bikes (city fitness bikes) are affordable.

You can get a hybrid bike for under 1000 euros but are more likely to spend up to 4,000 euros or more on a high-end road bike.

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Closing Thought: Are Bianchi Bikes Good?

Generally, Bianchi bikes are super-comfortable, thanks to their vibration-dampening countervail technology. They are also easy to customize and come in a wide range of sizes.

Moreover, the brand has zero-tolerance for forgery and enjoys a supportive rider community.

Even better, there are women-specific bikes, Dama Bianca. So, what else would you want from a bike brand?