Tommaso Imola Vs Forcella Road Bike ?

Italian manufacturer Tommaso is popular in the road bike manufacturing sector because of its Imola and Forcella endurance road bikes. But how does Tommaso Imola vs Forcella compare? 

Tommaso Imola and Forcella differ primarily in fork material, weight, and price. Tommaso Imola features a steel fork, making it slightly heavier than Forcella, which comes with a carbon fork. The carbon fork not only makes Forcella lighter but marginally costlier. 

The other minor differences are in the rim depth and color.

Tommaso Imola (View on Amazon) enjoys a 20mm rim depth, while Forcella (View on Amazon) has a 30mm rim depth. The deeper rim gives Forcella a slight advantage in sprinting and climbing.

As for the color choices, Imola offers you three color choices (black, burnt orange, and white), while Forcella comes in two colors (matte white and matte black). 

But as you’ll discover in this post, these two endurance bikes have so much in common in spec and appearance, which makes it hard to decide between them.

Let’s get into the review!

Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

Tommaso Imola vs Forcella Differences Summarized!

Below is the table summary of the key differences between Tommaso Imola and Forcella. 

Tommaso Imola Tommaso Forcella
Fork Material Steel carbon
Weight 23.8lbs (X-small frame)22.7lbs (X-small frame)
Rim Depth 20mm30mm
Price $949,99 on Amazon $999.99 on Amazon 
Colors Black, burnt orange, and white Matte white and matte black 

Tommaso Imola Vs Forcella Differences

Generally, the Forcella and Imola differ in the following ways:

1. Fork Material 

Tommaso Imola comes with a VDT (vibration-dampening technology) steel fork that promises maximum vibration-soaking for a smoother and more comfortable ride. The steel fork also offers you more control of the bike. 

In contrast, Tommaso Forcella comes with an HCT fiber fork that also enjoys vibration-dampening technology. Overall, a carbon fork is considered more high-end as it offers slightly more vibration-dampening than steel without making the bike heavier. 

2. Bike Weight 

There is a vast difference in weight between Imola and Forcella due to the difference in fork material. The steel fork makes Imola slightly heavier than Forcella. 

For example, while the Imola X-Small weighs 23.8 pounds, the Forcella X-Small weighs 22.7 pounds. So, if you want to save weight, ride the Tommaso Forcella. 

3. Rim Depth 

The rim depth determines the overall weight, acceleration, and climbing power of a road bike. The shallow the rim depth, the faster the wheels and the more the climbing power, even though that means slight heaviness. 

Tommaso Forcella has a 30mm rim depth, while Tommaso Imola has a 20mm rim depth. The 10mm difference gives Forcella a slight advantage in sprinting and climbing.

The only benefit that Imola enjoys here over Forcella is that the shallow rims make its wheels lighter. However, Forcella still feels more lightweight than Imola carbon because of the fork material difference. 

Does the Tommaso Imola Come with Pedals

4. Color Choices

Tommaso Imola comes in three color choices (black, burnt orange, and white), while Forcella has two color choices (matte white and matte black). So, you can easily distinguish these two endurance road bikes based on their appearance, even if they have the same design. 

5. Price 

Because of having a more high-end fork and lighter build, Tommaso Forcella costs slightly more than Tommaso Imola. In that case, while Forcella cost $999.99 on Amazon, Imola cost $949.99. 

The other thing that makes Forcella slightly costly is that its matte colors are considered more appealing than Imola (black, burnt orange, and white).

6. User Preference

Since both bikes are endurance road bikes, they are best for road cycling, urban commuting, and fitness cycling.

The difference, however, is that Tommaso Forcella suits those who plan to go faster on hilly roads than those who plan to ride on flats. That’s because it enjoys more climbing power and acceleration due to a deeper room width.

Note that the difference is minor and so most users are unlikely to notice and may feel like the two bikes are the same when sprinting and climbing. 

Similarities Between the Tommaso Imola and the Tommaso Forcella Road Bike

After looking at the differences between Imola and Forcella, let’s discuss what makes them inseparable. They include the following:

a) Frame 

Both Imola and Forcella come with compact aluminum frames that make them lightweight and more comfortable to ride. Additionally, the aluminum frame doesn’t rust and promises a lengthier lifespan. 

Both of their frames come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers them against workmanship and material defects. The warranty shows the work that Tommaso has put in the bike.

b) Wheel Size

Both road bikes come with 700x25c wheels, which are readily available, and thus easy to replace and upgrade. You, however, have a clearance of up to 28c. So, you can use any 700×25-28c tires without any problem.

Tommaso Forcella Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

c) Drivetrain 

Both bikes feature a Shimano Claris drivetrain with R2000 shifters and 24 speeds (3×8). The drivetrain offers you a wide gear range, making it easy to shift smoothly across varying terrains. 

The good thing about Shimano Claris is that even though it occupies the lowest rank in the Shimano hierarchy, it’s reliable, decent for racing, and durable. 

d) Saddle 

Both road bikes come with WTB Volt Saddle, which offers unmatched comfort. The saddle enjoys optimum padding that delivers unrivaled relief. Its shape also enjoys several pressure-relieve points that protect your soft tissues from pain and saddle numbness

As a result, you can ride comfortably long-distance the two endurance road bikes and have a good time. 

e) Handlebars 

Tommaso employs ultra-compact handlebars on both bikes to enable you to use all hand positions. That saves you from hand pressure and pain, and back strain. The handlebar design allows you to ride long distances in the long run. 

f) Frame Customization

Though Tommaso Imola and Forcella are built for road racing, you can accessorize them with racks, rear seats, fenders, and other accessories to make commuting and touring more convenient. 

g) Sizes

These road bikes come with four different frame sizes to suit anyone between 4’9″ and 6’5″ tall. 

Here’s a table you can use to find the right Imola or Forcella road bike for your height:

Size Height 
XXS (Extra-Extra Small)4’9”-5’2”
XS (Extra Small)5’2”-5’6”
S (Small)5’6”-5’8”
M (Medium)5’8”-5’11”
L (Large)5’11”-6’2”
XL (Extra Large)6’2-6’5”

h) Brakes

Both road bikes come with rim brakes which are generally more lightweight and less costly than disc brakes. They are also easy to adjust to and decent performers. 

The only issue is that they are only best in dry and smoother conditions. So, you won’t have a problem racing on-road. 

Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

i) Geometry 

Both bikes enjoy an endurance geometry that is more relaxed than what most road bikes offer to enable you to ride long distances comfortably. Their geometry is characterized by a longer wheelbase, which improves your general stability. 

Furthermore, the geometry improves your riding comfort by allowing you to sit in a less aggressive position. The best part about the geometry is that it’s perfect for both genders, making the bikes unisex. 

j)  Warranty 

The bike frames, together with the forks, all come with a limited lifetime warranty while you get two years on the components (apart from the tires, tubes, and other parts that wear naturally). 

Pros and Cons of Tommaso Imola and Tommaso Forcella

Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike


  • Lightweight 
  • Pretty fast 
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Decent brakes 
  • Appealing colors 
  • More frames
  • Affordable
  • Beginner-friendly 


  • Pedals, seats, and tires may need upgrading at some point
  • The assembly can be challenging 

Tommaso Forcella Endurance Aluminum Road Bike


  • Same as Imola
  • Better climbers 
  • Better racers
  • More high end


  • Rim brakes may need upgrading 
  • Tires can be slightly heavy 
  • Challenging assemblies
How Much Does a Tommaso Imola Weigh

People Also Ask (About Tommaso Imola and Forcella)

1. Does the Tommaso Imola Come with Pedals? 

The manufacturer includes platform pedals for every Tommaso Imola bike. However, the pedals are standard size, which you can upgrade at any time. 

2. How Much Does a Tommaso Imola Weigh? 

The Tommaso Imola weighs 23.8 pounds (extra small frame), excluding the pedals. Note, however, that more oversized frames weigh more. 

3. What Are the Benefits of the Tommaso Forcella Over Tommaso Imola? 

Tommaso Forcella comes with a carbon fork that makes it lighter and more aero than Tommaso Imola. Also, Forcella enjoys a slight climbing advantage over Imola. But purpose-wise, all these endurance road bikes are effective commuters, road racers, and fitness machines. 

4. Can You Put 35c Tires on Tommaso Forcella?

Though Tommaso Forcella comes with 700x25c tires, you can only upgrade to up to 700x28c. So, no, you cannot put 35c on these endurance road bikes. 

5. Can I Ride Tommaso Forcella If I am 5’8” Tall? 

If you get the correct frame size, you can ride Tommaso Forcella if you are between 4’9″ and 6’5″ tall. So, yes, you can ride Tommaso Forcella if you are 5’8″. All you have to do is get a small or medium frame size.

6. Is Tommaso a Good Brand? 

Tommaso is a reputable Italian bike brand that has been running since 1985. They make high-quality, comfortable, lightweight, and beginner-friendly road bikes for cheap. Furthermore, they come with good warranties, including lifetime frame coverage. 

7. Where Are Tommaso Bikes Manufactured?

Tommaso bikes are designed and assembled in Italy. However, the company runs its operations from its head office in Denver, Colorado. 

Closing Thought on Tommaso Imola Vs Forcella:

There is no denying that Tommaso Imola and Forcella have so much in common. It’s also undeniable that these two bikes differ in weight, fork, price, rim depth, and colors.

So, you should base your decision on that. But overall, you cannot go wrong with any of these endurance road bikes. 

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