Weehoo Bike Trailer Weight Limit ?

The name ‘Weehoo’ is likely to pop up in search results when you search for bike trailers online. Not only is the brand associated with kid’s bike trailers but also cargo bicycle trailers. But what is the Weehoo bike trailer weight limit?

Generally, single-seat Weehoo child bike trailers can hold up to 80 pounds, while double-seat siblings can hold up to 100 pounds. Weehoo cargo bike trailers, on the other hand, average a load limit of 80-100 pounds.

So, Weehoo bike trailers undoubtedly have a good load capacity, especially when it comes to kids. Thus, you can expect them to carry bigger kids, given that 80-100 pounds are much weight for kids. 

I’ll take you through the three bike trailers options and give relevant recommendations so that you can know what you’ll be getting the next time you want to buy a Weehoo bike trailer.

Weehoo bike trailer weight limit

In a rush? See my most recommended Weehoo bike trailers with their load capacities on the hotlist below:

4 Hottest Weehoo Bike Trailers Weight Capacity

  1. Weehoo iGo Turbo Bicycle Trailer – Best Single-Seat Weehoo Child Bike Trailer for 2 – 9 Years Old (80-Pound Capacity)
  2. Weehoo 2016 iGo Blast Bicycle Trailer – Best Single-Seat Weehoo Child Bike Trailer for 1-4 Years Olds (80-Pound Capacity)
  3. The Weehoo iGo Two – Best Double-seat Weehoo Child Bike Trailer for 2-9 Years Olds (100-pound capacity)
  4. Weehoo iGo Cargo Utility Bike Trailer – Best Weehoo Cargo Bike Trailer (100-pound Capacity)

Weehoo Bike Trailer Weight Limit According to Trailer Type

Weehoo is generally known for kids and cargo bike trailers. And when it comes to kid’s bicycle trailers, Weehoo makes them in single-seat and double-seat options. 

Thus, depending on how many kids you are comfortable tagging along on your cycling exploits, you can decide what to go for.

Let’s discuss the three options:

1. Weehoo Single-Seat Bike Trailer Weight Limit

While most single-seat bike trailers’ weight limit is 40-50 pounds, Weehoo single-seat bicycle trailers can bear up to 80 pounds per seat. 

Mark you, we are talking about the seat carry capacity only. Most of these bicycle trailers also allow you to haul a few cargoes.

That means their capacity is slightly above 80 pounds. But to play safe, it’s a good idea to keep everything under 80 pounds.

One Weehoo single-seat bike trailer with an 80-pound seat capacity and extra gear storage room is the Weehoo iGo Turbo Bicycle Trailer

What Makes the Bike Trailer Good?

The Weehoo iGo Turbo Bicycle Trailer might be a 2015 edition, but it’s everything you want in your kid’s single-seat bike trailer.

Its seat capacity is 80 pounds, which is massive enough, and according to the manufacturer, the bike trailer suits kids aged 2-9 years. 

So, it’s the perfect choice for kids post toddlerhood, especially those who are prime to ride by themselves but are petrified. They can tag along and build the confidence to ride by themselves.

Capacity Wise, this child bike trailer offers you a 14-liter cargo storage allowance to supplement the 80-pound seat capacity.

Subsequently, you can pick a few things for your child and yourself to take on your bike adventure or haul a few grocery supplies on your way back.

How Fast Can a Bike Trailer Go

Alternate choice – Weehoo 2016 iGo Blast Child Bicycle Trailer

What Makes the Bike Trailer Good?

The Weehoo 2016 iGo Blast offers you the same provisions as its sibling above, only that it’s best for 1 –4-year-olds and doesn’t offer extra cargo storage.

But overall, this bike trailer is perfect for younger kids because it embodies the three most essential pillars; child safety, comfort, and interaction.

Concerning child safety, this bike trailer sits close to the ground to reduce the possibility of your child getting hurt if you lose control. Plus, it features heel and foot straps to secure your kid’s feet and a seat harness to hold them to the seat.

Comfort Wise, this bike trailer has a padded seat, relaxing footrest, and a laid-back backrest to allow your child to have the most comfortable ride.

And as far as interaction goes, this bike trailer doesn’t have a closed canopy that lets you chat with your kid on the go.

The only downside of that is that your child is not weather-shielded. Therefore, you cannot ride under the scorching sun, when it pours or during draught.

2. Weehoo Double-Seat Child Bike Trailer Weight Limit

While you expect double-seat bike trailers to hold twice as much load as their single-seat siblings, that’s not the case.

These bike trailers come with a load limit of 100 pounds, just 20 pounds more than single-seat options. But even so, they offer extra cargo storage, which means you can surpass the 100-pound limit slightly.

One double-seater that gives you this advantage is the Weehoo iGo Two.

What Makes It a Good Bike Trailer?

The Weehoo iGo Two combines storability, comfort, and flexibility in one package to promise the ultimate two-seater for your kid.

While the seating capacity for the bicycle trailer is 100 pounds, it offers you a cargo storage allowance of 19 liters, which is more than enough.

Comfort-wise, this bike trailer has two linear-spaced, well-padded seats with a laid-back design to guarantee the utmost comfort for your kids.

And regarding flexibility, this bike trailer easily fits kids aged 2 – 9. The rear seat is dedicated for the smallest kid of the two, while the front is for the bigger child.

Interestingly, while the rear seat features a footrest for the younger child to rest their feet, the front seat has pedals to allow the older kid to pedal alongside you.

That fundamentally builds their pedaling confidence and power, making it easy for them to transition into their ‘own’ bikes and ride independently.

Are Weehoo Bike Trailers Safe

3. Weehoo Cargo Bike Trailer Weight Limit

The Weehoo Cargo bike trailer’s load capacity doesn’t differ much from the kid’s options. You can expect these bicycle trailers to hold 80 – 100 pounds which is enough for your outdoor gear and groceries.

So, if you cannot afford a cargo bike or wouldn’t want to let go of your bike but would love to tow some cargo, these bike trailers are worth a look.

The Weehoo iGo Cargo Utility Bike Trailer is one option to look closely at.

What Makes It a Good Cargo Bike Trailer?

The Weehoo iGo Cargo Utility Bike Trailer comes in a wood platform construction to hold your load. The wood platform generally gives it a rustic look.

Attached is a cargo net to allow you to secure your cargo on it. It features a 20-inch wheel that rolls seamlessly on single tracks.

Overall, this bike trailer is only attached to the seat post measuring 25.1 – 31.9mm. Expect this bike trailer to hold up to 100 pounds of cargo weight.

Weehoo Bike Trailer Age

Weehoo child bike trailers don’t just have weight limits but also recommendable user age. So, you can also buy them according to your kid’s age if you are unsure about the weight.

Generally, we’ve Weehoo bike trailers that suit kids as young as 1 – 2 years to as old as nine. So, if your child is between 1 and 9 years, you can get a Weehoo bike trailer to match their age.

Are Weehoo Bike Trailers Safe?

Compared to child seats, Weehoo bike trailers are safer. These kids bike trailers come with strapped seats to secure your kids on transit, and others even feature strapped foot rests to hold the kid’s feet.

The trailers sit too close to the ground to reduce the vertical distance just in case your kid falls. Perhaps the biggest downside is that most Weehoo bike trailers don’t have an endorsed canopy.

Thus, your child won’t be weather-protected, making them unsafe in bad weather conditions like rain, dust, drought, and intense heat. But overall, the bike trailers are good if you use them in fair weather conditions.

How Do I Connect My Weehoo Bike Trailer

How Do I Connect My Weehoo Bike Trailer?

Generally, it takes the following steps to connect a Weehoo bike trailer:

  • Remove the child seat or rear rack where applicable
  • Indicate the position of your bike seat on the bikes seat post
  • Use a hex wrench to loosen the seat post and remove it gently
  • Choose the correct bushing from the accessories that come with the bike trailer and insert it into the latch (you’ll have to get the bushings from your local bike store if you have none)
  • Now, insert your seat post through the hutch and bushing
  • Carefully position the seat at the marked position on the seat post
  • Tighten the seat post in place
  • Then use a quick-release pin to mount the connector arm onto the bike frame
  • After that, attach the arm to the bike’s seat post latch to complete the installation.

Note that you’ll need a bike trailer, metal bushing, and hex wrenches to perform this process.

People Also Ask

1. How Fast Can a Bike Trailer Go?

A bike trailer slows you down. Thus, you can expect to go slower with a bicycle trailer than without it. On average, most trailer-attached bikes go at a top speed of 15 – 16mph, but more experienced riders can hit 22 mph on a perfect road.

2. Can You Attach a Bike Trailer to Any Bike?

You can attach bicycle trailers to road bikes, hybrids, MTBs, BMX, and other standard bikes, as most bike trailers have a universal coupler. It is, however, important to confirm as some trailers only attach to seat posts of a particular length.

3. Can You Pull a Trailer with A Bicycle?

Yes, you can pull a trailer with a bicycle. We’ve kids, pets, and children bike trailers that allow you to carry your kid, pet, or cargo at the back of your bike. They are a safer option than bike seats and a more cost-saving option than cargo bikes.

Closing Thought On Weehoo Bike Trailer Weight Limit!

As seen, Weehoo bike trailers can hold 80 – 100 pounds, depending on the trailer type and seat capacity. Others even offer you an allowance for your gear, which is good when tagging the kids along on outdoor bike exploits. So, consider these trailers if their load limits match your needs.

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