Tommaso Monza Vs Specialized Allez ?

Tommaso and Specialized are two reputable road bike manufacturers. So, it’s understandable to pit them against each other, and our focus is on Tommaso Monza vs Specialized Allez. So, what’s the difference?

The key difference between Tommaso Monza and Specialized Allez is that the former is an endurance mid-range road bike while the latter is an entry-level race bike.

Tommaso Monza vs Specialized Allez

So, these road bikes primarily differ according to the geometry and price. But other than those, there are several other differences between the two, as shown in the table below.      

 FeaturesTommaso MonzaSpecialized Allez
Bike TypeMid-range endurance bikeEntry-level race bike
GeometryEndurance geometryRace geometry
Bike Weight22.3 pounds (small frame)20.6 pounds (small frame)
Drivetrain2×10 Shimano Tiagra2×8 Shimano Claris
Number of Gears2016
SpeedNot as fast as AllezFaster than Monza
BrakesShimano Tiagra brakesTektro dual-pivot brakes
Wheel Size700x25c700x26c
TiresKenda tiresRoad Sport tires
SaddleWTB Volt saddleBody Geometry saddle
ColorsBlue and matte blackGloss clay/chameleon, gloss raspberry white silver, satin black/cast battleship, and gloss sky blue/tarmac black
Frame Sizes56

While Monza and Allez’s differences are apparent, these two road bikes have so much in common. So, I’ll not only differentiate them, but I’ll also highlight their similarities.

Let’s get started!

Tommaso Monza vs Specialized Allez – Side by Side Comparison

Here’s how the two road bikes compare:

1. Bike Type

Tommaso Monza (View on Amazon) is an endurance road bike. It’s, however, a perfect mid-range option – befitting serious road racers who don’t have the budget for high-end models.

You can use it for casual road racing (though it’s not as fast as Allez), commuting, fitness cycling, and road touring.

Specialized Allez, in contrast, is an entry-level race bike (owing to its aggressive geometry). You can use it for road racing, especially when a beginner.

But if you want to compete as a racer, getting its advanced model, Allez Sprint Comp Disc, is a good idea. Allez Sprint Comp Disc has more high-end specs for competitive racing.

2. Geometry

All road bikes either come with a race or sportive/endurance geometry. Overall, a race geometry is more aggressive to offer better aerodynamics, allowing you to ride fast. That is just what happens when you ride Specialized Allez.

Its geometry focuses on speed, making the bike suitable for racing and riding against the wind. In contrast, Tommaso Monza comes with a more relaxed, more stable, and less aggressive endurance geometry.

So, even though the geometry doesn’t make Monza a good racer, it is a good touring, fitness, and urban commuter bike.

3. Bike Weight

Overall, Tommaso Monza is slightly heavier than Specialized Allez, even though both bikes feature aluminum frames and carbon forks. For example, the small-size Monza weighs 22.3 pounds, while Specialized Allez of the same frame weighs 20.6 pounds.

So, even though these bikes are irrefutably lightweight, Specialized Allez is the lighter of the two.

4. Drivetrain

The Tommaso Monza Endurance Aluminum Road Bike comes with an upgraded 100% 2×10 Shimano Tiagra drivetrain, while Specialized features a 2×8 Shimano Claris drivetrain.

The difference between the drivetrains is that Tiagra ranks higher on the Shimano groupset hierarchy than Claris, thus more high-end. Note, however, that Tiagra is overall a mid-range groupset while Claris is at the foot of the hierarchy.

So, expect Monza to give you shifting performance than Allez. Therefore, you are more likely to tackle different terrains with Monza than Allez because of the shifting difference.

5. Number of Gears

Tommaso Monza comes with 20 gears (2×10), while Specialized Allez enjoys 16 gears (28). Performance-wise, Monza’s 20 speeds allow you to take on a variety of terrains. You can even take a few off-road surfaces with Monza, something you cannot with Allez.

6. Monza Vs Allez Speed

Specialized Allez is faster than Tommaso Monza, and there are two reasons why. First, Specialized Allez enjoys a race geometry that is naturally more aggressive than Monza’s endurance geometry.

Second, Allez is slightly lighter than Monza, making it more maneuverable. So, even though Tommaso Monza offers you more gears, Specialized Allez is the speedier option, despite being an entry road race bike.

Monza Vs Allez

7. Brakes

Monza features Shimano Tiagra brake calipers, while Allez features Tektro Dual-Pivot brakes. While both brakes promise fast stopping, Monza’s Shimano Tiagra brakes are more responsive on harsher conditions than Allez’s Tektro Dual-Pivot brakes.

8. Tommaso Monza vs Specialized Allez Wheel Size

As far as the wheel diameter is concerned, both road bikes have 700c wheels, which is expected. The difference is the width where Monza’s wheels are 25mm while Allez’s wheels are 26mm wide.

So, though the difference is 1mm, Allez has a slightly wider wheel which gives it extra traction.

9. Tires

Monza comes with Kenda K191 tires, which are pretty fast-rolling and good quality. On the other hand, Specialized Allez comes with Road Sport wire-bead tires, which also roll faster and have decent quality. The difference is the width, where Allez tires are slightly wider.

10.  Saddle

Tommaso Monza comes with a WTB Volt saddle which offers several advantages. The saddle has pressure relief zones and enjoys optimum cushioning to promise all-day comfort.

On the other hand, Specialized Allez comes with a Body Geometry Gel saddle that conforms to your body shape. Thanks to Specialized’s Body Geometry technology that guarantees an ergonomic saddle.

11.  Monza Vs Allez Model

Tommaso Monza only comes in one model, Tommaso Monza. So, there are no model variations. That’s, however, not the case of Specialized Allez.

While we have the traditional Specialized Allez (our focus point in this review), there are three other variations. They include Specialized Allez Sport, Specialized Allez Elite, and Allez Sprint Comp Disc.

The Sprint Comp Disc is the most high-end option, while the Allez Elite and Allez Sport are mid-range options.  

12.  Color Choices

Tommaso Monza only comes in two frame colors; blue and matte black. On the other hand, Specialized Allez is available in four: gloss clay/chameleon, gloss raspberry white silver, satin black/cast battleship, and gloss sky blue/tarmac black. 

13.  Frame Sizes

Tommaso Monza comes in 5 frame sizes (XS, X, M, L, and XL), while Specialized Allez comes in 6 frame sizes (XS, X, M, l, XL, and XXL). Here’s a table comparing their various frame sizes t their suitable riders’ heights.


14.  Monza vs Specialized Allez Bike Price

However, the original Specialized Allez goes for $1000 while its sister models, such as Allez Elite and Allez Sport, cost more.

You’ll, however, pay $1,149.99 for Tommaso Monza. That makes Tommaso Monza the costlier of the two.

Monza vs Specialized Allez

Similarities between Tommaso Monza and Specialized Allez

Now, let’s talk about the things that these two road bikes share: they include the following:

a) Frame and Fork

Both road bikes come with an aluminum frame and carbon fork. Their aluminum frames are lightweight and durable. They generally promise a comfortable ride while serving you for a long time.  

On the other hand, their carbon forks promise vibration-dampening effects and contribute to the bikes’ comfort.

b) Frame Mounts

Both road bikes have frame-integrated mounts for racks and fenders to allow you to customize them as much as you want. The racks let you haul a few stuff on the go while the fenders protect you from mud splashes.

c) Handlebars

These two road bikes come with compact drop handlebars that offer you multi-hand positions and allow you to sit aerodynamically. So, not only do you avoid excessive hand pressure, but you also get to cut against the wind and ride fast.

d) Warranty

Both road bikes come with the same warranty policies. For example, they both come with limited lifetime warranties for their frame and forks. That means the frames and forks are designed to last you a lifetime.

And when it comes to their Shimano groupsets, both road bikes come with a 2-year warranty. It’s thus clear how confident the two bike manufacturers are in their expertise and production.

Tommaso Monza Vs Specialized Allez – Which One Suits You?

Generally, deciding between Tommaso Monza and Specialized Allez depends on the type of rider you are and your budget. If you are an entry-level racer, Allez suits you more.

But if you are an urban commuter, tourer, or serious road cyclist on a budget, Tommaso Monza suits you more. However, both road bikes are not high-end, thus not ideal for competitive professional cycling.

People Also Ask (About Tommaso Monza and Specialized Allez)

1. What Is a Specialized Allez?

Specialized Allez is an entry-level road race bike. It comes at a budget, making it best for beginner road racers who don’t have so much to spend on a race bike.

2. Is Monza a Good Bike?

Tommaso Monza is an excellent mid-range endurance road bike that you can use for road tours, fitness cycling, and urban commuting. It comes in lightweight frame construction and features 100% Shimano groupset, thus good quality.

Even better, it has an endurance geometry, therefore more relaxed and comfortable.

3. How Many Speeds Is the Specialized Allez?

The original Specialized Allez comes with a 2×8 Shimano Claris gearing system. That gives it a total of 16 speeds, which are enough for quick shifting on-road and fast-riding.

4. How Heavy Is the Specialized Allez?

Specialized Allez (small frame) weighs 20.6 pounds, making it lightweight. As a result, this bike feels comfortable to ride fast, and given that it’s an entry race bike, it’s among the fastest of its kind.

5. Where Are Monza Bikes Made?

All Tommaso bikes, including Monza, are designed by top engineers in Italy but assembled at the company’s headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

6. How Much Does a Tommaso Monza Weigh?

Tommaso Monza weighs roughly 22.3 pounds (small frame). Tommaso Monza is relatively lightweight for an endurance road bike, thus comfortable to ride on long road tours.

7. Is Allez Carbon Specialized?

Specialized Allen comes with an aluminum frame and a carbon fork. So, it’s not a carbon bike but an aluminum option.

Closing Thought on Tommaso Monza vs Specialized Allez!

As discussed, choosing between Tommaso Monza and Specialized Allez depends on what type of racer you are and your budget. Allez suits you more if you are a beginner road racer on a budget, but if you want an all-around tourer or commuter road bike, then get Monza!

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