Trek Vs Canyon Bikes ?

Trek and Canyon are well known for creating high-end, pro-level performance bikes. But considering that Giant makes most of their bike frames, how do Trek vs Canyon bikes compare?

While Trek focuses more on the high-end and mid-range markets, Canyon targets all markets. However, Trek offers you more options when it comes to customizing, purchasing route, and budget bikes, even though its high-end options are costlier than Canyon.

Generally, there are a few differences between the two bikes which I will explain. So, I’ll differentiate the two bikes according to the market focus, customization, purchasing route, and price.

What is more, I’ll compare their weights and individually compare their leading bike categories. That includes their MTBs, Road bikes, and Hybrids.

Let’s get started!

Are Trek bikes made by Giant

Below is a summary table of comparison between Trek and Canyon bikes:

Market FocusMidrange and high-end marketAll target markets 
Bike WeightSlightly heavierLighter than Trek
Frame WarrantyLifetimeSix years
Purchase RouteMore purchase routesOnly through the website
Bike CustomizationMore customization freedomCustom-made according to size
Bike PriceMore budget choicesFewer budget choices

Trek Vs Canyon Bikes Differences

Giant is known to make bike frames for various bike brands, of which Canyon and Trek are among the beneficiaries.  

However, even with the same manufacturer, some things set the two apart, and they include:

1. Market Focus

The two bike brands produce high-end and exceptional bikes that last for ages. However, Trek makes fewer entry-level options but more midrange and high-end bikes.

In Contrast, Canyon tries to balance by producing all bike ranges equally. They don’t incline to any side.

Verdict: While Trek favors high-end bikes more, Canyon has it all!

2. Bike Weight

Canyon bikes are slightly lightweight compared to Trek bikes. The lightweight in Canyon is due to the light carbon frames, unlike Trek’s heavier Aluminum frames.

Ideally, carbon frames have hollow designs, thus the exceptional lightweight in Canyon bikes.

However, Trek also employs carbon technology in some of their bikes, but they are not as lightweight as Canyons.

Verdict: Generally, Canyon bikes are lighter than Trek bikes of the same type.

3. Bike Warranty

A good warranty shows the bike brand’s confidence in its products. Moreover, a contract acts as security and infuses trust in the buyer. The two-bike brands diverge when it comes to warranty periods.

Canyon offers a 6-year assurance on its frames and forks for Racing, Triathlon, and Commuter bikes. On the other hand, Trek offers the bike owner a limited lifetime warranty for their frames.

Moreover, Trek offers a 1–5-year warranty for the self-build Bontrager components.

Verdict: Trek’s lifetime warranty for their frames inspires confidence and superiority in their products.

4. Purchase Route

Trek and Canyon bikes vary when it comes to purchasing routes. However, this affects customer access but doesn’t affect bike quality.

Generally, Trek bikes are available for purchase on their website and through trusted, loyal dealers like Amazon.

Whereas for Canyon, their bikes are ONLY sold through their website.

Verdict: Trek offers more purchase routes than Canyon.  

5. Trek Vs. Canyon Bikes Customization

Canyon bike brand creates their bikes with the most high-end quality components to meet the desired look. However, the Canyon company allows you to customize your bike according to size. Therefore, with Canyon, you specifically get what you love!

Interestingly, with Trek’s Project One, you can get your unique bike through the custom-made program. To get a fantastic outstanding Trek bike, select the; model, fit, styling, and components of your preference to get your dream bike!

Verdict: Both Trek and Canyon allow you to design your bike specifically. But generally, unlike Canyon, Trek will enable you to pick everything, including frames.

6. Bike Prices

Despite the Trek’s and Canyon’s difference in price range, they offer high-end quality bikes. In the entry-level market, Trek offers more affordable bikes than Canyon.

But once we come to the high-end sector, Trek’s high-end bikes are costlier than Canyon’s.

Overall, Canyon bikes are slightly cheaper because they sell only through their website, thus reducing cost.

Verdict: If you are on a tight budget, go for Canyon’s high-end bikes as they are more affordable or a Trek’s entry-level to save on cost.

Is Canyon better than Trek

Trek Vs Canyon Compared: Bike Types

Trek creates the following bike categories:

  • Road bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Women bikes
  • Kids bikes

Canyon, on the hand, creates the following:

  • Road bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Gravel bikes
  • City bikes
  • Hybrid bikes

Verdict – Both bike brands stock similar bike types. Let’s compare the individual categories.

1. Trek Vs Canyon Bikes Compared

Since we have compared Trek and Canyon bikes on a lighter note, let’s dig into their similar bike category comparison!

2. Trek Vs Canyon Road Bike

Here’s how Trek and Canyon Road bikes compare:

  • Road Bike Type

Trek makes lightweight, gravel, women, endurance, electric, and performance road bikes. On the other hand, Canyon makes lightweight aero, race, cyclocross, endurance, and triathlon road bikes.

  • Road Bike Price

Trek’s road bike price starts from $1,020, making them affordable. However, its high-end options, which usually are electric, go for up to $13,000.

Canyon road bike price starts from $1,199 to about $11,649. So, while you can get a cheap entry Trek road bike, their high-end options cost much more.

  • Bike Range

Trek offers road bikes for entry-level (though fewer), mid-range, and high-end markets to cater to cyclists worldwide. Nonetheless, Trek’s focus is mainly on high-end and mid-range markets.

On the other hand, Canyon’s road bikes focus on entry-level, mid-level, and high-end markets.

  • Frame Geometry

Trek road bikes have less aggressive geometry, perfect for beginners and casual riders. Canyon bikes, in contrast, have more aggressive geometry, thus making them favorable for professional riders.

trek vs canyon road bike

3. Trek Vs Canyon MTB

Here’s how Trek and Canyon MTBs compare:

  • MTB Type

Trek stocks cross country, trail, and full-suspension MTBs, and has a dedicated women’s and kid’s bike line. On the other hand, Canyon offers cross country, enduro, fat, and downhill MTBs.

  • MTB Price

Trek’s lowest mountain bike prices start from $600 but their most high-end options retail at about $11,000.

In contrast, Canyon MTB starts from about $1,199, as it’s the case for the entry-level Stoic 2, to about $9,000 as it’s the case of the Spectral: ON CF 9.

However, even if Canyon’s entry-level bike is costlier than Trek, Canyon bikes remain the most affordable high-end option.

  • Suspension

Both bike brands employ unique and advanced suspension technologies to make the most fun-to-ride MTBs. As a result, it’s harder to separate the two bike brands according to the MTB suspension.

Besides, the overall experience of the bike suspension differs from rider to rider. I guess the best tip is to try both brands and be the judge.

  • Bike Geometry

Trek MTB is perfect for enduro cycling, while Canyon bikes have a more aggressive geometry.

  • Carbon Technology

Both Trek and Canyon mountain bikes employ high-quality frames, mainly carbon. Generally, carbon frames are lighter, making it easier to ride uphill.

However, not all Trek bikes employ carbon technology, only high-end options because carbon is expensive. So, you are likely to get entry-level Trek MTBs in alpha aluminum frames, which are lighter than the standard aluminum but heavier than carbon.

  • Drivetrain

Both Canyon and Trek employ SRAM on their high-end bikes and Shimano on mid-level and entry-level bikes.

4. Trek Vs Canyon Hybrid Bikes

Here, let’s compare the Hybrid bikes of both brands:

  • Bike Type

Canyon hybrid bikes blend the best properties of Canyon MTBs and Canyon road bikes. The bikes are suitable for trails and urban roads and are commuter-friendly.

The same goes go for Trek. Trek has a fantastic line of hybrid bikes for women, men, and kids. These bikes are decent quality, fun to ride, and pretty comfortable.

  • Bike Price

Trek and Canyon hybrid bikes are available at any price, depending on your budget. However, Trek’s high-end hybrid bikes are often costlier than Canyon’s, though its low-end options are more affordable.   

  • Carbon Technology

Generally, Trek and Canyon employ carbon frames on their high-end hybrid bikes. These frames guarantee comfort while cycling and also feel lighter.

Does Trek own Canyon bikes


1. Are Trek Bikes Made by Giant?

As its name hints, Giant is one of the leading bike manufacturers. Not only does Giant make its frames, but it also makes for other brands such as Trek, Canyon, Scott, and Colnago.

2. Is Canyon Better Than Trek?

Ideally, you’ll be happy to ride either since they are both great value bikes. However, Trek has longer wheelbases and effective top tubes, while Canyon has shorter top lines and ships with longer stems.

3. Does Trek Own Canyon Bikes?

Trek does not own Canyon, but Quest is the manufacturer for both bike brands.

4. Are Canyon Bikes Worth it?

Canyon bikes are good and worth every cent! Canyon bikes feature high-end components at an affordable price. The bikes are strong, comfortable to ride, and have high-performance choices, befitting pro riders.

Additionally, Canyon allows you to customize your bike size and offers you a wide selection of MTBs, road bikes, hybrids, among many others.

5. Are Trek Bikes Good?

Yes, Trek bikes are good, especially for serious cyclists. The manufacturer makes high-end bikes that promise reliability, durability, and best performance even in trying conditions. The best bit is that these bikes also have a decent reselling value.

Closing Thoughts: Trek Vs Canyon Bikes

Now you know what sets Trek and Canyon apart. If you want a high-end bike or a cheap entry-level, consider Trek has it offers more options than Canyon. But if you want to save on a midrange or high-end option, go for Canyon as the brand allows you to do so.

Overall, there’s no doubt that both Trek and Canyon offer the best bikes. It’s, however, essential to consider the specs carefully to see what you are paying for, especially when comparing cycles by both brands side by side.

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