Trek Domane Al 2 Review 2022 ?

Getting into road biking, especially road racing, requires the most comfortable, agile, and enduring road bike, and that’s where this Trek Domane Al 2 review comes in.

Our focus is on Trek Domane AL2, a performance road bike by Trek that ticks all boxes of most entry-level road racers. Domane AL2 may not be the most aggressive road bike out there, but it has the speed, comfort, and agility of most high-end road bikes.

Mark you; the bike only costs slightly above $1,000. So, it’s fundamentally a mid-range road bike for those who want to experience what real road racing is all about.    

This article will look at this bike’s suitability, sizing, features, pros and cons, and frequently asked questions.

Let’s get started!

Is The Trek Domane Al 2 Fast

Trek Domane Al 2 Review – Bike Overview

Here’s an overview of what to expect from Trek Domane AL2.

Bike TypePerformance road bike
Weight21.09 pounds
Weight Limit275 pounds
FrameAlpha aluminum
ForkIsoSpeed carbon
Wheel Size700x28c
TiresBontrager RI Hard case Lite
RimsBontrager tubeless-ready
DrivetrainShimano Claris
Gear Number16

Who is Trek Domane AL2 for?

Trek Domane AL2 is an entry-level introductory/performance road bike for everyone who wants a speedy, lightweight, and comfortable road racing bike without breaking the bank for it.

This is neither a Tour de France caliber road bike nor fit for the Olympics or world cycling championship. No! It, however, gives you an actual feeling of what it’s like gracing such competitions.

So, if you are looking to get into serious road racing or road touring and want an ideal introductory road bike, you should get Domane AL2.

The bike is perfect for all genders, and as you’ll learn later under the sizing, it’s available in multiple frame sizes to suit riders between 152cm and 195cm.

Is Trek Domane Al 2 Disc A Gravel Bike

A Review of Trek Domane Al 2 Specs

Here are specifications that come with Domane AL2:

1. 100 Series Alpha Aluminum Frame with an Endurance Geometry

Domane AL2 comes with a 100 series alpha aluminum frame, which is super lightweight. Being lightweight makes the frame comfortable for racing with and decently quick.

It, however, combines better with the bike’s endurance geometry, which offers you a more relaxed feel. An endurance geometry is not aggressive, which means it’s gentle on your back. It also promises more stability and decent stiffness.

The geometry puts you in a race-ready position without necessarily sacrificing your comfort. More importantly, it promises a more comfortable standover height.

2. 16-Speed Shimano Claris Drivetrain

Trek employs the Claris groupset in this road bike, irrefutably the lowest-ranked groupset on the Shimano hierarchy. But even so, Claris is a decent performer and generally suits entry-level bikers.

Claris can serve you for a long time if well maintained, but you also have the option of upgrading to a higher-ranked groupset like Tiagra.

In terms of shifters, the bike comes with an 8-speed Shimano Claris R200 shifter and features eight speeds on its rear cassette and a double ring on its front cassette, giving you a total of 16 speeds.

Overall, its 16 gears offer you enough gear power to ride fast and take on an array of road surfaces, including hills.

3. IsoSpeed Fork

IsoSpeed is Trek’s innovative road bike suspension technology that promotes a smooth ride and boosts the headset’s stiffness and endurance. Luckily for Domane AL2, the bike’s carbon fork employs IsoSpeed to smoothen and tune your ride to suit your comfort needs.

IsoSpeed significantly contributes to the bike’s unmatched comfort and compliance when going over bumps and other sources of road vibrations. Its vibration dampening ability is unequaled.

Trek Domane Al 2 Weight

4. 700x28C Wheels

Domane AL2 comes with standard 700cc road bike wheels with a 28c tire clearance. So, the wheels are generally slimmer, and that makes them fast. Its wheels feature Bontrager tubeless-ready 24-hole rims and Bontrager R1 Hardcase Lite tires.

The rims are strong enough, owing to their 24 spokes, while the tires are tough-built, thanks to their wire-bread profile and wear-resistant hard casing.

5. Frame Technologies

Domane AL2 specifically employs Blendr Stem technology, and it’s compatible with Dual Trap S digital-sensing technology.

Let’s start with Blendr Stem.’

Blendr Stem is a bike stem technology that lets you clip several accessories on the bike stem. That includes a bell, cycling computer, navigation system, bike light, and phone holder.

Not only does Blendr allow you to hook all these attachments, but it makes them easily accessible and gives your bike front a cleaner look.

It’s also thanks to Blendr that you can use Domane AL2 for short tours and running errands.

Let’s now talk about Duo Trap S:

This road bike technology allows you to attach a digital sensor to the frame and pair it with your smartphone to wirelessly monitor your distance, speed, and other cycling stats.

A Duo Trap S device employs Bluetooth, ANT+, and other wireless signals to track your cycling stats.  

6. Dual-Pivot Brakes

Domane AL2 has dual-pivot brakes, which are slightly low-end than disc brakes but decent performers. Dual pivot brakes are a combination of side-pull and mid-pull brakes, which means a more decisive stopping power than what you get from single-pivot braes.  

They also offer you good bike control. The only downside is that they are not the most responsive in wet conditions. If you want all-weather brakes, then go for disc brakes, and that’s where the Trek Domane AL2 Disc comes in.

We’ll compare it with Domane AL2 later in this post.

Trek Domane Al 2 Reviews

7. Fender and Rack Compatibility

While Domane AL2 doesn’t come with fenders or racks, it has the mounts-ready. So, you can easily mount fenders and a rack and customize the bike as much as you want.

In the long, that allows you to also use this road bike for errands, short tours, and commuting.

Other Domane Al 2 Trek Specs

Here are some additional specs of Domane AL2:

  • Wellgo R199 nylon pedals
  • Bontrager P3 steel-rail saddle
  • Bontrager seat post
  • 8-speed Shimano Sora chain
  • Bontrager Comp VR-C handlebar

Trek Domane Al 2 Weight and Load Capacity

Domane AL2 generally weighs 21.09 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight bikes on the market today. Essentially, the low weight is because of its alpha aluminum frame.

The best part is that it can hold up to 275 pounds, despite being ultra-light.

Trek Domane AL2 Sizes

Domane AL2 is available in eight frame sizes to suit riders between 152cm and 195cm. Here is the recommended sizing chart.

Frame Size (cm)Rider’s HeightInseam

Trek Domane AL2 Color Choices

Domane AL2 comes in two color choices:

  • Trek black/carbon smoke
  • Gloss Mulsanne blue/matte Trek black

Both color combinations are stunning in appearance, making this road bike such a beauty.

Trek Domane AL2 Price

According to the Trek website, Domane AL2 goes for $1,029.99. So, it’s not the costliest performance road bike by Domane, and neither is it the cheapest on the market. It’s a mid-range choice.

Trek Domane Al 2 Review of Pros and Cons

Pros of Trek Domane AL2

  • Lightweight frame
  • Comfortable geometry
  • Budget-friendly
  • Multiple frame sizes
  • Easy to accessorize
  • Vibration-dampening fork
  • Quality tires
  • Stronger wheels
  • Stunning colors

Cons of Trek Domane AL2

  • Not best for plus-size (over 275 pounds)
  • Not the fastest
  • Low-quality brakes
  • Drivetrain needs upgrading for top performance

Is Trek Domane AL2 Worth It?

Trek Domane AL2 is clearly not a high-end road bike, and neither is it an ideal choice for competitive road racing. All that boils down to its Shimano Claris drivetrain and dual-pivot brakes that are only best for introductory racing.   

So, if you are an elite road cyclist or are planning to compete at a major event, Domane AL2 is not worth it. But if you are an entry-level road racer, an intermediate, or just a casual biker who wants a mid-range bike for short tours, this bike is worth it.

Its endurance geometry, alpha aluminum frame, and IsoSpeed fork make it comfortable to ride while its quality tires endure the aggressive tarmac.

So, yes, Trek Domane AL2 is worth it.

Domane Al 2 Review

Trek Domane Al 2 Vs Al 2 Disc

If there is one area that Domane AL2 is lacking, it has to be all-terrain braking. Its dual-pivot brakes are not reliable enough in all weather, and that’s where Domane AL2 Disc comes in.

Domane AL2 Disc offers you mechanical disc brakes instead of dual-pivot brakes to promise smooth stoppage in all conditions. There are, however, a few other differences between the two road bikes, as shown in the table below.

 Domane AL2Domane AL2 Disc
BrakesDual-pivot alloyMechanical disc brakes
Weight21.09 pounds23.26 pounds
Wheel Size700x28c700x32c
ColorsGross Mulsanne blue/matte black
Trek black/carbon smoke
Gross Mulsanne blue/matte black
Trek black/carbon smoke
Viper red/Trek black

People Also Ask

1. Is The Trek Domane Al 2 Fast?

Trek Domane Al2 is not the fastest road bike by Trek. It’s, however, quick enough for introductory road racing, thanks to its 16-speed Shimano Claris drivetrain and lightweight alpha aluminum frame.

2. Is Trek Domane Al 2 Disc A Gravel Bike?

No! Trek Domane AL2 Disc is not a gravel bike. Quite the contrary, it is a performance road bike best for entry-level road racing. It’s overall a good choice for those wishing to join the elite-level class at some point.  

3. How Many Gears Does Domane Al 2 Have?

Trek Domane Al 2 has 16 gears; eight on its rear side and two on its front. The 16 gears enable you to shift smoothly, accelerate, and take on a variety of road surfaces.

4. Is Trek Domane AL2 A Good Bike?

Trek Domane AL2 is a good bike for introductory road racing. It comes with a lightweight frame, wide-gear Claris drivetrain, and IsoSpeed fork to promise a fast and comfortable riding experience.

Plus, it enjoys an endurance geometry that gives you better bike control, and it’s easy to accessorize thus versatile.

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Closing Thought on Trek Domane Al 2 Review!

Now you have a detailed review of the Trek Domane AL2. You can compare the pros and cons to determine if this performance road bike is worth it. But for overall observation, Trek Domane AL2 is a fantastic introductory road bike that you can also turn into your commuter or urban tour bike.