Trek 7200 Vs 7300 Hybrid Bike (Which is Better?)

While there are so many inter-Trek battles, one that is probably hard to call is Trek 7200 vs 7300. These hybrid bikes have so much in common and are pretty popular among commuters. So, the question is, which is the better option?   

Though these two bikes are hybrid types, Trek 7200 inclines more to off-road use, thanks to its puncture-resistant Bontrager tires and robust wheels. Trek 7300, in contrast, leans more to on-road use thanks to its smooth-rolling tires and lighter build.        

These two bikes also differ in handlebar type, where Trek 7200 has a steel handlebar while Trek 7300 has an alloy option.

Moreover, Trek 7200 has a slightly heavier wheel, which, when combined with the steel handlebar, makes Trek 7200 marginally heavier. Expectedly, a lighter bike, especially a comfort-oriented one, is likely to cost more, and that is the case with Trek 7300.

Let’s break down these differences to help you choose between them.

How much is a Trek 7200 worth

Trek 7200 Vs 7300 Table Summary

Before we can go into the discussion, below is a table summary comparing Trek 7200 and its 7300 siblings:

 FeaturesTrek 7200Trek 7300
Bike WeightSlightly heavierSlightly lighter
Wheel RobustnessMore robust but slightly heavierLess robust and slightly lighter
Rolling ResistanceSuffer a bit of rolling resistanceLess rolling resistance
Puncture ResistanceMore puncture resistantFairly puncture resistant
Bike InclinationOff-roadOn-road
Handlebar TypeBontrager-approved steelBontrager-approved alloy
PriceStarting from $400Starting from $500

About Trek 7200 – Trek 7200 Review

Trek 7200 is a lightweight hybrid bike that combines comfort and performance. The model was launched in 2001 and discontinued in 2010. But still, there is enough stock to serve the current market.

This 24-speed bike inclines more towards mountain bikes in terms of features, making it best for roads that are not smooth. Its MTB features include a flat steel bar with a 50mm rise, multi-gear drivetrain, and a suspension seat post.

This hybrid bike is aesthetically designed with aerodynamics in mind. Thus, you can use it to ride fast on trails. It’s stiffer, sturdier, and more trail-compliant. 

Its Bontrager H2 700 x 35c tires enjoy a Kevlar belt with puncture resistance properties. As a result, this hybrid bike is a better choice for off-road commuting and trail adventures.

It comes in an Alpha aluminum frame, making it lighter than most bikes but stronger. Like most Trek bikes, it can support up to 300 pounds.

What does a Trek 7200 weigh

About Trek 7300 – Trek 7300 Review

Trek 7300 is another hybrid bike that combines comfort and performance. But unlike its sibling above, it’s more inclined to comfort bikes, thus best for on-road use.

The hybrid bike comes with a lighter frame, a 50mm suspension, and an adjustable suspension seat post. All these specs improve its overall comfort.

Performance-wise, its smooth tires reduce rolling resistance, making it best for riding on urban roads. Plus, its Bontrager-approved alloy handlebars and wide-gear drivetrain allow you to shift smoothly, while its dual-density platform pedals promise a seamless pedaling experience.

This hybrid bike was unveiled in 1999, making it older than Trek 7200, and discontinued in 2012, making it newer than Trek 7200. So, if you want a more recent choice between the two, you should go for Trek 7300. Note, however, that you’ll spend at least $100 more on the bike than on Trek 7200.

trek 7300 review

Trek 7200 Vs 7300– The Differences

Now, here are the things that set 7200 and 7300 apart:

1. Bike Weight

While both bikes come with the same frame type, Trek 7200 is slightly heavier than Trek 7300. That’s mainly due to Trek 7200’s steel handlebar and heavier wheelset (discussed below).

Though Trek doesn’t disclose the weight of the two bikes, most users claim that Trek 7200 weighs 30.7 pounds while Trek 7300 weighs a couple of pounds less.

2. Wheelset

These two bikes differ in wheel strength (robustness), rolling resistance, and puncture resistance.

· Wheel Strength

The wheels of Trek 7200 are strongly built, thus more robust, making them better equipped for the off-road. They are part of why this bike is more inclined to mountain bikes. Sadly, the strong wheels make the bike slightly heavier.

· Rolling Resistance

The problem with 7200’s tires is that they don’t roll smoothly on-road as they do off-road. That again explains why 7200 is a better choice for city roads. Trek 7300’s tires, in contrast, suffer less rolling resistance, making the bike a better option for on-road cycling.  

· Puncture-Resistance

Trek 7200 comes with Bontrager H2 tires which enjoy a puncture-proof Kevlar belt that effectively reduces flat. So, even though these tires suffer rolling resistance on-road, they make up for that by promoting puncture-resistance, thus reliable off-road.

 Note, however, that Trek 7300 also features puncture-resistance tires (Bontrager H4 Hardcase tires). The difference is that the presence of the Kevlar belt makes Trek 7200 more puncture-resistant.

But overall, Trek 7300’s Bontrager hard case tires have anti-pinch sidewalls and an anti-cut outer case, thus great against everyday puncture threats.

3. Handlebar

While both hybrid bikes come with a flat bar with a 50mm rise, the construction material differs. On the one hand, Trek 7200 features a Bontrager-approved steel handlebar, while Trek 7300 features a Bontrager-approved alloy handlebar.

The difference is that steel is hardier than alloy, making Trek 7300 a better choice for trail riding.

4. Bike Inclination

Trek 7300 is more inclined to the comfort bike due to its lighter construction and fast-rolling tires. As a result, it’s better suited to on-road use.

On the other hand, Trek 7200’s robust wheels and puncture-resistant tires make it incline more to the mountain bike. That makes it a better choice off-road.

5. Price

Remember, these two bikes come in more than ten generations. So, their prices are likely to vary depending on the generation. The other price influencer is the retailer. While you are likely to buy the bike cheaply on the Trek website, you may pay more if you do it through intermediaries.

Overall, Trek 7200 costs at least $400, depending on generation and store, while Trek 7300 costs at least $500. In that case, you are likely to spend at least $100 more on Trek 7300 than Trek 7200.

trek 7200 review

Trek 7200 Hybrid Vs Trek 7300 Hybrid – The Similarities

Now, here are the specs that the two Trek hybrids have in common:

1. Alpha Aluminum Frame

Both Trek 7200 and 7300 feature an alpha aluminum frame which is considerably lighter than steel and pretty strong. Their lightweight advantage makes them comfortable to ride, while their strength offers them a greater load capacity.

Like most Trek bicycles, these two hybrids have a 300-pound load limit.

The other advantage of alpha aluminum is rust resistance, making it durable than most frames. It explains why Trek offers a limited lifetime warranty for these two bikes and many others.

2. 3×8 Drivetrain Shimano Drivetrain

These two bikes come with a 24-speed (3×8) drivetrain that ensures you shift smoothly and conquer more challenging terrains. They have an 8-speed shifter that guarantees that and an 11-32 8-speed Shimano freewheel and Shimano M77 48/38/28 cassette.

3. Tektro Linear Pull Brakes/V-Brakes

Nothing beats the user experience of a powerful brake system. Both Trek 7200 and 7300 bikes have Tekro linear-pull brakes that might be simple in design but quite dependable.

The brakes are quite responsive in dry conditions and on smooth surfaces. Perhaps their only downside is that they are not dependable in wet conditions, at least not as much as disc brakes.  

And when they wear out, which is likely to happen after frequent cycling, you can easily replace them at a reasonable price.

4. Bontrager 32-Hole Rims

Both Trek 7200 and 7300 feature Bontrager 36-hole alloy rims. The 36-hole, which represents the spoke count, indicates stronger wheels. So, you can rely on the wheels for sturdiness and strength.

5. Suspension Seat Post

Both Trek 7200 and 7300 come with a suspension seat post that absorbs vibrations, making the bikes comfortable off-road. That also means you can ride both bikes long-distance without succumbing to pain, which is a good thing.

Besides, the suspension seat post offers you sublime comfort when riding upright.

6. 50mm Suspension Fork

Both hybrid bikes come with a 50mm suspension fork. The fork absorbs bumps and shocks, thus offering a smoother ride. Plus, it steadies the handlebar, making it easy to maneuver the bike.

Overall, a suspension fork gives you a more comfortable and controlled ride.

7.  Adjustable Stem

Trek 7200 and 7300 are fitted with an adjustable stem that comes in handy in adjusting the handlebar position. The stem allows you to lift and lower the handlebar, making it easy to find comfort when riding either Trek bike.

8. Dual-Density Platform Pedals

These two bikes enjoy dual-density platform pedals that generally feel lighter and make it easy to take on harsher terrains. While their durability is concerning, the pedals’ comfort is unquestionable.  

How many speeds is a Trek 7200

9. Frame Size

Trek 7200 and 7300 comes in four different frame sizes, as shown in the table below:

Frame Size (inches)Rider’s Height
Small (15”)5’0” – 5’7”
Medium (17.5”)5’4” – 5’10”
Large (20”)5’8” – 6’2”
Extra Large (22.5”)6’1” – 6’6”

People Also Ask (About Trek 7200 and Trek 7300)

1. How Much Is A Trek 7200 Worth?

Depending on the generation and retailer, you can get a Trek 7200 from $400 to about $500. However, you can get a secondhand Trek 7200 for much less on e-Bay.

2. What Does A Trek 7200 Weigh?

According to most users, Trek 7200 weighs about 30.7 pounds when assembled. So, it’s likely to weigh less when disassembled.

3. How Many Speeds Is A Trek 7200?

Trek 7200 is a 24-speed hybrid bike, thanks to its 3×8 drivetrain.

4. How Much Does Trek 7300 Weigh?

Though Trek doesn’t state on their website the weight of Trek 7300, some users claim it weighs a couple of inches less than Trek 7200. That means it weighs less than 30.7 pounds (which is the estimated weight of Trek 7200.

5. What Is The Weight Limit Of Trek 7200 And 7300?

Like most bicycles by Trek, Trek 7200 and Trek 7300 come with a 300-pound capacity. That includes not only your weight but also that of your load.

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Final Thought on Trek 7200 Vs 7300:

There is no doubt that Both Trek 7200 and 7300 are decent hybrid bikes that come at reasonable prices. However, choosing between them depends primarily on where you plan to ride.   

Go for Trek 7200 if you want to ride off-loan. However, if you’re going to ride on-road, go for Trek 7300 for its comfort orientation.