Why Is There A Hole In Bike Seats?

The seat may be only a small part of the bike, but everything about its design determines your comfort. One crucial design element is the central hole, popularly known as the cutout. So, why is there a hole in bike seats?

The purpose of the hole in bike seats is to promote ventilation, reduce pressure in the crotch area, and encourage fast cleaning. The result is better seating comfort.

I’ll talk more about the three benefits later. I’ll also look at the effects of a cutout on men and women.

You may be surprised to discover that all you need to have a more comfortable, safer, and funnier ride is a seat with a groove.

How about we dig a little deeper into the advantages of a seat cutout?

Why Is There A Hole In Bike Seats

Why Is There A Hole In Bike Seats?

Mostly, bike seats have a central hole because of these reasons:

1. Seat Ventilation

The cutout hugely makes the bike seat breathable. It saves you from sweating a lot, and even when you do, the sweat evaporates much faster, keeping you dry and comfortable.

As a result, saddles with cutouts are best for long-distance cycling and when cycling under the sun.

Also, note that since a central cutout encourages air circulation, your butt and thighs get to cool much faster after excessive rubbing with the saddle.

2. Reduce Pressure in the Crotch Area (Perineum)

The groove significantly redistributes your weight over the saddle when cycling. So, you don’t place so much weight on the crotch area or perineum, which is known to have delicate tissues.

As a result, you reduce the risk of feeling pain and numbness, which results from compressing the perineum.

Remember, you squeeze the nerves and blood vessels when you put too much weight on the perineum. A cutout, however, lowers the risk by reducing the amount of direct weight you place on the crotch area.

3. Ease of Cleaning

Compared to bike seats with depression, saddles with a cutout collect less amount of rainwater. So, it generally becomes easy for you to wipe your saddle dry and avoid getting wet.

In the long run, having a dry and clean bike seat means having a comfortable saddle.

Why Do Bicycle Seats Have Holes In Them? Saddle Cutout vs Human Anatomy

a) Men and Cutout Seats

Choosing the wrong seat can be devastating to the men’s sensitive parts. A bad seat puts too much weight on the crotch area, interrupting the blood supply to the sensitive parts.

In some cases, it can result in bruising around the genitals and numbness. Or worse, the culmination could be sterility.

A seat with a cutout, however, minimizes the risk. The cutout reduces the weight you put on the scrotal area and offers you exceptional relief.

b) Women and Seat Cutouts

Women cyclists are not any different from men cyclists. They, too, can put unnecessary pressure on their genitalia if they use the wrong saddle.

Some women complain of urination difficulty and painful intercourse following prolonged cycling. Often, it’s a result of compressing the perineum area, resulting in painful injuries and extra sensitivity.

But just like men, the risks are minimized using a bike seat with a cutout. The groove reduces direct pressure on the perineum area and improves blood supply to the genitals, offering you maximum relief.

Why Do Bicycle Seats Have Holes In Them

Other than a Hole in the Bike Seat, What Else Should You Consider?

While a seat cutout is a crucial consideration for your seat comfort and safety, it’s not the only one.

Here are other worthy considerations:

  • Adequate seat padding

Though most cyclists think that too much cushioning is good for their comfort, it’s not true. Excessive padding is likely to deform the saddle shape and make you feel like the saddle is pinching.

You also don’t have to go for no padding as the seat will feel harder. Instead, opt for a saddle with light padding.

  • Correct Seat Shape

While the padding is center stage when defining the saddle comfort, the shape is equally pivotal. Generally, you have to pick a saddle shape that matches your cycling needs.

If you are a road cyclist or racer, for example, go for a narrower seat with light padding to allow you to cycle more aggressively. One perfect example is the SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat.

But if you are only a casual or leisure cyclist, go for a broader saddle with more padding on its backside. A perfect example is the Wittkop City Bike Seat.

  • Correct Saddle Width

The saddle must support your sit bones maximally. So, it has to be wider than your sit bones.

Even if you have to go for a narrow saddle, it shouldn’t be too slim to press you.

  • Saddle Suspension

Some bike seats come with a suspension to cushion you against the bumpy trails. That’s more important if you plan to ride off-road and your bike lacks a proper suspension system.

It’s also essential when you are overweight, given that you put too much pressure on the saddle.

How Do You Tell That You Need A Bike Seat with a Cutout?

If your current saddle feels painful and generally uncomfortable, you should get a bike saddle with a cutout. If you also complain of perennial numbness or tingling, you should also try a bike seat with a cutout.

Also, consider such a saddle if you:

  • Ride long-distance
  • Ride regularly, perhaps for commuting reasons

What’s more, this saddle suits all women as it favors the woman’s anatomy more.

Best Bike Seats with Holes

Best Bike Seats with Holes: Best Saddle with Cutout Reviewed:

Here are the best seats with cutouts for men and women.

1. Bikeroo Comfortable Bicycle Saddle – Best Universal Choice

The Bikeroo Comfortable Bicycle Saddle is arguably the most comfortable bike seat on the market, with a groove and a universal mount.

Not only can you fit it on any outdoor two-wheel but on an exercise bike too.

This bike seat is thickly cushioned and comes with dual suspension to offer you optimal comfort. So, you can count on its shock-absorbing power when riding off-road.

It comes with mounting tools for DIY fitting. Its attraction, however, is its central groove that encourages excellent air circulation and perineum relief.

The bonus is that this bike saddle comes with a waterproof rain cover and is available in various colors.

Best Features

  • Universal mount
  • Thick cushioning
  • Central groove
  • Dual suspension
  • Rain cover
  • Mounting tools

2. Wittkop City Bike Seat – Best for Leisure Riding

The Wittkop City Bike Seat is a fantastic choice for men and women who ride casually or for leisure, especially on urban roads.

It’s made of premium-quality memory foam that retains its shape, even after prolonged sitting.

The manufacturer employs a 5-zone concept to offer an ergonomic and highly comfortable seat. With its innovative central groove, the saddle promises better airflow to overcome unpleasant sweating discomfort.

The best part is that this bike seat is 100% waterproof, thus great for riding in the rain.

Not only does it work on standard bikes but also exercise bikes.

Best Features

  • 100% waterproof
  • 5-zone concept
  • Premium-quality memory foam
  • Innovative airflow system

3. SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat – Best for Racing and Long-distance Cycling

The SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat is a safe bet for road cyclists and mountain bikes. In addition, it also suits kids’ bikes, e-bikes, mini-bikes, and exercise bikes.

This unisex bike saddle features waterproof leather to protect it against rain. The leather covering is also non-slip, thus reasonably comfortable.

The bike seat enjoys a streamlined, slimmer design to allow your thighs to feel free.

Its center cutout relieves you from prostate pressure while facilitating adequate breathability.

The saddle has shock absorbers to cushion your ride and a reflective stripe to boost your night visibility.

 Why Are Bike Seats So Uncomfortable

Best Features

  • Unisex design
  • Waterproof, non-slip covering
  • Streamlined design
  • Center cutout
  • Shock absorbers


1. Why Is There A Hole In A Bicycle Seat?

The role of a hole in a bicycle seat is to improve the seat’s breathability and relieve you from perineum pressure.

It distributes your weight on the saddle to allow you to put less weight on the perineum area, and that translates to perineum relief.

2. Why Are Bike Seats So Uncomfortable?

Most bike seats are uncomfortable because they are extra soft, usually when they have too much padding. Other bike seats are just uncomfortable for being the wrong shape or size.

Sometimes, seats become uncomfortable when their angle of tilt or height is wrong.

3. What Is The Best Bike Seat For A Woman?

Women need a seat with proper padding and shape, preferably with a central cutout.

Now, here are three fantastic bike seats for men and even women:

  1. Bikeroo Comfortable Bicycle Saddle – Best Universal Choice
  2. Wittkop City Bike Seat – Best for Leisure Riding
  3. SGODDE Comfortable Bike Seat – Best for Racing and Long-distance Cycling

In Conclusion, Why Is There A Hole In Bike Seats?

As discussed, the hole in a bike seat promotes seat comfort. By improving air circulation and relieving you from perineum pressure, the cutout guarantees a comfortable saddle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a hole in a bike seat?

If you’ve ever wondered, why do bike seats have holes in them? The answer is simply about comfort and relief. The key idea is to offer a decrease in pressure in the undercarriage around the sit bones, along with ensuring a smooth flow of air. This design not only offers needed comfort but it also effectively keeps issues such as numbness and chafing at bay by relieving built-up tension. This is especially effective during long bike rides when constant pressure can build up, resulting in discomfort. The hole’s design is based on years of ergonomic research, and has made a significant difference in the biking experience for many professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Are saddles with a cutout a better choice?

When it comes to the question, are saddles with a cutout better, the answer is not clear-cut. Yes, a cutout does indeed help to reduce the pressure on the perineal area as well as the pudendal nerve which runs through it, resulting in a more comfortable ride. However, that’s not to say that a saddle without a relief channel is less comfortable or efficient. It’s really about personal preference, body anatomy, and riding style. Some riders find that a saddle with a cutout suits their body and riding style better while others are just as comfortable with a traditional closed saddle. Always remember, what works for some may not work for everyone.

Why do modern bike seats often seem uncomfortable?

One common query is why are modern bike seats so uncomfortable? It’s important to understand that these seats are designed with the sole purpose of supporting the rider’s sit bones, not their full body weight. This unique, slim design is intended to free up and allow the motion of lower body parts during cycling. If you think about it, the task of balancing our entire body weight on two small ischial tuberosities, or “sit bones,” can be challenging, especially when the surface area is limited. The comfort level also depends on your bike type and what it’s designed for; Road bikes have smaller seats because they are built for speed, not comfort.

Why do thieves often steal bike seats?

Regarding why thieves steal bike seats, it’s largely because many bikes come with a quick-release seat clamp. A quick-release clamp is just that – it allows the seat height to be adjusted quickly, often in seconds, making it particularly helpful during trail rides. But on the flip side, these easy-to-release clamps make bike seats an easy target for thieves. It’s important for all bike owners to know this and take necessary precautions, such as opting for a non-quick-release saddle or ensuring their bike is safely stored when not in use.