Trek 7000 Vs 7100 Hybrid Bike ?

It’s always a hard choice when you’ve to choose between two Trek hybrid bikes which have so much in common. Two of those bikes are Trek 7000 and Trek 7100, and so the obvious question is, what wins the Trek Trek 7000 vs 7100 battle? 

While Trek 7000 has a more high-end SRAM derailleur, which makes it costlier, Trek 7100 is lighter and has a much stronger fork suspension, thus better off-road.

So, these two bikes primarily differ in the fork suspension travel range, type of rear derailleur, and weight. And in the long run, the difference in specs translates to a slight difference in weight.

But overall, these two Trek bikes are similar in many ways. From their 700x35c tires and 36-hole alloy rims to their alpha aluminum frame and 7-speed drivetrains, it’s hard to split the two.   

This review shall look at their differences and similarities to enable you to decide which hybrid bike suits you better.  

But first, below is a table summary of their differences!

Trek 7000 Hybrid Vs Trek 7100 Hybrid

Trek 7000 vs 7100 – Table Summary

Here’s how the two Trek hybrid bikes compare:

 Trek 7000Trek 7100
Suspension Fork63mm travel50mm travel
Weight11.4Kg (25.08 pounds)13Kg (28.6 pounds)
Rear DerailleurShimanoSRAM
SuitabilityUrban roads and light off-roadUrban roads

Trek 7000 Hybrid vs Trek 7100 Hybrid – Differences

Essentially, here are the things that set Trek 7000 and Trek 7100 apart:

1. Fork Suspension

While both hybrid bikes come with an SR Suntour fork, their travel ranges differ slightly. Trek 700 enjoys 63mm travel while Trek 7100 has a 50mm travel range. The 13mm travel gives Trek 7000 an upper hand in absorbing bumps.

In that case, Trek 7000 is better at taking on bumpier roads than Trek 7100. That also means 7000 is better suited to off-road than 7000.

So, comfort-wise, you are likely to have a more comfortable ride off-road with a Trek 7000 than Trek 7100.

2. Weight

Medium-size Trek 7000 weighs 25.08 pounds, while medium-size Trek 7100 weighs 28.6 pounds. So, if you are looking for a lighter option between the two, Trek 7000 is the better choice.

Its lighter frame weight makes it better at climbing and sprinting as it’s much comfortable. It’s also more maneuverable and portable, making it more beginner-friendly.

3. Rear Derailleur

This is one area where Trek 7100 has an advantage over Trek 7000. While Trek 7000 has a Shimano rear derailleur just like the rest of its drivetrain, Trek 7100 has an SRAM rear derailleur.

Quality-wise, SRAM is considered a more high-end option than Shimano. As a result, the whole Trek 7100 drivetrain is deemed to be high-end.

Performance-wise, even though both drivetrains have 8-speed, you are likely to shift more smoothly with a Trek 7100 than Trek 7000.

4. Price

Depending on the store and the generation, you will likely find a Trek 7100 for $500 or thereabout. However, you are likely to spend at least $600 on a Trek 7100, making it the costlier option.

Understandably, Trek 1000 has a more high-end drivetrain. So you pay more for performance.

5. Suitability

The fact that Trek 7000 has a lighter frame and a more extended suspension range means the bike is better suited to off-road more than Trek 7100. So, while Trek 7100 is impeccable on urban roads, you can take both terrains with a Trek 7000.

How Much Is A Trek 7000 Bike

Trek 7000 Vs 7100 Similarities

Overall, Trek 7000 and Trek 7100 have so much in common, making it hard to choose between them. Here are their key similarities:

a) Alpha aluminum Frame with a Lifetime Warranty

Both Trek hybrid bikes come with Trek’s Alpha aluminum frame. The frame is as lightweight as carbon and enjoys better tensile strength. That means it can tolerate huge weights despite being lightweight.

Alpha aluminum is also more impact-resistant than regular aluminum. That allows the bikes to take on aggressive uses, essential when riding off-road.

Remarkably, both of their frames come with a limited lifetime warranty, evident in the workmanship quality.

b) 700x35c Tires

Trek 7000 and 7100 hybrids are known for their 700x35c tires that are extra stable. Thus they promise stability when taking on challenging roads. The tires also enjoy good traction, which is essential when off-road.

More importantly, they have massive clearance, enabling you to resist the effects of mud and anything else that may impede your cycling. For that reason, these two bikes can take on all terrains., even though their performances differ.

c) 36-Hole Alloy Rims

Both Trek bikes come with Bontrager 550 alloy rims that won’t snap upon huge weights or ride aggressively. Impressively, they come with 36-holes, which translates to 36 spokes which means more wheel strength.

Not only do the rims make the wheels stronger, but they also improve their rolling efficiency as they are also lightweight. So, the rims contribute to the wheels’ strength and lighter weight.

d) Drivetrain

Both Trek 7000 and 7100 have a 48-38-28 crankset, 14-34 7-speed cassette, and 7-speed shifters. Overall, the 7-speed shifters ensure you shift smoothly, essential when sprinting and taking on challenging terrains.

e) Suspension Seat Post

Both Trek hybrid bikes come with a suspension seat post whose job is to absorb bumps and offer you a comfortable seating experience. Since these bikes enjoy an upright geometry, you are likely to put most of your weight on the butt, which can get uncomfortable.

But with the seat post coming with suspension, you can count on it to absorb bumps. In the long run, that prevents saddle numbness.

f) Nylon Platform Pedals

Both hybrid bikes come with lightweight nylon pedals. These high-impact plastic pedals resist wear and tear and are generally light. So, they promise longevity, but they also make the pedaling comfortable.

g) Weight Limit

Both bikes have a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds (or 136 kg). That includes the rider’s weight and cargo.

Trek 7000 Size Chart

Bike Sizes (Trek 7000 or Trek 7100 Size Chart)

These two bikes are available in four sizes. These sizes include 15” (small), 17.5” (medium), 20” (large), 22.5” (extra-large).

Here is a general sizing chart that you can use in both cases.

Frame SizeRiders Height
15″ (Small)5’0″ – 5’7″
17.5” (Medium)5’4” – 5’10”
20” (Large)5’8” – 6’2”
22.5″ (Extra-Large)6’1″ – 6’6″

What Between Trek 7000 and Trek 7100 Suits You?

Overall, there is no better choice between Trek 7000 and Trek 7100 as both options have their fair share of good and bad.

On the one hand, Trek 7000 is lighter and has better suspension, making it a better choice for the off-road. On the other hand, Trek 7100 has a more high-end drivetrain, which promises smoother shifting and a more confident ride.

So, if you want to ride on-road more often, go for Trek 7100. But if you plan to take on all manner of terrain, you’ll do good by Trek 7000.


1. How Many Speeds Is Trek 7100?

Trek 7100 enjoys 7-speed twist shifters, which enable you to shift smoothly and confidently take on an array of terrains.

2. Is Trek 7000 A Mountain Bike?

No. Trek 7000 is a hybrid bike with much commonness with a mountain bike. For example, it has a robust frame and wheels, just like a mountain bike, and a reliable front fork, just like an MTB.

3. What Size Is a Trek 7000 Bike?

Trek 7000 come in different sizes, as shown in this Trek 7000 Size Chart:

Bike Frame SizeHeight
15″ (Small)5’0″ – 5’7″
17.5” (Medium)5’4” – 5’10”
20” (Large)5’8” – 6’2”
22.5″ (Extra-Large)6’1″ – 6’6″

4. What Is the Main Difference Between Trek 7000 And 7100?

The main difference between Trek 7000 and Trek 7100 is the front fork travel range. While Trek 7000 has a 63mm travel fork, Trek 7100 has a 50mm travel fork. That makes Trek 7100 a better choice for the off-road. Additionally, Trek 7000 is lighter than Trek 7100.

But in terms of drivetrain, Trek 7100 has a more high-end drivetrain than Trek 7000.

5. How Much Is a Trek 7000 Bike?

A Trek 7000 bike’s starting price is about $500. However, you can get a second-hand option on a platform like eBay for about $300 or slightly more.

6. How Much Does a Trek 7000 Weigh?

Trek 7000 (medium size) weighs about 25.08 pounds, making it one of the lightest hybrid bikes on the market.

7. How Much Is a Trek 7100 Bike?

A Trek 7100 cost about $600 or slightly more, depending on the bike generation and store. You may, however, get it for cheap if you go for second-hand.

8. What Does a Trek 7100 Weigh?

Trek 7100 (medium-size) weighs about 28.6 pounds, which is pretty lightweight for a hybrid bike. You can thus count on the hybrid bike for a comfortable ride and portability.


Concluding Thought: Trek 7000 Vs 7100 Hybrid Bikes.

Now you have a detailed comparison between Trek 7000 and Trek 7100. Overall, if you want a better off-road choice, go for Trek 7000 because of its lighter frame and more extended travel range. In contrast, if you want a more high-end urban commuter, go for Trek 7100, as it has a more high-end drivetrain.